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Weather Forecaata 

Vletorl« »n.1 VWlnlly; Huuthwiiy wlntl", 
chiefly -cloudy Willi nhowem dm) aiKlloii.-, > 
or bichar ifinp.'rmiire. 

UO'A'vt- MalnlaniJ: Uirhi In niodeiaie 
"irinds. chlcny clnady -.vlth chowcrs ana 
■tttinnary or hlKht-r ii'miu-iaiure. 

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circulation ...,...,. ,.,i,,,,, , ..... 

Tob Frintinr .••.•».'.«,.>.,.. 

editorial Rooms 

l££ilABU8HED IU».» 

VOL evil,, NO. 169 



Two Hundred Del^ates As- 
semble at Calgary to Dis- 
cuss Methods of Fostering 
Commerce by Waterway 


Campaign of PnbUcltjr In Ontario *•- 
cel\«B Poor Support 



Importance of Developing Agri- 
cultural Industry Is Dwelt orr 
in initial Speeches— B.U.'S 
Share in.Trads 

I^OXDOX, Ont., June IIS. — The local 
Liberul conimllloe, having in charge 
Ihe "Abolish the bar" <lenionstratloa 
In Quucns purk on Dominion Day. can- 
vaasL',1 the nuTohant.s uT the city for 
permlssiim to put hills announcine the 
holding* of meeting in their windows. 
Only two of the merchants complied 
with the request. The others declined. 
In both instances where the bills were 
accepted they are given as little prom- 
inence In the show windows as possi- 

A Liberal worker conflrjned t^ f«ct 
that tlie committee .blid hetat tuntM 
down by the merchants. 

'♦TJje buslriesa men evidently do not 
Intdnd to (fft mixed up In our oampalgn." 
.^e said.. - • ^ 

Ir. H. L, Drayton, K. C, Un- 
derstood to Have Accepted 
Post of Head of Canadian 
Railway Commission 

■ III ' . i i i ^ i ' 

CAIXJARY, June 28.r— Nearly 200 
strong, representing' investments of 

Snpcrn&tenaent In 

OTTAWA, June 38.— An order-ln-coun- 
cil lias been passed making Inspector 

Uce a superintendent. It la probable 
that Supt. Horrlgan will shortly be 
transferred to one of the larger dis- 
tricts in Saskatchewan. 



Much Satisfaction Is Express- 
ed: in Official Circles— Will 

Vather of Seventeen 
QUElBEC, June 28.— Dr. Edward Gav- 

"mice ■■ 

op uuiies m a rew 
Weeks' Time 

. r i^i v. ii M i > . 

OTTAWA,- Jt»ttjCtS.^t la und^raloofl 
that Mr. H. L. Drayton, wlio has 

asreea to accept the post of chairman 
of the railway commission, will not 
assume acjtlve discharge of the duties 
of the office for a few weelts, so as to 
enable him to close up exlstlnp: exjam*, 
Inatibns as corporation counsel. " ". 

Much satls-faction Is felt in ofHcial 
circles at the prosjjeot of engaging -Mr. 
Drayton's servlce-s. Uiiinion is that he 
will worthily uphold the traditions of 
the past. Mr. Drayton has had ex- 
ceedingly wide experience of the law, 
in particular having had a groat deal 
to do with municipal and engineering 
problems. He has unusual exocuUve 
ability and mucli firmness and de- 
cision of character. 


■uperlor Oonct'e Deolslon Beapeetiaff 

■hares of Crown Beeerr* Klalnr 


MONTREAL, June ,, 2S.— Judge 

Deuiers of the ■superior"' court this 
morning rendered judgment upholding 
the decisions of lower courts In throw- 
ing out the ajipiicatlons of six mem- 
bers of the original Crown Reserve 
Mining .Syndicate to complete the 
di\-if<i(in between the. memberH of the 
.Kyndliate of 231,000 sharea of t'rown 
Rci^erve stock held in trust by the di- 
rectors of the present Crown Reserve 
Mining company. 

The directors and trustees hold the 
stock in yueation in trust for de- 
velopment ijurposes and repeated ef- 
fort.s have been made to cause a dis- 
tribution, the allegation being that the 
slock would never be neces.sary for de- 
velopment purposes. The directors 
claimed that the trust was not ter- 
minable and Jtidg^ Demer's decision 
upholds, this' view and also sustains 
previous decisions rendered by jEu^^ 
tellfer and^ttttafl. ^ 

,T |ji ffl>i l| l»!, » ' ll> l ' »i«r i" ' |l ' ii " I ' l 

. Death or Mr/li. J. BtMer 

MOXTRK.^ii, June liS.-— -Mr. L. J. 

|0,ttoler. ^ City V «ttom»y« died today at 
noon.' He #aia..,^*iai4I|. for six n^onthe 
but haa fftKftfuny iftiwlt Iff hin rtiitlfs 

After Taking Twelve Balbts, 
Convention Adjourns Until 
Tod'ay — Mw Champ Clark 
Is Gaining Strength 



Governor Wilson Holds His Ad- 
herents Well Together — 
Situation Is Viewed With 
Concern i)y Leadefs 


■uffraffettea Vow Direct Their Bf. 

forte to BaiaahlBr Voat Offloe 


BALTIMORE. Md.. June 29.— Oixlng 

uv all al,teu i pts — to b re ak th e e Kl e t B g " 
deadlock, the leaders In the Democratic 
party decided at 3:0& o'elocte tlilp (Sat- 
urday) •mornlRg. 1;o Aake a^ourlMnent 

until 1. o'clock J n t l>e afternoon. In the 
hqpe that some sort of an"^aii'reement 
might be reached as to a presidential 
nominee. Many cf the delcgatPK pro- 
tested against the delay caused by the 
adjournment, but apparently there was 
no hope of settling llie nominaton by 
conferences on the convention floor. 

Twelve ballots were taken. Champ 
Clark made a sensational gain on the 
tenth wIku New York's .solid block of 
ninety Note.'i wi-til tu 'nini nn thi.s bal- 
lot, Mr. Clark's total reai-liinf; a, bij?li 
water mark of 556, a clear majority, but 
170 votes sliort of the necessary two- 
thlrd.s to nominate. On the eleventh 
ballot and twelfth ballot, Clark'y figures 
were 554 and 54;*. 

Governor Woodrow W'ilsnn held his 
forces steadily together, and during the 
night's voting, there were only slight 
fluctuations in his totals. Votes lost In 
some delpgallons, were made up in 
others. Mr. AVilson's last- total was 354. 
Governor Harmon on the last ballot, 
dropped to 29 votes, cast by members of 
the Ohio delegation. New Ynrk'.s de- 
sertion brought the Ohio executive rap- 
idly down. 

ITolsy Damonstratlona 
The loiii; nl).-hl ami early moi'.ning 
session was marked by .•inveral mlsy 
domonstrationB. The first came from 
the Clark adherents, when New York 
sliifted to the speaker. Then came a 
cciunter-demon.ttration from the Wilson 
lieoplo when ten AVilson delegates from 
Oklahoma declared they would not "Me 
diaKge<l into Tammany Hall." The 
New York vote, cast by Mr! Murphy, 
was nearly always greeted witli minglt^d 
hisses and clieera. 

J^eaders in the convention viewed the 
5J(uatiDri with some concern when the 
night scfesiop was adjourned. The Clark 
Htrtngth; sf.e.^nietl to have been fully 
tested and he was^still far short. 

Governor AVIison did not make the 
gains his managers expected. There 
was II report at the adjournment time 
that the New York delegation had agreed 
to vote for Clark only on three ballots, 
giving the speaker a full opportunity to 
display his greatest strength. It was 
also said that New Vork would next go 
C'nnliniied on PRge •> Col. 4. 

LONDON, June 28. — A general cam- 
paign of deetrui'tlon of post offices 
throughout tlie coujitry was begun to- 
day by suffragettes. They smashed 
the windows of the Central post otTlce 
and of the Ucform Club at Manchester. 
.Some of the London brancli otflces and 
those at HItchin and Lelchworth were 
raided, as were the post offices at lid- 
Inburgh, Aberdeen. Derby, Ilkeston and 
Ludlow, Women arrested here announc- 
ed that Ih'elr notion today was the be- 
ginning of a campaign to smash the 
windows of every post office in the coun- 

Premier A.-jipntli was .subjected to 
another assault last evening when ho 
was attending a reception given by 
Lady Glenconneli. A woman, whose 
Identity was not divulged, caught the 
lapels of his coat and shook him vigor- 
ously until the premier was breathless. 
Two men among the gucsls present 
caught Mr. Asaulth's assailant and 
hurled her down the stairs. The strug- 
fflo was 80 violent that a sleeve was 
torn out of the suffragette's dress, her 
combs fell out of her hair, her gold 
watch was broken, and she loat her 014- 
tnond brooch. 

Both Parties Talk Confidently 
as Fight Progresses — Diffi- 
cult to Tell What Election 
Prospects Are 



Premier Scott Devotes Energies 

tn Hi.>s Own Rirlina — C.nn^ 

servative Leader Is Touring'' 
the Province 

BASKATOON, June 28.— The second 

woftK ojc the Saskatoon elections closes 
with both parties working like beav- 
ers and both sides talking confidently 
and admitting privately that it is im- 
possible to tell anything about how the 
election is going. The Liberals claim 
that the recipro<?ity feeling is strong, 
and thai t!ie seventeen thousand niaj- 
iTliy o:' Inst Scpteinhcr is stil! oil 
their side. The (.amservatives claim 
that reciprocity is dead and there Is a 
.strong wave of sentiment toward.s the 
Conservative party. As a matter of 
fttct, neither side knows much about it. 
The province Is so large and means of 
communication are so slow tha.t It is 
difficult to readily feel the ))\iblio 
l>, as in ea.stern Canada. Liberals 
have now candidates in the 51! seats 
which will vote on July IL There 
are straight Con»eri«tiv? candidates 
in 50 seat.s. In Moose Jaw county, 
Mr. Fred W. Green, secretary of the 
Saskati^heivan Grain Growers, is stand- 
ing as an Independent Conservative. 
In \'onda constituency there are two 
landldates in the field, both opuo.-cd 
to the government, as well as the Lib- 
eral c.andldate. The Conscrvatlvo le- 
prcscntativ-es are' letting them fight it 
out between tlicinsclves. 

The only change In the situation 
during the week was at-Hourls, wb-re 
a Grain Growers' candidate. Air, .\el-. 
son Simpson, is in tlio field, and at 
Kagle Creek, where two Liljcrals are 
running. .Mr. Page nidout and Mr. 
George Harris were both canvassing, 
and It looks as If Mr. .1, A. Laycccb, 
the Conservative, would win easily. .V 
new convention w-as called at r>aurol. 
and the two candidates fought It out 
in the con^'ention. Mr. ?Iarris win- 
ning. The Liberals claim they will 
now^ win liic scat, while the Conser- 
\ntlves sny the breach in the Liberal 
ranks is .^uch that it cannot be healod. 
Outside of the changes of the Con- 
servatives- einriorftl list, lists have not 
beftn mutilated. It has been a weeit 
without a sensation. Hon. Mr. Scott 
has devoted the week to his own rid- 
ing. Swift Current, speaking in that 
town tonight, Hon. I'. W. G. Haultain 
completed a hard week's campaign 
with a meeting at Weyburn tonight, 
whifh will be followed by another in, 
Francis constituency at Howard to- 
morrow night. 

milliona of dollars in lumbering, grain 
farming, mercantile and railroad inter- 
ests, men of western Canada's most 
successful organizaljnns are gathered 

in c 

ereau, director of the provincial vac- 
cine institute, died today. He was In 
his BBth year and a well known physi- 
cian. He was married In 1874 and was 
'algary for th tf - P a namft Can a l -. CQn;Ji-4tae fathaj^ot- B»vent»en-ohtldye»T -<tv»-«f- 

ference. They ate jneeUng togetherf 
for but one purpose, to arouse Interest 
Ihrougliout Canada in general, so that 
when the Panama Canal Is opened Can 
ada will have in Its Pacific seaports 
those facilities that will enable the 
Dominion to take Its place with the 
other nations of the world in reaching 
forth and grasping the opportunities 
that the new waterway route will open 

The conference was called to order 
by C. A. Daair. president of- the Cal- 
gary board of trade, under the aus- 
pices of which the conference was 
called. He introduced Mayor Mitchell, 
w-ho formally welcomed the delegates 
to Calgary. The convention has got 
down to business In real earnest. Mr. 
K. H, Heaps, one of the best known 
lumbermen on the American continont. 
has been elected chairman; Mr. .\. X. 
Mouat, of Plncher Creek, is his de- 
puty, and Mr. J. R. Davidson, pub- 
licity commissioner of Red Deer, 5s 
secretary. A committee, composed of 
-Mayor Loe, of New Westminster; May- 
or Armstrong, of Kdmonton; Mr. i:. .f. 
Fream, secretary of the United Fa-'u- 
ers of Alberta; Mr. W. A. Hlair, s. . i . - 
tary of the Vancouver board of trade, 
and Mr. B. R. Aitklns, of Revelstoke, 
are at work draiving up the regplu- 
tions which wi'1 eoTiie before the con- 
vention. It \\ ! .1 work from start 
to from iiinrnine till night. 
Difficult to Sealize 
"We all realize that it is Important." 
said Chairman Heaps. "We rea;lize. in 
a way. but no man can realize the full 
Importance of it. I was in England 
last year, and I talked of the matter 
with one of the big shipowners of 
England, a man who owns over three 
hundred steamers, and he remarked 
that be only wished ho could form even 
a faint idea of the changes to b^ 
brought about by the Panama Canab 
He said there -was a big fortune for 
the man wiio can estimate what the 
opening of the canal will mean to the 
. commerce of the world, and if a man 
with his experience cannot form evea a 
faint idea of what it will mean, how 
bard is it for us? All we can do is 
try, and try hard, and get i-cajdy to be 
in a position to take advantage of our 
opportunity when the time comes," 

In a whole lot of >jvays the conven- 
tion resembles a political cnmpal.sfii. 
Perhaps the most noticeable is the 
manner in which every one lauds the 
farmers. Mr, Heaps made, a few rc- 
marksj In which he admitted tha.t the 
farmer was the backbone and the re<al 
we<«.ltb prod\icer, but added, "There nrc 

M.r. Trepllliis said that agricilture 
was the mighty atlas tluit carried the 
"Whole world on -its shoulders, 

Mr. Heaps admitted that agriculture 
was of great importan-ce, bat there 
wore other interests of importarce. 
The tariff was a vexed question and 
one they should touch upon vor.v light- 
ly, if at all. If wo had a tariff at nil. 
it should be fair to all paitles. and, if 
one interest was protected, all should 
be protected. Personally, as, ft Itim- 
berman, be belonged to an Industry 
which ;■».". little or no protection, and 
he felt the lumber trade tiad not re- 
ceived the consideration due it by' the 
go\-ernment. He also said that the 
home market was the best mark.t the 
farmers of Alberto could have, and ad- 
vised that they build up a safe and ac- 
cessible market in British Columbia. 
He also raised a laugh by stating that 
for years past the lumberman of Van 

Ciintlnunl on ragr ••. Col. 3 



whom survive. 

until a weekrii^'l^hvh' pain compelled 
him to retir»|d&««lh active service and 
remain at home; On Wednesday' he was 
given the last rites at the church. He 
-i-e mafa aii tdtte a state of co nm.Bh t U ' Hm 
'end.' ':.' " ' ' t'"' • 

Wcw BaU fMait 
CALGARY, June ' .«.— 'Hillhurrst 
park was opened as a. baseball en- 
closure,, yesterday evenin g, ^i#h g »'' ] 3 » a- 
Deei' beat Bassanc* 6 to 41- 

A! mwm m 

Sixth Regiment and Seventy- 
Second Highlanders, 300 
Strong, Are Adv^ancing to 
Attack on Victoria 

YAXCOUYER, June 28.— At 2 o'clock 
this afternoon the steamer Princess 
Royal onoved out from the C. P. R. 
wharf -with the Sixth Regiment Duke 
of I'onnauhfs Own Rifles a>**l the 
ASevonty-second Highlanders of Canada 
iM.iiiul for X'ancouvcr Island on a three 
day's campaign, which will culminate 
on Monday in an attack on the Vic- 
toria defences. Both corps paraded 300' 
strong! and marched from their re- 
spective drill halls at 1.30 p,m,. headed 
by their bands. The men paraded in 
field service Itlt and presented a work- 
maiilik<> appearance which earned 
them favorable eonimenta as they 
marches] to the dock between the lines 
of spectators. 

(■:olonel J. Duff Stuart, of the Sixth 
Regiment, will command the brigade, 
and the command of the Sixth will re- 
vert to Major McHarg. Major J, Rey- 
nold.s Tlte, of the Sixth, will act as 
brigade, major. The -men will return 
from VlctoiTg: at -7 a.m. on Tuesday 

Alberta's KlUtary Camp 

CAIXJARV, June 28,— The im- 
pressive ceremonial of the military 
canip -was that of the march past be- 
fore his honor the lleut. -governor at 
Reservoir park this morning. The 
morning was an Ideal one for the oc- 
casion and the men appeared right lin 
their mettle. Promptly at 10 o'clock 
his honor and party arrived at the 
camp and immediately took up their 
position to the right of the saluting 
point, acooni[)anied by General Mac- 
kenzie, Lieut. -Col. ("rulckshank, camp 
commandant, and the ofTlcfrs of the 
staff. First in firOftji.came the cavalry 
rpglmMits, next 'the 2ftth battery, 
C. F. A,, followed by the Infantr.v, l~th 
cavalry, field ambulance and coriis of 

Newspaper Test Shows How 
Law Is Broken by Motorists 
in Heart of Montreal's Busi- 
ness Section 

The troops disembarked from the 
Princess Royal at the wharf u'i>on the 
arrival of th^ steamer at Cow ichan 
Bay. They w-ere formed up in order 
on the road, and w-hen all had left 
Ciinliniied on Vnge 2, Col. 3 

Bescuea Child From Death 

QI'KBRC, .rune 2.S.— By the courHge 
and presence of mind of -Miss Ida Ryan, 
a young lady of Chaniplaln street, the 
four-year-old girl of Mr. John I'ltzger- 
ald was saved from (ieath by rlrown- 
ing. The child was playing at the water- 
front and fell into the river. The alarm 
was given and Miss Ryan r«n down and 
jumped into the water, rescuing tlie 
child and restoring her to her mdlhex 

MONTREAL. Juno 28,— As a prellm- 
liuiry move in the anti-speeding cam- 
paign foUowin.g numerous motor ear 
casualties durlt'ig the past ten days, a 
local paper today sought out two ex- 
jierlenced timers and arming tliem with 
Btop-watcbes. placed them at Victoria 
S(iuare. The men renuilned on duty 
from noon until 1,30 p. m,. and reported 
th-' pa,'<saKe of forty-six machines. The 
slowest was timed at twelve miles an 
hour, and the fastest at twenty-two. The 
a\eiage was sixteen. 

The maximum allowed und'^r the i-i\fr 
bylaw- is nine, Tlic s<|UMr<- is in the 
heart of the business sectii^n of the city, 
and the streets along which these motor 
cars ran are among tin- loslest in the 

.4 mmm 

Lord Montague Speaks of Im- 
portance of Free Thorough- 
fares in the West^— Deli'^ht- 
ed With His Trip 

Tcrrlflo Damaffa ProncL.iHirind atorm V 

NORTH 'BATTLEFf)'R^'|'june 28.— 
A wind storm did considerable 
age here last night, several door 
fronts w-en? blown In and the Imperial 
bank building was damaged. Dozens 
of tents were blown down and the 
dust '"was so thick It was impo.ssible 
to see across the street. Rain Is bad- 
ly needed here. 

Santanced to Death 

, , SVD^NEY, X. S., J\tme 26.— Karry 
■Tholhlon,.', found guilty of 
S.lng'i Johannes ' Walberg, a shipmate at 
,'l,\ci|;th S.<-clne.v, Nox-ember^J last and 
u-rts sentenced this afternoon by Judge 
Dr.vsdule to be hanged on Septemher 
"6 next. 

Foot and liouttt Dlaaaaa 

LO.VI>ON, June as.— The foot and 
mouth diseasn which lately a|)P'^ared In 
Cumberland is now reported to ho prev- 
alent in Liverpool. 

Coh Sam Hughes Decides That 
the' Bunker „Hill Gun Will 
Remain in Canada's Posses- 



1 — I'anaraa t"an«l ('o,iferpn<-.\ .N. vv Lhair- 
man In .Selected. I>eiiu>eriim l-'iHI tn 
Nuinlttnti'. (.•(ilniialKii In Ha?li'itchi»« an. 

2 — Will Hiiriguet .sir ItkhHril. 

8 — t^auti'il Compelo with I'HUailii. 

4 — Kaiturlal. 

i — Schouli I'lniie icir Sutniner ViiuHllmi, 

« — Newi of tli.^ (-Iiy. 

7 — Ji««- Ihmpllal .Mueli Needed Iti \'lctorl i. 

ii — In Woman's Realm. 

9 — Dport, 
10 — Scho'olli Close ri>ir niiiiii,,..i' Vacallun. 
H — KchoolK (.'loaf fur Suniiuer Vncailon 
IE — Iteal Kutati- Ailvtu. 
IS — Real Ritato .Xilvtx. 
14— WUl Lei f'onlract for More Paving, 
It— Marine N»w». *^ 

It — Addltion«l Bport. 

17 — Imml»r«tlon Policy Retards Settlement. 
It — HIckman-Tye Advt. 
»» — Cl*l<e Advta. 
10— Claatiried Advta. 
31— Ctaaairiad Advta 
S3 — Claaatrtad Advi*. 

2!riiS? ilL*'**" •»=« rioanclmi Nawa 
lI'MhrMecjr'i Advt. 

OTTAWA, June 2S.— There w-lU be 
no .surrender of tlie Bunker Hill gun. 
Col, Sam Huglies iiavlng declined to 
accede to the suggestion of the Mas- 
sachusetts Peace society that the 
trophy lie handed back, 

\\'h,-i( hHMiencil wa,*! thflt Colonel 
lhi«:ics raised the (piestion of general 
exchartge of trophies, a species of 
leclprocliy in raptured cannoh, flags, 
'tc, ami that the Anierlcan usslHtant 
-ccreiary of fitnte for war. General 
(•ilver. showed no disposition to ac- 
cede, thereupon Col, Hughes failed to 
sec the point of unreipiited surrender. 

Gen. -rill oin-cr. In his , con<mtinica- 
!!/Dn. -:i!d .a certain numbe-r of 
litrJtisli guns, largely trbphles. of the 
revolution, are In the custody of the 
war department, that otiiers are at 
various army posts, where some ol! 
them form parts of monuments, and 
t^ovni? of them have been built into 
structures, and that others, afc-aln, by 
Oft of congress, have been bestowed 
upon states of the union. It thus 
would be imtiractioabbj to collect many 
of them; wbilc. In addition, legislation 
wjuild bo ucccssaTy, and any «iteps 
loMting to the obtaining of that auth- 
ority would l\ave to be orlfinated 
throush diplomatic cbannala. * 

MONTREAL. June 2S Delighted 

with the results of his several weeks 
tour In the far w-^-st. Lord Montague of 
Beaulleu, a baron'^'of .Scotland, is in 
the city today, preparatory to continu- 
ing his journey to New York and thence 
to London. Speaking about the condi- 
tions of roads suitable for motoring, 
Lord -Montague, who is the proprietor 
of the well known motor -journal, -The 
Car." said: 

"The roads don't i-frlst here, There are 
only the railways. Tlier«: will be no real 
development In th-e west until excellent 
main roads are laid down as ""in Scot- 
l.ind and England. The Independent busi- 
ness spirit of a young nation is foster- 
ed only by free thoroughfares for bet 
commerce throughout 'he length and 
breadth of the land. 

''I believe in the business efficiency 
of the motor car. It will, in my opinion, 
always beat r.ulway and cicccric trac- 

Asked about his tour, iJoftt-Alont ague 
said: "The west is simply v;reat. I'rlces 
fco- labor are high, almcst prohibitive, 
but I do not fear a slump because 
the development there must continue," 

Prem'iers of British Columbia 
^ and Alberta to Be Guests of 

International Dry Farming 





Man Employed In Montraal Building' 
' Traite Olvan Incraaaad Pay 


Premier of gatlwKihcWaai W|io 1« now •ncs«etf m an •)«eti6ta^- cam- 
palm In which nclprooity is tjta i|uttii ttav*. 

CALGARY, Alb., June 2S,— .Sir Rich- 
ard McBride will officially open the Cal- 
gary industrial exhibition,' the largest 
of the inter-provinciai fairs, tomorrow. 
He win make a short address which 
will be responded to by his honor, 
Lleutenant-Oovernor Bulyca. The ex- 
hibition promiseis to be the moat im- 
portant in the history of the local as- 
sociation, and will continue ,\11 next 

Sir Richard McBride, premier of 
Brltl|^ Columbia, and Premier St f ton, 
of Alofcrta, both of whom will be 1^ 
Calgary tomorrow In attendance at thip 
eXhlt>ition will l>e tendsrfd a banquet 
tomorrow evening at the Albprtn club 
by the Albarta members of the board 
of directors of the International Dry 
Farming congress. ^ 

Among those who will be present at 
the banquet are the Hon. Duncan Mar- 
shall, minister of agriculture for Al- 
berta; th« tl«n. A. J. McLean, provin- 
etal ««ef«tiiry; aaorfe Hircourt, deputy 
minuter of agrlcnitara for Alberta, and 
chatnnan of the international board of 
governora of the dry farming congreaa, 
and th* Hon. W. R. M»tharw«n, mlnf»- 
tar of a«rl«u]tur« for S«*l«Cten«iran. In 
cmmwtt m ftm* t/cai. «. 

MONTREAL, June 2S.— Danger of a 
strike in Montreal betw^een stone 
masons, bricklayers and the builders is 
past, as today an agreement was sign- 
ed lietwecn the representatives of the 
unions and the ropreSk-ntatives of the 
builders' exchange. 

The agreement is for two years, dat- 
ing from July I, 1912, up to and In- 
cluding Jtine CO, 1914, and thrfe 
months' notice is to be given by either 
party before any alterations take 
place. The men of both organi^.ntlons 
receive an incre.ise of five cents an 
hour and have Saturday afternoon free 
during July and August. At present 
the bricklayers receive fifty cents an 
hour; this is to be Increased to fifty 
five cents and the rate on sewer or 
conduit work is to be sixty-five cents 
an hour. The stonemasons at present 
get 45 cents an hour and this is to be 
increased to fifty cents. On their part 
the unions dropped the demand for tiie 
foremen to belong to the unions. 


Hon. Mr. J. Douglaa Tonmaa x;ctt Sit 

Ziifa 'While on BolaBtiflo 


-•^T, JOHN. N. B.. June 28— A despatch 
from Dr. R, W. Brock, of the geologi- 
cal survey, to the family of J. Doug- 
las Truman, who was drowned while 
on a scientifir expedition in the Ralney 
River district of Ontario, indicates that 
he died a hero. Truman, with a man 
named Knox, and Dr. Walcott, .«iecre- 
tary o-f the Smithsonian Institute, 
were in a canoe below the Steep Rock 
falls, near Steep Rock lake, when the 
canoe upset, 'Walcott could not swim 
and Truman and Knox got him on top 
of the canoe, .\pparently fearing that 
three w-ero too many to hold on to the 
frail craft, Truman let loose to swim 
ashore hut had not gone far w^hen he 
called back for help. Knox left to aid 
him, but before reaching *lm Truman 
sank in 30 fathoms of water. 

Fi/tg Years Ago Todag 

(From the Colonial of June 2«, 18(12,) 

Ileal Eatele— Mewra. Franklin held an auction lale yeaterday at their room* 
on Oovernment alreet, and notwlibatandlnii; the pxclfemeni unually attendant upon 
tne arrival or o steamer the aale waa well attended. The followinf propertlea were 
knocked down at the prieea attache 1: l^t corner Pandora and Cook alraeta, »870i 
lot corner .lohnmjn and Cook, %XXO . lot on Johnaon atreet near Cook »2«6- lot 9«li. 
^atea atreet, $»90; corner o-f Quadra and View atreeta, $g70: lota 13 and 14 (.N'orth 
Park Ktreet property), for $295 and tXJ3, reapectlvely ; lot 10«0, Yatea atraet, I3:'5, 
and lot 788 fi>r $325, 

Arrival of Pacific— The ateamer r.^clflc, Papt. Burna. arrived In Eafjulmalt 
Harbor yeantrday mornin* at 7 o'clock,, .'^he brought Sg paaaenaerc and a seneral 
carsn to the amount of )1S,000, "^ " . 

tr a Volunteera— Lieut, Toohlll, of Col, Stelnbereer'a reHmenl of W, T. 
\<»lunteera, arrived on the ateamer from Portland reaterday, with IJ recrulta. 
They belong to the company of Capl. Tucker, of StellleotTO, and will make up that 
company to Ita full etren»fh, ralalna tha regiment alau to lia company of men. The 
reonilta will aall for Fort fttelllcoom on the Bllsa Anderaon thla mornlnt. 

Tha Naw-Weatmlnater people aant the documanu yeaterday to the Hon, Mr. 
Cameron, reapectlna the puntahment of Mr. Roba<m for contempt of court. Thay 
are to be laid before the DuKe of Newcaatla. 

Too Bad-— Teaierday afternoon a waaon laden arith lumber waa proceeding up 
Fort atreet whan the raar whaela aunk up to the haba In the mod In an encava- 
tlon In tha road recently made by the Oas company. Tha wagoner waa eompailad 
to uniaad- hia vahlola before It waa poaalbia to axtrlcata It Not fifty yarda furthar ' 
on, worknten belonfing lo the Oaa company wera angagad In laying down malna, 
and aa far.aa could ba Judged raatoring tha anaavatlon In an afflelent mantiar, 

are glad to hear that tha city tnapaetor haa taken cogniaanee of tha matter, 
aa auch InJOry to tra.t!c la carefully provided agalnat In tha city ortfinaaeaa 








> 1 ■ II ii«iii m 

Useful and Artistic 

A\'ith the fast approaching cumpletiun of mir sjiaciou.s new 
M(irf, u f are gaining better facilities for tlie display of a 
-f'ck. which has been contributeil to by the best makers in 
almost everv jiart r)f the mannfactin'iuf^ worhl. 

Amongst many valnable and artistic novelties and table 
necessaries, we are showing a fine selection of l-llectro 1 Mated 
goods, etc.. which will appeal similarly-'ironi a i)oint of view 
'if ntility and ornamentation. J{ver\- picrc i< of attractive 
design, best material and unquestionable finish. The selec- 
tion includes; 









Successors to Challoner and Mitchell 

Corner of View and Broad Street* 

Be Your Own Landlord 

Tlje Fairfield district is most popular as 
1 hoin^ section, It has the advantage of 
freshi invigorating sea air without beiiig jijn- 
ijtly .esilposed. The developments ace ex- 
tensw^e and modern. The strcefs are paved. 

Here we offer two new fiye-rdomed 
bungalows on Chapman street, modern in 
all respects. Thep&p'are 40x1.^? 

$4,000 Each 

$i,ooo cash, balance as rent. 

Wallace & 

^jr;¥ates Street. 


Phone 471. 


Vacuo Massase is not an apology for nature, but a illreut mtaitslaiil 
— flesh foods clog the pores of th« skin and render It helpless to expel 

Used for a few minutes before retiring opens the pores, promotes cir- 
culation and restores the glow of health to th« cheek. Wrinkles and 
facial blemislies disappear as by magic. Its persistent use will fill out 
hollow cheeks and impart a round, plump appearance to the neck. Sold 
only at 

CampbeH's Prescription Store 

Corner Port and Soaglas Strftets 
Wp iir«- iironipt, « <■ ar«- fiirfful, un<l np ii*p Die li<">l In our «<>rk. 

The Laws of 

Are more than ordinarily strict in matters 
which pertain to the brewing^ industry, de- 
manding that nothing but pure wholesome 
ingredients, and hygienic methods be uiil- 

Carnegie Swedish Porter is b-rewcil in 
Gothenburg, and as such, carries with it a 

national guarantee of purity and whole- 


Taken with a meal, it aids digestion and 
produces that feeling of '"snap and vigor," 
upon winch success so much depends. 

For tlic invalid, it refreshes and restores, 
and as a beverage for the weak and the 
strong, there is nothing half so gfxKl as 

Carnegie's Swedish Porter 


Victoria, Vancouver and Nelson, B. C. 

Shifting of Congregations to 
Worship Witli Other Denom- 
inations Is IVlethod to Obtain 
in Montreal This Summer 

.MONTltK.M-. .Inn,' 'JR • A s|m , i, ... of 
rliurcli union will h.iv.- fimr dlHlliu'l 
niiilH In this city UUa tsumnior, ini'iii- 
I'UK of CDnKrt'KuttonH of one dou^ii.ln- 
iitlon worshlpplnK v^lth churchKoer.s «'f 
iiiHithoi itifftTiMit up-.brlnKtns. No les« 
thun ei«!u city cluircheB will be closiil 
down for on* montli whllf fiMinr-N int.K 
a vucu lion, and in <nicii m Mt.i,-. 

huve ti. 1' irnuiKMl tlisu .1 iimnh oC 
a dl(T. lotnliialioh lorated in the 

Biinic vKiiiUy will icinporarlly und^r- 
take to attend to the spiritual wants of 
the congrpgutloii, whoHo pWue of wor- 
ship Is for tlie tlin« being unuHuU. 

On th« reopeiittnir of «>« chttrch of tlio 
visitor the pMtor. ^Vbo );itta be«ti <1oini(; 
dt>ut>la Uuty, will ta)c« hill vacAtionC and 
Mb congrresatloQ will 'Wor«hl|;i .under thii 
puMtor of tJie riwftenc4; ehurqtt, wha will 
by that time have returned from his 
holiday trip. 



Cuntinned fr«m Paye I. 

the vesael the march on Victoria was 
at once begun.' It was close on seven 
o'olocU wh » n the mow moveJ oflf > a n d 

dint of the «*t«rt»lBBMat 

A commltt^f) was (•rmsA to inuulTS 
litu tho nmltor of urranKlnir i»oin« plan 
wlif-rtby tlie fxpviiMvc of deleKatos to 
future provliiclui convnntion« ^o aver- 
uMeii nnd divided uinutiK vM unl"ii*>. thus 
nial*injt it iKiKBlldu for Interior unions 
!■> hi^ r«pr»>H«'nli'd more Kenerally ui iin- 
niial Ktttliti.liiKi'. Homt? Kiich HrruiiKf- 
im-iit, Il woB iiointt'd out, Imw tx'cii 
ndiutr-d In .\u»lirtllu and New '/inilund 

with KlCllt HUCrOHH. 




...I i.^. i-i .11 I il mn ii y ili i i 1 ■ ■! I II 

■■^ ' '» ' 

(iintiiiiiril from Poni' 1- 

. (. — . 

within a couple of hours they were 
bivouacked at Cobble Hill, where their 
Intelligence department had picked out 
bn Ideal spot, sheltered and with an 

morning the invaders will resutne this 
march towards the Summit 



Canttntied^rom Pa«e 1. 

couveran'dV^the coast had been trying 
to give tlie farmers of Alberta cheap 
luniber. Mr. Heaps closed Ills remarks 
with" the statement that all should 
work harmotyoasly together to give 
each and all a' fair ahow. "The devel- 
opment of all tl Industries 
helps agriculture,' "It is no 
Sood to liJive the grain if you haven't 
a market, and you cannwt have a tuwr- 
kot Without cities, and cities without 
manufactories. , None of us should 
take; a selfish vt<)w, but look over tlie 
situation fairly and work harmonious- 
ly for the benefit of the whole coun- 
try and for th*- future prosperity of 

•'In any business all tlopartments 
must harmoniously work together and 
must be well organized and well man- 
aged, and In a big country like this, 
dealing with a big (luestlon like this, 
we Should follow that rule," said Mr. 

Mr. Tn^gilluR gave a very compre- 
!ien.«lvi" address, in which he pointed 
out the reliitiOTl of ■ ■ ndu.stry to 

the agricultural indu i .vhich. h>.' 

.said, was the mother of all the Indus- 
tries In the , world. 

Professor Odium dealt with the -can- 
al from a British Columbia stand- 
point; while Mr. L. P. ytrong told of 
the meetings lead". m • i.. tb.. galling of 
the conference. 



i> Underwood. Thin will servi- as a 
fiirtlu^r lest of llu. iihlllty of WI!«on \<> 
linlil Ills VOtCH. If liC mrillMiii-s I'l do 

■sii, New -York incnuially muy go tu lilin. 
The (.'lurk peoidn iiHsert llify hiiv"-- suf- 
ficient "rock-rllibed" votes t<i jir.'vcnt 
th" nonilnutlon of any olhei- iiiuii. 

•('Ill- slt'sdllon, was iipparantly us'badly 
mixed us over, as the tired delegates 
nidi out of the .'oiiv?-nilon hall shortly 
iii^fore duybroaU this morning to seek a 
lllll« rest before going on with the 
struggle in the afternoon. 


Vice-President Bury Says the 
Whole Country Is Enjoying 
Steady Growth — Double 
Tracking of the C, P. R, 

-W9gtr-9tm» TMM Of xa.^tgHvr 

Men^K and Young Men's Su i mer 


llilllll (IF 

siiorij) isE m 


Mr. J. Havelock-Wilson Speak« 
Plainly on the Necessity for 
Honest Observance of Con- 
tracts— Socalism No Cure 

' T n e re wgg a l aig g atlsHdan ee a* Iia- 
bor hall last night when Mr. C. Slv- 
erta rose to introduce Mr. J, Havelook 
Wilson. «x-M.P., for Sunderland in the 
British House of Commons, who as 

"^t^^ president of the Seamish'sand 15'lremen's 

\\ I.V.MI'K;, J ■-'>. ■Tln'ri- Hc-i-ms 

tu Ih- li'ps op-i-.Miiatl :ii •'.hi] inc. re slcinl.s 
devtlupment liiitlnK place." «aid Vlci- 
I'rcaldcnt Bury, ut ihr r. p. !(.. h|p»!.iU- 
ing '„>f his trip to till' l*"ar Wi-Ht, Imiii 
which h(' h:i.s Just leluriicd. 

"I iiiuiiil, generally speuKing, thai 
the [aniHTs gave a very good rfiii>rl 
regarding the cropB. Tho- lumber In- 
dustry alsK) Uipp^'arM tu \m: t'lourlshii.g 
with lots or orders ahead. Indeed the 
countrj- all over is «njoyln|r ^(t»-aKay 

Mr. Bury "travelled by the main line 
to Victoriu, then motored through Br.t- 
l.>jh folumbla and returned by tlie 
h iih' rn line via SasKutoon. He stat- 
ed Uiat the double tracking of the road 
was making satisfactory .progress and 
tliat they had reasonable expectation 
thftt the amount of work allotted for 
tT|t» year would be cornpletcdf ,_.= .. 

On the subject of the ele<:tlfelcii«t©ji 1 
of ^portion of the railWfty^ be ttaM 
that no definite arrangements had been 
mad« yet Theiiu«stion of eiecirlty- 
•In some of the ore-carrying branches 
m Southern British Columbia was be- 
ing studied, but no decision had yet 


P60H amvw at 

The C. ?; It ntM, Mr. Bury men- 
tioned, usinir oil as m^e propelling 
power foi; loconciotives In the JEtpcky 
Mouatainiei,.fttt<lj».iiM) in . the .; SfilKlfKi,,. 

Provincial Convention of W. C. T. IT.- 

Decides to Appeal to Oovernment 

— Pledges Support to League 

V.\NC')X:VKR, June 28. — Among the 
untiniKlied buslnesH that came before the 
final session of the W. C. T. U.. provin- 
cial convention was the adoption of fif> - 
eral Important recommendations in.- 
.sentod by the resolutions commit lee 
covering the broad lines along wiueh 
the union is active. 

Roi)ort.s from thr aeparlineni.« of 
public -^meetings and modal contests 
and the final report of the plan of work 
(omiriittee were also received and greci were read from. ilra. S. It. Wright, 
iif Toronto, pr.'ildent of the l)omlnloii 

In adot'itlOK ili'^' i'eiM>rt ef tln' fm- 
pign wnrk llepjll I liell 1. pi 'lit-iiled li> 

lit; Hccretary. Mr.<:. <i. II. Smith, the 
conwTitiini resolved that Mrs. SmIth'K 
name be laid before the Dominion con- 
vention as a possible canilidate f<>i' the 
office of Iinnilnion Hupprlntendem of 
fGiei.yn \voii<. 

.\ reedniniendation was iia.ssed that 
tin convention iippeal to the govern- 
ment to ri.isH !i measure iirohthUIni; Die 
sale of cocaine nnd other oplale.s (>.\ee])t 
for medical purpo.-jes, and also thnt the 
attention of the proper authorltle.s Vjp 
directed to the .suppression of <lrinks 
containing I'affelne. cofalne or olIuM- 

tl'onHlderiible. dl.seu.'-.alon arr.pie ov^r a 
motion mjide to oiipoint a <finmilttoe to 
form a boar. I of publication whose duly 
wC'Uld lie to nt;ikp arrangciijenlH find 
rniae funds for iio' i'f5labli«inncnt lif a. 
provincial offleial orwan. From a ntan<l- 
Ing vote tnken, It was clear that tho mu- 
Jcrlty were In favor of pledKlng herrtler 
support to tho liomlrlon organ now in 
OAlfitPncp., rather than run the rlt>k of 
entering on n plan of publication, which 
mlRht not prove successful or. at the take two to three years to get Into 
running order. Thin motion being lost, 
a recommcndiitlon wan passed that the 
BrUI.«<h Columbia convention be respon- 
sible for their proportion of the ex- 
penses of iBBuInK the Vmlletln. 

The convention expren.sed lt»!elf a« 
approving the change of name from the 
Local Option League to the Prohibition 
League of Brltlnh Columbia and pledg- 
ed Itw support to this tiodx. 

Another recommendation adopted, 
provided that Institute work may be 
made a separate department of the op- 
erations of the union, and that a pro- 
giamme committee for the provincial 
unioli be'composed of the president, tlie 
corresponding secretary and the presl-' 

union is widely known both in America 
and li^uroi^. 
Ms. Wirioff *M* his ft*»»4 '0 a tra.des 

unionist pure a»id simple^ ahda» one 
who had organized the un.on he was 
sjpeiially a I with in many 

countries of a.s well as in Am- 

erica. He recalled many tncld-.^nts of 
their tights wltli shrpownere and tho 
progress that had been made in achiev- 
ing the aim lha.l all unicnlsvs had at 
heart, the impi'ovement Of ihe lot of the 
workers, l-Je doubted, however, if mia- 
takos were hot being made in Kngland 
at present; Ktrlkes «'ere organized over 
trifles and he <Hd not believe that unl-^ 
vtirsal strikes were gobd policy. To call 
out men who had nothing to complain 
of and whb did not want to come out 
was liable to produce discontent in 
their ranks and lead to the manufac- 
ture of scabjn, 

The speaker -butlined the proceedings 
that led to the big strike in coronation 
week that pjiralyzed the shipping iradci 
of Great Britain, and the victory tliat 
had been won by the workers. 

Mr. Wilson, after j?ieading for more 
tolerance amongst themselves when di- 
vergent opinions existed denounced the 
uroaklng of .contracts that had Ijcen 
entered Into wi They wi're 

doing a di.shone in enteiing 

iiito a contract they did not mean to 
keep. (Cries of •No, no," and a voice 
"Honor between workmen but none be- 
tween workmen and cit\ploycr.s.'' Hfe had 
found many honorable emj>Ioyer,s and 
tlie wortnkan's word whciiKiJv*t^sliould 
be bis bond. (CheerWTTnTTcss that was 
the case clvillzaiion Wis a thing of 
the past. Therevvere many black sheep 
among employers, but were they going 
lo l.,i^•.■ ine-.M a^' lUc!'.- .:-.\amplc? 

.\I;iny 'lilt's; lon.-^ a. re put to M)'. Wil- 
son which he auKwcred, tlmuglv uoi, al- 
ways 'to tlie satisfaction of fiif ques- 
tioners. He was uueationed >' ' " ii*tc- 
ment made at Seattle thai socialism 
had. not made ground In Kngiand" dur- 
ing the last twenty years, and relterut- 
ed his own personal belief that Social- 
j.-itn u.i II". tlie remedy for the ills 
'■)' laijoi. Nor did lie believe . that the 
loiuion of capital would be fof the 
good of the workman. 

After a vote of thank.-- i • n I'l.'^s- 
ed to Mr. WiiHoii many of the audlenct; 
went wp Lo shal.e luimls wiih one whom 
they hail mei. in different ports of ,li- 
world when working for the inter. -.its 
of the sallor.s and tlremen 

.\li. \Vli«on, while here was Ihc gu-..-Jt 
..( t'.].- local Seamen's union. Mr. Wil- 
son does not believe In Hocmlism as a 
rornedy for labor troubles. He goes back 
to principles, and it is his convic- 
tion llial good faith in keeping ugi'ce- 
incnis lioili on i'ne part of employers 
and employed is the true remedy, thai 
when this la done Hoelallsm Is unneces- 
sary ami win not flourish. In ICnglnnd, 
lie .'jays, Socialism is not baekeil up 
any wei.-lit of iiulilic opinion, nur It l.s- 
lielieveil<^iii li.v the nia.lorty. He lilm.self 
lirtN siieni hlH life in working for llie 
right.s of vvorkloKinen and bellevHH thai 
all rotlHonabli' 'demands enn be .qatlsfl-ed 
ulthoul on.v resort lo force. ■ 

Mr. llavelock Wilson began life as a 
-sailor, and liurliiK the twenty-five years 
that, lie lia.s ))resiile,! over the nailonal 
Seamen'.«< union has done much to pro- 
mote the better orsanlxatl.m of labor 
in all lines on both aides of the At- 

.Mr. Wilson, with Mrs. Wll.son, left 
nn tlie midiiiglil boat for Vancouver, 
where he will address a meeting this 
evening and leave Immediately after- 
wanls for Chlcauio. 

One of the tiifftneii. made a trial trip 

the pther day. The obji-ct |n using oil, 
•he explained, was to ease the work of 
the flreimen In the mountains, and to 
conserve the'lorests . heijung to pre- 
vent the spret-d oi . 


Vancouver's Preparations to Kocciv: 
Visiting Capitalists 

VANCOUVIOU. June ::S.~At noon 
next Tuesday the distingulslied party 
of 61) manufacturers of Great Britain, 
on a tour of Canada, will reach Van- 

The following arrangements for en- 
luf laiiiing liit'iu werv made yesturuay 
afternoon at a gathering of the com- 
mittee of Messrs. Jonathan Rogers. K. 
K, lilckeis, C. H. Macaulay and Dr. E. 
S, Rpwe^ of the Vancouver Vrogress 
club, and President Ki.skinc. of tiie 
board of lra4. 

At 3 o'clock lu :.iJi all- moon the 
visitors will be taken for a drive 
around the city, to the scenic features 
and the manufacturing, sites. They will 
be left to themselvcB Tuesday evening. 
At 10 o'clock Wednesday morning they 
and the mayor and aldermen will be 
guests of the British Columbia tOlectric 
railway, and will be taken on the Aluvisi 
up Burrsrd Tnlct, to view -the h 
and Inspeei tlic inllls at Barnet. t 
they will bv- taken up the nortl 
to Wigwam Inn, and afterward to 
Buntzen to in8P«^t the power plant. At 
g o'clock in the evening they will be 
tendered a banquet by the city at the 
Hotel .Vancouver. 

;k Thursday morning tho 

Men's 2-Plcno Salts, in English flannel, also tweeds and wor.¥ted.s. Prlcps 

:f:;0.'Hi to- , . . ,,..,..... ... ... , ip 12.50 

Separate Plannol Trousers, In grey. Price $4.50 and .f 4.00 

White Sorge Trousers, specially priced at .- .....,......♦,»„»... ifS.OO 

Wliitc Pl'umel TroiU'e'^s, at fO.OO. f4j50 ftjid ». i > «rt /x*:v^« I'tt'A^ i''^ • ^-4 O** 

'White Duci: Tronjrars, at .$2.00, J1.50 and 1 .,......;.. Jfi.iI5 

-White riannel Trousers, yylih blapk stripy • j *'^*^* 

•White riaanel Trottsars, with blue stripe ...$6.O0 

Blazers, in navy blue wltli redstrip* and dark blu6 with' light blue stripe. 

Price ...» %^tQ^ 

We Carry Complete I.iae of QoXfiag AV9»nli ,-•''?« 

W. &^ Wilson 

The Men's Clothing Centre 
and Trnnnro Avemi* 

Florsheim Footwear 
For Men 

Men's Tan Russia Calf I'.luchcr-cut 
Low Shoe, made on Zcnitli last with 
welted soles. 

Men's Tan Russia Calf B(.hiI>, in 
Jac^ or hutrnn. on the Busier last. 

^U-n'- Dark Tan Ru-.-ia Calf 
Strai,ij:ht Laco llool. on the stri u^ 'a~t. 

Men's Gunmetal Calf Button Boot, 
on the ISuster last, has Goodyear welt 

]\[ail orders promptK' f.illed. 


Sole Agent.-5 Broad walk Skuffors for Children. 

Hanan \- S'li. X. Y. Wicheit & Gardiner, N. Y. 

Peniberlon Buildin-.;. 1 C ! Fort Street. 

At : 

boat for Vic- 



Cnntlnoed from rage 1. 

addition there will be 1n the gathering 
a number of members of the upper and 
lower houtses ol parliament, together 
with the mayors of Calgary and Leth- 

•With aerial manoeuvres by ,Tlmmy 
Ward, horse ralngk spetrlal music and a 
hundred other attracllOrts, Calgary's an- 
nual exhibition will be launched tomor- 
row. Sir Rlchfipd McBrlde, premier of 
British Columbia, will arrive from the 
coast tomorrow, and at- 1.40 p. in. he 
will omctally open the big summer fair 
of the jBLfist. 


Earnings of Artlsta 75 Teors Ago 
(i'rom The Etude) 

The difference between the earuing.s 
of great artists in our time and from 
.sixty to seventy-five years ago is not 
so large as some per.sons Imagine, not- 
withstanding the fact that money in 
those day.s ha-d about four times the 
purchasing power it possesses now. 
There are letters of Malibran in e.\isl- 
c'nce which prove that she received as 
high as $2,000 for an appearance, and 
Unit was befor.? 1835. It Is also o;i 
record that Franz l^lszt took In, at a 
single eoneert in St. I'cversburg, about 
$11.1)110. .\'o inslriiiiiciilallsi. since luisf 
ever equalled that (Igure. Pimiini-if.-^ 
earnings also wore eiejnnnus. 

rpt.j^ "r^iitost drs^.'ing CiiP'?'*it>' e^'er 
Lmnvn eitiu.r ainf n?' vocalises or in- 
slriinientali.sts wii.s that of .lenny Liml. 
(luring her faaiou.s tour of .\nierica In 
the .-.u'ly fifties under liic management 
o£ P. T. Barnuni. Harnum cleared for 
h.mself on thai lour $raiO.O-.H). The r. - 
eelpt.«i of the otiening concert at Castle 
Garden were |:!7,tM)0 — a tlsure never 
eiiuallcd before or since: nor Is it likely 
that it will ever lie wiuallod again, for 
the combination uf a Jenny Ulnd and a 
I'T'yT. Barmini will not .so rfi.'sily hi' 

I'rior to 1-S;t0 .salaries for singers 
Were low. There exi.sts a letter liy Jlos- 
slnl, which tcstines lo Cie effect that 
the prima donna of a good oi>era com- 
pany In Itab' reelved, for a season ef 
five Weeks. 400 seudl. about equal to as 
many dollars. The first l)a8s and bari- 
tone had 300 8cudl each, the (Irsl tenor 
350, and the' conductor, only 190 smidi. 

Malibran »ct n .lirfeirnl pBco nfter TS30 
In her hevdav Khe, enulrl eemmiind nlmost 
„nv price, and etl.e,- slnK-ri, piorited by h^r 
examplo. l-'i.r Inmaiir... th« tenor. Uoiizrll, 
reeohV.i. for the brief earnlral period at 
he It..>=al Opera bI MBrlrld. $7,200. The 
prima' d..nn». En««r. -"re-lv^.l for .-i eoupb> 
I,r appear«ne«. nt Tulerm,, • »!I250, »nd In 
1S3R shp WB» paid for one Beason at tho 
Vienna Hnval Opfra- *U.00«. So «lnger 
en Ihf oontinpnt to<l»y conimnndii «uch S 
nalBi-y n» a pormaneni moml)er <vf any op- 
era, either royal or manlelpal. 

The ^-iWr-THleA Oris! was pil-J tva,aoo tor 
R aoBKon of nix months at the rat-U Grmnd 
Opera nt about thin tlm«. wr.lle her fee for 
alnirlns «« « ^"^^ fc«t1v«l was IS.OOO. H»- 
blnl. onn of the greafBt tsnorn of all time*, 
reoelvi>d In I.,ondon. in ono iiea«r)n, approx- 
lm»tely »B!>,000. Thin «•«« ai the ot>«r* 
nnty: hla fe«>!i for private ■olrM«» are net 
Includwi. HI* earnlnin that »^a»on pnnb- 
■biy «mounted to about IRO.OOO In' London 

Today ■ttch (rr»*t celehrltlea amtmc ths 
wand^lna ■tarn «« C«ru«o, Tetrs^tAtt 
Nordica nnd Srhumann-Hxlnk cam M mMli 
of morn ttian thU. Rut the aSUrlM «( thil 
grnnt alnawri of the cnnttnentlU •*•*• 
hnuMi sre am higher on the Mversg* (h««i 
they w«r« •txty ye»r« ago. TMtV that* 
«r« r«w ■Inger* In (trrmanr wha ,C«9)IMMUKi 
A riKsd salary of |7,lo«. 

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ftaturday, Jun* 29, 1S1Z 


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pointed his opponent, the latter 
Mhowed )?rcat Btaylnr pow#ro und 
gives promlue Of deveiopmenl an a 
clever boxer. 

Mr, Justice O'Conner of Aus- 
tralia Says tlie Dominion 
Presents IVlost Advantages 
for British Immigration 

Sea Bathing in Your Qwn 

Even if it does m^astf?e oiriy lof^ |c 5ftrft's possible if 
3 ou call af IBowes* today Ipr a Sicfc off ^ea Salt. For 
poor circulation or tender fe^, tiiere's nothing in the 
wiMrid IMce sea hatting. Invest 25c and try it. 


VANCOl'VKJi. B.C., June :;8._One of 
the most UldtinKuialied JiiristH of tli» 
British eniplif, in Uie ijerson uf lion. 
Kichaid KiiwnrU O'Conner, one of the 
llvo nifMibera of the liigli court of Aub- 
Iraliii. is at pri!seint in the- city. Mr. 
.lubtlco O' Conner, uceompanied by lUa 
son. arrived from Ottawa today, and 
kavea for Victoria on Saturday. Tl./y 
are completing- a tour of the world 
whlcli was undertaken to benefit the 
learned Judge's health. 

In conversation with a representative 
of The Colonist he said that the Com- 
monwealth's federal system was found- 
ed more on American than Canadian 
lines In that more authortty was lett 
to the djff e;ren't states. The system, 
was -wbyklngr out admirably ahd with- 
out a doubt Che c^ntraUsatte? «r itt- 
th'ority had F^aulted ih a arreater pfom. 
t>erity and harmony tliroughout the 
OohttnbnwiMaih,^ ' 

Th6-*hattg«, heiaaaaa, had been made 
•with Tcry little fHctlon and no one of 
the states wanted to revert to the 
orlfftn-i system of entirely separate 


Victoria Amateur X>acroaaa Team Left 

rot Mainland Yesterday to 

Play Today 

T he HBBBPfta of a naUonal capital" 
said Justice O'Conner. "has at last 
been settled. Not one of the biggest 
cHtes was phosen but a site In Can- 
berra district of New Sotith Wal es, 
wheire a model capital wlii bi^, laid out 
somewhat after tljie styie of Ottawa or 
AVashlngton. iQitsi laove was decided 
■upon because oF ttie jealousy amons 
the Older ■cities. 

"I am not sure whether this will af- 
fect the high court or not. Now we 
have to travel from capital to capital 
hearing appeals, but once the new cap- 
ital Is under vvay we may become a 
stationary body such as yoiir «nprfimo 

.Tustlce O'Connor declared Aus- 
tralia was- enjoying the most prosper- 
ous period In its history. Crops were 
excellent and the various Industries 
were busy. The continent could not 
compete with Canada for British im- 
migration owing tn the. srcatcr rtls- 
tance and tho fewer attractions of- 
fered, but immigration wns neverthe- 
lcs.s con.stant and of a hlfrh standard. 
Ho believed that Canada and the Com- 
monwealth would In the future ex- 
chanpe products much more largely as 
each ha^l many thing-s the other needed. 

V'k-toria's amateur larroBse twelve 
IrfL for Vancouver last eveninR to mi^et 
llii^ holders of the Mann cup at Ilecre- 
utlim I'ark this afternoofi. They have 
been har<I at work through the week, a 
pructice taking piaoe every iiigUt. with 
the exception of Thurailay, when the 
Ijilll park was oci'upled Ijy tlie profe.'s- 
tilonal liall iilayers, and are reported to 
l)e in fine fettle for the engu«^ement. 
Mr. Sam Lorlmer, under whose direc- 
tion tljey have been drilling-, Is contld- 
eni that the Vancouverlie.s aro about to 
'have the 'hardest match of the aoascn. 
H-j believes that tho Capitals will be 
able to beat thorn by a siiude. If they 
).lo the Capitals will have a good tlnl.t- 
Infr chaiice for the champlon.shlri. 

The teams are expected to t;iUi' the 
fitld as follows; 

B. Johnson .i «... Goal 
F. Sweeney. ..."- j&ioint . . 
J. Oakers ,. , . ; Xloveir . 
S O'Kell .. rtfst r)*f . 
Ia Stiles .\ Second pef 
J, Johnson.. Thii'd DeT . . ,EJ. Matheson 

C. McCarter ..Centre .. ..C. ijPlerhell^r 
A, UcQtiigOT . .TWr4 Rome !. :..B. <Sunn 
C. Baker ., S^eond fXome .'.W. Peacock 
■^. Brunjoifaoit .Ftrst fKnttajiW. Davis 
L. McDonald ..Outside .....ft: Murray 
C. Ferguson . .Inside D. Croofcali 

J Pettlgrew and B. Taylor wfir be the 
spares for Victoria and A- Wright and 
A. Qilmour for the V. A. C. 

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SaatbtfTS Athlatlo Onb Staves Some 
raat Sxhibltloas— The' iBesnlts 


our EnpTllsh Setter (Spot) now lost one wionth. Anyone harboring 
same from this date will be prosecuted. Suitable reward offered for 

return. v 

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VANCOUVER, June 28.— 48omo fast 
boxlnur exhlbUions were staled at the 
Dominion hall la,st evening imder i!u 
auspices of the Hastings Athletic club, 
and 'the large crowd which attended 
went awa* thoroughly .-d with 

tihe sterling brand of i.- rmances 

given. ^ A aummaiT of the winner.s fol- 
lows:' * 

Lightweight, E. BarrlStu. V. A. C. 

Featherweight, Frank Barrloau, V. 
A. C. , ■■-■;■• 

133 pcrunds, !' ' ; son, V. A. C. 
142 poonda, i. ■ McKay, H. .\. C. 
U';i pounds^ l^ul Fctcrson, V. A. C 
155 pounds, Harry Bro-wn, IL \A~ C 
Catch weights, Jimmy Fisher. H. A. 

c. ■.-,,,. 

11 2. pounds, Art Fox, >■ ' '". 

105 pounds, Roy Chennet, S. A. C. 



Capital (paid up) $2,200,000 

Capital (authorized) $6,000,000 . - 


President - - - Sir D. H. McMillan, K.C.M.G. 

Vice-President - - - Capt. AVm. Robinson 

Jas. H. Ashdown - H. T. Champion - Frederick Nation 

non. D. C. Cameron W. G. Leistikow Sir R. P. Roblin, K.C.M.a 

General Manager - Robert Campbell 

Supt. of Branches - - L. M. McCarthy 

A general Banking Business1:fan.sacted at all Branches. 

Accounts of Individuals, Firms, Corporations and -Socicsjes carried 

on most favnr:il)lc terms. Special care criven to Savings 

Tiank Accounts. 

I'ranclics throughout Canada. 

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Wine Nations Will Be Kaprosentecl in 

Three Thousand Metre Team 


ST^ 1 ■ M01..1I, June 28. — Tlie numlicr ol 
>| the Olympic gaTieii Is Brtater 

•" > I iiy previous pccaslon. SeveiUeeii 

hcau and two ^iiallfyihg rounds will bo 
necesBary to rsauee tho field of ntnety-flve 
Tsntered' for the one hundred metre dasii 
to tho six men entitlea to compete in the 
final. jj( 

One hundred men are entered for the two 
hundred metre dash, twenty-clBht will con- 
tost In the four hundrpd meUe events and 
seventy-two In tho eight hundrde metres. 
For the flrtccn hundred metres elgrhty- 
elKht men are entered, and" for tho flvo^; 
thousand metres eighty. The ton thousand 
metro run has attracted eighty-two, and 
the high hurdles sixty competitors. 

The classic Marathon will bring together 
scvcuty-two contenders. Nine nations will 
be represented in tho throe thousand metre 
team race, while teams representing tho 
t'nlted States, Itussla, Italy, Ilungary, Eng- 
land, Canada, Germany, France, Auatrlii 
and Sweden will match speed and staying 
powera In the plxtejn hundred metro relay. 
The rel.-xy dash-of four hundred m»lre.i will 
have teams competing from the t'nlted 
Slates, lluvsguw, Austria, Oerman.v, Bohem- 
ia, England, nusnln, Norway, Caimdii. 
France, Italy and Sweden. 

The entries for tho flald events ni-'- nut 
cnUle so lar-Ri'. i^l.xty-flvo irien will compete 
In Ihe vimniiiK hl^h jump and the stand- 
ing high .lump, eighty-nine In the running 
broad jump, sixty-seven In tho standing 
broad .lump, fifty-seven In the hop, stop 
and .luni|), and forty-seven In the pole vault. 
Thrnwinc the .iavelln with the lii'st hand 
will bring together sixty-rive, while twelve 
have entered for tho event ustcg both 
hands. Seventy-one will thro-w the d!»eus 
with the best hand and firty-slx wJth both 
hands. The shot put with the best handji 
has attracted sixty-two com.>jetltors anil 
Ihe name event with two hands twep^- 
UPvr-n. Only twenty-eight men will try^liin 
hammer throw; seven of these being /lum- 
bers of the Amerlrnii team an dl2 ripio- 
si'nting .'^vvederi. 

This Inipnslnc 11,1 r,r e'il'i„, ],.,;, ^,,|^. 
passed nil exT>eetatlons. niid iiie arrange- 
ment or heats is taxing the committee to 
the nimost. 7i u the Iniention. however' 
to extend the time allotted for the pro- 
gramme, so thai Ihe eonniels may bo 

Horlne Says That Beldpatli, American 
Snnner, la a Wonder 

' V ' FRANCISCO, June 2S.— George 
lioiinv, tho Stanford athlete now wearing 
the colors of the Olympic club, who re- 
cently established a new world's record In 
the high Jui'Aii, la responsible for the in- 
formation received here that the American 
team to the Olytnpic games at Stockholm 
hus In Rt'idpath. the Syracuse runner, ihu 
most ni...>v . ••'■•I i. tale lor tlie world's mark 
ovfT u a mile. Horlne stales 

thai .. , the only athlete of the 

prvseui. liiao who has a chance to bettsr 
Maxay I.,ong's record of forty-soven seconds. 
Reldpath was timed In forty-eight seconds 
at the American Intercolhglatea, running 
around his opponents on the back stretch, 
with a poor track. 

Ilorlne states that Reldpath runs Uke a 
deer and is strong and powerful. Accord- 
ing to the local boy, Deldpsth WllV yet do 
0.4S 3-5 for the quarter and should lower 
tho Olympic record of 0.411 ,2-6 for 400 
meters when ho faces the field In Sy>ck- 
holm on July 8th. The latter mark Is also 
held b.y Ijong %nd was made dining the 
Olympic games at I'u.rls In 190" 

Long's quarter-nille record hi- •ii^tmhI 
the attack of aspiring athletes lor twelve 
years. In the meantime, new figures have 
been hung up in tho rei-nnlning middle dis- 
tances and a gent-ral revision of the track 
and field figures accomplished In the hlgh- 
class competition of the past season. 

& Lovick Piano Co. 

Phone 1241 

rraakl* Burni, Oata Saolalon 

.SAN FltAN-ClSco, Juno 2K.— When 
Referee OrHner HtopSjied the bniit be- 
tween Frnnklo Burn.'*, of Oakland, and 
"Red" Wat.ion, of Los AnKclos. in the 
eiRhlh round of their fight tnnifrht 
and a-wardecl tho fight to Burns <iii 
polntP, Die boxer from the .«iouth wh.i 
siiil hnrlnsr^in .sramely and flRhtlng 
with the rlpiit arm only. Ifi.s u-ft 

arm was injured In the third or fourth 
round, and diirlnp taie rest of Iho bat- 
tle WB.H iiselosa. While Burns out- 


Not in the Trust 
Prices $75.00, $60.00 and 


Less 10 per cent for cash. 


The Victoria 


Co., Ltd. 

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Ererything for the Office. 

The Word "Kmigrant" 

The lion. George K. Foster, minister of 
trade, a;id commerce. Is evidently giving "a 
good account of himself and his country 
during his visit In England. From v.^irlous 
sources come reports of striking statements 

I hat he has made, and which must surely 
reflect the opinlnn of many of his fellow 
CaniidlBna, regardless of their polltleil 
affiliations. Of these. one Is espociidy 
worthy of notice and approval. 

At a luncheon giyen to him at the Royal 
Canadian inslliiuo in London, he said. In 
the course of bis address; •') wish sotne- 
hoily woulii Itui.v the word 'emigrant' when 
H man loal'es nrltuln for fauad.i. He 
simply moved." 

Nothing truer or more needful of e\p;,..j. 
sion has ever been snid. The Canadian 
Httltude toward tho mover-ln from ncros.i 
the Atlantic may well he sub.ieetod tn 
radical rovlskin, and his be 
altered to fit the change. 

At present there Is something not very 
diHIftnll.v i-elated to conteuipt In ihe cus- 
tomary thought of those who travel stee'-- 
age across Ibc ocean from another part of 
llic empire to start anc .•.' in the great west. 
The wto-d "t'mi<iMUt" suKgents poverty, in- 
sleiid of the real spirit of enlerprlse wblrb 
is more often re'prefieiiied liy the newcomers. 

We can harilly honor the older pioneers 
of this eo-^nAtry is'lthoin In .lustlee honoring 
the later men and women who are plnying 
toerlsely Ihe stme part a few decades later. 
Mtieb of Ihe proudest blood of this enn- 
llnrnt came over emigrantly, and Ihe end 

II not yet. The passengers of every May- 
flower of history came over between declis. 
:iiul the noener It Is rertllKed the betler. 

ir M Canadian citizen moves from Toren- 
to to Ottawa, he Is not nn emigrant. In- 
eidenliilly be Is a wise man. H\it as tn his 
ehange of residence, J^^e has »lmp|v moved. 
And if there is any reality whatsoever in 
nil Ihe phraseology of the etnplre. the man 
who goes from one pnr! of it to^ another 
simply moves. 

II is a wise saving of Mr. Foster, to lie 
heeded with profit. He tho 

liiiman clement of trade and commer-e, nnd 
nppreel'vtes Its value, every h.ond go 
out to every newcomer, whatever his finan- 
cial condition, giving him comrsdely wel- 
come, and tnaking deserved place for him In 
the one wideninfr circle of Canadian family 
llfe.~Ottana CItlaen. 

' B«aitlob A4iBaBsm«nt — The .Saar^lch 
court of revision met yesterday ami di«- 
poBOd of sixteen appeals aRalns.t th« 
ARScfsment roll, upholding: the roll In 
fvery case. The total aRscnsed prop- 
erty Is 10,250,000, &S against f5,2S0,000 
last I year, A ^special meetlngr of tho 
council wai held In the afternoon, at 
which byla-wB 13, H and U wore pagged 
to be voted oh on July 11. The«e CnAl 
with local Improvements and Jea««- 
mine .ivenue. Iti each case batwaen 
Burusidtf^^d Carey roada. 


" Evereadi)^' 

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Construction and 


No BUicrgy 

Your Car 
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Would be no more ridiculous than "cranking" 
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ready'* Starter is NOT an experiment. The 
makers did the experimenting and it cost them 
$175,000. It is offered to you as a perfected 
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you lie back in the cushions and simply press 
a. pedal with j'^our^fj;!. Don't confound the 
"Eveready" with otl^r "starters" of w'hich you 
have heard. We are ready to prove our claim 
''Uial^it ife the first perfect, practical "starter." 

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Lady Motorist 

Can Be Fitted 
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Only ^^H^H^^m 

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Th» Colonist Trlntlng ar.fl Pubi'.shlnr 

(."oiniiany. I.liullRd Mnlilllty. 

Illl-I2i5 liroad !=ir«fl. \it:unla. B. C. 



I'tUvoieil by Carin'i ai 


. Jtv.OO 

llttU-yu 11 ly 

. S.OQ 

<..'H !l ItI> 

] oO 

.■Mil>M-rii>(iiiii K«!r». I)> Mull 

Oiiii«<.1h and Ureal Hrlmln 

Yearly . . . .f. .'. 

ilai; -yearly . .. . i., 

. (6.00 

. . Cii 

'juaneily ..,,..'......, 

1 -i 

ITnlti^d Plates of Amcrl> i 

1 early . 

. ?>; 00 

. :al r-yeiii-'y 

3 I'O 

i.jUBi- eriy 


Saturday, June 29, 1912 


In ilich, ! ileal tlmi-.-i ihi man 

\\iic> lias !iomettiin$'-U(' aW'iJtiU^ i^:* Mt- 
lit; out Of ihe oommon ^tll flnil inaliiy 
I'.oceneiB. Therefore when Mf'. Kopman 
Angelir'trrlti;!!^ to '^6 press to etay that 
i>arllarnentary instttutions have broken 
<>>>wi), a. great many people are likely to 
beliJiiVe hfm. ke .tells us that such an 
ipstttution la suitable for simple so- 
Vial conditions, but not for the complex 
titnca la which w« Uve, and that we are 
arproachlhg a' time, wh«ii Boeieiy will 
be governed by a number of organisa- 
tions such as labor unions, professional 
unions, commercial unions and so on 
2Ur- Angeu does not seem to realize that 
« ttnlcss there is some law-makintT body. 



\»wa e det 'r e e a i l i e sc at - vt - rai uu 
b'» bound to obey In their relations to 
each other, we *'ill have chao» and not 
gOYernment This lawrmakinK power 
J^i5irri5e'einier aB86Tufe"Tn""an Tnffrv^^ 
or ij^rilamcntary in a representative 
rlk^^4 "and as the former woald not be 
!)ow tolci'ated, the latter is ln|!y|;table. 

Air. AagoU claims that the pi'oceed- 
ibg^'ln ebtui^citOD with -the re<cent ooal 
and dock strlkejB sjtio^ tlMiit jparliaihent- 
.ry instltuUons are a fall ur^ for , he 
says iliat partlaqieiit was incapabte of; 
accomplishll^af snythlhg uhtji -^t 'hf^iy 


At thi' present wrltlnn Mi. Ohmrip 

..I... .« »..C •I«%\l,,i^ L «iri«lMl(( 1 tf lot IIM 

l>i-iM<irialir |>r<'!sl(].'ntlal nomlnnl'on 
III' lii;i;. iM ,ni< ii,ii !>,. di.i-'c-n. >'\il iix' 
fact thai he ii jto idomlnoni lt\ llio 
riiniiltiK • liutUes slilili-.i, ,,., 1,;^ ,;,;,i 

ur man whom iIk" uiiiuor i i ; 

Still.l'S ]lllli;i.v lu-lni!- Ml 1 

M i ' , :.,. , !, . , 

i!'«utiiMii»p tint! ,. i>«rsonn8e wIiomo 
liiiURs fur Ulsli iioM,:iin can b« unilor- 
!'tooil from his nuMl\(iil of rimt ,a.i. i i>.- 

ri->'SMl. Ill (.•loVOljlM IK ,111. r -,,l.i 

Tlii-i-f urt' but (\\,i 1,1 n Ml iill tin; 
hoary resIsier.K voIhikIx 

nainp ouffht to tu ..--M.M.ii,-,! wHli— 
Jiiila.s Iscaiiol ami liein-Ulct Arnold. 
.Siialf.s of Arnold, foriclvo thv prorunw- 
li'Mi: L-p(,ii relloctti.n, 1 UiInK rcuWy T 
oiigHi to bfg the pardon 
Iscarlot, bi-i iifi..i- i,,.^ ii, ...-,>. u ,,,. 
did have ti a ^^,^^^ htina 


,. On ■ v»oti^:fl|is«)*i!Bior \i^»aiia '^tij^t "m-"- 

ClevielftMS wiM "the tot|| ot uhitoorats. 
who had playp<J a oolosUal bunco game 
on the £>emocratlc party" and had 
"stolen th6 livery of heaven to servo 
the devil in." Of his views of govern- 
ment we have some idea when we know 
that ho, characterised civlj reform as. 
■'the s^reatest and most monamental 
fraud ever adopted or proposed in a 
clviliaed country." Of his Htnesa to 
deal with international questions we 
ma^ Judge from the following. 

C'ongross should formulate tho AIon- 

lliiil SimHIi Afil, I ,,. ;i . ,\in\ti >■ ilnni not 
proLiu iiuinv rtiUaiiUiiiH u*. u iiortiiitii- 
rnl liniUi. l,ir nliM, npoiili- nf llic Kng- 
'■!-'> spimkliiiK ' ,• , I .• M, 
lion niav sff ^r-Hi i^imn ■ 
o\ I r.-o «is ilnniin'x,. 

— — > J i y i - i^^ . ,ii.i .Lyi... M^- 

Saturday. June », 1«1f 


II iiitii 

A 1iil,»(I-i>m 


,l ,,,■,, 

"nHs HhOWs timl i«oi>i» ppoiil.- cannot 
'In I i-oom ijnoinjl) Hn.wvh.i, 

■ ■"(Tni«cttp« In th" I MM. I :ii.(i. ■ 
■""ii.^ lUi'.s isinnot miiM'ovi' or iiic iihUkjiIs 
of thfli sNtiMfi In lOiulimd. .Now will 

,\ , > 1 I ■ . I 

■ ' ■ " . : •• ,, ! • . I iii« ..I' u;,^hir,tl 
".11 '•'!■ 1 . . II I'll.,!,. 1, M I , 'ill 11,1,1 liri'ii UMi- 
Kf llif. p|MM'i|y rcfUni ,1 1 mil tu liialili of 
H.ll.H til" DurlipsM or t'oiuiuiigllt. 

' HPl'inr. A I h'ttKt wi Himiinic tlicy 

I wifrn not HO proim-ntfui, for wo cuiuuii 

.nit'|n>«i' tlmt iiiij' iniiKlMtiato would lin- 

'■"'•' .1 line nil, In xiuli i IrroiriMtii in ••«. 

; li iM Iniiii'iiitivp ^ii"t MiMciiiiinc in tin- 

-1 iHMilh ,iliiil| l„. iniiiiiMi ln,.il. iitiil ir bii.\M 

' "'H nidU" tlii'iiiM,-! \ linnxliMiM u.s 

I ll.f'No IikIh a|i|ii:ii I,, liMVi' il,,ii. . Ihry 
I lllllHl li.. puiilMliril luiui ulusly. If llll- 
I ilt-r (Oifli I U'ciitnMtniRi'K a wi'Voi,. cUa.'.-- 
ILsi'iiii'iu inn> nut li,. In 11 l,'l.(l. tin- ctul 
I'l' ,11 'i-lpliiii- vviiiil,! Ill' 111 hand, .N'u lioy 
'■lii'illil li. .HO ,r|iiii<llH('il as 1,1 111 innio 
I li.'in|Mirai II j Inn I. ami ili.i 1 \n all 
lliat MirniH 1,1 liav,. 1,, ,.|i in|l|..|i.,l In 
IIiIm thmc. Th,- (all,,! ,il' lln ullnr 
I'J'J. V\ |.., H.I I, I I ,., 1,,,^ ,|,-,M\ , ,1 .ui ho 

Kot slinwiiil a 1,'rt-al ,!■■.' I ,i| >i,\iii,l ,'iiiii. 
inon st>ii.H(.'. 

In his place will relxn one of Ills bet- 
ter (i;i!m>b. — i.'MlKar>- Horald. 

I !i I 1 


lor KOll' ballH, aiul lln*. 

^(1 Oiin.ono lui) 
I ml' .1 Hlatcs 

UUnks that Uila cu4|ll « «i^«'' Wsb|. 6j» 
' ^^aJ|liith' nMt ot lAvin^: "'"'■ "" ';•■■ 

y ^r amkfAUr adtdteni,. thi) F'ifth |lc||(. 
«ri*ttt can, certainly h&ndl/e the big garis 
to the king's taste.. But perhaps it Is 
hardly fair to regard them as amateurHi 
but only as non-professional*. They 
are a fine lot of fellows, anyhow. 

roe Dwtil n B aS W6 HOW tInatrJitahd it 
and it should be in words about as-fol- 
lows; "The American republfc. here- 
by takes all of Xorth Aiher^ca. Central 
America. South. Anierlca ai>d all the ia- 
TahVls of the adjact<ni seas under the 
shadow bt her protecting wing, guaran- 
tees to them any forin of government 
they choose, and wartts BuTQpe. Asia 
and Africa to k«ep their hands oft tho 
Western Hcihispherc' on the penalty of 
Iwing thrashed within an inch of their 
Jives.- - 

AUdTr«,noe may. of course, <-bc made 
for a iAAa y*»o la Dot in a responsible 
position and wliio is talWttgr^ largely »< 

When the Knglish school children 
visited Paris lately they were taken to 
a concert, on the programme of which 
was the somewhat startling line, "God 
Shave the King." We never knew be- 
fore that the Krench entertained such 
barbarous notions towards His Majesty. 

f^ BrmsTT post master-general re^ 
coived. the delf«atea to the; Intej-nu- 
llonal Kadlo-Telegraphic conference 
nnd^ddressed them in French. ■0«>rwan. 
■SpalTtVh and Itajianr Mr. Samuel im 
certainly a linguist of no small powers. 

\\l"il pii'l'iiri Im I,,. ylal..<lli.s of 

■""'">""ii' ' ' ,i .■ -■mii.-^ Ur. 1,1111!, Ik 

of the prc'-i.s, Hiiil lliey ma.N , .rtliy 

of inoiitlon, with some p.i 

'ment. riic si/.e ,ii' the t 

t.enKtlv »Q ,,lSeeti vt^i^tadt-h, M ; (<•■■ 
height, 46. filiit.. It la fttlfiffed'that the 
»oW, oitlvav/ Jeweb «ind timber used In 
Its construction were worth ixpv^r&mpf 
161,000,000,000, and the cost pf th^ 
labor in constructing^ «ie " building til* 
rut at 170.000,000. Wo look lipoh those 
figures as absurd. The value of the 
gold vessels in the temple is stated at 
$i.TiA.duo,o«o. Now. putting an ounce 
of gold at »20, we have for the value 
of a ton of gold »640.000. or, .for gold 
vessels alone, i2U tons. These veascls 
would be hollow and of very Irregular 
outline, with handles and feet If we 

assume that ^ ton weight of them 
would be equivalent to a ton measure- 
ment as used in shipping, we would 
have a hta sa whic h would fill the whol* 
temple and another . butldinjg half aa' 
large. Wlierc should we put the silver 
vesseia. the cost of "ihlch is put at two 
and a half billions, and iiow could 
$U,728.i80,oii)0 wrorth of stono and tim- 
ber hare been u»ed la a bu|Jd|ng of the 
dimensloiis melMionedt it Is very 
clear thitt some one fa|u| d<imi js'ibt of 
very ■ wild figurins, ' ."'-;, ■•;"^'-.' 

Xtloyd Oeorge and ''The Otty" 

Tn a L'liai'iiMlliir Ilk.' Mr |,|r>yi| 

(JpiiiKi- 'the t.'lly" Ik tlir- m.-nix. hrl 
hII llii'He lhln«H be ifiini-mlifted nirW 
tliul llK miiiiwUy Hlandrj on its defeni'e 
axuliiHi u eleai ami stralRlU r<irwiiid ac- 
iiMallim of failure In u vllal iHrtiiiialr 
of llH duly toward the people, The of- 
frni ,. Is no or fortuUoim one. 
Ii IM the la..<i of a loiiK line, .ind U 
in oeeeds n,it rimii hu.stv and ill-i-on- 
.•ililfred Impulse, Init from a Hxed atil- 
liide of inliuJ. an miHltei-able i>ollcy of 
K'lf-i uKai'd. Tile altcnipl will c'crtainly 
111' nunl,. to iiliscnrf tli(> Iswne with 
«urils Inlemled to thrnsL Ihe L'nloliiMl 
p.Mrii, into the position of enemies of 
Hade iinloni«m uk »iu"h. Mr. Austfn 
I 'huinberlHlii nnd thoxe who follow him 
will know liow to .'intlclpato and meet 
.siieh devh ,■.«. Tlio J«HUC 1b pluin und 
stralffht. Ministers have only to be 
held firmly lo It to be put to confusion 
lUKllsgulsable. — Ivondon Telegraph. 

Zndastrlal Freedom 
n L, •;,iinf.times said, especially by 
rurelKii ubaervers, that this is the first 
«ejieratloa iQ VXSnt||^>^4. WJitcsh **« iiot 
lived liberty, ittya l^hi tiOhdol^ Times. 
That may not W i^uUe si ^^ir des^ 
tiOQ :of the present mood of very many. 
Bat in view of the rage for repression 
and nrohtbitlpitt and ' interference £n , is 
variety pf forma., it wotUd ./leeptt Qot to 
be very far froiH the truth. We touch 
fundamiuitals when the liberty of men. 
to engage their services on what terms 
they think fit i« Involved; and what at 
bottom is the present disiputc ljtp.tween 
the employers and strtkere than a fight 
as to liberty? The true nature of the 
struggle Is often veiled by amgiguous 
phrasea or Is obwcured by tall^ about 



After Zsauiry ft Zs round That Mr. »•;. 

B^a King, of Boy's Central, Did irot 

Thrash Boy Bxoesslvely 

•IteKolved. that after u full Incjiilry 
Into all .the fai tc. coiineeted wIlli the 
noiJOBiiiii|.t of fertilizer In Home of the 
elasKroonis ul the -Boyti' Central School 
und tile puulahment a.lmlnititered lo 
Harold uiul Oeorice U'iN'elU by Mr. Kel- 
^'On KhiK, aftei; due conHideiat ioti of 
the same, this board Ih of opinion thai 
llie aaid llaiold and George (.)'Xelll 
were two of the chli-r offenders In. the j 
(.use and altto told urilrulhs In coii- 
i|efllon with the «alne, and, InaKniucli 
us the home discipline of the aaUl Ix-ys 
has been lax. It was impeiallve, both 
in tlie of\ho offtnd,.r« and for 
the maintenance of mi-IiooI diseiplinc, 
that some Hcvere punish nn-nl be meted 
out to them; 

"And whi-reas a ihln rubber «iUjiai. 
welghlnt; only four and a half ounces 
was the Instrument used and no serioua 
bodily harm Inflicted, the provocation 
justified i)ie lumbshment administered 
by Mi. KiiiK. 

"Tills bounl in also of opliiJdn ,, tliat 
Mr. Kelson KIpk erred, inasmcich as he 
did not tell the boys before the whip-, 
jilng what they were to "be punl«)iied for, 
and that this resoltitfott hp apread on 
f.he fniputes ot the Wi*ii,» . ^ 

The Above resolution was passed yes- 
leMny afternoon by the board of school 
.IrusteeR itltttngi »« g ?<>;*in>!tt'?e to is- 
yestlgate the case of Mr. Nelson King, 
who had been convicted in the polire 
court on the Chiafge of having assaulted 
Oeorge and **arrs5 tyNetlJ pupils In the 
Central sphOf^, a^Kl'«nod $80. There 
Is some iloubt as M 'Wither the reao- 
lotion pabsed uaanimously. Trustee 



btane^aij^d, on the <;t1i«"tlon being put 
in the first instance, voting in tb« ncg- 
atire, %Ad later not voting at all. 
Trustee !st«jielaiJ<l*8 attitude oii the 
51*terL hoy eyey. yr./^ i[f|»<einwM h y his 
BUKgesting that Mr/K3n« t>h tifged t^ 
appeal from the dectalon of the wARits- 
trate aiid Uiat Jtf|9 exj^nsiM^ of suoh an 
appeal shoul<!i ' be borhe by the school 

There was a largp attendance, of 
school tea<rht>rs and spectators during 
the pros:re.s.<5 nf tho adjourned mGetlng, 
':in<;l the liveliest interest was taken in 
tl>e proceedings. Mr. H. A. .MacLean, 
K. C. was present on behalf of. Mr. 
Kinsr. Mr. O'Xelll. though .in invita- 
tion wji.s .sent tp him to be rpresem. n- 
frainod from doing so. 

On the meeting- heinj? opened and the 
board going: into (•ommlttce nf the 
whole, with trustee Hall in the f-halr, 
Trustee Staneland called Mr. King to 
a^lc him wliat lie n: rant hy a state- 
ment in a previous examination that 
ho had wliipped the boy "to the limit." 
To this Mr. King replied that by that 
he had meant "uritil he .<«i\v th.Tt the 
desired result had been obtained." 

Truste StancUnid" seemed dls.«ati.s- 
fled with this explanation. 

Miss (?ib!--on, a meinber of the Leach- 
ing staff, wfiH called to tell nf the ex- 
pcrieoce which s-he had had with the. 
O'Neill boys Avh lie .they were under her' 
care. She hod found them very unr-.iiy 
^and had reipeatedly punished them, on 
one occa.«lon having "blackened" tlie 
•wrists of Harold O'Neill while trying 
to pull him from under a desk where 
he had hidden. .Mrs. O'Neill, the moth- 
'■r of the children, had approved .of the 
whippings she had adminl.stered and 
.^he liad been very materially assisted 
by her in her caro of tlv children at 

To Trustee .Staneland she admitted 
that in her oidnion the t>oya were so 
unruly that it mig-ht exert a salutary 
influence If the.\ were removed from 
.school, thiMiirh she \^ould hesitate re- 
<;ommending sueh a drastic course. 
V Tru.sfee Staneland felt that it woiild 
be well to go at this stage into 'the 
whole tiiicstlon of the discipline amonjT 
the teacher.s. but the l)onrd felt that 
l'lii.s would be out.sirle th,- b.iniiii.'! "f the 

When' the niflttrr liad i,i.,.ii 
to some further length, Mr. Macf.ean 
was asked to address the board and he 
did so at ,<--ome lentrth. His chief points 
were that discipline must be maintain- 
ed in the i-chools unless the education.'i I 
system of the eountr.\- wa.s to be put 
(Hit of bu.iiness, that thjg evidence 
sbo-wed that Mr. King had not sought 
to the boys of hi.s own volition, 
lull had only done so after there had 
been an iiwestipation into thc'ir of- 
fi'nces; that he hxul acted .lU tlie direct 
ud\ie(^ of hi.s superiors: that he hii,l 
puni.shed the lioys in the usual manm-r 
and in the usual place, and that no In- 
JiiTX- had rt'sulted Ih.-refrtMn The 
whole thing ho fli.iracti ri/.i^l a "tem- 
pest In a tea pot." 

Trustee Hall then moved the above 
re.s^ilutinn, which was seconded by 
Tl'ustee Riddel. The mo\er spoke at 
''fime leogrfb,'/lnp the necessity 
of mnint.-iinfng di.«<-iplin" in thesrhoola 
nnd contendlnpT that he was quite con- 
\inced from all the r\idenre that Mr. 
King had not acted Improperly. 

Trustee Staneland urged that the 
reference in the r^srilution to the lack 
of pro,por home training be eliminated, 
but this was not consented to and the 
vote was takeii with the above result. 

Hniitl Al Xi^rth Maid l'»rk— Tlw VIclorla. 
' uij-i, i,„ii,i „)|| |,|„^ „j .Ninth Ward park 
iliU iififi 11,11,11. 1 oiiiiuriuliiK ul half uast 


li-luuU Arlt. uiiil Cralt <luh — the Kkeich- 

liitf ,|,.ili ulll i„....| ,u i.,,|,„ Kiiire bridge 
• in Ji> .n 1,1 .'I hh ii,.j>.slljli. today. 

follnfliUft School HiM.rt,,— liivliatloii, hav.- 

'''"■•" I"'" ■" 111'- aiiiiuiil »u.niner sporl* 

I'f till- CiilUKlul,. s,.|i,a,i, whlrh will h.. Held 
un ru..^,ltty, .luiy ,.,, |.,.„,n .39 ,„ ,; jj ,,^ ^1 
111.; Juljil,,.. l,,,H|,:u,l .lickfi grounds. 

Nunday Sell...,! I'l.-ni,— The member, of 
I'Irsi t!,i,,iiHt Sun, lay is.-hodl will noi liol.t 
thcl,. luinuHl pl.-Ml.' on July 1 thin v««r U 
In iin.haul.. tlirti arrrtiiKitniPntB will 'iw- m«,l<. 
l"i' an uutUiy ul a later dalr In the .ea.>.i,, 

Cioux,al.-« fhupler— Til*. CinialcH fhapt.-r 
'il th.. liauKlii,.,!; lit Ihe Empire will l,,,i,i , 
an I'.Mra'iiiilliiury Keiu-ial meullne at Hi,. 
Al.?xaii(lra club tlilR nintninK at 11 -I'clork, 
at which all nifinlicig iire uaruL-stlv r,--' 
(picst,.,! tn (,,. pi.,.Kimt. 

Vlrliirlan Xiirhes— Thn r-'Rular nionihh 
mcciinB .ii- the local cointnlttee of ihf. Vlr- 
Uirlan Order of NurBoa will be held at th- 
>i>mi« VVi. men's i.'h.-l.stlan AxsiRlatlon, 
I iHiriaey «tie,.r. un Tm.Hdav at 2.30 p.m. 

Huudny .School I'lenl,. — The 'cnfaainl 
.Sunday iich,iol have arransetl t" lioUl their 
iiniiual bniiket picnic at Klorenoe lake cm- 
wood, Dominion day. Motor vehicles ^vlII 
leave f'enteiinlal church at 8.30 a.m. Sun- 
day achool children will be carried without 
churse. Hot water can be hart on th.. 

I-adle»' Aid I'icnie— The JLadles* Aid »o- 

Clety of i^t. faufa Presbyterian church will 

hold their regular monthly meeting ar th. 

Gorge (.■MarBhairs grove) on Wednesdnv 

afternoon at half pa«t, two o'clock. It will 

be a basket picnic and prises will be con- 

tcstoa for at ibe eiMe of the business meet- 
ing. T ,.:-'^- ' • 


BjHiediaar Motor Car Star^e^ Storsa 
Wllloh Bolts, Throwing Occupants 
«f Tailzie ,!<> 3te<Mlwii)(F" 

^^ftrtled b,V thp nnrlae 6f » paanlng 

r>t-8t consulted the unions of ep*tiiW*iw ***»'' itinwelf tftlte; twit Mt- Cjark'^jfe, 

marks about «ninexatlon .show that ey«a 
« jplMe M;irf)kt:pf9rtiitipnisj^in' the tovr^ 
ernment of tho country faUefl to teac^h 
him to know iPttiat 'Is duetD tr frl«tn»ly 
nation... There Ijb 'ho likt^iho^oif^iUi'^tit':' 
Clark v^li ioVeir ■be Wilil^i of thv! 
UnitiKi .States: &ut ihe fact that a nian 
ot %ip hMlc^.ttp atwpW be iittmedfor 

4try «|»ii Itte liwt^^^ ca»un-^ 

try.. "■ !■ :'■;- -■v;-^'. ^;'-' S ■ : ' ' ' "■ 

and employed and ascertained what wlia 
the irreducible tnikifl^UUl of their 'Re- 
spective demands. It seem^ tO us that 
this, so far from detuonstratlng. what 
.Mr. A ngeU %f«tlc|i< it <r>es, prp>'es «itato 
the contrary, it shows the facility 
with which, under an elastic constitu- 
tion^ pjarllamenttary government can- ad-- 
Jest itself to the changing conditions of 
f-eeiety. - ', ;^' . '., ^y . 

.Men like Mr. AngieU are ^dmewbftt ol 
a social menace. Another of the same 
type is Mr. H. Q. Wells^:'aad theire aire 
many others. Tbe«e Jttiett' . »r« ' «rt<>V^ 

A prophet has arisen to remark that 

the day of the motor-car as a luxury 

hue passed, »nJ9 It iMui toeoo«Mi "a;^^^^^ 

dram neccsBlty." His predleUon la that 

tho horse will shortly cofee Into hi* 

«»w» T%alii, Jn thla wjiin^tloa a ie 

' intereating- tp learn that In England 

the speed mania via dyfns out H%h- 

»>oi»'eyed cflliw are i»o Jonget Ifl greaid*. 

i9awJ and motoring has biseomft ir ^tf- 

ter of coprsB. Tl»jif8 ab«»t tK» leiiS 

•Ofeney^here.- , ' ' : V,/.,;, ; "■■■ •",:-.-■ ; 

^^ .. , ^ -* WW*t Mviewere afty^an exitmlna- 

.-mers; they har».*^,4e»l Of .,«UPf.|.*^^, t^,.,,^^ :^, ^^ ^^ 

ciflcial knowledge. Th*y derive & hand- rcachri. ♦!.*■ „*4;^i«.,>.i. it^.-v J^ .. . 

some Income from their writings and 
and upon as many subject!; is, they^ Oam, 
und In as sensational a arianner as they 
cm. Thus they are able ^o find , ready 
. i • I , ; their prod uc j^ions i la promlneni 
pi riodical.s, which .Aire' commercial . ven- 
t ill OS every ope 'of them, seeking to 
print what will sell the most readily. 
Mr. Angtill wrote a clever article on the 
military situation in Europe, entitled 
■The Great Illusion." Since tills ap- 
peared he has been writing Jh an fx^-cath- 
edra fashion upon u variety of subjects. 
He may know a Rood deal aboutmilitary 
loaitir.-. i.;h this does : not uUttlifyhlin 
to speak with authority upon evtry- 
tl;m«^.- .hide .lohnson knows a great 
'lea! .ill' '111 pri/.efightlng; but we would 
not value bis oi)inton upon the .Shake- 
Sf.ea re-Bacon c ont iover.'-!v. Mr. AVells 
\\iot, ;-,cr.( ...I .t-'i' ..!' thc,impo,<j- 

sible; but this does noi lit l.'iiti to solve, 
il-! lip .seems to be trying to do, all social 
'iii'stii'iis. .^ir Gilbert Parker is a clever 
mvt but of late lie is being cxplolt- 
1 'I a.s an authority on the army, th-j 
iavy. commerce and politics. Publicity | very Ion 
iw tile great deedderc mm uf ih, man 
\V''.'' makes iifs living by ii f'l at i:rc. and 
SI. tlia! he can attain it. lie is ever ready 
^'llli opinhin..-; iipioi a solmii'ii ,i;' .m.-. 
t'cn.'!, ivbicli lia\c puzxk-d Ktuilent.-J uiul 
p!-,iloHOpliers In all ii.i?i'S. There w a.n re- ratlici a .iriutesiim. cxamidc of 
the intrusion of a i>erfectiy Nalu-fcss 
o; .'nlon <>v. an lni|i,irtari| !<«)cial iiucstlon. 
A .KN'inpo.'^iiim. ii.\ wiiicli tiiay be «.nder- 
t?leod a collection of opiiiions on ;.i,)1ih, 
subject from people who tio not know 
■..r.'.-W-Av.;; ^■.a:n it. was ^ot up ondlvotce. 
hicl lh<. num cbo.s.'ii aw iii,- e.,pcrt uan 
Sir l-;rnc5M .Shackleloii. Xow Sir lOrnesl 
i.'^ a \iMy fine feil,>w. and a great .■?i)e- 
i-e.H.. as an \ntarcti,' cMihiMT. Inii It 
passes ordinary t oiripiehcn.slun why he 
.h! ould be supposed lo be an authority 
(I-. di\orce. 

W'c have somewbat from 
the Bulijert. but the piir|i,isc of the 
dicresslon l.s to .^^how of how little jeal 
^Hlue such expreasions of opinidr, a.". 
that of Mr. .\nK'"l' on p.TiHatiieutary 
trovernment are. in one part of his 
article he t.'ll« us that we must get rl,l 
of our ••mld-Vlctorian ' ideas. ".Mid- 
Yletorlan" is a useful term to employ 
when you are not quite sure what >ou 
jir/- tAlkltig about, and it so happens 
thit Albert. Vrince (' nisort. «penkln« In 
mid-yictorlan tlnlcs said pretty much 
the same thing that Mr. .AuKell is tell- 
ing us now. Me was hy no mean.s sat- 
isfied that parliamentary trovernment 
vraa a ■uccesa, and .vet we ventur" t,i 
say that In the past llfty years It has 
a' coinpllshed more for the betterment 
or mankind than any other system of 
ASvernment tbat Ikm.ov^ beeb devlsen. 

reaches ^^t!<^oh,,}V»n ^1,41^^^^^ 
of the tfeii yfeare altice th«s peace finds 
tljB Wtioffk for thi dotjjntry y^ry »itik- 
tMCtOS^.: ^ ,■ I* >,,4^|Mllcto«,. . ,tf Mtf ■; ' the , 
poliaoAi standpoint. Indiistrlaliy, 

thei'e aeeniis to be doubts as to the 
ftttuife; of '£ y^y: ■■.la^m-' ■cimtkc.t^r.: 
I SoiiUi. Africa is living upon its capital. 
I rt(j gold mines and its diamond mines 
' are yielding rnilllon.-, every , year, and 
though their exhaustion does not Seem 
to he in sl«ht. so far «» the public 
kn^wa, it la «!»«!^liftftly uscj^Uln J that 
i they cannot contltfue^ to y^d iwdeflh. 
I itely. Meanwhile tht? blai^ native 
I populail^ is: increasing more rapidly 
i than the white population, althoug'h the 
jatttr Is being r.-lnforced by Immi- 
gration. The blacks are also steadily 
advaneins civilization. Their ! 
progress has not a.s yet been rapid: but j 
we all know tlp*\t!.e speed of chanu-. - 
becomes ac,-..iei-ai..d as ili 
proceeds, .lapan furnlslus 
remarkable lllu..*tra tlon nf 
blaek South .\frican 
v.iU have to 

If. *• *»r Jut^to Vifom aontti -tm^ot. 
utterances Hi ««« BrltH»lipr««. M» dWy 
people who d* not know the nav*l and 
mflttary n«ed« of the cpuntry are those 
whose bitslnea* ii hi; to taup^ ih^in^iad 
if things art© a* baa as tJieso Witers 
•would hayo us think, there Ig «o use 
f or the «ye|Bto» doBBlnWn* to to t* «ti«i 
help of ^he mother country. fofW 
ca^e Is ^y^^d a^y remedy that we c»n 
'«^^y' ,im0y;, ■-*»»«!# ^»|^inlftd»_ »i,: 
simply the jtietua o? pbHtl'caly blll^j,. ' 
aKfUt and everj' nation In Burope 
Icnowe It. 


■The following f lahlft^ party jg 3^^^ 
In Quebec: the Duke of iKjeils. Vlscopnt 
Latimer. Baron Osborne, part of »a!nby; 
Viscount Osboriie or Duptofe^^ t,,^ 
Mavquls of Ciarmarthcii, BarOn Oodol.. 
phi.i and i^ip^e of the Holy Roman 
Empire. The .party's other name *ls 
Oeorge. and the pictures pf him in the 
papcr.s show him to be a rather good 
Ipoklng f9now.:,«re was interviewed i. 
?icw York Of course, but he saldiifM 
had' come out to America to catch fish 
untl hot ta-,alr liis opinions on ques- 
ilons tlVni he didnot pretend to Know 
anytbinjr ie.-. , -.n rt than 

i'r, ll'.Vni- 

W,.>, -.1.111, ;,,,-. 


II sc for ueoolf 

•U,in, ,l 

US with a 

this. The 

.|'-I',r I'lat 
.\ilii liei'..,c 

vhiin man 

•'^oiiih .\frl,.i II, 

oiitrolled. supervi.-i^-d. planntd and 

played tbe part o,r master; 

I ! i': prdnt-'d Hill ; ' I 

lia.s mver worked in 

i;,t,e rally 

but has never laki-n ,,fr 1, ,.,.,; ,,^,1 
done manual labor. This may bt all 
very well, say those wlio speak from 
Unowiedse of ilie ^ " 1 . ' .n^ as the 
country is livlnc on its rapital: but it 
"'III not do when it boconi,..H necessary 
iiiitrj- to ||\ ,.. u iihin ii^ j,T. 
'-)ur writer a:dis: Win ih- wlui. 
man in south Africa li,. ontinl to 
work .Sid,, by mIiIp ,m .,,, e,,,i,i ruulln,i; 
wltli the black man? and Icj ansucrs 
his oWn nue.stion In the nrsatlve. He 
"'''■- if till- wlilt.. in,in r. .mains in 
Afiira he must remain as the em|il,i\-- 
er of the black man. whliMi means that 
be mutt alway.« be in Die small minor- 

for the 

anyone else. 

11 apostle of the sun- 

"o<. has been lecturing in 

The_ doctor ha.s not much 

wlio eat meat, 11 

a pound of meat a day 

iii.s body subslaii.,- will i,.. i,e, r am! I.i.s 

niehlnlitv will be .somvthing like a 

'■'•'"■ ■ I "ir spirit win b.. be-Myjind 

■'■■■"''•■': . ■ ■■.' \s.,v 

" •-"-■ •'■ i.e "iUtiO.-, at tlie phjsiclans 

f*)r saying that; fifdi ie Rood for the 

hraln and say.- -Wher. is tli,. lo^-ic or 

Che brains or tin. connuon-.'«en.>jc in all 

your meat-eatlMjr the,,, ten? Yoiii d,,c- 

tot-s, ■stale ':..,■ ii.^h ,.,, ^, i.rain fg^^j 

btJCatfjrc :t ciiuaius |iho.siiiioru,y. Now, 
liit iw -soc how. thi.s works out in prac- 
tice. Go to any old establlfihed fish- 
int.- village where fur generations t|»e 
peopli; have eaten notliin.v but fish. 
^"" "'" ''ii'i ibeita oamins about $1.60 

• ': , ;- , ip9«i»il«m in. -tihlas. ■. . 

% Chi^9 the land, which, is held in 

< v«*y timftu 8ij'<»a#, ^iidi:? been from tinje 

immemorial the chl«f source of pubirc 

revehuft A poll tax also used to ho 

lB'rled,',but early In t.h-y clghieentit c«h- 

tSnr W *.B abolished and a perjhancht 

land tax was «3taol shed, tli* amount 

paS^rtible b^«acU Section of land being 

' reeqirael ftH the tiiie deed or grant, the 

}kx la .Mi«««d tp yl<>ld aboiit fli.lWO.. 

^P Kit ihe ' i»resent lime, though the 

amount paid into ihe. exchequer by the 

>ff!cla1ii la less tiian €C,o«li.O0j). Sui»- 

"fat-Sen has in this land tax a good 

biiHiS for his opcratlpns. 'National own- 

>rahip of railroads end mines is al- 

r'eady'ah ideal Pi: thW most enlightened 

aectioiii :;.of the Chinese people and free 

trade will be a comparatively 'simple 

matter in a country that has no need 

to prcuect her industries. The real dan- 

J?er of' the programme, from the point 

of view of the white races, is not that 

It will frighten capital away, but that 

it will njsktf China an irresistible com- 

petltor in many industrial fteids, — ^Lvt- 

ileton Times 'X.Z.) 

I-'.: m!n 

' Ing in certain parts of 
Kussin. Ill Liio province of Saratov hun- 
dn.ds of peasants are siark naUed. liav- 
iic. I,.iii,.rud every tiling ti,,y ,,vv„,.d 
'■"•'■ '■ lod, Th,. Hasiikir p, 
«.iid to stii'teii tlKin.scive.M 
door of llnlr hut<r tn 

Sir KoniUkei- ECenton 

The mails and the . ^cs are the 

shiinics ever weavWjjj day «nd night 
"on the Tearing loom of time" the 
fabric of iho world's beliefs and opin- 
ions. Most of . "ill can they determine 
its texture and its hue amongst .those 
« lio read and .speak .he satn..- tongue. 
Our fellow-subjects in the Brltains be- 
yorid tho .seas hq^v-c taken out with thein 
their share of the common mental nnd 
e aaya ; ntoral stack of the race. That is tn. 
true foundatfon. and the only secure' 
foundatlo;' , mperial hop.e.'^ 

lUit it i.s .li.., ,.> ,i,i ,y additions to 
It and r.iodif.Cfttions of It that if ful- 
fils the law of lis nature and slowly 
expands - from d;cade t.T decade. Th.;, 
mails .are the gn.i , iiis.runpnt fic- 
rendering that grouih uniform in all 
our world-'.vide comniuniti r itritisii 

Idood and Briiish speech. 11 k tn,. in- 
cessant, interchange of books ami of 
newspapers and of letters between all 
classes, and noi least unions?l the i',i ii - 
est classes of the.«!o fonjniun/.ie.<!, whi,;, 
maintains and fosters tliat Immeasur- 
ablR and atigu.-jt moral fcTce"i-7t^te Im- 
perial opinion if the BrtJsh people.". 
The reforms wlil-h Sir ll-nniker Ileaiou 
ha.s carried out liave dtnie miieli to 
preserve and propagate that opinion, 
and this Is the invaluable .service lie 
iias rendered to his coiinlrynien. — T^on- 
d'.'n 'I'imcs. 

"blacklegs' or other "strike-breakers' 
and the use of other nicknames.. Those 
who interfere with the sale of labor 
maintain tliat they do so for the ultl- 
matc good of those whoun tt 
control; /they rarely openly deny .a 
worlinian's right to take what wages ha 
thinks fit! they slur over the fact that 
such Is , the • effect of their condu\-t. 
Even employers sometimes try to hide 
:roin themselves the gravity of the* It- 
alics Involved; they tycat as isolated 
episodes, what may bepa^t of a well, 
planned campaign, tlie objective of 
which is the destruction of individual 
freedom. In other ages men fouglit for 
freedom of speech, or for the niainten- 
ance of cpn'sttiutional vifcsuards of 
Mbert.v. Or for reU«ripus,rre:dom. . Kng- 
land, as It happens, was the scene ot 
many of these struggles, ; issue 

wa*". .on the whole, favorai I., i. j oerty. 
Today there te^t^ng on a simlar .-itrug- 
gle as to the liberty of men to dispose 
of tlwiil' jl^bor In ;thelr own way. The 
Issue may be smo|jjered in fine phrases 
or complicated by tlie Intiodnetion of 
other mutters. None the less is the 
Isstje »ub.stahtially whether a, minority 
may actfept the wages and terms of 
eniRloyment which they are ready to 
tiiKe,. or whether tliey must be bound by 
the wishes and the Interests of the 

" A notice has been Is.sued by well- 
known firms of sbli.nwners offering em- 
ployment on fe ,,: .. terms with al- 
lowances for o\eM,me and special work. 
There can/ be little doubt— in fact. It l.s 
one of the lessons to be deduced f torn 
recent strikes— that there are very manv 
persons who would gladly accept such 
terms. On- the skirts of almost all un- 
skilled occupations |8 a residuum of 
available lal>or eajcer to «:et ''niplovment. 
The choice Is surely for them; m,t for 
Mr. Tillett or Mr. Gosllifis;, or anv one 
else who says that he knows best what 
is for their gpod. Mr. Hobhouse. speak- 
")K at Hast Brli^ol. said that "If. a .nan 
wished to work he should be free to 
work, and if he wished to withhold his 
wfTk there was no reason why he should 
net." This issouiui sense; but it does 
not mean much unless the man de.sirous 
Of working is certain of effective protec- 
Mon. Xow the fact Is that, as we ,,ofu- 
ed out on Saturday, there is no certainly 
of this; In many dLsputes the "free lab- 
orer" incurs more risk than lie ;vould 
in an uncivilized cotjntrv. lie „,ay be 
exposed to violence and nml treatment.' 
Ue is certain to run the fiauntlet „f 
rough abuse. He luis to pass t„ his 
work through lines or groups of pickets 
'"■1 really stationed to give information 
I'ut to exercise within limits intimlda- 
'''•"• If he Is deprived of employment 
tbe probability is Ihat he will have no 
evnts not,,, u«ain.-?t the 
li'iion, ixhieh abm.. eonhl pay. 


motor car the horse attaciuid to » , 
baggy in which Mru. Robert bavlS * 
and hpr 2-year-old chlU were seateC 
bolted along the CralgfloWer road last 
■ev ening at i oV Io ok -^ndV the vehbi , 
overtOrnlnff, thfe occupants were 
thrown to t'-e roadwuj- with such 
force tiiai nivld suffered k. frac- 

tliisj of the' ngiit arm' while th'> bab\ 
fell in • front of the wheel..?, one of 
which. pas;icd across Its chest a;ul fa'.v; 
causing serl-jus Injuries. 

With Mr. Robert David, the '.•.'om.iii 
and child Avere drivinf? to chc-ir home 
on the new i-eserve. When near h ime 
•-Mr. David .stopped the bugg^,' a: the 
edge of the roadway whil« he vlai'ed 
a- friend, Mr. .Tohn .Silvei:, ',^ 
nearb.\-. It wati while he was awa- 
■from the bugpy that the, mo-.-ir c^r 
approached at .1, hiffli rate, of speed in 
the direction of tlie city, the driver 
made no attempt to slow down as lie 
pas.sed the h.^rae nor dixl hc^stup wh.-ii 
he saw the animal rear preparatory to 
bolting. T'he .speed at which tho' car 
was being driven, couiiled ' with t!ic 
clouds of dust raisfvJ, prcv-Tjnt's,! Mrs;. 
David from securing its numb<ir. 

Mr. David hastened back to tne city 
and, socurinK a back, returned i'-) the 
scene of the iiccldent and broug-ht liis 
wife and child into the St. Joseph's 
hospital, where Dr. George jlali at- 
tended them. ]:!eyond 'the broXe.i limb 
and a bad sb.iklnR up .Mrs. Jj.xvid is 
not seriously injured but the chl.J .'sV 
in a critical condition. 


Edward Urijivliart Adopted Illegal 

Methods in ZIffort to Famish Kla 

Kootulng Houses 

Had it not been for tlic opportun.>» 
arrival of IDetectivc Murraj- just a.s 
Kdward 'Urcjuhart was in tlu- act of 
purloining a donr mat early ye.sterday 
mornins: the property of a resident on 
Amelia sUeet, near Pandora avenue, 
t'rquhart would doubtleas ere this 
■have added largely to tlic stock t^f 
furniture which, the police believe, he 
ha.? bet-n gathering by unlawful mean.s 
for the past two weeks wherewith to 
furnish two rooming houses he has 


V\'e have, ilo'iefnr' 


orc^hlPi- ir i for -I'.-illi. Tiieii 


■J 11 

rowp an, I 

1114 |,, -I,,. ,1,, 

it will be i)o,'»s:ide to maintain a social ' 
and politlctT orsranizHtion in .Soutli i 
Africa In which there I.m a nillni,' white 
minority and a great black majority 
that will sunn demand a voice in gov- ' 
c-.iimciit. Tlie writer referred to thinU" • 
this will be impoesible. He is. ittdeed. 
Inelinid to b.. very pessimistic as lo I 
the future of Snutli .\frica as 11 i fiuntry ! 
for while men. 

These facts pre.-'cnl one of thos,. ,iir- 1 
fleult "pi'oldems of cmiiiro" with whicli 
the Urlllsli peopU- ;jre called upon to 
ileal. In .Vmeiica the red man dlsap- I 
pearcti before the white man; in Africa 
Uie i»lack man sttttms not only t|uiie 
rapalde of liolding hi.s own, but of in- 
creasing under tile secure condition.'? 
rcsitltl: c from a white nuin'a K,>vern- 
mept. Moreover, the truth seems to be 

edy for the conditi 

lons,,- in .kuiti.: 
parts of thai country. r,ir y.vir afier 

.\.,.r 111,. .-,J)I r,.f„;-e.- ,,, ,. i,..|,| ,;^ ,,,.pj^_ 

Soim. lime aito tho HUggestioii «as aii- 
v.inecl ;l,n tlie soil had become '-pfeis- 
oii'd" ''v 'I sc-ries nf en lanilt'nii.s .,yea:-.\ 
111 \vliieli si.arva;!' ;, i ■, ,,ii,,|,| ,,11,1 other 
(Mils pievailol. WliaI'vcr may he tne 
can."!'' and wli.itr.v,.| ma v he fli.. remedy-. 
■ '" .-in' . ' ii' '"ti'liiiiin of tlm 
in {lie affcctcil distrli.;.,. is avc- 
(Uid de'Ji'rlpl ,rin 

il' Cle 

fill he 



jl a i g | Mi ii. |p^ 

* i '' v ^ " " jte ' "' f 

.- , i r^W , ! ,! t X liil ^fl ,.. ' 

The public will support the actiiin 
of the school board for exonerating 
Mr. King in the matter of the chaatlso- 
ment of lb,. O'N'eli ijoys. and It seems 
nnforlnnate that the case was not pre- 
f., nl-il be,-.. re the police niaclstnltc so 
us lo Inlpg out tho facts a* tliey' now 

An EngllEh Girl 

An Hnsrlish girl will take pa,rt In lii, 
f>lvmplc cramos -it Slnclrlv liu /lev 
month. This .votiuR la,!y lias alnady 
achieved honors in ilie anna lor In :■ 
extraordinary horsemanship — a phrase 
thai may sound like an Irlsii bull, bin 
..liorsemanslilii is" an awkward 'lerm ,c 
ui<e in speakin;r of the lady's .pmwes.o, 
Her fame is alrradj- lnt'>rna , ioiml T.Tiut 

year she sean-,! tlm pn!,, ,f Ma,ii...,-,n 

S'inaro hy vhlliiK nti intractable nu'iint 
ai 111,' ' " ' . siinw 11, .hi In .V.'n ■^"orU. 
I'loni a iM ich-rn sl.itidijo'.nt when cab- 
inet minlsterR hats are thrown "on the 
KTC' n" by liiil ,an. .-mlTrnKcUes, Mid 
Miss Sylvia I'ankhurst has beennif ,i 
lioroini; because .she hiu: elntied a c-m- 
.elable wltli a warrant, these lblii«s 
niH\ 1>|. all right anil proiier, and of 
K'liid report. Hut what of 'olymiuis II- 
.«:-ir, and tlio hlKli Rfd?i? \Vhal will 
.love do? Will he nod — -as re- 
port bath it he does In times of doubt, 
difficulty and indecision? .\ru there no 
horsemen In Kngland who will rl.t.;' up 
and spare the gods thU biHcr humilia- 
tion? If not, then on the sacred top of 
Olympus Itself will some Irate female 
prfm h the etiuality of the sexes In 
hcirsentanship us In tennis nnd ping 
p,onf, and •Tovc win !>« deahroned, and 

ri.dreHK. .at all 

loiild pay. And even 

liKiii.v Of those who talk uf II/,", 
" wre. in other matters ihan labor, a 
Piiceiess blessing, spo-ak of the non- 
unionist as one Who. not fal!ln;r Into 
line with the majority of hi... f,.liow- 
workmeu, being a "blaci:;le^- „, a strike-' 
bleaker.' ,b.,.-,ervcs no better fate. 

Tl"' air Is full of schemes for re- 
ca.s^lng the relations of capital and 
l.'ibor and giving to wage-earners new 
'■'ghta and a position of greater .se- 
curity. Hut at the threshold lies the 
nuo.stlon whether the imiiMdual work- 
er is to be really free to make his own 
>Hirg:..!n or whether it is to be made 
lot- him. It stands to reason that he 
will often .see the advantages of united 
action. The victories thus achieved 
.'ire iiatent. "The collective contract" 
In some form has become in many 
trades a necessity In ■• the view 
"f b.itii masters and men. 

Hut in the course of every strike 
the cHFe of men vAhoae work rpfniires 
little training, there comes up the 
ilu.'SUon, n-ay the majority coerce the 
mlnorit\, may the iinlunlat (1rl\e away 
the nop- unionist'.' Few openly say 
th;it he may. But very many answer 
i«n Indistinctly this shnpte tiuestlon, or 
clog their answer with .qo many condl- 


A ^ 

Oeoomposed memalnc of an Vnkuown 

Ate Dlacorared Tloatlii^ la 

•coke Xrfkk* 

The badly decomposed body of a 
man wr.a found at dusk on Thursday 
evening floating in Sooke Uk3, aooie 
distance north of the camp of tH« 
Weatholme Lumber company, eituatdd 
at the south end of the lake.- Mr.t en- 
tloit.q and (lualincatlons, and es?prc8B so | gaged at the camp made the df».c;over.-, 
strop.irly disai>"probatl"n of the conduct i whiq^ wa.!* reported to the provii'iat.U 

police authorities, and Speci'il Ccn- 

of the non-unionist, that for practical 
purposes thi\v might as well be avowed 
advocates of coercion. Toda.v. as so 
often in past atrngglea In English his- 
tory, the central question Is one of 
llliert.v. .Some slight advance Is made 
wh<;n the issue |.* defined and faced. 
Those who hold that all unorganlr.ed 
labor Is so much an erll that any 
means, coercion include^}, arc juetl- 
(iable tn order to put it down, take up 
nn intelligible position. We know 
wh.1t they mean when they aay "We 
do not ijelleve In liberty In regard to 
"labor," which is more than can be 
said of many who. repeating the oM 
formula of Mberallam as to Ilherty. act 
as If thf> n<r loiigvr bolteved in It. 

Vesterday morning Uniuhart plead- 
ed 'guilty to the t^heft of the door mat, 
and was remanded until Tuesday next 
for sentence. Bui yesterday afternoon 
d(tecti\es visited one of tlie rooming 
houses, at 1518 Cook street, and in a 
search through the premises discovered 
a liuantity of linoleum, window 
blind, chairs, paiiil. etc., which of late 
luiA e been n i)ortcd stolen. He will bo 
arraigned on other charges of theft 
when be next appears in the -police 

U'tien arrested, XJrquhart, whose cor- 
rect name is believed to be Fartiuhar, 
stated that he came from Tacoma- 
about three weeks ago. He asserted 
that the mat he was takln'g when ar- 
rv'^s'ied at - o'clock yesterday morning 
was his own property, and that he 
was merely taking^ It from one of his 
rooming houses >^ the other, but af-» 
terwards he admitted tliat the rooming 
houses were dt 'tis Pandora avenue 
and 1518 Cook street. Tho furniture 
located at the last address belonged 
to Mr. Bin, who.«ie residence AdJoin« 
the Pandora avenue rooming house of 
the prisoner. 

T^ast Thursday Mr. Birt was movli»e. 
and left overnight a quantity of house- 
hold articles in the house, intending 
to return the next day and move tbem) 
to his new residence. During the a4gtii 
the stuff woji stolen. In. addttlioa, » 
quantity p'f paint and tMm, (be pav 
perty of Mr. B. "Uuktum, pftiiit«r»^ 
was discovered in tlta p.rtitNMt'g pb^t' ' , , 
sesaioB. T^e attrien propim^ -jlW <^v' 
identified ye*t«lrdwr ^r «b*^' ^MpNb i ' % 

Wrtjuhgrt'a ■ w|f«**'' irb»a y M Hiw i <4 " ' . >.| 
matntatnwl ttot the w*!^''Mkmmt.'m Jr' 
the pHranev. whot luMI t»rMi«iit , mm ""^ ' 
with him When IM oiaai* 'imk finwn^' 

stable Riidd left the city yest^lay 
with an undertaker to secure thft body. 
The remains were practici'.iy ^nude 
and In such condition tliat -inv mnrka 
whteh might htve led to id«ntldc,U;.m 
are oblUemted. No rer>ort h-i» beeu 
made to the police a}ithorUU« <H>n- 
cernlng the dlMpp«aTftnc« of i^tiy resi- 
dent of. that dUtrict. A p«*'('a w*Ii 
h« nia^c glonfr tho *h>>reM ot x3n<- !«|t^«> 
la thii.hotMt |h«tv,.th« .clothUtt ^ lh« 
Xirtknowh niA.v W4lM4>yered, Ai. ?tt»' 
queit vrUI probably be iield,, n.u m^V 
the body HiTlvcs in thei «lty .itt) |u>v. 
Fkii««ments for th« f«Mi|lt«Uois «itl # 
bp m«4«. T^w boiftr JliU Vr ' " 
1|ren In lb* watar *»>» « ^ibM«i> 

-A. Jk A. 

TOROMtb* June tl.— 1 
my Murphy aAnouoeed tlill ' 
that BlUy FoMrtd ^14', lW» t | y' 
will tnuidie tiw W^tUti} 
gam* At MiMinrMi 

/ ,11 I I I III H l lj l lillli HH I M ll i l 'i il 


war ^'mmffmimlk:^^^ 

-.*4^ \ »i ( .n<i '<c ii)t^.. 

iHffiiiMiriiiitfrlillflTi ikAJ<;*ififtiflriilftiii?ii 



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Jos. Sommcr & Sons 

Art Oallery 
1012 CTovernment Str. 



The best Oak or Mahogany, ?12 per foot 

— at— 


691 Dufferln St., Vanooavsr, B. C. 

Eastman Kodaks 
and Supplies 

Brofimles, $1.00 to 
Sodaki, up to 


ivel's Pharmacy 


Westholmo Hotel Building 
Phone 2963. We Deliver. 

Tho Homo of the Soda Fountain 
That Is Different. 

We Serve You With 

Cooks' Aprons 30<> 

Caps, • 25<^ 

Waiters' Aprons 25^ 

Black Sateen Over-sleeves 25r^ 

Shop Coats or Work Dusters, $2.00 ;iiul $1.75 

Auto Dusters, . $1.75 

Short White Coats, .^1.75. $1.50 and $1.00 

Patent Leather Over-sleeves .■ 35<^ 


Arthur Holmes 

1314 Broad Street. Duck Block. 


What Is the Autonola ? 

— 'Tis a Bell Art Piano With a Two-fold Use. 

You have a UlCli CLASS piano fur keyboard or liand- 
playing with all the pos.'^ibih'ties afforded by the BELL, illim- 
itable Quick Repeating Action. In addition you liave an in- 
ferior player action wliicli lran.sform.s wbat to the untrained 
hand is a .<^ilent piano into a vibrating, .soulful, livinp personal- 

Ea.«;y terms of payment. 



House, Ltd. 

1104 Government Street, Comer of Fort Street 
Pianos to Rent J. F. GALLERY, Mgr. Piano Tuning 

Willi but few excepiiijti.s the Vietnrla 
public schools elOBPd for tlie mlil-smn- 
mer holidays with but little i-eremony. 
The cjilldrcn were as.semblcd. the pro- 
motion lists retid. the honor rolls pre- 
sented by the principal, and the boys 
and Rlrls di.smi.saed for the holdlays. In 
the of the graded .schooKs, the senior 
puplLs were flnishlui,' their entrance ex- 
Hmlnatlons, the result.^ of which will be 
felven oiit At the opening of the ^utumn 

school term. a. 

' ■ ■ ' :;■ ■ ■',, t ■ "i -■■■".. 

At the Is'orth Wftf4.«ehorI Btbout flf ty 
of the parents were 3»resent Rt th«! 
breaking up» Th^ children, of whom 
there are now 600 on t?»e registers, as- 
sembled, and sang "O Canada." Miss 
Dav, pn behalf of her mother, Mrs. R. 
S. Day. presented the badges to the 
Coronation Chapter of the Daughters of 
the Empire. Airreatar number nf oh\\. 
dren have been enrolled In this chapter 
In thl6 sphpol than In any other In the 

The honor rolls werii presented by 
MK W. J. Dowler, city clerk, and the 
principal, Mr. J. M. Campbell, distribut- 
ed the prizes won by the school at the 

"The Shrine of Fashion" 

On and After July 2nd This Store Will Close at 5:30 p.m. 

rpoT t s OH riBia Day wi t h the except i on 
Of the cup for baseball, carried off by 
the senior pupils. A number of patrio- 
tic songs varied the proceedings. 

At the close Mr. Campbell thajiked 
"Oio^pupIIs'for their "good behaviour dur- 
ing the past year. No jpapll had com- 
mitted any serious offence. The boys 
and glrlB were especljilly compltmonted 
o.-i the fact that they had taken such 
excellent care of the school buildings. 
Neither Inside nor out had the slightest 
wilful damage been done. Not even a v 
Bcriatch or a mark wne fa eyjaenoe. 

Not only the pupils. 4>ut the parents, 
were gratified by this report, which tho 
principal made \*Uh pardonable pride. 

A la,rga number of parents were pre- 
sent at the closing exercises of the Sir 
James Douglas school, which has only 
been opened a year, but which I13 already 
filled with pupils. Inspector J. S. Gor- 
don presented the bono?" rolls, t<)- the 
w'nners. fhe .ChUdpea .wcr* assembjed 
in front of the building, as there Is no 
absembly room here. 

A pleasing feature of this school 
closing was the presentation to Mla» 
Laura E. BUickwell, who is soon to be 
married, of a beautiful stiver fCm bowl' 
by her little pupils. The teachers also 
presented their friend and colleague 
with a handsome chafing dish. During 
her residence in Victoria, Miss Black, 
well has gained the esteem and affection 
of all who know h«r. -l 

THe Hock Bay school ejosed for tho 
hpUduya at 10.30 yesterday morning. 
The children apsembJed In the prln- 
c5rar.s room, where Trustee P. J. Rid- 
dell addressed them, compltmontlnK^ 
them on their neat appearance, and Miss, 
lia-rdic and Miss Sherwood on the dis- 
play of written worK.whl(?h he thought 
excellent. ' Mr. Biddell. .af'tc* a few 
words about the empire, jpresentcd the 
br.dgea to the Children Of Empire, and 
i;caC ,the promotion lists. 
"-'■ There was no ptihllc closing at the 
Kingston street school, but the children 
were assembled to hear the promotion 
lists read. Mr. R, .3;,. Drury's i)rlBe for 
the head of the school was divided be- 
tween Brna Lorenj! and George Allan 
Attention was eallfed to the fact that the 
nve children of Captain^Oweh atteiJdlhk 
the school had not missed a *Ky during 
I lie year. ':■>■' .i- ' 


Blouse Specials 


I'loniotions to .Junior ISntrance— 
-MHi.el Millington. Hilda Hinder, Violet 
Parfltt. Margaret Brandson and Mar- 
gery Beckwith ^equal), Victoria Lem- 
ni.i.N, iteater .Smith. Florence Wyh'.s. 
Alartfaret Winter, Re.ssje lUukneS-s, Et- 
ta Evan.<j itnd Bentrice .fames '(efiual), 
Eva H.Trte. Helen Holdridge, Wlnifrea 
.Small, Alice Morrison, Kvelvn Holling, 
rjiith 7,aw, i;wenrtolyi . „«, EricH 

van, Olive Logan, .M,u^,...i. Piuminer, 
■Mnry Clay, Lucjf Warren, Bertha Hart- 
man, lona Cutler, Ethel ISaUawav, Elsie 
Armstrong, tJertrude Klliott," Alice 
I'eddle, Phylll.s Elliott, 1 

J'romotion.^, Junior to intermediate— 
Nellie Williams. Muriel Knott, Elsie 
Williy, MarvLs fjo.snell, Lorraine Johns, 
Alma Jciine, iiutli EallLs and Joan Mc- 
Maater (equaU, Alleen Revercomh, 
ICtliei W:,-.; ;n„i Sylvia 'Bass (equal I. 
Ivy lioliJiwuud, Uazol Smith, Joaephinn 
Burbidge. Thelma Young, Blanche 
Smart. Mabel Kowo, Emily Smith and 
Meta craldwel! (emiall, Veivn Kecvn, 
Mary Marlow. Laura Burbidge, LMllan 
Ander.son. LaVerno Garvin. Amy Coop- 
er, Gladys TVood, Ida Chow, " Evelyn 
I'^uUen, Irene Aruall. 

Kolla of Honor 

Division rr. 

Cenerol )>r.Wi. lenrv-- -A w.lrev VMiin 

Uegularlty ami piinrl ual iiy_A,idrey 
Alice Carter. Dorothy Banner, Jennie 
AV. V. IlcUley. Gertrude E. Mulr, Irene 
E. M. McDonald. M, Winett,-) Steele 
Dorothy Helen Noal, Marguerite Mr- 
Donfjall, Afines Eleanor Cai-ne. 

l->eiinrtnieiit_ \'i.-toria Chuup. 

Division ni, 

Prorirleney — .\iiibcl Victoria Min.uiir. 

Deportment — Dorothv ' Winifred 

Uognlarlty «nd pnnetuality — Violet 
rarfltt, neatrice Emily Jamc.«, Mar/jar- 
et Plummer. Margflret Josephine 

Division rv. 

Iieportmmi — Owynneth Kathleen 

Punctuality nn.l rejrulHrlly— Delina 
Zarllli, Mildred Irene Uohertfon. 

I'roflcleney—El.Mie May Arm.strong. 
BlTlslon V. 

rrofi-clency — ,\nnir Mildred Mcln- 

Deportment — Gertrude Margaret 
llaehel Klett. 

Uegtilarity and puncluaUty — Jwn 

Pure Linen Shirtwaists* bftitifi embroidered iiPoltB-' stiff collar 
and cuffs. Regular %.oo. Special .$3.00 

Strictly Tailored Shirt Waist in mercerized linen, white and 
natural, vvitlj stripes of blue and black, soft collar and cuff.s. 
Spedal .......... . . . .- $3.75 

Strictly Tailored Shirt Waist in chambray. white with pretty 
as.sorted stripes, soft collar and cuffs, with watch pocket. 
Price , ^.Sj$3.00 

Pretty, Fancy Marquisette Blouse, low neck, bell .^leeves, 
trimmed Maltese lace and insertion. Regular $5.00. 
jpcnai ■■■■■'..'.. . » » n n . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 .tit ,v' 8 . 8 y50 ~ 

Several Dozen Lingerie Blouses, low neck, short sleeves, 
fancy embroidered fronts, piped pale blue and pink. Regn- 

Ten Dozen AU-ovet Embroidery Blouses with round rtc<^k 
and short sleeves,. lovely cool summer blouse. Regular $3.00 
for $1.50 

No Charge for Trimming 


AM hats and trimniTngs bought In. otif irnilliriepy dcjiiiiftmcnt 
on Friday an4_, Saturday q,8ly, willbe. trimmed to your order 
without charge. This means ths^he work will be tastefully 
done by'^our best milliners, and having the finished effect that 
only expert trimmers can give, Fot this big offer we m^e 
special preparat^i^^43##:Sal«s|if^^ 
.hats for you.-"" ^ •..■,:--•' .■''"'•• ■■"'"'" .'■■■'li.-..' • -r ■■'■,■■'': '.^.'''y 

Untrimmed Shapes, White Milans, in i^' i^eWwest; styles. 
Regular $3.75, $5.00, $7.00 and $12.50. Specia! $2.25. $3.00. 
■$i^aS 'and $7.50 

Black Dress Shapes, in hair. Milan and tagel, splendid as.sprt- 
nicnt anil very wide rahgc from which to' make a choice. 
Regular $4.50, $6.00. $10 and $12. Special $2.75, $4.00. 

$6.50 arid .,....-, , . . , . .. ... .$7.25 

All our 'Xrimmed- Hats to be cleared af exactly half price. 

Women's House Dressed, j^fiod English prints. /navy blue 
stripc^ and check,'^, cadet blue with white stripe, and mauv 
jnNst^ mixtures, ail sizes, ? Price $2;00 and. $2.50,, 

Children's Dresses in chambray. gingham, duck and Holland, 
in light and dark bli^j^. tan, with check coljar, blue and 
white stripe, bliie and white check, tan and white stripe, 
pink and natural. Sizesja #8/ Regular $1.50. Special 95^ 

Lovely Collection of Girls' Dresses in pale blue, cadet and 
navy blue, mauve, pink, lanjmd natural. \'"cr3' srhart styles, 
in chambray^, duck, pitpie and i.folland. Regular $'2,715. 
Special .7 ,.,$1.-15 

Mantle Department 

;|^ovely Coats, inhiessalinc. talfeta. sailii and lace. Tlic^e are 

extraordinary values, all this season's, styles, large collairs, 

. beautifully braided. Regular values $35. Special. '.$18.75 

Afternoon and Street Gowns in silk, satin, serge, cashmere 
^ and voile. Colors black and white, cadet blue, navv and 
.«everar lovely„,r*Jl'f?^.tft£f€tg§■.--■ Regular valtt^ u;; •-.' $7,5. ' 

Splendid Collection of Pretty Dressei. jNtl^sJiline silk and 
serge. Colors' navy, black, black and t/wrhite checks and 
stripes, reseda, gray and green. \riafe<8 ap* to S27. 50. 
special • , «.«..., »!'» «.,*■»«■. .•pix.7& 

Dainty Ling«rie ^i)resS6s. in all sizes, in xnuUy-^laVn, plain and 
dotted muslins^ some all white, other^s pirettilyf'trimmed in 
blue, pink andljnauve. Values up tO $10. Special. .$5.50 

' . ' •■ ■ ■ 

~~ Corset Department 

The La Diva Corset in fine ijcrculc, double sicelin.c: tlimugli- 
out with wide front steel and reinforced, good \vearinj^ 
Corsets, si.x hose supporters. \'ery .-.jjccial $2.75 

Very Strong Corset, in very strong coutil, medium and low 
bust, long hip, lour hose supporters, trimmed lace, gofxl 
fitting. Very special $1.25 

Odd Lines in Corsets, four different styles for slender and 
stout figure.-^, double h'rench coutil aiul fine batiste, si/.es 
20 . to 34 inclics. Regular .$3.00. $4.00, v'^s.oo and .S6.00. 
Special - ". $2.00 

Juno Forms in the Dorothy stylo, made of fine rubberized 
material, washable an<l odorless. .Sjjocial |.)ricc 95f^ 

Nig'nt Gowns in fine Avhitc cotton. ;;ii|)-ovcr style, short 
sleeves, trimmed embroidery and ribbon. Si)eciai 95^ 

Night Gowns in fine I'rench cambric, all-over embroidery 
yoke and short embroidery sleeve, trimmed with wide rib- 
bon insertion. Very sjjccial $1.50 


Thirty Dozen Travelers' Samples in lisle, silk Usle. chamois- 
ctte lace and net. C()lors white, black, tan, grey, champagne, 
green, blue, inan\e and na\\- ; 2 ilonic-^. \'alues up to 75c, 
for 26c 

12 Button Length Gloves in silk and silk lisle, tan. grav and 
black. Regular .'^i.J5 for .40^ 

Perrin's Fine French Kid Gloves, 2 d(jmc. in l)lack. white, tan 
and gray. Regular $1.23 for 95^ 

Summer Hose, Travelers' sany)lcs, in silk li.-Ie, in grav, green 
blue, |)ink. maiue. crean\l|^id all light .•-hades. Regular 
values u]) to y^c. Special 7p\j" 20^ 

Extra Quality Fine Silk Lisle in black and tan, lace and cm- 
l)roidcrc() ankles, double feet, wide garter top. .Special, ^ 
pairs for , $1.00 




Minnie Ethelino 



No rah ] 

.'Yd am 
Edit \ . 

Te; 111- .-.;■■,, ,iiir mo' 

Wild flower eoUecti-ui - .M. i:,(rrt 
Louise Lewis, JuFhi Bertuci i 
Division VI. 

Proficiency — Cieriruilc Helen Polt.^. 

Oeportment — Kathleen May Cooper. 

BeKularlty and p:!n^-t'.:ali;v -Je,-.n 
Gallup, X-'lllan ParfUt. 

Division VII. 

Re,arulivnty aiiil iiinietuality— Evelyn 
BoHabelle Pullen. Sylvia. Basa. 

Deportment — Emily Francos Sn#tli. 
■ Proficiency — Nellie Mtiy Wmiams. 
Division VIH. 

riepoitnienl — N'iolrt t'e«rl HieU. 

.ReRularity and punctnaUly — .Mico 
Mellur, TJoria Isabel Morley. 

Profi<'iency — Helen ^\'luleside. 
Division IX. 

Priif ieieni-\- — Kvel\-n Victoria I'lor- 

Pepnrtmiiit — Mililreil .fanet ("lark. 

uWularlly and ))imi.'tuillity — Wiii- 
nelto 3S<herta Oopelnd. 



Actual Brake Test 


Actoal Brake Test 

Division I. 

rroflcleiicy — Hazel .Mr( 'onnell. 
I leportment — Ije.Blie Aylard. 
HeKularity and p\:netiiall I \- — Zalba 

Division XI. 

I'riirirlenry — .\da VViHe. 

Deportment — OeorpiC' Fowler. 

rieKUlBilly Biid punctuality — Louis 
C5osRe and IClla Frnser. 

I'romotoil in oriler of inerit — .\da, Loul.s Cioase, Cecil Laundy, 
Thomas Temple, .lohn R. Wood. Valde.- 
mnr Bcndrodt. (Jcortce Winterburn, Ella 
Fr.Hser, Donald Atkln.«, ,1-i^nnle AUjhouse, 
George Fowler, Ada Gnwley. ,Tnme.<! 
Hunter, Ethel Pate?, Feme Dilworth. 
Jack Wn<!dlnjflon and Franklin YounKn. 

Re<-om mended— Chrls.'de Calder, T»a- 
bflla CInek, Marjorle Robson, Harvey 
Bamford, Willie Jnckson, Ema Mar- 
»ick. Gordon Marwick and Dorothy 

sivisioit m. 

Proficiency — Beth Klmi>son. .. 

Deportment — Florence Ware. 

IVatlniietl ip ,raif !•, Col., «. 

EACH WATliULOO LU.)Y Gasoline Kngine is submitted to an actual brake test to sec 
that the engine will develo]) the horse ppvVer as rated. This test is prolonged to discover any 
defective material or worknianshiji in the engine. .A record of the test can be furnished so 
that each customermay know the actual brake test of the engine he buys. 

Wc also test our engine in reference to fuel consumption. Each engine is sent out adjusted 
«^o that it is reads' to run when uncrated. We use great thoroughness and care in testing our 


Till'', .MIXER ]iroduccs a perfect mi.xturc 
of gasoline and air, gives the greatest power 
from the le.'ist gasoline. The suction i">f the 
|)iston draws the charge of gasoline mixed 
with air. into the cylinder. 
llHT^rKR 'I'll AX .\X^ 


THE (U)\ER.\'OR is the centrifugal type, 
driven by gears positive in action, extremely 
sensitive, controls perfectly the speed of en- 
gine, regulates fuel supply to closest point 
of economy, saves batteries, igniter .and fuel. 
The parts are few. simple and interchange- 
able. Can always be dependeil upon. Our 
governor is our great ECONOMIZER. 


THE OPEN JACKET requires only from 
two to three gallons of water per horse power. 
Old style, from 20 to 30 gallons. It is very 
compact, enables you to make the engine frost- 
proof by using oil in hopper and greiitly saves 
fuel. No system of cooling a gasoline'engine 
is as satisfactory as the open jacket. 

THE SPEED LEVER works on the 
.same principle as a throttle on a locomotive, 
by moving the speed lever you can increa.'.e or 
decrease speed of the engine from <» 'to 75 
revolutioii-s. This can be done while*' the «ft- 
ginc is running. It works itj dc^''<!<»fljttic- 
tion with the governor in savin^g; tfetj^ti /"i^ 
count our speed lever one trf tfct; 
and most valuable featuries Of ottt 

Hickman-Tye Hardware 

544-546 Yates Street. SI 




■" \' 

r^T"'-'; •"».-'J-r--.r«'«TWti";'V 

■• -fi: ■<-r!-B"irpfi»-, 

^^^^l^^^^^^'^ff.ify-!^h,\^-^^i 'firiv.y 


buturday, June 2ii. liile 



A Real Estate Snap 


100 Feet of Waterf rentage on 
Victoria Harbor 

Thi? property is on the inside of the breakwater. 

Only $95 Per Front Foot 

,i_4;^he price is one;;^|^iirth Jess than an)^ other water- 
frontage on either side of the harbor. It's worth at 
least twice the price asked. 


Membmrs vlotort* seal Xict^t* Xxobaara 
Corner Government and Broughton Street*. Phone 140?, 

Pick the Picnic 
Provisions at 

But please'iio'ttfifey^-T'he usual Saturday night rush 
\vill;J>e doubled tonight, and our reasoti for asking 
yoii Cia<-*shop early" is simply that we may be able to 
giv^^yOkti^;()i"der the attention and care we think it de- 
serye^'.'VV^.e. planned ahead for Dominion Day Pic- 
nics, and in addition to everything- the most 'particular 
"picpicker'^lcouHt possible «"• drink, we 

C8M'^ittfy^ly\Picnic Plates, Picnic Baskets and mafty 
other items that will help tprmakc the dayla thor- 
oughly enjoyable one. -:■. _ 


Cooked Meats, Pies, Pastries, Bread, Cakes, Chieese, 
Salads, Fresh Fruits, Tomatoes, Soft Drinks, Wines 
and Liquors — every delicacy indeed for your table, 

whether. m|,ii»||n^,i.|i.^;t^|inipoF..Ati)ic^^ ': 

^u' i <i r i ' ii f!| i . i i; ii<i t i jj|i,,.; . . .1 

II M il li imTi'ii i t'. 


' Our store will be closed ;aU day on Monday. 


ti. 0. KirRham & Co.. Ltd. 

Grocery Dept. 
Tels. 178, 179 

Butcher's Dept. 
Tel. 2678 

Liquor Dept. I 
Tel. 267/ I 

741. 743. 745 Fort Street 

As Good As 



That's the best we can say about 

Which we can supply in barrels, lo lb. and 5 lb. tins. 



Which, without injuring the hands, removes quickly 
and easily, grease, oil and other stains. 



1202 Wharf Street 

Phone 15 

For Picnics and Outings on the 1 st 

Sandwiches, Cakes and Pastry. Order for your motor and 
boating parties. 

A CANDY SPECIAL— Stuffed, Dates. Almond Chewing 
Nut, College Squares and Satinettes, 25c per lb. 

•1» T4,rt St Tel. 101. CLAY'S 



0»k B»y VarnUta — A building permit 
has been i.'JsiueU hy the '•'^k R"y »"- 
tliorltles to Ml-, John Slhclali- for a 
house of three rooms on ricmciii rwait 
at u I'ost of »S00. alijo to Mr. J. Mi'- 
Iiines for a seven-rooin house on Bour- 
fhler street, to I'osl »19U0. 

Bulldl&r F«rmlt» — Building perinl« 
were iMaueil yt-BiorclHy t»y the building 
inspector tu Mr. F. <5. Fox. for a <1wp11- 
triff lo be erected "n (.:«cllla Birefii, to »1,800 to Mr. William UretioU. 
dwelling on Bank street, |3,000; lo Mrti. 
A. B. Jackson, .Iwi'lUnK on (iUdstonp 
avonur, $;i,iio. 

Smoka, But Wo rire — A i)OHspr-liy 
.seiliig .''niulie l.sMiiliiK from a realuuruni 
)n the huilUlng- adjoining, yentcrday 
inorniriK, became alarmod at what ho 
thought was an outbreak of fire in llu! 
Iwo-Htorey brick building at 580 .lohii- 
sou stioft, and .sent in an alarm oi flru. 
The Bervlc'cs of the brlgadr > ,; uui 

Tix Sate for Vote ou Bylaw* — The 
Uute for the ai^bmititiipn to lUe rate- 
puyers of the pew citi* hail loan antl 
Mhool loan byia-w« was fixed at « 8|»e> 
clal meeting of the city oounon oaUed 
yeateraay. for . Xh'ur^idary,. July. 11. Th* 
flret measure provided for the expen-, 
dtture of 1600,000 on the erection of a 
new civic centre in the Pandora avenue 
sore, 'between Cook and Chamber! 
streets; the second for the expenditure 
of SI 76.000 for school purpoaes. 

Baa XMwn by Motor Oar— Kun down 
by a motor car . driven by Mr. Frapk 
M- Helm yesterday morning at 11:40 
o'clock, Thomas Hunt, aged eight year*, 
residing at 1136 Johnson street, was in- 
jured On BlanehaM street, near the 

Y. M. r A hiilMlny' rnn^tnh}c. Uvngan,^ 










Flnad tot TtgiMmM — FVed Hogan and 

Harry CImplln were flncd 410 In the 

L-ily police court ye>turd*y on being 
oonvlcted of (IghtlnK In the public 

Vooltry Meatlnff— A meeting of the 
Vlrtorlft Poultry ^aitoeiatlon was lield 
Inst night »t labor hall when a iium- 
ber of loi-nl rxpprtn ^athpre<l and ox- 
ehanKixl murh InlMfmllng Information 
In roijtard lo poultry <lolng» In the lo- 

Motor Oar megul»tions -Tin' i >nk Hay 

p<l|ll■l^ I'liiil liiiii' 111 rnr,i|,i' llu- ri'ttulu- 
tluiiM rtdntltiH til ihu llwIiHnu and wiined 
of miiliU' 1 « I'w Miiil jiiutur ryi'lf'N on Ihr 
Hiri'elM wllhltl tlir niuiilrljialll y, and of- 
f«'nilorM In thin ri'spi'it wwri, niuh I'd 
m llnt'H rf4MKlnK rinui $!> in |I0 al III,' 
imllco roiirt nil iikU Hits nviniir vi<. 
li.'i'da,v iiftcriiiion 

Bible Olasa BanQust -The meiiiberH 
ol ti,' yiinilK Mii-irM Hibli) olaHH of tll'J 

Mctropolltiin Mi.'tliodlut church Hunday 
•srhmil cnlfrliilni'ii nl ttiidr iinrni'il biin- 
ijili'l l.i.'i i-Vfiilii:- 'I : " \ ii'Miiiclr I ■■lull 
I'lil'i', I'ouiiilng tilt' lumli'Mi with a fart'- 
wfll to -Mr. Stanley llollln«, one of 
111 'ii iiH-'mburH who is Ivavlng town 
Hluirtij for tlio cast, The cjiair was 
taken by ,-t»»(ri' /ekui* "^W#ipti*r^ -J^^ , Will 
May]i»r4i's' '"'-iiBd '" iaitMajr.'- "-tliw' '»v«!ilng 
•PMoliM "Mtre nade by tW-: Hunda y 
school HUperlntendont, Mr. H. J. Knott; 
the aBilstanl superintendent, Mr. K. H. 
Browa, and ttie superintendent. Mr. H. 
Slddall. Otli«r |U>eakera Included Mas- 
ter Nail MoOiamld, Master Bmsley Yeo 
and the guest qt honor, the latter malt- 
tftg a short farewell ■|>aeoh. The even- 
ing closed with the Mizpah benediction. 
rir* at Oobbla KiU — In a spectacular 
Are, which ooourred on Thursday night, 
the barns and outhouses of Mr. Izaao 
JDougan's Cobble Hill rajnch were com- 
pletely destroyed. When the blazo was 

who was near at the ttme, administered 
first aid to the boy and had him con- 
veyed to Dr. George Hall's office, 
whence )ie was taken to the Royal Ju- 
bnee hospltaT, sufrwtnir from conoiuf- 
alon of the brain. 

Arbitrators visit Sit* — Next -week the 
arbitration proceedings to fix the value 
which the city will pay for the forty- 
soven acres of land required as a portion 
of the site of the Humpback reservoir, 
will bo commenced. The property is 
owned by Mr. McKnight, who claims, 
$35,250, while the dty ba« oiCfered, him 
$7.e60. Water Commissioner Raymitr, 
City Solicitor Robertson and the arbi- 
trators visited the properly yesterday 
morning. The arbitrators are Mr. J, J. 
Shallcross, selected by the city; Mr. CoXt 
by Mr. MoKnlght, and Mr. RobJBrt 
Brett, third, arbitrator. 

0rBBftd« A gains t Bubblsi-^tarttng 
on Tuesday morning, members pf the 
fire department will IhstHute « thor- 
ough inspection of buildings and i>rem- 
ises In the downtown di«trlot .and o.wri- 
ors or occupants of premises where 
rubbish l8 permitted to b© deposited, 
will be ordered forChifrlth to remove .the 
same. In fact a general cleaning up 
will be Orderfed." Bear yar^a. cellars and 
warehouses ' must be cleaned^ and the 
inspection ivin continue until Fire Chief 
Davis is satisfied that t^e regulations 
rolating to the keeping of .aJJLjjremiBes 
free from rubbisili and d«lHK(a. are being 
lomplied with. 

xrightwatchman to Blama — ^It «nt8 tfttt 
nlghtwatchman and not the caretaker at 
Smith's Hlil restervoir, who recently 
permitted the water .In the eastern 'half 
of the- reservoir, to 0Vet4hnr the divi- 
sion wall, thus allii^hig the flooding 
of the floor of the 'western half, and 
dolaylng the 'work of .asphalting the 
joints in the walls. The of fending em- 
ployee has been disnUaaod. The care- 
taker has nothing to do with the regu- 
lation of the flow of water into the 
reservrplFi Mr. Av B. .Foreman, Assist- 
ant to city Engineer Rust, stated yes- 
terday that no defects have been found 
In the mam feed pipe to the reservoir, 
that being a steel riveted pipe, but It 
was found necewarir to go over the 
.joints in the overflow pipe, a tile piping, 
and cement the defective Joints. 

Aletha Studio Prlze-Olving — The pu- 
j'ils of liic Aleilia .suidlo of music gave 
ii concert In St. John's church school- 
rooin last evening in connection with 
tholr annual summer prize-giving under 
the supervision of their teacher. Miss 
-Vorriish. A large audience compo.'Jcd of 
relatives and trlends of the children en- 
Joyed a very pleasant little programme 
of recitations, pianoforte numbers.eto.,, 
v.'inding up with a short piay. During 
the .evLMung the prizes and diplomas 
were presented by Mr. .\ .15. Watson, 
while a iirf'.spntation of a clock wa.s Miiade to MisK Ohlson who helped 
the pujdls with the play. Atnong the features of the programme were 
the opening song sung by all the pupils, 
•11 We Were You and You Were Us." 
the laiiteni and Hag drill In which the 
national colors of most of the nation.^i 
of the world were used, and the little 
play, entitled ''Not So Bad After All." 
Among the children taking part were 
the Mlsse.s Wallace, Ida Reese, Mar- 
on ret Harris. Masters Dav/son .N'orrlsh, 
Graham Harris ond Charlie Cult. 'Mus- 
ters Ai-thur Plows and l.,l(iyd ('aitipbcl! 
ably performed the dutit's of u.<--h(-r.s. 

School Prizo-Oivlng Held. — The Hiinual 
lirl/i.'-Klving- mill closing exorcises of Mr. 
K. C. Symons' school for young boys 
was held yesterday aftcrnon In tho 
grounds nf .the residence of Mr. and 
Mrs. K .M. JUittenbury, Beach dilvo, 
find proved a most' pleasant function. 
< »ji lhl.«f occasion for the first time the 
lioy.i wore their school colors of dark 
blue and black. The prizes were prrscni- 
od by Von. Archdeacon SCriven, who aft- 
(■rwar<ls gave the boys a fatherly little 
address. Th<? remainder of the pro- 
granfme consisted of thrc« excellent 
numbers which wore much apriroclated. 
These were the old song, '•Ten Llttiu 
Xl«Ker Boys," sung In Knglish, I'Vench 
nnd Latin; a Hwedlah drill, and the 
trial scene from "The Mertdiant of 
Venice," which was very well acted, 
the boys, wearing beautiful costumes. 
Among tlie donors of prizes were Mr. 
C. A. Holland, Mr. A. 8. Barton. Mr. 
M. B. Jackson, and Mr. H. G. Wilson. 
Those present were afterwards enter- 
tained at tea by Mrs. Rat ten bury, who 
during the afternoon was presented with 
a beautiful bouquet. The school will 
open again for the Chrltttmas term at 
the end of August in its new quarters, 
comer Saratoga avenue and Pleaaant 

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Victoria House 636; Yates 

first noticed it had gained considerable 
headway and It was impossible to stem 
its progress. Everything within the 
Immediate vicinity was wi|>ed out and 
it iAokay, for- a.- timar~4ta~ though 4t- 
would be even more aerlous. In fact 
the restdenta of the district telephoned 
to Duncan for assistance and the entire 
populace is reported tO have been pre- 
pared to prevent a general conflagration 
were one really threatened. Fortunately, 
when the flre broke out, the barn doors 
were open and the greater part «f tfto 
stock escaped. Several head, howeveti 
were burned to death. The blaze is be- 
lieved to h#V9 bMn Of! ai» tnca^diary 

characctfi , / '' r'; ;.v' 

School Cloalng — SlDce the cloae of 
last term, Miss Uulland, wa»o conducts 
tlie Tvepdon Kindergarten, near the 
corner of Stanley avenue, has extomlod 
..the scope of her work. She has now a 
preparatory i>lasB iKto wlilchi the llttl.e 
pe^le may graduate, or which -will ac- 
commodate older brothara and aliiteft. 
To assist her. Miss GuUand hak en- 
gaged two young ladles. Miss Uold- 
croft and Miss Skerry. The children 
had, at the dose of the tet-m, many ex- 
cellent .speclmeaaJoX wi^ving and mod- 
elnag to show theljr frahdis. ' some work 
in pap«r twisting* a» a jWactlcal train- 
ing, for work in geometry, showed a 
skill which older students might envy. 
Even more lYitercstlnH: and not less in- 
structive, Was a small museum in which 
children hacl collected birds' nests, 
shells, birds' eggs and a great number 
oi[ other ihterestng specimens, some of 
which had come from other countries. 
Here they kept their clay triodels, re- 
presenting a variety of objects which 
the pupils had copied from the original 
without the lieast help from their teach- 
ers: No publlo closng was held and tho 
Kindergarten was dismlss<;d for the 
holidays, after going through their cus- 
tomary exorcises. One wondered 
whether these would really be more 
^ilellghtful than, the days spent In the 
' bright ' iiiiti'^'^choolrooms. 

Diocesan W. A Meeting — The regu- 
lar montlily meeting uf tlie Diocesan 
board of thft W. A. was held yesterday 
afternoon in Christ Church Cathedral 
schoolroom, with the president, Mrs. 
Luxton, in the chair. There was a good 
attendance of members. Among tho 
matters that came up for discussion was 
a letter recently received from tjie 
central board, asking the local dIoce.sH 
board to Increase its offerings tu nils- 
sions. As, however, tliu IcUcr did not 
exphUn very clearly just what was the 
amount needed, It was decided to posl- 
lionc any action upon the matter until 
further wm-d was received. A life mem- 
bership ..inferred upon the lltcra- 
tuie 3CC1 vtiii .V, Mrs. Dickson, by the 
Cathedral branch. The feature of tho 
afternoon was the Interesting address 
given by Mrs. Corker, u-hose husband Is 
superintendent of the liidi;in nii\.s' 
.school at .A.lert Bay. The speaker bus 
spent tlip |)(ist nlnctec], years at that 
point, and her aci.'ount of the work done 
among the Indian children uns listened 
lo with -much pleasure. Tim school 
started with four boys, and liad a very 
hard time of it at first, as whenever 
the boys Hcenied to be Kcttlnfc on. their 
parents had an awkward lialiii of .111- 
pearing on tho .scene anil takini; Hum 
home. The school, however, Is now 
full, and several of the boys have sat 
for the high school examinations. Tho 
.•speaker alwo referred to the new Girls' 
ncliool, the building of which .has been 
put up iiy Hie Indian dcpHrtmont to bo 
managed by the Church of ICngland in 
Ihl.s diocese. Tea. was sprvprl n.t thn 
cliLse ijf the meeting, after which tlie 
bofird inl.iouinoil until September. N*^* 


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Woalhor londltloiis are nomfwhut un- 
■ettli^fl In nouthTn Hrltlsh Columbia, 
Waohinnrtnn anrt OipRon. thouifh the pren- 
surr remHlim hlRli In ih« P«rll'lc Rtalp.", 
but a low area overlto* the Ilixky mountain 
leKlOMH. Rain haa Tailen In lli<» AmerkaTi 
plateau rllntrlctn nnd la mill falling on the 
outalilp roam, and tPniin'raturca are below 
nnrmnl nt many station*. Fair warm 
weather continues In thr pralilf provlnofg 
and a thundermorm oueurrpd at Qu'Appelle. 

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At Annual Meeting of Royal Ju- 
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At the twenty-second annual meet- 
ing of the <llrector» of the Jubllue Hob- 
pltal held yestertlay in the i-ouncil 
chamber of the city hall, the presUlenl., 
Mr. D. E. Campbell, made a strong ap- 
peal for the erection of a new hospital 
and expressed hlH reKrrt at the apathy 
of the Ke'ieral public as evidenced by 
The small attendance at Ihia annual 
meeting. The ri'ports . showed that 
while there wa.s, la»t year, a lack of 
accommodation, the hospital was man- 
aged will; all poslbsle efficiency and 
economy. The following is the direct- 
ora* report: 

Slreotors' Beport 

The directors have great pleasure In 
placing before the public their report 
Of- the work of the Provincial Royal 
Jubilee Hospital during the. past year 
and the twenty-seuond .Ip fta history. 

Th« year has been o4« of strenuous 
^ork for til ^«|i{ber(» of th? staff a? 
the ■t*^«»f--^iJliSp*n-'p™^»y'ftued 
<iur«i|p> tH« V w^<^ ilme ^^ itf; utmost 
capacity; the total' number of patients 
treated being 1.460, an increase of 20S 
over the preceding y^^t and the great- 
est in the lilstory of the hospital, the 
daily average number of patients b*- 

y^fi ?.>,-^,8 ^ff'i .^hg aYtrsKfi numbfir of 


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Secure an OLD AGE OF COM- 
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Apply to your Po.stmaster, or to the 
Superintendent of Annuities, Ottavva, for 
information as to the cost. 

days made by each patient 81. 

In spite of the conditions under 
vhUitt this larger i^mount of work has 

*•**".. P^r'°'"'"*** *?!(;* s^J^'n? l»?to account 
that during certftt&^Ml^Ws of the- year 
the public wards have been consider- 
ably overcrowded, everything h^s 
worked smoothly and well and th« r<ir 
suits have been as good as In any pre- 
vious year. 

The demand for Jieds in the wards? 
and moderately priced rooms has been 
Kreater than ever and for some time 
paBt it has been found impo.s.slble to 
meet this demand with the present ac- 

The dlreotor.x wish to tender" their 
thankH to the Women's Auxiliary, the 
Paushters of Pity and all others as- 
sisting them for their great effort 
during the recent campaign to meet this 
ever-Increasing difficulty, by which 
the splendid sum of $105,000 has been 
realixeii. This sum will .Vqulro to he 
considerably augmented before the 
building can he proceeded with, and it 
Is to be hoped that there will be no 
relaxation' of the efforts of the friends 
of the hospital until there are sufficient 
funds at our disposal to build a hos- 
pital worty Of Its name and of the 
city of Victoria. ' 

The •directors desire fo express their 
thHnka to all senerous donors for their 
response to this appeal. 

As will bp noticed by the trea.surer's 
report the hospital'.^ liability to the 
hank has been considerably reducrd, 
showing that strict economy has been 
practised consistent with the best in- 
terests of he work. There ha.s been a 
•'^llprht Increase in the amounts dona'ed 
and subscribed but it Is hoped that the 
Inhabitants of Victoria and districts 
will realise tho x^•nhtp of thf hospital 
and supply the AdditlonHl funds that 
nre urgently needed for current ex- 

In view of thf. groat effort now be- 
ing made to build a new hospital it is 
needless to call the attention of the 
public to the many deficiencies and re- 
quirements of the pre.sent building 
"I'lch h.i.-, been rei-orled on from ^■•ar 
to year and still call urgently for" at- 

Bepnirs and Zmprovemsnta 
r.urInK tho y^ar no extensive repairs 
or impr<,vements have been done with 
tlu' exception of a chimney and heat- 
Ing arparatu.^ f„r the convalescent and 
children's ward, 

•Two steol chairs for tho „.«n of con- 
valescent patients have heen klndlv 
furnished by the U'omen's .Auxili"rv 
which are very acceptahle. 

A new sterilizer has been purcha.^cd 
for u«e ,n the operating department. 
Tl.Is ha., given great satisfaction and 
has filled a great want. 

The furniture and three rooms 

Of nur^aas. and at the nuraing siaff. 

To the Women's Auj(llUry, tha 
Daujhtera of Pity, and the Klnj'a 
Daughters the dliectorH would a^xtend 
their most hearty appreciation of the 
work <lonn by thorn Thls^ycar the 
work has been greater than ever and 
no words con express the thanks of 
the board for the great assistance they 
have rendered. 

To the donors named In the financial 
statement the dlrector.-i express ihelr 
gratitude for the kindness shown In 
thi-ir efforts to alleviate the sufferings 
of the sick and needy. 

They desire to thank the Can- 
adian Collieries (Dunsmulr Ktd.) for 
thfiir gRnerOBlty In continuing to sup- 
ply coul at a very reduced rate, the 
fuel bill being piuch less than It would 
have been had current rates been paid. 

The thanks of the directors are also 
due to Mr. J. S. H. Matson for copies 
of The Dally Colonist, and the Times 
PubllRhlng Co. for free copies of The 
Victiiria Times suppllt-d to the wards. 

To tho donprs of flowers, magazines, 
books, toys. (>tc., the directors extend 
their tli:ink.«. 

Traaaarer'a Statement 

The treasui'ers report f.tatcs that the 
Ituomi" for the past year wa.** $59,033.30, 
and bhe 'expenditure $58,288.21. The 
rtvenue showed an Increase over the 
previous year of $10,803.55, and the ex- 
penditure was greater by $4,209.72. A 
.singular feature of the report was the 
statemeQt -that the average cost per 
patient, per diem was $1.96, which was 
I4c. less than last year. The larger 
total expenditure was caused by the In- 
5:rease In salaries an4 the greater num- 
ber of patient. > 

. The reports of the medical omcer 
showf that there have been 1,8 87 In-pati- 
er«t8 and 73 Sut-patients. a total of 
1,460 treated during the year. The to- 
tal days* stay was 29.682, an increase 
^f 4n47 dava over the prevtous year. 

The report stated that the wards were 
greatly overcrowded, and emphasised 
tho need of an Infirmary and a women's 
antl-luberculoals ward. 

turned yetserday on the 8. B. Victoria 
from Seattle, here they spent a few 
days op buslnesa. 

A pr«>tty wedding took place at the 
home of Mr. and Mrs. Weston, Vlning 
street, yesterday afternoon, vhca their 
daughter. Mary Olive Weston, was unit- 
ed In marriage with Mr. William 8ew- 
ell E^well Nason. Rev. B. H. Balder- 
Bton was the officiating minister. The 
bapy couple took the four o'clock boat 
en route for Portland, Ore. They will 
return to make their homo in Victoria. 
81. Matthew's church. Wellington, 
was the scope of a pretty wedding on 
Monday, the pilncipaU In the interest- 
ing event being Mr. William Allen, en- 
gineer on the K. A N., and Elizabeth, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roland Mal- 
pa-Ms, Lake View Farm, WelllnKton. 
The bride, attired In a handsome travel- 
ing suit of navy blue ,was given away 
by her father, and wa sattended by her 
eister. Miss Jrene Maipass, and the 
groom was attended by Mr. Clifford 
Caroll. The ceremony was perfoimed 
by the Rev. Mr. .SImonds. Mr. and Mrs. 
Allen took the afternoon train for Vic- 
toria, where they will reside at their 
new home, 441 Langford st. A recep- 
tion was held at Mrs. S. Allen's, Bowls- 
by place, the home of the mother of 
the groom, The young couple were the 
recipients of many handsome presents. 

The marriage of Miss Christine .lean 
.Mi'fnnl.s, \oungest daughter of Mrs. J. 
li. Mclnnls, of "Winnipeg, and Mr. John 
T. Newman, of Vancouver, was solem- 
nized at the home of Mr. E. H. Mitchell, 
Gordon Head. Victoria, by the Rev. Mr. 
Kldd. The bride entored the drawing 
room leaning- on tho arm of 'her brother, 
Mr. F. D. MclnnlB, who gave her away! 
Becomingly dressed in a travelling suit 
of navy blue, opening over a dainty 
marquesette blouse trimmed with Irish 
crochet Jace. she wore a handsome 
mllan straw hat .trimmed with osprey 
and Irish crochet lace. She carried a 

and bacteriological laboratory was men 
tloned as of immense benefit to the hos- 
pital, and Dr. Hasell recommended the 
appointment of a graduate nurse aa 
superior on each of the blocks of the 

Dr. Home, the pathologist, gave afuU 
report of the work of the laboratory, 
and showed that the equipment left 
much to he desired. 

The matron presented a brief report 
of the hospital training school, In which 
sh€ said that the -present staff of nurses 
numbered thirty-three. Twenty-nvi? a))- 
plications for admission had been re- 
ceived, eighteen had been taken on pro- 
bation, and thirteen of these were ac- 
ci:j>t€d as pupj! nurses. The members 
o: the graduating class for the year are 
.\tl8s U'Eoyd. Miss C. L,. Talbot, Miss 
M. II. Gordon, Miss 12. McLean, Miss 
M. Walker, Mlsp C. Younghusband, Miss 
E Beatty and Miss W. M. C. Orr. 

The reports were all adopted, and liio 
nectlng proceeded to the election of t>tU- 
cera. The directors for the ensuing 
year are Mrs. C. Rhodes, Messrs. J. A- 
Mara. Alex. Wilson and Simon Lelser. 

aiie president .said lie was very sorry 
to see by the small numlicr present that 
the Victoria public took but little inter- 
est in hospital matters. There was tho 
greatest necessity for an active pro- 
paganda for a new hospital. It was not 
too nuioh to say that the hospital which 
source of pri<le to Victoria, 

I ' sage bouquet of b#tdal roses. »he 
bride was attended 'by Msa Blsle New- 
man, of AVlnnlpeg, who made a very 
pretty bridesmaid, dressed in shell pjnk, 
mwssUne. with JLJluaM. JJlU;«t-.CAD. 

.T^^r!^!!ll^.?„rt3:?::*!**^^^ 7""^'' ^^^^^ carnations. Little 

Miss Inez Mitchell, niece of the bride. 

Qood Buys 

Beaoh Sriva — .\early an acre, ono-tliird, 1 and 2 years f9500 

Newport Avenue— Xear end of Oak 13ay car line, 50x110 to lan-e One- 

thlrd ca.«h, balance 6, 12 and IS nSonths 91.'%(M> 

Xltoheil Btr*'et — .Vice oak trees on this lot, G.'.xlSO. $fl25 cas'h lialnnce 

*'"'"*"'f'"' '.1IH525 

The above are only a feu- of our nurnerou.s Oak Bay liatineo Fn- 
qulrles solicited. ' *^*'" 


Vbone 3416. 

1319 I.angle7 Street. 


•nn Saturday Only We Offer the Polio wing Snaps Prom our Hew and 

SCodom Tool Stock: 
Ohio Orit OU Stones, nmunted in v.on.l rases, readv for use— 1 only to 
a customer. llegular 75c for 3."»<* 

Saw Bete, Tainter. po.-sitive full niekei-iuiit , ,i w,|i| a. unstable anvil Heii- 
ular 11.00 for 

Steel Tape*, Bi: feet, In ni'k. l-pia t.-l 



l.iifiiiir.". Upgtilar $;i.00 


Three^foot Boxwood Bales. Hianloy'.s or KaUonc'.s. Regular price 40c 

- for «>"■.* 


At ▼iotoris'a Progreeslve Hardware Store 


the .Strnthoona wfr" ''a--- ,""""" "\ 

... '••'•» ••aver been reno- 

vated, for which the thanks of the 

-ard are d.e ,o the Daughters of 

iVen;y'c;„ft""^''^ ''""^"'"";' --^ -^^-• 

The work Of the X-ray department 
has been comslderably increased , in 
the number of patients attending fo 
I-notographs and treatment and the ex 

.-ustlfj this extra expense 

A considerable amount of the m»,i 
ca, Officer's time is taken up w i 
hs ...rk and It may be found nc!-.' 

«ary ,n the nenr future to employ ,in 

>f--ay specialist who win devote the 

whole Of his time to if 

tluu a Inhoralory for baceriologic" | 
HHd pnthological work m conned ,'; the hospital wa.^ neccssa,""" 
'•«lng to the want of proper nc 
comrnodntion and lack of fnmie 

..a.i to be furnished 'r^i:r;p\;:r 

"i- the administration block 

Tlj. drawbacks ,0 this position are 
Its Inaceflsiblljty. .shortage „f „._,,.^. 
«m.ply and the distance ..wav from th 
opera ting epntres. ^ '^""' *'"' 

In sp|„. of this, however, much good 
,V'^ I-ns been done by ,v. TTome a' 
■his report will show. 

Besldeut Mtnioal Staff 

nr. Mine,. ,.ompIr.(ed his year's en- 
gagement ns r,.«.«l..tant medical officer 
hut very kindly extended his t|J' ..i 
coincide with the advent of Or Thrmas 

"" nr 'Tn'"' "«''"«*'"1 *t Montreal. 

Dr. Miller will commence practice In 
this city and the directors take this 
opportunity of wishing him every ,„c! 

The directors thank the visiting med- 

(Dr. Hasell). and all others who. by 
their untiring attention to duty, do so 
much to promote the welfare of the 
patients under their eharga. 

Thfe directors also desire to place •>» 
record ♦heir appreciation of the work 
0* Miss Macdonald, the auperlntendent 

was once a 

has become a back niimher. 

Will Aek PubUc Grant 

Mr. Canipocll said he was proud tliat 
the ladies' auxiliary had collected $105,- 
000, but he iioped they would not rest 
satisfied witli their effort.^. There 
wi'iiid be need of all the contributions 
o^ the friends of the hospital before a 
sufficient sum was raised. The direct- 
or." proposed to ask the city council to 
Kuhmlt ;i bylaw for $200,000 to 
the people, and the speaker was con- 
tldent that the sum would be raised. 
Viiloria had grown to be a large city. 
In-'provements were going on in every 
direction, .Xn essential feature of a 
nie.dern city was a large and up-to-date 
hobpltai. The reiuitatioii of Victoria's 
dnciors WHS very high, but they could 
not do the best work unless they had 
a public hnsplial with the equip- 
ment. In the old days people came to 
the .Jubilee ho.spital, not only from fill 
parifi of the Island, but from the main- 
land. Now thl.«4 source of revenue, not 
only to the hospital, but to the city, 
was lost. At present the hospital could 
provrde but for two classes of patients, 
thoi«e who cmiM pay high prlcps and 
those wlio emjld pay nothing. There a dei3?<ui«l.„for moderately priced 
rooms, which, imder present clrcum- 
Htnnces could not be satisfied. 

Mvery friend of the hospital should 
work for the bylaw, and It was sure 
t" be passed, but it would take hard 
work. The government In supplement- 
ing the sums contributed by the cities 
or Xelson and Vernon with an equal 
grant had set a precedent, which he '(vas 
confident would be followed In the case 
or the city of Victoria. 

Mr.«. Hasell. on behalf of the Woman's 
Auxiliary, promised the most active and 
e.nrneat supporl In the future as In the 

Mr. Simon Lelser complimented the 
president on hi.? excellent speech, and 
on the good work he liad done for the 
hofjpiial since he had been pr'ssldent. 

ATr. Wilson spoke In high tenns 
of the services of the president. Jle 
rrpretted thai the doctors <lld not take 
a greater l;>terest In hospital affairs, 
and alluded to the great assistance af- 
fr.rded the directors by the late Dr. 
IHivle. Mr. Wilson advocated the Im- 
mediate erection of the maternity ward, 
for which tbe money had been cgllested, 
It was greatly needed. 

The presUlent tliankert his colleagues 
foi their appreciation, and said that for 
business reasons he would prefer to re- 
sign his position. 

Mr. Mar.T, Mr. Leispr «n(^;J4r. Day 
protested against such action. This 
matter was left to be decided at a 
directors' meeting, and the meeting ad- 

made the sweetest of flower girls, 
wearing a French frock with a wreath 
or rose huds in her hair. She carried 
pink sweet peas. Mr. A. W. Batli. of 
Vancouver, supported the groom. After 
luncheon was served. Mr. and Mrs 
Newman left for Portland and other 
coast cities, and on their return will 
reside in pielr new home In Vancouver 
Many beautiful and co.«<tly presents 
were received from the East, here tlie 
bride and groom have a l.n.vt of friends. 
■Mr. N. T. Truell. of Reglna. western 
vice president of the Life Unrler- 
wrlter.s- Asi^.ciatiin of Canada, and 
Mis.s Marji.ric Truell, are guests at the 

Mrs. J. D. Helmcken wa.s the hostess 
at a large tea given yesterday after- 
noon in the ballroom o-f the Alexandra 
club, about 200 guests being Invited. 
.Mrs. Hflmcken was assisted by her 
daughters, Miss Helincken and Jliss 
Kdith Helmckcn. A few of tho.sp no- 
ticed present were Mrs, Pemberton, 
Mrs. Henry Croft, M^s. W. E. Scott, 
Miss Scott, Mrs. Gordon Hunter. Mrs! 
Stuart Robert.Bon, Mrs! Loewen. .Mrs. 
Hanington, Mr.s. W. Montelth, Mrs. 
Archie McTnvlsh, the 'Misses McTav- 
Ish. Mrs. Roger Wllby, Mrs. Richard 
.Jones, Mrs. Janlon, .Mr.s. Krceman. Mrs. 
W. .r. H. Holmes, .Mrs. Blaiklock, Mrs 
(Javin Burns, .Mrs. AV. .J. Macdonald, 
MI.s.s Macdonald, .Mr.s. Coulthard. Miss 
Xewconibe, .Mrs, Carnett Hughe.s, Mrs 
Hlgglns, .MT(!. S. Macliire, .Miss .Maclure, 
.Mrs. Powell, '.Mrs. Louis Cuppage, .Mrs! 
-McLennan, the .MIsae.s Tnlmle, .Mrs. 
Erb, Mrs. RometiMlss Rome,' Mrs! 
(}audln, .Mrs. Harvoy. Mrs. Good. Mrs 
Kltto. Miss KItto, Mrs. Curd. Mrs! 
Jacobs, .Mrs. Macpherson, Mrs. Ste- 
venson. iMlss Vera .Mason. .Miss 
O'Reilly, Mrs. Blackwood, Miss Su- 
sette Blackwood. /Mrs. Denis Harri.g, 
Miss Harris. Mrs, ShHllcross, .Miss 
Grace Montelth, and the Misses Wil- 

A party of well known Victorians 
have Just returned from a short so- 
journ at' the newly-cstabli.shPd sum- 
mer resort, Sol Due, whhh is situated 
In the t:)lymn!c mountaln.s. It is some 
dl-stance outside of Port Angeles, be- 
ing reached by motor car and rnotor 
launch. Included in the part,v were 
Mr. and Mrs. John Hart, Mr. and Mrs 
T. W. Hall, Mr. J. D. VlTtue, Mr. W H. 
Bone. Mr. C, C Bett^rton, Mr. W. E 
Adamna, Mr. T. Goldsmith and Mr! 

.Mr. Charles Holmes leaves today 
for .Vew Westminster and Vancouver 
to spend a few days before leaving for 


Brlson — The death occurred yester- 
day afternoon at the family residence, 
534 John street, of Mrs. Jane Brlson! 
wife of Mr. George Wallace Brlson! 
aged 44 years. The deceased, who was 
born lo England, had spent only four 
and a half months In this city, al- 
though she had been a resident of Can- 
ada for 40 years. Beside her husband 
she is survived by a son, also living In 
Victoria. The funeral will take place 
tomorrow at 2 p. m., interment being 
In Ross Btry cemetery. 

Births, Marriages, Deaths 


.fune 21! 

N'JyWMAN-MeLS'rilKH— un .fune '21! Innt., at 

Oordon H^Hd, hy ripv. Mr. Klfld, rhrln- 

..tena ,)p|in Metnneii. dRUKlitpr or Mr». .1 

U Mclnnes of Wlnnlppn, to Mr. .lohn "r, 

N«wm«n (if Vaneouvfr. n. r 


Mrs. T. C. Campbell le visiting Port- 

Mrs. Walter McRae, Seattle, la visit- 
ing her uncle. Mr. W. J. MoRae. of Oak 

Mlse A. Eiilott and Miss J. Davis r«- 

■•ware of Olataeats ror Catarrh That 

Ooatala Karoury, 
as mercury will surely destroy the 
sense of em^ll and completely derange 
the whole system when entering It 
through the mucous surfaces. Such 
articles should never be used except 
on prescriptions from reputable phyel- 
clans, as the damage they will do Is 
ten fold to the good you can possibly 
derive from them. Hall's Cstarfh 
Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney 
ft Co., Toledo, . O., contains no mer- 
cury and Is taken Internally, acting 
directly upon th« blood and mucous 
BUffaoes of the system. In buying 
Hall's Catarr}! Cure be sure you get 
the genuine.. It is Uken internally 
and made in Toledo, Ohio, by r. J. 
Cheney * Co. Testimonials free. Sold 
»iy drugflata. Price 76o. per bottle. 
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your ccx)king tc 

is to keep your fire ajways steady 
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red hot one minute and out fh« 
next that makes biR coal bills. 

This is <:hft fire that spoils 
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The Oxford Eemtomizet 

found only in Gumey- Oxford Stoves and Rwig«s» ^' 

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Ojford Economiier'- --found in no o<h«r stove. TheChancanorit 

tha belt investment you can put into your kitchen. Let ui iifove 

thta to rou tbe very next time von come thit war' 

Drake Hardw:are COe 


Westholme Grill 

The coolest and most up-to-date OrlU on the Paclftc Coast. Jimmy 
would take It as a favor If patrons would phone and reservw tablea after 
the theatre. It saves a. lot of ill feeling. 

Special music — vocal and instrumental. 


MOBCMkir. Kaaarar. 

Whan Company Dpo|is In 

jTou dont hare "to turn the house 
upside down" to make something cool 
to drink— if you have 


in the house. Just Add iced 

serye. Ifs 

oMiteias ._ 

A bottle makes 12 g1>nm jml 
(mljr 15c Keep it iMMlrl 

W iced iHi|«r. 




m i 



' f 








iKifi.'.;. -■A.;.. .,■■_.■ 



Extra special 

A beaulitul Art (ila-->- I )miir', amber shade with Ixirder (inia- 
inemcd witli rcl. lMu>h l)ras> chain. IVice CDinijletc, iiu-liul- 
ino; installation ^lO.OO 

r.ead i'"rint,Mnii- in colors of red. ,i;reen. silver and amber. 
Special jirice. per yard 50^ 

This frin^dn.cj is ea'-ily \sorih Si a }ard. % 



Havergal Ladies' College 





Thorough ciluration on modern lines. Prep.iration for honour matriculation 

and other px.imiuations. Sopar-itft Junior School. Domestic Scienco Depart- 

ni^j^it, Gymnasium. Outdoor Games, Skating Rink, Swimraing Bath. " 

HHVERGHL-OM-THE-HILL . Co 1 1 ege Hei ghts. Toronto 

Junior School 

for the convenience of pupils resident in the Northern and Western parts of the 
City. Larare Playing Grounds of nearly four acres — cricket, tenniii, basketball, 
hockey. Under the direct supervision of Mis-t Knox, auisted by sjiccialiats 

in Junior School teachine and in L.inguages. 
For illustrated calendars and prospectus apply to the Bursar. 
School wii.t. rfopfn on Sfpt. 12. R. MILLICHAMP, Hon. Sec.-Treaa. 

The Law of 

" Quality 

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— — ' - • — ■■■J ,— I.. II.-..., «.■■■———■., -« ■■-. .*i^... ■ — 1 ' — -- -' .i .. ■ / ...■,. L.-U. ■, _ ■ - '..K ■■.- ■..■• !■'..■ . ,,:/.. - 

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TMoIila; k Hog To Do Tricks 

The tialnliis of anlmuls, to leHc-li 
llimii to peiloriii all ycjrl.s of i-nter- 
tulnlng trli'k". Is e \hhU |Ii»'I rnijiill»^H 
|)i'rliai».-< a spfilal lalerit on ilic' I'.nt uf 
the trainta". but aljovc all dctnamiH iw- 
tlf-nce and u llioriiiii;lily nietlioclli:al 
procedure. Let us lingln uiili tlie iios 
aiul .sf^f hnu- lit- Is tauglil his trft-ks. 

■riic IlisL thina uvery iloK Biuai leorii 
is Ilia nuiiie.' Suloet a Hharl, 'Bliarii- 
Koiinillns name, atiil stk-k to il. .Vfver 
'■all liini Hiiylhins i^l*"'- H .V"" have 
.sevc-ial Ooss, the luiiiie is tuuKlil on 
the .same iirinclplr. IHvlilf their fooil, 
and Ihi-ii, i>lai;n',' a pii-ic mi thi" ^Touiul 
(.■all t.ttrli in turn li.\' lii.s nanu', unU 
give hiMi thi- fouil uliini hi^ c<jait» lor 
It. Send til,- oiherf. hack If they come 
fiirwai-il out of their turn. B.v and li.v 
they win k-ain that a i-ertain iianif 
is ulwa.V8 a.ssoclated '.vith a certain 
d:-)K. Kanible umonK the dfiKS. unil call 
out one of their names tajery now and 
then. If the right dog comes lu you, 
If ward him with a place of cracker. 
I'ay no attention to the other dops, 
Tlu'v will learn very soon: md Hi- 
first great lesson— -dependence ami 
obeiUence — will have beeh learned. 

Having taught a. 4o?' tp fetch and 
carry— which bo will eftisHy learn— the 
next tiling la to teach hhn to go ani 
get any object culled for. PlaCe u 
gaove on the floor; then say to the dor. 
"Fetch the glove," putting the accetvt 
on the last word. Then, wheq hK.iiao 
done this Heveral tlmea, pla«e a ahoe 
on the lloor; and teach htm to fetch 
this In a similar nvinner. Now place 
both objects on the ground, «.nd teach 
hlnri to fetch cither one, aa asked. t"r 
— rewardlns him when he brings you 
the riKht one. and rebuking him when 
he fetches the wrong, which ypu take 
from lilni and replace. He will aoon 
learn to distinguish the artlclts, when 
a third may be substituted and so on 
until a number are on the floor. You 

Bhould then go Into Hie next room, 
taking the dog with you; and eentl 
him In til fetch any articles you menr 
tlon. After a little time, he.wHU, bring 
yoit the rlgUt one BYJeEy-Illafl.._ 

Next, teach him differences in color. 
Place a red object on the floor, and a 
blu€ one beside It. Teac|» htm to fetch 
you the article caled for as you did 
before, being careful to irevv«urd him 
every time he brings you the right, 
Iwndkcrchief. Then put down a greeti 
object, a purple, a yellow one, and 
so on; until flnally thetfteediSd a.ri;ay 
of colors can be | » oed for, seloc tlon. 
■— Scientific American. 

- ■ A reathered Beanty. 
The quezal of Guntemaltt, la oonstd- 
ered'the most beautiful bird lii the 
world. Its plumage vies w'lth the ralh- 
boiw and shines with ft...!P<ii*»lW)P lV«t«^ 
Until within thft last few years it wis 
unknown to science, mainly owin^- to 
the fact that )t Is a hermit anion.^*lie 
feathered creatures, delighting itv^^ie 
silence of high altitudes. It dwells on 
mountain M^hts. ehdiri f.OCfO ftjiM lb 
elevettiton. ^^■; ■ ' / -/.-;;■ :'',,-■ "' ",r-' . "'";"'' 

• The qtiew* WW this roy»l blT* ittf the 
Asstecs, and its pvdrhes were tiaed to 
decorate the heuOdl-css and cloulc? of 
the kings of the land. l,t« breast Is a 
brilliant scarlet, while Its green tall 
attains a length of throe feet. It Is 
about the size Of a common pIge<oni 
It nests In holes In rotten trees, which 
It enlarges with Its bill, so as to make 

Ladies' Tailored 

Suit Made To 


Charlie Bo 

Ladies' and Gents' Tailor 

1605 Government Street 
Ne.xt Oriental ImporVing Co. 

Last Call for 

This week will finish ilu'm for 
PressrvlRiVt' |»J««M!«j|^j|^r at once. 


Car. ilnhnNon uuU Qundm, I'hone too 





St Margaret's College 


r FoondMi by the late George DlckKo, M.A , 
formerly Principal of Upper C»nad« College, 
and Mra. George Diclcion. ] 


FOR eiRLS. '' 

L/trBS Jltarf of Taaohapf , Graduate* 
of Canadian and Bog^ih UaiTertltlea. 



Aoadfinla Oourse, including 
*ity Matriculation with Honours. 

Muaic, Art, Oomeatic Sriencf, Phyaical 

Ickul rttpest tcptimber 11 Ih, 1912. 

MISS J. B. MACDONALD, B. A., Principal 

Write for Calendar 16 

a rooniy and comfortaWe fijfi^^ce. The 
young are liatchejlfl .tota^Sr^hW*^ of 
feathers. ' . ' ^ *' 

It is the hardest of all bfrda to pre. 
pare for mounting, for its skin Is as 
t a n des a s b » mta a li tlnnw pup a r a n d tha 

feathers are Implanted to such a slight 
depth that they readily fall out. A spe- 
cimen Is very apt to be spoiled by fall- 
ing against a branch of a treiiion belngr 

-Ktrot:^ — — '— — " '— 

Up to 1860 naturalists did not know 
where the queral was tp be found. The 
few specimens which had fallen Into 
their hands, had been obtained from In- 
dians, who kept the secret. About that 
time, however, a collector, visiting that 
country, got on the track of the birds 
and went up into the mountains, where 
he shot a number of them. In ancient 
times the skins of all birds of thi.-! 
species belonged to the king, and none 
but members of the royal family was 
allowed to wear the feathers. " v , 

The quejral belongs to the family of 
trogons. the genus including 46 species. 
$3 of which are American. AU are very 
beautlfuL.aiJd ..axtremely rarc.-^SeattIe 






for Boys 

Founded l.Se5 

Beautiful healthy situiilion, ovcr- 
lookinfj L,»ltr Ontnrio, with 'M acres 
of riayitiff Fields. Uymiia-lum, 
Magniliwnt New Covered Ritik. 
Boyji prepared for the l.'ni- 
vernilics. Royal .Military College 
arvd Husiness. Religious trainiiip 
throughout the counte. Special 
/•or CaUndar ^i^ntion given to younger ix.,^. 

apply to 

Next Term bcRlns Sept. lOth. 

Rty. Oswald RiBby, M.«.{Cim.)LL.D. - HcadmastBr 







Musical Director, , 


Applications must be In not later tlian 
May 5Bt. 


young ln:ely studenta is being greatly en- 
larged and will be ready lor opening 
September 2ud. 

Vcar Book, 170 i>ii - uiwl on ap- 


Must Ask Xieave. 
Tt appear.s, apropos of Mr. Asquith's 
recent visit abrood, that tlie prime min- 
ister may not set foot upon. forSlRp 
soil withoiit the permission of the sov- 
ereign, observes and Knglish corre- 
S'pondent. Mr. Gladstone, in 1883, when 
cruising on the Pembroke Castle, de- 
cided to run over to Copenhagen, and 
In writing to Queen Vlctoria->f offers 
her "his liumble upolo^y for not hav- 
ing sought from your majesty the 
u.sual graciouis permission before net- 
ting foot on a foreign shore." 

Corrig College 

Ucuron IIUl I'lirk. Vic'orla. U. C. 

S*»]*»<T n iifyi-(fr«(1»» IJay nnrt 

Hfardiiig Collega t. c Uoyi ot 7 to 
}C years. Ritlnenienta of «ell-ap- 
jioirni-ij KPiUliTneii'* liome tn lovely 
Hcaraii Hill i'«£Jt- Nuinber limited. 
(.lultiti'M' sportl^. "^I'repari;d Tor llusl- 
iie»» Life or Professional examliia- 
tloMB. Fees Incliialve and strictly 
nioderalK. Threo vacaixclca. Summer 
lum, Aurll 16th. 
rrln<li>ul, J. \V. CmKCH. yi. A. 

Cars for Hire 

Cars carrying four pas." -ns-fcr.*!, $4.00 

an hour, 5 or 6 piLssiiigf rs, l.'.OO per 

hour; Taxi-cabs, Jii.uo an liour; piiom. 







We Don't Lie Awake At Night 

lUit we are very much alive all tlay striving to please our cus- 
tomers aiul we meet with the most j:;ratifying results. The 
only way to test our stores and i)ur service is to spend -a little 
money here. W'c know the inevitable result. 

Fresh Strawberries, 2 boxes /or 25^ 

Fresh Local Cherries, 2 lbs. for.. - . .25^ 

Ripe Tomatoes, lier lb. -'5c and . ^ 20^ 

Nice Ripe Bananas, ihtz^n 35f^ 

Fresh Green Peas, 4 lbs. for 25^ 

Nice Cauliflower, each 20c and . . • 15^ 

Young Cabbage, each 1 5c antl 10^1^ 

NewlSljfi^S Potatoes, 6 lbs. for 25^ 

Fresh Spring Lamb, Young Spring Chickens and 

Ducks. Cooked Ham, Ox Tongue, Roast Pork, 

Veal Loaf. 

White Clover Leaf Butter, ,\ lbs. for $1.00 

Ginger Snap Biscuits, 3 lbs. for 25f^ 

Fancy Cakes, Jelly Rolls, Pork Pics, Bermaline Bread 


- — *; — ■ ' • — 

West End Grocery Co., Ltd. 

Phones 28— 88— 1761. 


M i ."'U i | i»ii .. I I \ l_. 

■■::;>•?■ '^fpt | rt>3 tf JW« V J UUB OK SUKS-yVAUB KEIOHTff 
,1?^^ C^0llc«»t~sut>diylston8 In Victoria district situate on the new Saanlch 
clir Ifiie., 20 minutes from city centre. IQxtra large lots. The majority 
elsw><> d and twiltlvatodi — Many with 7 - ycuf old fruit troo s ai li aa m e-UgJitljL- 
tlmbered- All hlgit and dry. 

On tb« »iMlest poitBlble terms, from $300 eaoli, 910.OO per month. 


Our car Is at ypiW se rvice, morning. a.fternou n or eyealay, WW^. ifejl^ii . or , 
"Biiiideya. King up ll>4~«un3''maKe'ippoInrmi^^ ' '■ ■.,i.\-.-' '■<:•''!:.<•'' 


Blcltmonfl Farlc-7-2, fine. lots,, one and.a ha^f blocks from car, water and 

.•^evver. Oil good terma Only, each IpSOO 

Hampton Boad — Finp high, dry lot, 49x195, close to new car line ..^800 
Pine Street — Good corner lot. Cash $100, balance |20 per month ..^lOOO 
Pine Street— Inside lot 61x110. Cash 5100, balance ?20 per month $950 


Phone 194. 1305 Qovemment Street. 


Pine Street — vSix-roomed hotise, bath, pantry, electric 
.licfhl. ],ot S=iXiOO. Fine l^ind and under cultiva- 
tinii. $i,200 handles, balance easy. Price ^3,300 

Sooke — 13 2-5 acres, i acre cleared. Balance alder- 
j> bottijin and a little rock. Road frontage, close to 
school, store and post office, stages, etc. Terms ar- 
ranged. Price $2,100 

Sooke — 30 -I-- acres, 15 cleared and under cultivation. 
Balance chief!}' alderbottom. House, barns, 
stables, outhouses, etc. Fronts on main road. Close 
tn school, store and post office, stages. Good creek. 

Terms arranged. 

Price ^15,750 


The Almoure Agency 

Phone 770. 

325 Pemberton Block. 

Universkty School for Boys 

Moiint Tolrnl* • Victoria, B. C. * 

Warden. Rev. W. W. Bolton. M A. Summer term betitn Aptll 11 
For Prospectus Apply to The Bursar. 

..T.f f C 



View and Vancouver 

T«« southwest coraer of f-Uf 
and Vaacottver striMttj ItfiTf^ 
This i« the cHeitpefet «K>>n«r. lot 
In this A»t«ttlM>rhiiK><il. Tlt« ilitti» 
fro»t»*e on View fltreot , mtkiNi 
It pos»U>ie itf obtain «'li«ndnmn« 
rsvenu* ttom^ Alt liuixiMiWiV* 
bulMltaft. fits^nMli f^oDtifttto so 
tf« wwt side «f a^ftvhvMfUktr 
Str««i 4m oaljr «l i*9t tQ §»9th, 

t',jt,ife...i'..'ja.".''i"i')rt'i'Amr't'j!ii'iPWffl'iti 'M['w |Bii)l 

The nbrtburett eorpM* o* V4»- 
coitvet «n4 V)«w Btt«n«. t«t»f3UM, 
T)M etsm atrceti from ItotittM 
to Co»)t *iu all b« tntin^m 
«tr««ti in pi* n»$v tutuM. 
cor^«r-l» "ifsty fiif«i»My 
«d for buMUiMM. 'Bnmmt tv 
from fiiur .old li«V<H* Uf 
■iQlitftu U^H )«M ** ^* 
. OMt tm ««iti« «i. Uf 


I . 


1 ■■ 


'1 ■'■ 

'J ■. 



, ' ' -i 

■ ' "1 








, ■'}■',, 


.-. .^i:iyihieM^ki^«M£^UjiSMi^^ 

•:?»"'"r.i»-- >,'i' '.'', ' ■.V?'' 

Saturday, June 29. 191» 



'Bob" Brown's Colts Again 
Take Bees Into Camp, Win- 
ning by Hard Hitting and 
Cosily Errors 

Vancouver, l^; V.otui In, 7 

Spokaiif. 4; Tttcoina. 2. 

Suaitio, 3; I'ortlonil. 1. 

LviiKUt* Stuiiillng- 

SpokHno , 

Seuttlf j , 

Vancouver a7 

Vlcliirlu 35 

PortUiKl 35 

Tacomu 31 






Jf t^Ttrti it 


mort unpopular resident 
ria than Mr. Mormi. by 
umpire, a laiucv iImuhb 
L |jui'ii.!s«iao fiuitu.'«.i 
luut ISyeslglit" 
' ^^ " . .-iaver» took a 

suil.y iHOD.-iy ,1 cui.tfst wUJi bU ftwUtanco 
ai the ball yard yasterday. The score wan 
13 111 ". TlK' chiot feature was' Umpirc^^ 
.^i"ir,a\s .sad worfc— and he listened to a 
rlK.rua 01 Jec-rs ' apd complaints, which 
»i'>;m.d inuslo tft htut, . titroujibout ttie bur- 
losau^. Th<>r* wnB uttlo chanoa (tor l»a«e- 
t?a!! with the sort vt uaipli'ih* »ta»od by 
-the official. The NortHwestom league must 
be experiencing an umpire famine, He 
constantly Jrritatea the pitchers with a 
nijinlnar «re of talk-, and banished Kennedy, 
Wilson and Kaufman, fronMho ball yard. 

He tried to make ^h tlnhouucement near 

the ead* of the ^ai^e that tcday'a contest 

^ould ,«t«rt at * p.m., wheij a great chorus 

Tof sound, drowned his voice. Tue electorate 

, i.t^°y'fl jiaVfi '..nn.iHlfim Qf, Mciran than thsy 

, ;toad to hava,. The gathering didn't Uka 

■ him. 

> JliAvay Cfork and Bmll Frisk took. « 
'^home rtta each. 

I Moi^ the Dinpf with the bad eyeBiaht, 

In the first, when ho started sametblhS by 
giving Bonmnt a walk, althou^ he struek 
""' 'V' strles, erf traffic ocour- 

'■'■■' 'jeeted to the umpire's de- 

cisioi. ana v. :is ■ tlireatened wlUi btJiig 
throwu out of UiB lot by the Wind autocrat. 
it he had ho would have been unable to 
make an error which let two runs in Th.f 
total was- three In the stauiia. When Moran 
issued the transportation to Pug Bennett, 
he stole, and Meek popped to catch him, 
but thlfrc was no one .■ • i ; . ■ 

went 6n to third. > ,1 

Frisk hit, seorlnK B-n .:r ^. 
and filled the sacks. Jamiv" fanned! 
bcharnweber popped n fly and Meek, aUout- 
'"«■ "" ■1 Off Weed; but 

,1' ■ ball loileU from 

'y^- ■-:■ ■ -^ -. a.i,j vilsk trotted across 

tne untended platter. Three runs, 

_ The Dees tied the score in their half, 
^oho ^ot a walk to start. Then Jimmy 
Clark hi! nnw!ln.Ts and ho \vc:,t to .'irsi. 

st>-'ii'.-',i asirl ■ > 

tiio iin;].? ' ;.,! i„ ,ii;nmv ciiirk 10 

1""-"^ «'' two strikes.' Clark let 

""■'^■•^ «" '-^i_ Kennedy; Jumped bark 

and walloped it. This decorated, the three 
stations.- Then Meek drove n hnt linor 
scoring Yohe and Rawllngs. 1 1 vaa 

iHgtTCd getting back to seco. i ran 

said, and his say counted. V> ,-, d lorced 
Meek at s.tQnd p.nd .stole; ICuHar sot a 
walk, and Merritt hit. so'orlng VV^•c■d. Frlene 
" ilked, and filled the baga, but Narveson 
"liiin't , Improve the situation. 
' i;mpiro- Mora.n Oontlnacd hfs' work by 
putting Konr.edy out of the game, Sfidille 
^■" "" '•■' ^ ■"•■;->- — T :t home^ru... HinrJiUrf 
/ '■ '"y a fast running 

', ' ', , !' ' ' ' :• • a. hit. Moran cisn- 
iliiued his i^erUrnL-inco bv worrying ^Hurler 
Marveson'Wlth r running fire o.f talk, 8^ ' 
when IClddi) Wilson passed a few remarks 
concerning, tho sort of* umpiring the ox- ■ 
Ic-iRu.-r uris offering, the umpire stopped 
,y"' 'Put KIddo out of tiio lot. 

■'"■^■- , '■' t^Sged going to second. 

Moei «tuged as prptty a place of play 
as been seen on the local diamond In 
the second, Rawllngs hit and stole, want 
to third on a wild pitch, with two down. 

mmm m 

Vancouver's Star Lacrosse 
Twelve Will Be , Strong 
in Next League Match With 
New Westminster's Team 

Can84a'a representative at the 
Olympic saioes tn the 100 

s;- too T«etr(sr^"5Har iwrnsie-" 

tres relay. ' 

1, — , 1 II mgnmmit^ 



TACOMA, June :8. — Gordon weakened in 
the thirteenth inning when three hits, one 
a double by Melcholr, gave two runs to 
Spokane. It was the tenth straight defeat 
for the Tacoma Glub, although one of the 
bfist played games i of the local teoaon. 

Spokane— 4,0, R; h. P.O. A. B. 

Myers, lb ..6 » 2 14 1 

Cooney, s.s. 5 S 7 

Altman, 3b. . ;,. 
Melcholr, r,f, . , 
Johnson, |.f. ■ . , . 
Cart .V right, 2b. 
Zimmerman," c.f. 

Devogt, c 

l^eonard, p. .... 
Nojfes, p. ... . ... 


Tacoma — 

Nlll, 2b. 

Hrennan, 3b ,..'6 

Abbott, l.f. . 5 

Neighbors, r.f. 6 2 

Hunt. lb. .4 1 IS 

Lynch, e.f. .....v..,'S 12 7 

Morse, s.B, 5 1 1 1 

Crittenden, o. 4 4 

Gordon, p 5 i 

...'46 4 T 88 22 

A.B. R. H. P.O. A. B. 
...6 J « < S 

■ i ■■ 





.43-2 8 S» IS 

big oatcher .startt^d leisurely for second, 
wlfh a shout, L^wis jJ-ogged for a return 
throw, but It couldn't come fast enough to 
prevent Jojjnny Ilawllngs getting across the 
pltito-iand-- the score waSx evened. 

The v^ltrfi-s r'-" r , ., ,,, jj,g -jjj^^ 

iij to left for. two bags. . J^jijies flew out 
;i) Morrltt. t-chartvwaber was safe. , I,,ewis 
hit, scoring Kipp::rt. IJIoran. rp.iurnod to 
work then. and gave Clark a pas,^. K:-!lar 
earned applause then with a fine double 
tagging Clark on the line on Brinker's tap 
and doubling the baiter at .first. /- 

The umpire Incensed the iatherlng more 
In the third, wh-.n he ad.dod to his mellow 
a(;clslon.s the banishment of Kaufman from 
the«cr.uch line. Assisted by Umpire Moran 
tho Bcavors f;'tl< ned the scorf by/ tow 
JJennett was given a walk. I.irashear hll' hunted safe, and filled the bags' 
iMPPorl hit, sporlng a couple, and Snharn- 
wc.ber.15 hit cleanfcl ,up, bringing In iw.. 
m';ire. * 

OnP MV.., ,> , ri'M.Ml l,v cl,.. vl- .■ 

the rirtli. lty,y.i:n. scoring, folUnving l,is 
trlnle-sacker. on Bennotfs snorlflpa fly 

The ^■eature of .-the Beavers' half of ' the 
Blxth— the first that was scoreless— was a 
rtouhl... play by n-wilrifr^' ratoh of Sch-«rp- 
«-b.'r', hit, f>^:.h,. :. ..„ ,iM,ng back tp 

(>noo agH!(i Moi-dn i.iiust>d a concert of 

e-rs fn th,. ,|xt1,. ^,,^,1, y„j,e and K;.w- 

Hnurs Ml in succpssion, fillinK the b'lp-' 

.St. ,1111, fll.d'ovit to left, .nd Wn„a ran.;; 

home on tho throw. Koran held that he 

I'fr^'^ .""'"'■'' '^^ l"i>l ^v•as cnught .ind 

^rrlJL'kV" "?i '''■'"' "•''• "'" '«'^«^ "^OUPI" 
Blrmidt.d nri llio bag.R. \ 

In the flKhth the fioaver;. mrdo It twolvo 
frisk h ft ati.I .tolo: iCI,,,.,.,-, hU; .r,„n„.,; 
out t^vanrrfd th,-n. ami , SoharnweUc's ta-, 
scorM, Frl,,k.- Th^v >i,ado lt,thlrteo„ n 
Vr "^"'^ ^-h'^n Bf-nnett's long' drivo scored 
Hr^U^ ' '"' ''*'^' been Rlvpn a 

wnlkfd. Kollrr MnRled „nd FrL-n-- M- 
homo run. scoring both In from 

The nfflrlnl log foHows: 

Brlnker, rf. 

riennrtt. '_'h ■; 

Tlrnshenr, 1 h - 

KriRk, rf -, 

ICInP'^rl, If. .'.'.' I 

.TTmo..!, 31,. ,j 

.Sehnrnwcber, .« ,« 

Tjewls, c I 

Clarke, p. ■; 


Score by Innings: ' 

Spokane .-. .,.,... 2 0—4 
Tacoma 2 — 2 

Summary: Stolen basos — Myers (3), 
Cooney. Abbott. Two-base hits — Melcholr, 
Gordon, Nlll. Throe-base hit — Johnson. 
Sacrifice hll — Crittenden. Pitchers' record 
— 6 hits and " runs off Leonard In 6 2-8 
innings. Struck jp-ut — Ily Hnyoa, ■2; by 

lo tnira on a wild pitch, with two down """"»=■ oirucK j9.ui — iiy .no.vob, ■2; by 
Clark wouldn't take a chalice with McfTc^'"''^'' ""■'"''• ^' ^^ Oordon, 3. Basesi on halls- 
then, and ptirp.i.scjly walked him. Then th.5 *^" Leonard, 3; off Gordon, 4. Hit by 
big oatcher .starttid leisurely for second P'tched ball— Hunt, Lynch. I.,eonard. Time 


of gamt 

-J. 30. Umpire— Toman. 



POnTt-AND, Ore.. June 24.— Krrors by 
Portland were responsible for .Seattle's-^'vlc- 
tory. Fullerton pitched a good game, keep- 
ing hits gi.fVn-ally well scattered. Score: 


.Shaw. 21. 

Rnytnond; s.s. . 

Strait, l.f 

Chick, 3b 

Moran, r.f 

Mann, c.f. ..... 

Brooks, lb 

Whaling, c 

Fullerton, p. ... 

A.B. R. H. P.O. A. E. 




1 1 

\'ANCOtJVER, June 28.— Hyland, tiio 
New Westminster home pla.ver, who 
appiia.ri'd fur tiif first time with the 
.Salnionl)t'l!ic-.s UiSt Saturda.v af'ttrncicin, 
hi's l.i-fii Buspemicd for the h<ilitlay 
girno i>.\- tho Lacrosse CcAiimlsslon fjjr 
uKiiig fdul laniiuaso to the referee. Ky- 
laud knockcKl out Cory Hessu.the Van- 
cuuvor KoaJtfciKlor, and was i>tVnit!l2ed. 
He used a little wordy arirunient with 
the official, and the choice of words 
was not a,ppre«iateiU \ylth the result 
that hij was reiwrted to tlie commis- 

"BQtJi 'Ji£i> J*rdlne aoi'd nayself are 
as one on §ft(|^-j|»«aUon of fotil lan- 
guage," i\e<)y!l^m^r>.:J- 'ii. Senkiw last 
evening. "Ponl fenguase ts not per- 
mitted in league baaeball and there is 
no occasion far It on the, lacrosse field. 
Many ladles and chlUJcen attond -theab 
games and we ftrb <ietermliw<i to Jteep' 
them clean. ■ In the fixture wben a 
pi lypj- usejs 'l?a,<j ,I..*i)«rita«#:,^we *ill 4eal 
^van jjiore aeverely wUb Jjlm. and It 
is probable that w«t »^',4^1bs hUn 
from the «»mf ifor, ih^ »«Mi^Qf tto? 
season." ; 

Xho eom w alaetoo hag ' Tl B CiM e d to ap- 
polnt Me«sr». Alex Tur»bull and H. P. 
Latham to retferee Mobitlay's- game. 

Jonaa Is Oonffdent 
— Cftn-_Joiif,s ^fixpi'ijssjcd iUmaolt- Jagt 
night ae confident, of winning J*e big 
holiday 'game, in fact thero''l8 not 
the slightest doubt that the champions 
will put forth the most tremendous ef- 
fort yet'r^rded to defeat" the Salmon- 
bellies, as the winning of it ■ by 
tho latter will place thern ii, Dost 
solid position. With "Newsy " l^alonde, 
"J''ld" Cummins and "Bones" AUeh In 
the game — and It Is practicajly decld^ 
that these players will line up when 
the whistle blov,'s at Recreation park 
on Monday— the Greenshirts should oe 
strengthened both on the home and tlie 

"Newsy is a sure thing for Monday's 
game," said Con Jones last night. "U'e 
have been' nursing him up for 'the 
match, and although he has not 'been 
doing much work on the regular prec- 
tlce line up, he has been getting Into 
good trim. I have had a specia; steel- 
cased elbow guard made for L,alonde to 
protect his arm. whieh Ip still a little 
tender, and I think that ho will do all 

Laloffde will probably play outaldr 
home, McDougall diToi^ing out to make 
place for him. Who wiU make way for 
Allen has not yet been deplded upon. 
'Fid* Cummins has been making good 
In practice, and he %vil probably go on 
at first defence with Pickering and Ion 
before him. This move should ennure 
a better working defence. 

Nick Carter is tho one man on tlie 
Vancouver home deserving of unquali- 
fied praise. When Vancouver defeated 
the'Redahirts tr^on the Fraaer in the 
second gain e of the season, it was Car- 
ter who covered himsi-lC Avltli glory, 
and throughout the team's rerent ad- 
versaries Nick ha-s played the game. 
He has an Inj^omltable spirit, which 
does not even waver at a 6 or 7 to 1 
score. He keeps on going to the end 
of the chapter, and if the remainder 


, Who Will niii„ln the 800, 1,600 
aud 6:000 mAra cventH at^i^ thA 

1.600 metre relay iwcM '. ftt the 
Olyri^plc game9. 

Dotriinion Day'.s athletic feature in 
Victoria undoubtedly will be the held 
sporta arranged to take place at Oak 
Hay under the auspices of the St. An- 
drew's and Caledonian societies. On-e of 
the mo.Mt coiiiprelierisivc prognammes 
ever undertaken by ttiat orsaiiizallon 
lias been ai'.oounced. Prlze.'s a.irsrcgatine 
in the nelghborliooJ of $1,OOU In value 
are being offered. It is assured that 
there will be a large number of ontrlea 
In both the open and the association 
events. Besides the ftthletlc contests 
there are the dancinsf, bagpipe, and cos- 
tume contests, all of which are attract- considerable attention. The ofHeiiii,' 
expect that there will be a r«cord bre:iii- 
IQS «i^t«i|tezioe., ~' 
;,''■; '"'"'iV -iJKalnlana lBvad«r«-,, 
:' Tt|(^t'' .'-^ meet is creatiaf /'JpnsaVDl' 
interest I'm sh^ws by ti^o following, 
which is tal^Sh from the Vancouver 

"A big contingent of track end field 
cracks will go from the Vancouver 
Athletic club to Victoria for the Cal- 
edonian games on Dominion Day and 

Massey-Hanis Haying Machinery 


ers, &c 

See UB regarding prlce.s 
and other information. 

E. G. PRIOR & Co., Ltd., Ly. 

Tlctoirla Vancouver 


of the home r iiid hud his cour- 

age in last S;i game the result 

might have been different. V^'ith L«a- 
londe, Allen and Carter in the van of 
the attacking line on tho holiday, the 
Westminster defence should be kept 
pretty busy. 



Hanalnio .-ad Victoria rioVuuu Piuy on 

Parmer's GrouuflB — Vancouver 

Coming Domiaion Day 

Totals 30 3 

Portland— A.D. It. 

Mensor. c.f 3 j 

Fries, r.f 4 

Ciuickshank, l.f. ..,.'! 

Williams, lb I II 

Moore, c 1 u 

McDowell; 2b 4 

Kibble. 8h. 
CoUrln. s.s. 
Uot.v. p 




H. P.O. A. E. 


'li'tala 3;t l ;i 

Score by InnlhgH: 

Pctttllp 01 1 1 — 3 

Hortland 1 1 — 1 

Sunumry: Struck out — l!y Doty, 4; hy 
Fun<.rton. (1. n«.«ies on halls— Off Fullorton. 
■I. T\vo-bfl«n hits — .Moore. Whaling. S5anrl- 
flo... hltis — Mnymnnd. ('•|-\i|i-U.^Imnk. Stolon 
h!if!PH--Mons')r, Chlok. Mornn. Moore. Mann. 
Shaw, Hit hy pitched ball — Chirk. Wild 
pitob— Doty. Time of game — 2 hour.<!. Um- 
pire—Van Haltren. 

.\ n U, fit*,' P.O. A. 












Tohp. ,<ib, 
Rawllnffg. B s 

Kf-nnedy, c r i 

Ptadllle, l.f . . . .A 

\ Meek, c ^ 

Werd. lb I 

Kellnr, 2b. . . , i 
Merrltt, If, nnd r 

Frlene, r.f i 

Narvoaon, p , , . % 

, 3:i 1.1 

A.n, It, 

. 4 I 

4 2 

'- i'7 1,-! 
H. P.O. A, 

I 1 




. 3 1 2 4 1 r. n I I 

.31000 003 

bBses — Ilennft. Itaw- 

Pacrlflce fly— Bonnatl. 

f otnls 
Score hy Innings 


Victor!* ^ 

Summary: Stolen 

llngfs («), M*.J,. •• . , ... , ,„^, 

Two-base hits— K Ipperl, .■^Vharnweb'-r, Hen 
rtetf. Three-basp hits— Brinkfr. Home 

runs — Clarke, Frisk, Frlen- Double pinys 
—- Klpport to Jamts, liennett to .Schirn- 
waber to rtrashear; K«"llar to Woed ; I;iiw- 
MnKs to Weed; K»!l«r unnsslKled; Keltiir to 
.Rawllngs. Ktrurk out—By Clarke. 2; by 
Narveson, S. Ha»«« on balU — «Jff Clark", 
«i off Narveson. 7, Hit hy pitrher— Lewis 
by Narvc-on: Hmwllngs and VVlene hy 
Clarke. Wild pltr-hp.B—NBrveson, niarke 
<l). Tlhie of game— 2 hour*. UmpI 
siorAn. . 



Popular ZiOoKl Organization Haa riT* 
Courts ou Hlllalde Avann* 

The opening of the Burlftith Tennis 
Cluh for the season 1912 took place on 
Wodnosday last at the club's new 
qiinrters on Hillside ave. Four dou'Dle 
clay courts have just been completed. 
The former lawns were located at the 
Gorge. At an early date a club toutn- 
nment will be held. The ocvmmittee 
wi>iil(i he pleaxed to Arrange Inter-club 
mntohes with any other clubs in the 
elty. At a recent meeting of the mem- 
bers the following officers were elected 
for the .year 1:112: President, H. Mc- 
Connell; vice-president, W. Blake; 
secretary -treasurer. Miss F. Corder. 

The .Sons of St. CoorK* erloket club 
will visit Duncan on 'Dominion Day to 
play the Cowlchan eleven. About twenty- 
five of the orjtantration's supporters will 
accompany lh« party. Two of the let- 
ter have promised, to present b^ts to 
the players who succeed in scoring 
fifty runs. A ball Is to be prekented the 
man who accompllahea th»» hat trick* 
Thl.«i is taken by the playera as indicat- 
ing the rlirht spirit and they arc ex. 
p«ct«d to make «n excellent showing. 


Who win run «i Stockholm In the 
B.MO and 10,000 metra ovcntci ai}t| fp 
the Marathon. 

Today's Fixtaraa 

Beacon Hill, at 10 a.m.-r-Alblon V«. 
Burrard (Vancouver). 

Jubilee Hospital, at 2 p.m.— rVlctorla 
"B" vs. Albion. 

UnJtverslty School^ at 2 p.m.— Bach- 
elors vs. OertTBay. 

NanalrmA^'analmo e: Ci vS. Victoria 

"A" ^ ; \: ■ ,. /■ ; :■ 

Work Point Barracks— «aanlch vs. 

Monday, July igt. 

Beacon Hill, at lO a.m.— Albibn vs, 

^ .rubilee Hospital, at 10 a.m.— Victoria 
"B" vs. Vancouver <'B." 

Vancouver— Victoria "A" v,a. Vancou- 
ver C.C. 

The persoimel, of the various team.s 
follows: - 

Burrard CC-— Messrs. Twynam, Mc- 
Laren, Killlck, Dwelley, V. Smith, Mur- 
ray, BuUen, lv:.,n.v, Durrant, Bell and 

.AlKf,.n C,C' — J. Jdleas. Ycapt.), II. .v 

Yeomiin. i:, -a- Tsmay, M. .II. Pegler, D. 

''''•''^'■''" ■• '^ ' •' ■ -'^on, T.- A. Dark^.. B. 

.iimUuiarcii, 11, .), Kirkham, O. Wilson 

: IMld.R. White. "* 

' Victoria "B"— J. }i. Horton -foapt.), 

A Maclean, A, C. U. Gray. E. A, Uun-' 

"1, H. A.' CJoward. . rhomson, I'. 

Reeves. VrV y.. U j iUlngton., C. 

irtin, R. Stuart and P. D. Morrison. 

Albion C.C.—T, H Trimeii (capv.), A. 

' Hayely, A- .1 i ,v<..ll, a Kol.^all. 

•' Hpaln. D. M. Giant, K. Parson.^ .vl. 

'■■ Uoyd, J. Mitchell, J.' W. Amhor and 

xM. Ijupton. 

'vik .Pay '-,C— H, i: lu^.,:^ i^ipt.), 

'■' '' '' " • ■- I'- \V. .Schwengers, A.: 

'' ^^- ''■"•' '' '•' iilandy, VV. Barclay. 
'' ''^' >i'i" ■ mturlce, J. A. Greun- 

iiiii, iJoipn ana W. W. Foster. 

V.C.C. "A."-Xanaimo team— L. S. \^ 
Vo_rk (napt..), J. \V, D. -^iirk, J. 71. (jD- 
I''spie, .L. }.i. Maior. T. Vl. l ,f.,ii,ai^l, n. 
•'•• H,;|, T. .1-;. ■J:in.i r, j |l. Crey, F. 
■I. Mar.sli(Ul abd . U. .\:-;iiiir 

Team leaves '9 a.m. thi,s nio--„jn- v,,l 
I', iK, ;\, railway. 

^'. :■.'.'. "A"-VanC01i ,i 1 (.;i.ii i.,, ,s. \-. 

Vork (capt.), J. W. i,.". Vork. J. H. Gil- 
lespie, L. il. Major. T. R. 'Leonard, H. 
A, Hell, F. Oalliher, RaV. H. A. ColllSon, 

1''. .r. MarKh.iU. G-. r, Grant :iV!,] n 

All dnj- S'lnic at V;inc,.ii, vi'r on .\Inii- 
0;i>, July ist. 

V.C.C. "B"— .1. H. llorton tcapt,). C. 
MartliH T. K. Tanner, A. C. H. tilray, 
J, fl. Grey, 15. A. Duncan; F. W. Reeves, 
I', D. Morrison, W, P. L, T'llklnstou, H," 
Stiuirt and A, V\'! ;•, jr, 

Saanlch C.C ~V. Llttlo, 11. Little, H. 
Allen, n, II. f'nl.)n, X, V/Ukln.-.on, Rev' 
H. A. Goliii^en, L. Dunn, T. A. .Nicholson, 
A.»N. Xlcholnon, C. Tliomaa and ftn,niier. 

The Iflsquimal-. :ind Laneford cluhs 
arc playin,' a frlendiy gatDC on the 
Lanffford Krounds this afternoon at '2 

Old Country Crlckot 

• I>ONI>!.)N. June 25i, -In their match 
wfth the Austra liana, F-ssex" took their 
senrc to 4ai iiufore being , dismissed. ,T 
\y. T. Douglos and P. Perrin ci-niid.te- 
ly s.maRhod the Austr.illan bowling, 
ni.'Aklnif 129 and 104 rogppctjvely. ]/ 
L. Fane fallid h.\ two of eomplellng 
hi.s lOti, lieing di.-mlHBod. after a splon- 
(ild Innings for 98. The Australians, on 
going Jfj this .afternoon, started off 
disastrously, four wickets being down 
with only 77 runs re.^ 

Chun* Vostpoiiea ' 
|t is announced that the Intermediate 
laeroaae |n#t<:h. which was tO have been 
played between ^ho Vlctorln West and 
Hldney iflamx at th« Sidney Athletic 
club's grounds, has been pdatponed. 

tho tr gn thB w ' lnygfl v tUHUi win ue any 
Qunc GllUa and Franlc McConnell, the 
stars Of the squad, the club experts to 
annex quite a few of the tr,ophies whleh 
have_been hung up for 'competition. 
A^iong the members of the team will 
be Bert I>aVldE%n, who wlU enter tho 
sprints; Norman DUlabough; who -will 
go in the sprints ind Juinps; Wlil 
Chandler, who will run Ih the one and 
three-mile events; F. Mitchell, who will 
start in the sprints and jumps; I/E-k- 
gatt. another sprinter of promise: Dodd, 
a (luarter-milor who has been showing 
good form In the absence of ,Tom 
Gallon should win, and possibly Archie 
McDlarmld, who will enter in the 
wei,i.;hts, broad jump, hundred-^ard 
handicap, ariti will be»a strong candidate 
for the all-round honors. 

"Tho Vancouver Athletic club has 
made a great record so far this -see- 
son, having won every meet In which 
they have entered their team and Secre- 
tary Bob Scragg is very confldent that 
the club representatives will win at Vic- 

The Open Events 
The open athletic virograuinie follows: 
One hundred yards dash. 100 yards 
handicap, 220 yards dash, 220 yards 
(under 18), 440 yards race, one mile 
race, one mile handicap, three mile race, 
seek, race, novelty obstacle race, walk- 
ing match— 3 miles, one mile bicycle 
race, three mile bicycle race, running 
hlKh jump, running- broad jump, ppttlnj? 
the shot, throwlnfi- 16-pound hammer, 
tossing the vaber, pillow llsht, (luoitln^ 
competition, one mile relay (four men 
to team, each man to run 440 yards), 
wrestling — "Cateh-as-catch-can" (mld- 
dlc-weighl ), wrestling — "Catoh-aa-catch- 
can" (heavy-weight), tug of w,ar con- 
test (seven men to team), flve-a-side 
ft'Otball toiirnn,uient. 

Qthar Contests 

'Vhc other events follow: 
Dancing (Open) 

1. Highland Fiing, l>oy.s and girls 16 
yoar.s and under. 

2. Highland Fling^. adults. 

.1. Irish Jig, boys and glrl.s 16 years 
and under. 

4. Sword dance. 

5. Reel O'Tulloch. 

U. rilghland dance, girls under 10. 

Bagpipe Ooatast (Open) 
G. Marches. 

7, Slr,nf.h-Hpeys and reel.s, 

8. CompplUion for juveniles under 14 

CoBtame Competition (Open) 

0. Best dresard Highlander. 

10. Best <lrpssed boy in Highland cos- 

11. Dost ,»Tr~srd girl in Highland cos- 

Prizes for events Xos. 2, 4 and 5 will 
b<» given as follows: Ist, f7.50; 2nd, 
$5; 3rd, $3.50. For events Nos. 6 and 
V: lat, ?10; 2nd, 17.50? 3rd, $5. For 
event No. 9; $5. 

Prlzo,<5 for nil Juveulle evcnt-s will be 
published in ofhcial programme. 
Conflned Bvents 

1. 100 yard.s raep — Boy Scouts in uni- 


2. 100 yards dash — Members of B. C. 
Scottish societies. 

3. 220 yards dash — Members of B. C. 
Scottish .societies. 

4. Throwing 16-lb." harnmer, stiff 
I, !,ndlo— -Members of B. C. Scottish so- 

Other Svents 

1. Boys' race, 14 years and under. 

2. Girls' race, 14 ytjars and under. 

3. Single ladles' race. 

4. Married ::idles' race. 

-Xlck Williams is reported to have ac- 
fjiitred a new catcher in the person of 
Rocne, who was with Victoria part of 
last .season, and who has been catching 
fo" Contralia in tho M'a.ihington State 
League. He was secured on Hurler Ton- 
neson'a recommendation. 

Additional 8tM>rt on Paire 16. 


, fi,\MK IN «K.\TT1.E 

About one thousand stronjf the 
hasebnll fans of Victoria will leave 
by tho U, T. P. Tcs •leamT Prince 
fJeoruB at 9 o'clock tomorrow morn- 
Inn for Seattle, where they will see 
the last grame of the piesent serine 
hotween Victoria and Vancouver, The 
players of the two clubs will be 
among tho pasacnvers and arrange- 
meniB have been made with the 
company offlclale to have the vessel 
ruahed through to tho sound port In 
order to give everyone plenty of time 
to (prepare (for the v-onteet. The 
Fifth Regiment and St. Andrew'f 
Pipe hands will accompany the ex- 
curslonlets. The Prince Oeorge will 
leave on her return to this flty at 
mldnlgHt on Stmdsy. 

Knives, Razors arid Scissors 

^^H^ *=»!▼•* WithrWiitfl. ben^ or metal htmaies. Price from, eaeli 

?3.oo to ,-...., ..^^... .;%,%,., :i5c 

Sfdagon-^ouaehold or iBUinlcurlng schjuwyf. |*lces from, per pair $2,00 
ittj . .^|. i.,, ^;,, . ... .:^:. .... ^. .,^. . .,,^ o. . , ,^.^. .;..,, — ... . . . — .... ,^q^ 

n^toxm-y^itlfgf-m, K^ellwfB ai;4l Carbo-Jlttgnettc Prices from, eaich $2.-'.-i 
to . . . . , . . . i J . . .»...; .•..,.....'... J .... , . . .^ .^1,50 

Safety Razfofs 

Ever-Eeady Safety B^zovai^w^,^^,: ■j*:-.V.,^M, 

■Zf nkee Safety Sazorw—.-rriTri^rrfrtl'r.T., .... .— Trrr: , 

Magna Safety Eazors .'. .,. , . . .,.*•.;■. .'5i .', 

Gllette Safety Razors, $6.50, $5.60 and 

Anto Strop Kasovs. each $5.50 and 




..- ip.-»,00 

„ , ^ .■•...;..<...S5.(>o 

, Safety Easor Elados Be-sharpened. Prices: Double-edge- blades 35u per 
doisen, .shifc'le-edge blades 25c per dozen. 


920 Government Street 

Phone 817 





Phone L-183 1220 Broaci Street 

The Trials of Tennis 

Arising from broken racquet string.s, torn nets, soft lialls or 
badly marked courts, may all be obviated by a visit to 
COLLISTER'S. Let us help to make your game the fascin- 
ating; plea.sure it should be. 

Phone 663. 


Athletic Outfitter. 1321 Government Street. 

Xinmber, Sash and Score always hi stock. We specialize in arttsClo 
front doors, s|eained slush, grriln nr. and Howard's flush. 


Phone 77 

P. O. Box 363 


.-•i- ,ti.-.. ,.:i.U-<.' 



If You Wish To 
Spend a Nice 
Cool Afternoon 


The Arcade Bowling 
Ciub Rooms 

Pemberton B^fik Fort Street 

'" I |l l«—i SIB— — ilpiil-iii^i 


81B76-— Island Road. 40x193. 
il700 — .Saiotogfl Avenue, 60x120 
9140O — Byron Street, 60x120. 
9130tK — Bourchler Street, 60x120. 
fiaso— Bao street, 60x120. qJ 
fllOO— Cookman Street, 43x120. 
913fi0 — Cowan Street, 48x120. 

We will bo pleased to show you 
any of these lots. Call at once. 


738 Yates Street. 

■■Il l I . Ill Nil I ■ 

', '[jii i f a p 

Men and 

They usually have some 
sarcastic remarks to make 
on the subject, but when it 
comes to his own headgear, 
he's a foolish man who 
doesn't choose it. with care. 
It's good business to do so. 
See for yourself the style 
and material which we put 
into OUR Hats. Piices are 
lower, too. 

Victoria Hat Uterlii 



1^' I - ,t-;- ■'■.■.■*'■, 



Saturday, Jwna 29, lOli? 

75d yAT-fs sr. 

{yjlj^-^-^^J PHONE 1391 

The Little Things 

Which ijoull need for ijoiir ouliiif/ on Mondaif, and mhirli ijou 
will probahlij ouhj remcinber 

At the Last Moment 

Are here in abundnncc, and mc arc rcadij lo serve ijon unlil :,'}() 




For Gordon s 

Bnt prepare first bij reading, in your 
Sunday Colonist, wha$ hei are goiha to 


ur Julv Sale 


Gordons Ltcl., Victoria s Ideal Store 





Suppose You Have 
$100 Cash 

To put into a safe invcslnicnt. ^'ou intend that hnndn-fl in be a step to vour 
future prosperity, ^'ou v\ill be ratlier careful- where nou invest it. \ n\\ Will 
look for a safe buy where small amounts will ,£^row ra])idl}- and -nrelw ^'ou will 
look for real property, in a section with a big future, where a t'cw dujlars idanled 
now will hring forth many fold when development readies \(>u. 

\ ictoria is to l)e a big cit}-. This everyone concedes. There is but one dfrcc- 
ti-onln which it may expand. The map. will make this clear. .\ portion of this 
area is marked for immediate develoi>meni. '['he Saanirh sidinrban will do thi- 
COLLTXOWOOD is in the suburban brlt. 

Colling.wr)()d is a park, ft has the soil, the (h-ainagc. the beaut \-, the altri- 
1)Ute5 that give properly intrinsic value. vSide\yaIks \\il! not neerj to' be put 1 \\t) 
feet above the grotmd in Collingwood. It fronts on the best and most direct thor- 
oughfare between X'ictoria and Saanich. The vSuburban Electric ]>asses on one 
side and the \ ictoria and Sidney railroad on the other. The stations on both 
these lines are most convenient lo Collingwood. 


WE ASK — The terms are most attractive, deferred payments amounting to less 

$8.50 Per Month on a $350 Lot 

The lots are large, and range from $350 to $650. Motors to take you out at vour 


7.21 Yares Street, 

Phone 471 



rcnttnnrd Prum TaXP 3. 

I'linrluallty and" rt'Kiilarlty--Myrtlo 

Ii\irn,', Lillian Martin uniJ Charlie Juliii- 


Proivnted in orrlr-r of niiTlt--BiHh 
Sinip8on. HjTheri I laM . Gwi-ndolln 
.Snibbs, llPRlnakl Cooloy. .lulm Mofl'iit. 
F'.nrpncp WHti', Hi»li'n Muiiiiy. Cllfrniil 
lUI.I,' l.illlc Williams. AiKlnw Snilllii\ 
I'lon-nce Kcanon, ^al^(.l^".•* Poi'ter, GIhiI.nh 
'Yijft. XXrty ropna, ' Loulr.-j Knatnia::, 
.\lliin Krniii'r, Torriiilipl Hnrns. lOlmiT 

I Hiinu-. Klla Sliiu-son. Tyui UovvUunls, 
Itiissel PollOL-k. (Jiiarlle .loluiston, iJora 

[ .MIilioiiHf. Mllian Wllllainn, llfiii.s- 
I'liuk. Mll(ii,,l S|iiiiK«. I"ri-.l Fatt, 
UfttlllL .MaltlloWK, \\'lill ford .\i-Urnii;m, 
Gladys Gralmrn, It.i's Biirmti, hlUiiiU 
Martin, Goralil TTHvif<. \\\ry riinilcy 
and Myrtli! U-vlnur. 

Dluaion IV. 

I'nifiii (■[!.■> — .luini's .\l('l''adilen, 

1 '•■Ii'Tiiii-nl — "William Walls. 

I'laurtuallly lUul rcgulai-ity — Alnu't; 
Uyun. .r(•^<Hlt l)urnuin and Karl Pollock. 

I'ronioted In order of merit — Janu's 
.McKaddoii, .John Molnto.-^li. Ht-.-^.sle M1<1- 
dl<non, MarKnret Kasin, \\.<y Gll- 

' hrtst, Emc Spaldlns, Karl Howdall, 
William L.ey, Violet Cole. Oeort,-,- Cahlcr. 
c:ura I'rescbtt. WWlam Walls,, Myrtle 
PottJnger, WlUlam Ward, Inez Buck- 
nara. Cyrel. Godspn, Kathleen Siedham, 
Aimee Ryan, Desfnond Dowdall, Jeasle 
Dornian. Cecil Major, Karl Potl^t-k. 
Juraea Hlshet, Kenneth Brown; FraiJcSs 
Tfarvey, Lloyd Lu>V«rl4flr«. Alteo SS^jMl^ 
Wilfred Nloholii and Jessie Wlpterbume, 
Ret!oniraended-.Etftel AUeft, Ronald 
CruckBhank. Eleanor MoL«rinan. J-VlWel 
Rowlinaon and Beatrice Rowlinson. 

9lTlK}on v. 

PrraflnloniTit— Mmygla Ca 

m a r o a i 

Deportment — WlHlo Barker. 
Regularity and punctuality — Julia 
Ktnt and Harrj' Jamleson. 
Fromoted in order ol' merit'— Magrle 

CaTBeFSH, iiai^y" Jaralesoriv Hacly JfttJore,' 
Percy llolland, WlUle Barker. Victor 
Mtiyor. Emerson Smith, Harry Tttjrner, 
Kc-rtiatn Blyndell, Harry > WoflljWiBn. 

It be Folsqm, Bob Cameron, Ralpli 
.\Iackle, MarKarft Flndley, Frank 
Hunter, Harold Minckler, Hazel Ntwltt, 
:^Iarfrarct Ileaney, Beatrice Ivamb, AnnU; 
Ston and Julia Kent. 

Keconimerided-^Arthur Irwin, WIHlc- 

( 'icmo and Tom Macabe. 


DivlBion VI, 

Pronclency— William iiuraif Kyan. 
Deportment— AlarRaret Kvelyn Greig, 
Uejriiarlty and punctuality— Robert 
Wilfrid Hartley and Alexander Stewart 

Promoted tjsitsraer of merUr^^ 
r.yan. Hurry"; C6p|js, Dorlfl Croft and 
Wilfrid Hartley, (equal). Jack M^ldrAm, 
Lcland Damon, Fred Holmes, Rolanc! 
LcKsr; Isabel BUtpt. MarKttret Grelp, 
Alex. Mottat. Donuld Henderson. Mnr- 
Jorlf? Hale, Ciiarli'H St ! : :■;• 
I'orter, Kcnn'-tli Foot. l;. .;,,,( .i : ,,. 
den, Bonjamln Gawioy, Kvet>-n l^ewiH, 
Wallace Ward, Conatantine ChimRranea, 
Roy McConnfll, Frardf Biillns.slpy, Con- 
•siance Heyland, Janet Rabb. Pearl 
FteadlYiffs. Alice Ranns and Cecil Clarke, 

necommeniled — Bernal Morley, Olive 
WIlby, Eva .Vltkcn, Dolly Lan^ arid 
Befttjricef Ba^nsaw. 

: , '. 9ivislon VII. 

'■■■■fiWIIplency-i^Artliur i:rn..-^t I'.tv.-y. 

Deportment— karj' Preston. 

Rexuarlt.y— Glady* Rldont, t.lly WJd- 
dowson and Arthur HUhter. ' 

Promote* Tin order of merU^Erneiit 
Dt. V. y. WlUlam Hcaney, Marjor Ic, 
Frank Fl*tt.AVIlHam Gnrnham. Kdlth 
Hofr, Mary Jpfepton. lOufreno Worth. 
Tf-terBainbrldffe. Gladys Rldunt, Muriel 
Ayliaird, Lodona MnOonald, L.Uy Wl'l- 
dowson, Deanc Dickln.son. Brry 1 rorgn- 
son,; Floroncc 'Ward, Wiillftiu Hijchf't, 
Frnpst nidout. Frank Bnrtnn, William 
Bamford, Myra Ren\vl«lt. Margaret 
.Stewart. David Donaldson, Robert Mur- 
ray and E van-Danes. 

Recommended— Irene Babb. l^ura 
bce.s and nr.iislas ninrji,—-. 

DivfSton VIII. 

f'ronci<-ncy-— ,Iobn Uldd^dl. 

t>prorfmcnt — Leslie Ftirpuson. 

Rorularlty and punctuality — AA'illlani 
Allen, Jack Cook.Mloy. Cliesloy Iianr. 

Promotion ll.'^t In order of merit — 
.lohn Uj.klpll. William Fowler. Frederick 
Hcbinson, James Koy r.anlclls, William 
-Mien, Fraser MaejDouald (equal), Nairne 
I'laxton, .Stewart Galbraith. W-illiam 
White. HoM*rd W-ttson. Dorothy 
OanKm;. Arrnes Kwln^r, I'-red Woodier-, 
Marjofie Tripp. Walle,- Co-.-tc. ICdna 
Gold, .Sliolto ATnrQviatrlp. Wardo Brad- 
ley. .Marlon I'ameron and Xormaii I'att 
(fqiial). Yen u.i "Anderson and Ollvpr 
Maet^achlan (erpial). Irene Thom.son. 
Honald Nash, .)ame8 I'etric, .7ack Oioks- 
1' ;■ and Catliarlne Harlow. 

Kfeommonded — lOmnva Ko!is<-, :\rar- 
h rir CnthlKMl. Floren<'e Cole, Gwend- 
"Ifii I'ontll'ex and l''lorenre Clack. 
Domestic Science 

I'iploma.x were i)re«cnt.-d lo the fol- 
'"VvinK piipll.s: -DaKmar Bendrodl.. 
MeConnoIl ami Mai-«arot A. 

Deportment — Florence MarsATat Jr- 

"^ vlag. 

PuinluniUy uiid regularliy — Charles 
Wllliara Karnshaw, John Henry Wlilte- 


Division TZ. 

ITofieiency — Margaret Chaff.'y Mar- 
tin. , 

, Ueijurlment — liorolliy Kathleen .Sliep- 

UeKularlty and imnrtualfty— .fames | 
Kdwiird (^Jrmond. 

Division ra. 

Profielencj — MarKUcrite Loulne No- 

Deportment — Hii«i) llraden. 
Punctuality and regularity — Delia 

Promijtlon Xilsts 

Division X. 

PromolhiM.- to Smitli I'ark sehooi. In- 
termediate GrHile — i'Jrna Doronz. Gfo. 
.Mian, (.{race Garnliani, Crrace Wood. 
Myrtle .StImHon, Nora Belford, Kvelyn 
Ghrl.stle. Christopher Ferrlman, Bea- 
Irieo .Stubhs, .Uereditli Owen, .lack 
Birch. Daiiu Thomson, Rodcriea Wink- 
Ipr. Jean .Miutln, Ktlul r.eigli. Willie 
Oweii, Dadwcll Hartley, Alfred Kiims- 
hy, Muriel Marsliall. Teddy Fatt, Ber- 
nle Smith. Edfjur Owen. MaRRle Jam- 
leson, Fi-anees T-esg. Itobert I'orter. 
Jessie .Stewart, Mury Hljfhet, Klma 
Glide, James Glvens, Minnie I.eckey.' 
Dorothy Stewart, AUeen Aylward, Wil- 
lie Petersen. Phlneas Albabouse. Char- 
lie ^l|ls. b'tella BrIsKB, Llicjile Waddell, 
a«m«ir Hosf. JSorotJiy Cook. 

-■*■'• ■ mruAon yxt. 
Promoted to South Park, Intarme-. 
<}tk(« arade-^Haroid Ryan, Annie 
Bl«ck» Lilian Brooks, OHv© Lamb, 
Ruth MelviU*. Gladys Bowles. Mary 
Mrnckler. ,lRob«<:!t , ^Sf tarmouth;;^ Beirtram 
Curtis. Herbert 'Cfttdtiri'kugo Crulck- 
shank, Cecil Garner. Kvelyn Irvine. 
iNclIie Ja«ikaon, Evelyn£r, Andrew 
MoLachlan. Gordon Simpson^ Hector 

irvln*. Stanlsy PatHctc 




Manual Trahilnsr 



The' rollowinK received manual train- 
ing certilleateH: Cecil l.aundy, AVlilt- 
ftird .\ckerman, l.onlK Gorkc, George 
Winterhurn and Ray ClIlTord Burton. 


molls of Honor , 

Division X. 

General prnfl.-iency— Krna Kopenz. 

lieporlment—.MarKarel .ramieson. 

IteKiiinrily and punrtiiallty— Wm. 
Unvld Owen, Meredith Owen. lOdRar 
Uobcrt John i^\^■^■u. 

Division IX. 

I'roflcleney— Thomas Harold Ed- 
\vard Ryan. 

Ocporlmenl — Annie Black. 

liegnlarlfy and piinelnallty — Harold 
Hynn, r:e;;flnMld Owen. Victoria. Morry, 
Rita Amelia Kelly. 

Division ZZX. 

Proficiency — OKareta Kva Orml.<.ton. 
"^)eportment — Frncit Lionel I^orenx. 

HeKularlty and punctuaitty — Joseph 
Roland Gosse. 

IMvlsiOB XT. 

Proficiency — KlKle Kmnui .Smith. 

De^iortment— Kvelyn Lillian Barlow. 

Punctuality and rcKulai'lty— Marlon 
KIlM'beth Owen 

DlVlslOB Vi. 

Profielencj- -I »oroiliy Florence Ger- 
trude Wiittci'ljani, 

' ■ ;■ iKviiloi a.*' ' ~ .7~*""' 

PromotSftd from Division It t» vl|>n- 
*r«np9 Class — Nora Kvans; Harold 
Tallf,-* Lovel TurnbuH. Jack Crowther, 
Joyce Collins. Ethel Burton. . Beatrice 
Mai-Lennan. Gld(on Glrow, Flla Mc- 
Gregor, Kdmund Kee. Bertella Stew- 
art, Blford McKiol, tErln Collins. Lijixie 
Gardiner, Bes.sis MacDonald, Alice 

rroflciency — Nora Evsns. 

Deportment — Bealrlee MacI.ennan. 

Functuality and regiilarlt.\ — Level 
Turn bull. 

* Dl via Ion HI. 

Intermediate Grade to .Sentor Grade — 
Harry Hill, France*.! JIamllton, Dorotiiy 
Thompson, Bobbie .M.Burnle. Annie 
moven. Jack Lucas, Jack nHrm-s. Percy 
Clunk. Jeaule .Smith, Gordon. Youn;u. 
Edgar Morri8<yn, Annie Gib.^on, I.-'ahel 
JBurne'S.Si May Jenkins, Nettle Brindlc. 
George Pllfrrim. Jot abake.>^i>earc. Fred. 
Wood, Nom Allen. Leonard Fisher. May 
Tripp, Winnie Painter. Clurlbel Ci-ow- 
ther. George Tripp, Dorothy Fl.-<l,er, 
Frances D.ivlcs. Nellie' Carey^ Madeline 

Proficiency— -'-Han V Hill. 
Conduct^ — Annie Steven. 
~ 'Altendanee — Isabel Burne.KS. Clarlhrl 
Crowther, George Pilgrim. , ' 
Division IV. 
Junior Jntermedl'ite to .Senior Intcr- 
medi.ite— Lyall*Blan.l, Jack .M<>.Vau^;ht, 
Gladys Brindle. .Vlhcrt .\Ul<en/.ie, 
Montlp .McLaren. Irene, .Vrmslronsr. 
Ernest Wlncn, Edith TrenDcith, Roberta 
Peatt, Ivan Wilson, Frank IlehUcrger, 
Maude McJ.,afen. Muriel Tolputt, IVrey 
Trowedale, David .Stewart. Karle Rut- 
i ledge. Norah Kearsley. Robert Lee, Klla 
I Evans. Margaret Jonefi, Beryl Gnni- 
mctt. Hilda Trenberth. l,ewis Smith. 
Gludys Trenberth... I^Yed Pophani. Vim 
.Martin, J'lanh .Setteringlon. Stanlec 
Pomeroy, J i„puj(Ja.s Copllliorno, Georgioji. 
Corkle, Violet Harper, Doris Rlgl-y, 
J^es IClrk. Desmond Collin.o. 
.Deportment— Edith Trenberth. 
Punetnality and regunrity — Percy 

I'rol'iclcncy — John ,M( .VauR-lU. 

Division V. 
I'ronioiod from the .See^uid Reader to i 
Tliird Reader — lOllzabetii Gib.>><.n. We.s- j 
ton Baldwin, Violet Olilwen, Klizabetn I 
Tinnhull, Rox"y Donnelly. BentrU c j 
Hteiihens, .Vdele .lohii.ston, Oliver Clunk. ' 
Gordon .Stewart. Hairy Walker. Cecil I 
.SrepheuK, Dorothy Felling. William | 
Cains, Loma .Mal.j., Oliver .Sommervllle, 
Harry bmitli. Charlen F.ngUsh, Kthel 
Fainter. Beatrice McDonald. Dorothy 
Chrl.stopiier. Ocrtrudc VRinnelly. ruh 
nnldwin. Willie Redding. Fearl Laxton. 
Edward Hilt, Uaymond .Starrott. Hugh 
O'Xell, Annie SalLsbury. Thomas Park, 
-Mvin.a Armltagp, ICdward McDmald. 
.Mice Bardfilex-, Edwin Young. Amy 

Deport mint- Beatrice Stephens, 
•rroflciency — Kli'/.a tielh Glhsnn. 
Regnlarltj and punctuality — KU,:- 
abeth Turnbnll. Loma .Mable. 
Division VI. 
From First Iteader to Second Reader 
— Douglas .\ndrew Park, lOdward .Stew- 
arl, Eflna iildei«haw, Alice Wood. 
James Falrall, Evprj,iril .fordan, Mar- 
garet Eni-.<jr, VlultH Gardiner, Alotta 
Laurie, Mildred Pearson. Marjorle CoDy, 
Anna .\ndcrson. Willie McCarrlson, 
I'Mgar \\'ade. Maldliv .Adams, .lack 
I'ater.'ion. Kenneth Cains. Willie Jen- 
kins. Rachel Daniels. Sarah McKell. 
lOilmiinil Collins, Krlward Creech. Mar- 
garet Slewarl. BcHy Paterson, Grai^e 
Richardson. Francis Ruttan, Munroe 
l''islH r. John '.Vrmltage. .Tanet Stewart, 
Verne Bond. Rex Steele, Frank Gold. 
Jean Reddln^'"Be*8le .Standi. Elinor 
Swain. Wari^Crossman. Rox Bspostte, 
Dnn McDonald, Mary Clyde, Marie 
Kehhorger. Frank Costln. 

ITofieiency — Douglas Andrew Park 
r>eportment — Edmund Wesley Collins. 
Regularity and ptinctuality — Aletta 
Bel),, Laurie, Jean Janet Reddtnr 
MwMon Tn. 
Promoted from First • Reader to 
Second Reader — William Hicffa, Clirla- 
topher Stewart. Kathleen Roach, ^llary 
Stewart, Stanley Tlnrliah, Victoria 
Barnhart, Hilda 0«rman. fnuMif Ca|Mt' 
harne. Bertie Martin, ,Hclgk, i|l^«)k^n, 
Cecil Gold. Olalfit W««ht«f, .l|«QI« 
Kearnsley, Afntn Tan|bti|]. tl^Hlterd 
Cari^y, L«aretta BaUlirln, S«i^t|nbMi 
Harvey, ai%dftt«ll« Peftt^ M|ty . lttte« 
kensls. ' 

Proficiency— WfHhMn Htflpi. 
Depoi-tment— K4tin««n Ildanplt. 
Recularltr and punenmrtf*if.-.-ir«>aiute 
North. , ; 

ProTrtated from, ilerond iMNkM*, ,M 

Too Late to 


Annandale la selling rapidly: It yeu 
have not ir.>n It eall i>r plume herf, 
and We will lake yuu to xcii ilila 
l)«auilful auljUivlaloii, urid i oiii.niil»:r 
every |>uii'haaei liaa a i-liaiue In 
««-l an Ill.ftOO 'iiiriic rii-'f. Irifi.- Ki u 
ciiil.v H ehuneeii In nil; Hriiliili <.-an- 
adlan Hoint, UulUlera, 31::-316 riay- 
»aid building: uhonc 103U. 

Field St. — Inside half mile circle. 
ii.i*xl2'i frlee |6,000. 'leii.ia 

third caali, balance «, 12. and IS 
months. The ln\<?alor who ,»c urea 
thla lot will double his nmiip.v. 
BrltUh Canaillun H(imc IlulhH-iit. 
312-315 .SaywiM-d Hldg. ; phone luao. 

^'aucuuvrr H\. — Belwfen Bay strrei 
and Klnjr's road, beaiitirul lnod<^rn 
«-roomed house, with ev«ry eon- 
\enlenc<?, dhilMK-rooiii. brenkrast 
room and hall panelled and 
beamed, opwa ifreiilai?, sleeping 
poreh and four bedronnis. This la 
In %-inlle circle; prteo i(J300;' 
IISUO cash. baluncB airnnge. \^t 
US show you this. Hrlilsh Cana- 
dian Home lluUdera. .11J-31S Hay- 
ward BIdg. I'hone 1030. 

\le(orl« Weht — We have 100 ft.x331 
rt on Wilson St.. *i'(>f acre In all 
with good l-roomed hnuue jum 
outside city limits. Frko $3U00; 
tcrnia JIOOO cash, balance arrange. 
Rrltlsli Canadian Home Builders. 
SK'-alo .Say ward BIdg. Fhone 
1030. ,-. r 

Brooke St.— 2 Ijeauliful level loU, 80 
.\tyo • each, facing south; would 
make a splendid alte tor 3 houaca. 
Price J15&0 each; icrma 1-8 -cash, 
balance «, 1- and 18 rnqoths. Brli- 
iah-Canadian ilume Builder*, 813- 
HlS.^Sa ywsjd BIdg.; pbone 1030. 

Byrun Ht, Oak Bay— >4'roomed house. 
Including dining room, kitchen, a, 
bedrooms, pantry and bathroom. 
Price Ili.SOO, Teim» third cash, 
balance arrange. OtrltUlJ CattadJaji 
Home Builder*, .»iai-«M a«rwara 
Bldg. ; phone 1030. ' 




Geary Street, above Uoion Sqiure 
European Plan $1.60 a day up 
American Plan $3.00 a day up 
New steel and brick structurB, 
Every comfort and convenience. 
A high, class hotel at very moderate 
rates* In the center of theatre and 
retail distnct. On car lines trans- 
ferring to all parts of city. Electric 
omnibus meets all txaina and 


Vlclorfn Weat Trackage — 105 feet on 

E. & ft. by 100 feet on street In- 
side pity limits. This 1» an Ideal 
location for ^tory or warehouse. 
Price »12.«00, Terms third c«*h, 

Home Bulidiers. nirZU Saarward 
Bldr.; phone loso. . '^ T^T 

MolorlH West Tra.kBse— 4 7 6 on 

sti.<t by 'jny.^ „„ J.; .^. _v. Let us 
show yuu ihla property. Revenue 
Droducing, , British Canadian Homo 
Builders. • ai^-315 Saywartl hi^k 

phone 1030. 

bound Iiivr^tmenf -Purcba-o shares 
In UrllUh Canadhui Homo Bulld- 
e.c, I, Id.. While you c.-in at Jl.ia 
per-anare. In addition lo proilia 
Iroin our bulldlnu department the 
l.eal Estate and Inauraiuie depart- 
ments contribute to the dividends 
on Home Builders .ihaias. Send 
for proipectus It will Interost .you. 

Uon't /orget to call for free Indexed 
ilap of Citr. 


'Pii he .siilii at H rati: on tilt dollar. 

SlTiOii iiiortffafire of 



■ Address otters to 

The Bell Development 


Pembcrtoa aXocJc, Victoria, B. c. 
PhOrft J801. 

Phoue ThV-^'^^^'' 

Belsize Motor 


For quick delivery. .C^^i&^z 
.Ra.y-aiid Gadboro^Stagpe^. 1 

Picnics, and fishing parties 
catered for. 

Bels ze Motor Express 

p. O. Bo.v H2 City 

Phone 1170 


R*al Estate n^partmnnt.* 

Menibera Victoria Real Kstats Et- 


Acentf.:. Ro.rnl InKiirnnrn Company. 

Third Floor. Suyward bldg. 

Phone 1030. 

Krnpst Kennedy, 

Managing Director. 

Salt Spring 

^^'atcrl'nlntap:e residential 
j)r(ii)crty. f.'irnis and acreage. 

^500 PER ACRE 

Gavin C. Mona 


■-\. 11^ 1 . ^i\' 1^^^, 


W'c arc pmiin.ef a .subdivi.sion r^n the market, con- 
si.sHiiig- of 15 of the clioiccsl lots in the district — 

On Terms of \4 Cash 
Balance 1 , 2, 3 Years 

There can l)e no question a.s to the future of Esqtfi- 
maltand especially Vtf waterfrontage. 

This Property Is at the 
-^ Foot of 



See m rt|^t awA^||pr|iai>»rtSciite^ 

/ ,- 

4 ,- K -I 








Saturday, June 29, 1912 






Every one of the lots advertised liclow are pood 
buying at tlie price asked. If you are looking for 
profitable investments, it will pay you to see them 
before you buy. ; _;,: . , ;■ :, 

KATHERINE ST., OAK BAY--Terms, one-third 
easily, b^iai^ce 6; ^2, i8 months. An excellent buy 
^.V.^...... ^950 


Splendid corner, in rapidly developing section. 
'-'ferims, one-third cash, balance 6, 12, 18 months. 
Worth investigation at $3,500 

PORTAGE. INLET— Waterfront lot, 50x175— 

. jS^ptWng left as che^p as this. W^ould make splen- 

did camping or summer homesite — snap at $1,400 

HOLLYWOOD CRESCENT— Big waterfront. For 
a few days only we can deliver beautiful watef- 
iront on ^Hollywood Crescent, paved streets and 
all: <JottVemences. A splendid building site. One- 
third cash, balance 6, 12, 18 months. Price $2,550 



vm t j.j w . ' . ' .^ ' — ■' „ 

Interior Work of Victoria *a NewHome of the Drama 


Island Investment 





PHONE 1494. 

Branch Office, 431 Homer St., Vancouver, B, C. 
■ ■- A^eiits Pacific 0d»^t'Fii^ i|^*tii*airietC^*- 



"I Wish I Had Bought 
in Panama 



Three months from today several people in \'ic- 
(oria arc ,2:oing to make that remark. By that date 
the price of Panama Park Jots will have increased at 
least 25 per cent. Here are the reasons: 

The new B. C, Electric line will be in running 

Several fine residences will be erected on the 

' Victoria residential property, whether inside 
or suburban, is due for a sharp advance in 
price during the next few months. 

buy in Panama Park. Though many sales are being 
made every da}-, there arc still several fine lots to 
choose from at the original prices. 

Every lot in Panama Park is a good one. ^'ou 
can"t make a mistake in selection. The investment is 
absolutely assured. A\'hat more can a-ou want? 

Don't wait until the subdivision is sold out and 
then be glad tn bu}- at the advanced rates. Let us 
take you out to the property today, 


$25 Cash, Balance $10 Per Month 
Lots from $250 to $400 

Regular motor service at your command, 
literature for the asking. 


Phoney: Office, 2559, Res. R3167. 318 Pemberton Blk. 

_ Wprk on the LtuiiainK whicli is to ri-plHc... t!ie old Vii loila ihfuirt>, aiul whUU will be one nf iive HneHt theatres 
o.; tho Cpntlnent, win commeme shqrUy on the site on the southeast eorniir of Blaiichard and Broughton streets. " 




Deacon, Irert 

Contlnned Ftoih I'ukc 10. peatler— Yvonne NoftKT' Esther 
.Steven!5. ivi«-- Toinott, Doris Blesmore, 

Shenk, Ruth Tripp, 

ii]i«, Knsene Pearson, Karl 

Xorennp Bm-nhnrt, Goorge 

ICileen w m 1 1 - Stephen 

to First 

Haiscl Hii' 
Gilbert l"* 

Division vm 

Pass l-iHt, Si^conil I'rimcr 
Reader — Gordon MacKo'nalc, 
Miller. Nora Hlfe'gf". KatWeen Plowrlght 
borla Rodwell, Erica Oillam. Ruth 
AVcrod. Madsre r)anii^ls. Lorna Griffith.'?, 
Clifford Roach. Vincent German, Kthel 
Creech. Ruth r^owry. Ifllda ArmltaKe. 
Delmar Bond. Allen Stewart, Vi'lUle 
Clunli. .rpan Sloan. Mar.jorle Harvey, 

Troflclpncy — Gordon MacKenzlo. 

PegaorttHRnt — Knthli'Pn PloWright. 

Rrgrularity an<'l P'lnrtdality— Marlon 
Miller. 1^1r.«i I'rimor to Second 
Primer — Richard Allen, Dorothy Ford, 
Phyllis l''atrall, MRrJorio Pomeroy, Fred 
Allen Clarence Holder. Bonnie K.«<posllc. 
Stanley Donnelly, Willie Stevens, Door- 
las Robinson, .Tack .Tames. Archie Mc- 
Uaren, Robin Lrdinpham. WlUle PIcca. 
Division IX. 

Proinolfd from I"li?-t to .Scrniul 
Prinief- — Willie Dewar, Jack MUrrant. 
Robert Fox. Harry IJnrd.sley, Dorothy 
Harvey, Beatricf- Kirlc. i,eslle Tate, Ot- 
tley Sewfdl. Harold Kn.sor, M'ay Mcin- 
tosh. Rnhr-rt .AlcICenzle, Bossle Thomp- 
son, David Thoin. c'orn'Muf: Smith. Al- 
bert SethrinKton. 

I'roflcienry — \\'iUiani [>ewar. 

J^eKularity ;ind Punctuality— Mav 

T;)cportment — Dorothy H.-irvi'- 


Division IZ. 

Proficlenc\- — ^^l-^dlth Stciv.Trt. 

r)eportmcnt — Elsie Taylor. 

I^iinctuality — ChhsIo Kce-fc, ncrtrudp 
Mohlen, Morcnce Keatlngc, Klsle Tay- 
lor, I'arvcl cirorgc. 

Promoted — Rdith Stewart. Hcrtnido 
Hnlflen, Cas.slp Kepfc, Unlh >.\IcKay. 
Phylll.s Prlri'c, ReRic 'M urray, MnrjorSo 
Mcl.can, Florence Keating-e, Paul King, 
A'Ictor Slvertz, FJrnost Emery, T.uko 
I'hnn, jHcriulf uMoar. Oroa Slgardson, 
l>ank Brown. I>illle SmctliuiHt. Frank' 
.Tunes, .Aimer Oarland. 

DlvlBlon in. 

.Prmnrlenry- -Klslc Lillian Orern. 

Deportment — Ilildn lOllznheth .Ma- 

ReRnl;u-lty and punctuality— .Toacph- 
Ine Cron-ster, RIva Pollard, Doris Par- 
tridge .Smith. Cyril Elklngton, I'Vank 
l-'lrth (Jarland. 

Prnmotcd — Edith Sander.son, Elsie 
<}reen. LMarjorle Cros.s. Albina iHarper, 
Doris Smith, Ben Da vies. Hazel I'arlltt. 
Hilda Machin, Josephine Crowther. 
Jessie Florence, Sydney Slndc. ..Martha 
Kadte, Lonls Cross, Uoatricc Mutlord, 
Olive Jones, Ronald Lyons, Elva Pol- 
lard, Elwood Smith, lEthel Crawtlier, 
Frank Carland, Cyril Elklngton. Earl 
Irvine, Arthur Eytin, Robert Marwlcki 
Rose Brakes, .Myrtle .Toneo, Jennet 


Proftclency — Mildred Hasaett 
DcpottJiMiit~*Marl4t Ooci. 

Regularltj'— Allan 
•'riiiff. Y:rnest Hall. ' 

i',-,,n, •!.'j--Mii(irod Basaett, Elsie 
MaiGibbon, .Nellie Cook^ Irene CraiK. 
Claude Camp.bell, Vera I^anc, Allan 
Deacon, .Alfred Staples, Ernest Hall, 
May McCorkall, Edward Ftillerton, 
Mary Smith, Freda George. Annie 
.Vobles, Elsie Walker. Percy .Middleton, 
Reginald Kirk. t'Uff.ird Renouf. 
Division V. 
General prqficlency — Ernest John 
Knapton. . . "' 

DcportnT"ent-—.\da Lillian \ cr^r. 
Refiularity and punctualit>— John W. 
Dee, Elizabeth H. Hltchin, Ila/.el M. 
Brown, Faith T. Ledingham. 

Promoted — Ernest John Knapton, 
Edith Annie Ellers, George Stewart 
Taylor, Osborne A. J(ines. Hazel M. 
Brown, Wilfred ilachln, .Margaret J. 
■Cooper, Frank R. Sproul, iMementine 
Le Sueur, .Mabel France, Edward Rig- 
by, Jame.s Ale.xander Smith, Clarence 
S. Brown, Raymond Grice, John Drum- 
mond Pike, Winifred E. Knapton, Gor- 
tnule Keatingc, Elizabeth H. Hitoliin, 
.\dclIno R. Bond, George .^b- 
lott. Red vers M. Ay ton, Robert O. 
Dunn, .Mary B. Walker. 
Division VI. 
Pro'dclency — Carman Ho^s Eastman, 
Deportment—Bertha Irene Dobsofr. 
Regularity yrid j.>uncLualitiT-Elsie 
D'Miglns .McHardy, Hprold Finland. 

I'romoted — Carman Easlon, Ben ha 
Dobson, Annie Fllmer, Wlnnifrcd Mc- 
Gihhon, Harry 'Ho, Eric .Tames, Delia 
Hae, llarnld Finland, Ruby Pusey, 
Xellie White, Winnie Sllslngs. Ivlnn 
Thra.shor, Beatrice Thni.Hhcr, .b^hn 
Brindley. Sam Chan, .\rthur Gridith.s, 
Vera Thompson, Donalri Smith, (!im)|'j,'o 
.Sherwood, Hugh Hampton, \liilet 
Br.ikos, Elizabeth Drybrough, Nora 
Stafford, Arthur KadCuck, Jean .Jolin. 
Division VTX. 
l■'r(>^K•lcll(■y•-^.\Io^a Jewell. 
DeiHirlinent — i'rances -McLean. 
Regularity and punctuality — David 
John, Thomas .Xelsoii, WilllMin I"'liin- 

Promoted — MQna Jewell, .Srvniour 
Ifownrd, Calvin Samm, [''ranees Mc- 
Lcod, Marian f.'ross, Douglas Emery, 
Mlriana Vander V<#i"TW»'n, J.ic P.ri.i<linn, 
Hazel Jewell, William I'londcrlrlth, 
Corlnne .Veddcrman, .Mar>- Weber, 
Gong HIn. Hubert Mayes, .Nora Jack- 
.son. Hazel Smith. Albert .Mar, X'lolct 
(juy, Eddie Kroiuii. David John, Wtl- 
llnm Ross, Douglas Stevenson, Joan 
.Morgan, Florence Young, I'"iorence 
(.'oles, Thomas AInsley, Allan Collier, 
Cecil JVlorgan, William I^'enhallurlck, 
Gloyd Lldstone, Kenneth Eastnn, 
XHvlsion Vin. 
T'riifirlency— Stella Janes. 
l>epo rim en t— Harry Brow n. 
Regularity and punctuality — Barbara 
Campbell, -Mfred Clarke, Bertram 

Promoted — Stella Janes, Lilian Earl. 
Alfred Clarke, Errol Hallett, Harry 
iBrown, Joe Hunter, Rupert Coggan, 
Leta I'Yench, Stanley Hunter, Barbara 
<"ampbell, Sydney Foley, Leslie Dea- 
con, Ethel Slade, Hartley Sargent, 
Hazel Cook, Harold Earl, Arthur For- 
rest. Allan GrifHths, Ruth .Mc.Mahon, 
Jack Slmmonds, Bertram AVitty, Mor- 
ris Woodley, Mary Johnstone, WUliam 
Warwick, Cilve Belben. Lee Hoy, 
Gladys Hale, Ethel Brown, Lung Sing. 
BlTlal«a IS. 
Proficiency — Leonard (BoWcott 
CNiportmcnt— Roy Clomctt. 

Regularity and .punctuality— ^Martha 
■McCorkan, Leslie I^irkcr, Kthel Pike, 
Flossie Weber. 

Promoted— tl^Honard Bowcott, Roy 
Renouf, David Pelrce, Frank- Stephen- 
son, Albert O'Brien, illma Davies, "Helen 
Duckworth, Albert Webber, Martha 
Mc-Corkall, J(din Denipsier, Ruby Ren- 
oul', Isabel Fleming,. Lottie Pyke, Roy 
Clemett, .Ernest Haminon, <'Iif!:ord 
Bradle.v. .Jack Croot, Jack Walfer, 
Laura White, Edith McGregor, Helena 
TaA-ei-ner, .\iina Miller. Gladys Lyons, 
'Kathleen Knapton. Cyswald Harmston, 
Sti^ws^-rt Paul, Ella *Verge, .Mlllicent 
Bryson, Jack Rose, Ethel Pike, Isabel 
Robinson, Leslie Barker, Gladys Bar- 

Division s:. 

ProflcicDcy — Ernest Tidbury. 

Deportment — Hazel Lott. 

Punctuality and regularit.v — Mar- 
garet Peden, Charl.'s Thomas. 

Promoted — Ernest Tidbury, Andrew 
Mackenzie, Percy Shci)hear(l, Elizabeth 
Tlliycr, Eric Stewart, Winnifred Qunn. 
Hazel Lott, Eleanor ParlUt, .Margaret 
Peden, Jennie McKenzle, Violet Rich- 
ards,, Edith Sargeajit, Elsie Elklngton, 
Ernest Yeo, Mabel Slade. Jean Gray, 
.M.\ra Carlow. 


Division I. 

Proficiency — Herbert Shepherd. ; 

DciiorlmcMt — Agnes Torrance. 

I'linctuality and regularity — Margar- 
it I'ulluni, .\niilc .lallnnd, Thomas, .In!- 

From IntermedJato C,rade to Scninr 
Grade — Dorothy Beilby, Marguerite 
Bennett. William Brown. Margaret Cul- 
liim, Btchard Campbell, Albert Cox, Al- 
!"i I Cox, Albert ("olliaon. Thomas Cur- 
ric, .Jack Devereaux, Stanley Grant, 
I'^leanor Haddon, Louise Hayward, 
Thomas Jalland, AnnieUalland, Charb's 
Lane, Wilfrid Pauline, John Piercy. 
Cracp Smith, Hector Stlnson, Herbert 
.'^hcpjierd, Olive .s<?aplen. Agnes Tor=. 
laii.e, Clarence Vey, ,Iack AYhlteley. 
N'.iviati .Mofj^^cy. i-Uhel McCreadie. ' 
Division II. 

i'rdfl.jlincy— Harvey Dccartret. 

Deportment — Ida Given Hughes. 

UoKUlaiily and punctuality — Marian 
SiiiipHon. George E. Cox, Rose A. 
HiiK'hcs, Xerma A. Chrl."stb.. 

J\isB list — Harvey W. Dceartr->t, Ks- 
tell,. !•:. .lones and Walter '1'. Sira.«e 
iciiual). Beatrice .\. I'earce. William J. 
Smith, iMarliui Simpson, Gwennle 
lluglics, George "E. Cox, John C. Miller, 
CnrolbK I'atiow. Lillian M. •« Lloyd- 
Youiig. Janet V.. Graham, Roderick E. 
MacLean, Jes.sle 1. Campbell. William 
P. Smith, Robert W. Buckett, Pearl 

Division in. 

Proficiency— William Walter Hall, 

(^ondifcl — Gwendolyn Humphreys. 

Regularity and punctuality — Robin 
McArthur Raymond. 

Passed— Charles Abbott, Claudia Cul- 
lum, Louise Cracknella, Lillian Oreetl, 
William Hall, Godfre^ Hirst,' Brenda • 
Humphreys, pwendoh-n Humphreys, 
Violet Josenlts, Norman Machon, Nor- 
man Machon. Karla Mathews, Wil- 
liam Marsh, Thelma Owen, Blla Pot- 
tlnger, Lartna Pollock, Robin Raymond. 
rnomV Calvert Richards. Gower nid«- 
o«it, •V»r«r Hkder^ Ulate' Sherirarn. Jose- 
phine Shields, KAtl« Sherloek, Mftrkm 


On lot 4, block P, i minute 
from hotel 'and sea, a 4-room 
cottage with room for' two 
extra room.s in attic; kitchen 
range, linoleum, etc. Lot 
50x110. Price $3,000; cash 
$900, balance over nearly 2 

Beckett, Major & Co., Ltd. 

643 Fort Street 
Telephones 3515 anil 2967 





If You Want It 

••A,„r yit!.>Jy' 

We Have It 

Grogan & CrooK 

Phone 1865 
128 Pemberton Bldg. 



0;t feet on Railway .street (MapK^- 

luirst), t(i Victoria an.! 

.Sidney Railway stnllnn. For 
partlc'.iiars .""ee; 

Murray & Erb 

Phono 2093. 416 Oentr»l Bids'. 



"Knowing" }-ou!" I'ond- 
ncs,'^ for tlic g"ood things 
of thi.s Hfc and for a cup 
of s.pecially good, tea in 
particular. T write to tell 
you that I have at 
found a tea that i.s all I 
liavc ever wished tea to 
l.ic. ^'ou can get at l)y 
saying to your grocer: 

'Tetley s 



Victoria Theatre 

Jbm Zlth to July ar<l 

To Contractors 

Vour attention is calletl 
to the fact that we are now 
handling the fanions 


Hbrous Plaster Decorations 

.\nd are in a position to de- 
liver same at a figure that 
will pay you to investigate. 

g. . - 

A, p. Malet & Co. 

Import Department 

403-464 Central Buildinc;. 

M1«H) Vrrnii FeHoh aod the Ail«« Piayera 

Summer Bturk E!nK*samant 

Thursday. Friday and flaturday »»tth 6peci»l 

ealurday Matinee at J 10, June ST"- aStU 

und 28t'.i 


( By Ciiunt l^eo Tolgiol) 
.Monday. TutniUy anrt Wedne$d»y, July lit, 
-2r»d and . Srd 
(Eleanor rti)li»on'» Great aucc<>aa) 
I'tl >•• 60c-. 85c nnd 2&c. nailery 16c. 
Matlne,- Saturday afternoon, prlctia: A(i.''!r, 
if.:-; Chlldrsn, iSf. All a-sts nrscr^-e-J 
tjasila for ^1 performances now aelllnn; 
Curtain 8 30 sharp. 


\'uuili-vlll« and I'ic(iir«< ProcTBinine 
Friday and rtiMarday 
Hilly Uuvall — Tramp Conkedian. Powers 
una Freed — .Niivelty .Muaioul .*f«. Me»l<-iiii 
lieioludonUI — Kaltrm Urama. I>ovi' of An 
I*lan(i Maid — Sellu Urninit. Paniuna t'Bn«! 
lUll — KdlMtn Kditratlonal. Jtusk Fat an<i 
Jim HUm — Vltlrruph Coiut'dy. 

Majestic Theatre 

ProKrammr Friday and Saturday 

"For th.' Honnr of O.u- Family" — An In- 
'Irient ',{ the Hotr war. "A l>odgln(C for 
the Xlght" — UloRraph licartllner. ■■p.r!H'« 
Ilf-nrfs Illddan I.,(.ie'— A touching^ story of 
the pralr.lft..., "A «Infi:ar»re#4^ Cupid"— Re- 
fined comedy. ~-\-^ -^ 


cess Theatre 

Formerly A. O. U. W. HaU, corner 
Bi;i;:!!;::r.-! and •</-•- 

PrAiilitVthe Great Western Play ■^ 

By Right of Might 

Prlce«: — lOc, 20c., an<l :!0c. Matinee, 
^Vednesday. an d SRitirdav. lOc. and 20f ,. 

;.C.ur!ta,ln, 8.30 evenings; Matinees 2.30. 
\.R,e.sei-ved HantK oi; .Sale 

<-'or. Broad nnil Ya;e.s 

■■•^if •; *»„ ' 



A ( 'iiincdy .\I;ikI. Un 

Thn I ru-oinijar able 


F.iirupean OymiKints. 

\VIiisonif and U-'mure 


I'rc.-Hnting trunks \Su, th While. 



In a Coniedv 

" Two Hiibiea." 

Thf Snmrt KiiKllnh ("(.mrrtlan 


I''urmer Favorli.- of -rh^ .MIdnlpht Sor.B." 


The Dallas Hotel 

VICTORIA, n. c. 

"The Seft-Slde Hotel" 
Pltunted on tho Dallas Esplanade, 
ivlth, niaKnlfli:nnt view of the Straits 
of Juan de Fuca. 

Keoently refurnished throughout 
and under new manajrement. 
American Plan 
I'.niea: J2.60 per day and up. 
Special terms per weelc or per month. 
JAMK8 KEV, Manacer 

.2 ^ __ 

SheJbourne St. 


^Ve can deliver 10 big- lots on'' 
thl^s street and on the rast side. 
Price, $775 each. Cash Jl'oO. Good I 
terms for balance. ^ 

' 4 

C. S. Whiting 

Room.s n and ]_• Troinls BlocMt 
lOOB Government St. 

PHOWS 1400. 

N'OTK — The new car ilne for 
Mount DotiKlas Park will pasa 

Ihrousrh .-^h el bourne street. 


R«>al Estata. 

Room «. Prnmls BIk.. lOOfl GoTt. 8t. 

P. O. Box .HI». Phone S210. 


\\> have the rream i<f rrsldrntlal 

priiperly In above districts. 

I.lnden and Klchardson icnrner). 
splendid nea modern lesldence. 
with all conveniences; 10 rnoms, 6 
bedrooms. lot Ii0xl20; (IS.SOOt 
f4.J0O cash. H, li, 18. 

Olympla, James Hay. 7-room, new, 
modern resldenci-, fine lot and 
marine vlew,»10,aOO; I2,»00 cash. 1, 
-. 3 years. 

Olympla, X-rnom. new. r«Bdy .7iily 
IT: fine view of sea and" ninun- 
lalns; %lt,(HK>; $f.,noo cash, balance 

Men».les, s rooms, beautiful Rarden 
<frd lawns; lot 63x120 to lane; f>ill 
ba.'.ement; y8,A«0; »2,500 cash, bal- 
ance fl.OpO yearly. 

Mer-zles. 12 rooms. concrete base- 
ment, furnace, two b. and t.: lot 
S2xi:0; tlR.OOO; third cash, balance 
1, 2 and 8 years. 


Shawnigan Lake 

will open MONDAY, JUNE 24, 
unidelr new manHirement. Heated 
with hot water Ihrotijfhout Hot 
and cold running water lo avcry 
bedroom. Fresh i>ap«r«d«^ paint- 
ed and refurnlahad. Rataa, IS Ut 
M per dajr. Amertcatt plaa. 

Jean NoMiHi, ^ni. 


. '^ ;■■"■ ft--fiT.; • ^ ■.'.•-wfV -■■.■■-■vr-^:-. t^t'»»fFv^V/tft*'. ■ 

,v^^v :>7S'>*,t^.iv.^^rjf^;^r;^^T^^^ 



Saturday, Juns 29, 1912 



Near Gorge 

Several lots ayerajflnjr 50x165, on TllUcum road, Just off 
Gorge road. Price. 9l,S00 each. One-third cash, balance 6, 12 
and IS montha. 

5 Acre Blocks 

Beautiful garden land in 5-acre blocks, close to Elk 
like, 9 mllea from town. Railway rung through. Prices 
from $250 per acre up. One-third cash, baljincc arrange'! 

Oak Bay 

NMce corner, size 123x120, not far from car terminus. 
Price $3360. Cash »1100. balance easy. Tlils would<e 
three lots. 

Pandora Avenue 

25 foi?t with double frontage, jn.-t r.-i.^t of Quadra Street. 
Price fl5,000. One-third cash, bulance 1 and :: >tars at 7 
per «i|it 

North Park Street 

40x136 east of Blanchard. Price $10,000. One-ihlrd casii, 
balance arranged at 7 per cent. 



B. C. Land and Investment Agency, Limited 


PHONE 125 





Corner Rockland and St. 
Charles, 130x140 Feet 

Beautiful Trees No Rock 


^ Cash, Balance 1 and 2 Years 

G. p. R. Trackage 

Adjoining the B. C. Pottery to the east. 120 feet of trackage by a 
good depth. An excellent location for a factory of any description. 

Price $13000 

Terms, $3,000 cash, balance 1, 2 and 3 years at 7 per cent. 

p. R. BROWN 

Fire Insurance Written 
Phone 1076 

Sole Agent 

1 1 12 Bread Street 

P. O. Box 428 

Member Victoria Real Estate Exchange 


■ ■■■il« I 11 ■ ,«■ I I II ^1 ■ «■! I >ii • I I I ,1 I P I »i^ii ■!! I , ■■ III ■ ■■< ■ I — ■ I— ■- « ■■■— i ' lui. • I I III. I HUM 11 ■■.■■■■■ — ■■■■■■»» 

DALLAS ROAD— Ten-roomed, modern house on lot, 60x240, for. S14 000 

COR. NIAGARA AND GOVERNMENT STS—Splendid site for apartment! Terms m^t 

• -arranged. Price ^_.^_^__.^.;^._^, ...... ,^. , .■>V..>:,:t .1 ■ ♦ .V. r". ...... \. > : . ^'.i'.Z ?S,56o 

NEAR OUTER WHARF, we have 6oxia2— below market, on easy ternw^|or:... .$2,800 


>rOSS STREET— 50x116, beautiful building lot, view .o£ 'water. On easy terms for ?2,000 

HOWE STREET — Several good buys at ag 000 

HILDA STREET-60X120. Price.'. .\...... ...... ^2,350 


HOLLY^^'OOD PARK— 50x120, on Richmond Road. On terms.. ?1,350 

FOUL POINT — 60x126, waterfrontage, fpr. . ag qqq 

Alvo von Alvensleben, Ltd. 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 


P. O. Box 618 639 Fort Street p^one 2445 

Lot Specials 

Shelbourne Street, lot near Kings Road ?800 

St. Patrick Street, lot 50 x 120 $1150 

Oliver Street, lul 50 x "120 . . $1350 

Dallas Road, near Wellington, lot 62 x 123. $3000 

Denman Street, near Richmond, new house, 5 rooms, basement 
aiul piped for furnace. Full lot, Jl^a^, terms ....$3600 

North West Real Estate 


rsi Tatea Street 

Tl«3toria, B. C. 

Choice Waterfront Lot 


'Ilia beautiful grassy lot, 81x290 is one of the best In the city. Two 
minutes from the car line. One-third cash, balance 1 and 2 years. 

f e,ooo 



Members Victoria Real Estat'S Exchangre. 

■ayward Block, Oronnd Floor. 

Fbon* 3964. 



Bock Bay — Just out.'^UIc 1-2 mlie 
circle. Fine lot 00x120, and 2. 
slX-roomed li9uses in g-ood re- 
pair. This Is at iBast »1000 be- 
low market value today. Rea- 
sonable terms arrangtd. Price, 
only >f(6500 

HlUalde Avenutf — Exceptionally 
lurKr lot, 67M!Xl45, good 7- 
ruoiaed house, 5 rooms finish- 
ed. Situated nest to corner of 
Prior. This is also far bclow< 
market value. Terms ftrranged. 
I'rlce $6500 

Exclualvely by 

Heinekey & Shaw 

'•The Home Flnilers" 
319-330 Sayward Batldlngr 


2 Lots. ,fu.''t off Edmonton road, 
on ShHkPsprH rf> Ptrppt, thp 
pair »19O0i 

Dougla.« Street corner, ri^venue 
produclnB f4600 

Douglas Street, !)0 fc-et, nouth of 
Burnslde road $19,000 

Residence In Oak Bay munlrlpei- 
Ity, 2-Htorey house, basement, 
9 rooms', Karage, city water, 
close to HhoftI Beach, well 

Several tracts 'if acreage clo.-ie to 
city worthy of investigation. 

A. W. Bridgman 

Bridrman Biag., 1007 Govt. St. 
Real Estate, Loans, InKurance. 

I-Vttal *M- — f*'* «-rooiii«d houM on larg* 
lot. all modern convtnl«»e«.», $ .ts«t 
tt.llOO caih, balance 6, It, II month*. 
Itotfartek m. — riva-roomad houaa on rood 
lot. one mlnuta from car, it.Mti |too 
c»ah. baJanca |2» par moatll. 
ttnihMn M.-'HBta-roamad houaa on good lot. 
,*!! modarn aoBTMittaoaa, #«,tM( |l.»i# 
cam, balance 1. i amd < rMra. 
Oia«ar Hlngli 

Vhaaa iitl 


Lot 50x110, corner lot' to a 
lane, opposite Victoria tennis 
courts. Is a grood buy at 


This street is being double- 
tracked and paved. 


Phone 1741. . 841 Fort St. 


Two acres of land, all 
cleared and fenced, all 
well planted with fruits and 
vegetables, six-room well 
and beautifully ffnished 
house, an ideal spot. Terms. 
Price $6,500. 


604 YatM Street. 

■I I III , . ( (I i n ii>iaiiaiai- aipw» ^^ ^ i, jy „jfi 
« i * i ii rf iiiii ii i ii iM ' i i<ii M>fe t i i > li iffi i ii i ''ii ^ 

Beacon Hill 

Wo havtt a Beven-rnom houso, on 
lot «8x72, new house, half block 
from Beacon HIII Park on Cook Si,, 
romprlslnff parlor, rllnInK room, 
kitchen, pantry, bathroom nnd separ- 
alB toilet, sn'l two bedroorns don-n 
iitaIrK, one ran^bp UNeil an a rtpp. 
also two fine bedrooiTiB upstalr». 
Piped for furnace, gnlld oak fireplace 
and mantel^,„e,cment walks, etc., sur- 
rounded by fine hotne» and In thp 
be»t lorallty. The owner musi bph 
and has Riven tis Innlrurtions to nit 
the priop. VVp ran deliver this houiip 
for Ji'ilSO, with cash pnymenl of JBGO. 
lialancr payatili- llki' renl. 

Eagles & Co 

Room 4 Imperial Bank Chambers 
Comar Tataa and Oo^'anijaaiit 

Phone 3273 

You can't make a better inves1||pht than this, with $315 cash. 

All Bay 

North Saanich, on Marine Drive, lot 31, consisting of 1.89 
acres, all cleared, for 

$945 On Terms 

This is positively $500 below market. 

A. von Girsewald 

REAL ESTAT.E— Cor. Fort and Quadra Streets 

Member of the Real Estate Exchange 

P, O. Box 900. Phone 2926. 

Exceptional Homesite in 
^^^ Oak Bay 


rnol,.«tructed viou- of the .s,;, mo.miain.s. .\ nntur,-,] park home 
bordering a sheltered cove of exceptional scenle beauty and protected on 
all sides. Covered with majestic trees, mountains in the rear and full 
sea view lit fi-nin. 

You Must See This Proparty to Appreciate the Beauty of Its layout and 
Its EiEceptioual ntness as a Home site. 

7IUCE S7000, 


Brubaker & Meharev 

Phone 3308. 

Merchauts Bauk Bldg". 

Waterfront Home 

9-Booin House on large waterfront lot In Oak Bay. 3 mlniite.<i from the 
far, modern, ba.sement, furnace, etc. One-quarter cash, Imrance to sulf. 
frice ^10,000 


Hambars Tiotoria Xa»l Xatata Exohanff*. xl8-110 Pambarton Block. 


An Oak Bay Home 

A beautiful new bungralow on Monterey Avenue, one minute from 
(ar line, h rooms, all convenlenefs, piped for furnace, lot 47V4xl20. to- 
gether with furniture. Including $oOO Mason & Rltech Piano and Pianola. 

T'.iis cosy little home, ready to step Into la priced at the exceptionally 
low fijcurc of 9SS00, with $1600 as first payment, balance easy. See us 
at once. 

Ca Fa de Sails, Roberts & Co^ Ltd 

Snap in 

Large lots in best part of 
Shoal- Bay. 

A. 0. G. Crawford 

^ ■ ■ • \ 

317 Central BIdg, Tel. 3*39 


Maynaa Slock, rort Btraat. 

rhoB* sse. 

Oak Bay, St. Patrick 

in attractive residence containing- large entrance hall and nine 
rooms, with all modern conveniences, including furnace, electric light, 
.'•ewer, water, etc. Hall and sitting room have fire places, nicely pan- 
elled walKs and beam ceilings. Lot 120.X120, close to car and within 
five minutes' walk of the beach. 

For particulars and price apply to. 


soi-2 Pemberton Block 

P. O. Bo.x 575 Victoria, B. C. 

Phone 1381 

View Street, Close to Douglas 

M nam nMMrrAoa~«i,ooo rm iroov 

Revenue pro<.*ucInff property and exceptional buainMM alt*. ^*o b«tjEer 
lnventm«nt In Victoria. Property on Tatea and Viiifi att9*tm' in iMine 
relative poaltlori, Helltnc at 100 per cent, advanoa on thla {trice. 


ataa*«« motMte 


f9y 77*' *r»li 

Xsmutfori Street, G-rootn house, 
furnished, on lot 45x160, rent.s 
for $36 per inonth, onc-n\iartcr 
cash, balance easy ^4800 

VancouTer Street, between Yates 
and View Street, ^SixlSO, im- 
proved, rcTenu* $300 per an- 
num, one-third caBh, balance 
ovbr 8 years 97SOO 

OoreoB Xead Boad, 10 K acres, all 
under cultiTation, with tWQ 
small houaea, two barns, and 
four wells. Situated on comer 
of crosa road and wltbln four 
ml lea ot tba city halt WotilA 
make fine MiMlvUitoti.' «<4io|n- 
,lnc propert)^ iOHttOir Mtbdlviii. 

ed. A anav on Mwy ^%|Nf> •*■ 

per aMr# <<4i«i>» ».***»*■% 


A Gtland Dairy 

130 ACRES 


\ 5 ; 

Oowtebaa, near 
acrsa bottom land. TO 
caltivatton. balaoo* a<ood 
eaalljr «l««r«d. Two hvat^tam^ 
on the proper«r. on* • 
Tenifidaii on t aidaa^ t 
flrapiaoaa, tllad, aiad 1 
rooaub Taoandalwi tmd t 

Saturday, ••mc 29, '91? 




Cheapest Waterfront Property in District 

50 acres of A 1 land, l^'MutifuUy siluated on tlie waterfront, a sliuri distance from 
the railway station, and a lew miles frtjm Chemainus, 

Price $140 Per Acre 


Phone 3a 

6»>|?toi*t Street 

Members Real Estate Exchange. 


1-^ jT^t^i- S —/:::^-r^i* 

ge Acreage 

Two-acre lots close to the townsite, low price and easy 
terms. Good thing, to get in on if you want to make a little 
money quickly. 





Foul Bay Roa d, 7 r ooms, on 
terms, J|i5,50O 

Pleasant Street, near Sara- 
toga Avenue^ 5 roo«ii9» on 
terms, ......... .$1,000 


Fort St. 

Between Blanchard and 
Quadra. 60 x 112, rev- 
enue producing. 

This is cheap at $50,000, 
on terms. 

Agreements for sale 


»|LL iSf f LOYfeR 

Memberp Victoria Stock Exohanjfe 
Slembers Vlotorlk Real Bat&te Exchange 
m McCHJum Block. Phone 7!):> 




Situated on the Saanich Arm, close to Deep Cove, 
the terminus of the B. C. Electric Railway company's 
suburban line. 

Two acre blocks, overlooking the water. Water- 
front lots. 

The best buyin.e;- in this district at the present 


Grant & Lineham 

■4, Vino: IfC- . 

633 Yates Street 

P. .0. Box 307. 

c 664. 

"a i ,niiU ii 

n il i i i l ii ft i i ii n i| fe i 1 | iif i n ii ri ii h ii 'ff i i i fiihi ^ ^ 


"^- ■ ■■i' .'j.l' 

The Nechaco Valley Land Co., Ltd. 

620 Broughton Street 

Victoria, B. C 

Reference — The Union Bank of Canada, Victoria, B. C« 


iiiiiilii iiilriliiii 

l i ii jiHnj l . f M," 

Oak Bay 

New 6-roomed bungalow, close to car line. Beaiii ceiling iu 
dining and living rooms. Built^iff buff et / vyell-fitted pahtry> 
tinted walls, pressed brick fireplace in Kving room. Best of 
plumbing. Lot 50x120 to lane, fenced. 

PRICE, S6,000 

Terms, $1,500. cash, balances arranged. Ready in lo days. 

Heistferman, For- 
man & Co. 


Phone 2612 

:Iear'^tW"-Mpe' mak ' life 

Insiii-ance MonCjr lb Loan 

iai3 B»oa<l St. Phorte 55 

Cordova Bay Watert|:j9j;>t 

Bomiii.rui V6>acr9 I»t With fr<)n4a,ge oh fm f^jMl iWd bay. OHmM w»tcr 
n.arbj-. Ideal sumrher liomeslte, ctieiiipest tot i|i Ulig lo<^it]r. 7'*""t«* 
easy. Price .^. . iU .... ...:,.<».».'. .i., . .. .11^3,000 

British Columbia Investments, Ltd. 

r: p. ^trrt^MOT, Manager. 

Oak Bay 

Hampshire Road, i Int. 50x113, 
c^se to McNeil . . .. .$11500 

Olives-, .Stwct,''V lot,. cIdm:- I;.. 
?atat«iga, . S1350 

St; Patrick Street, cjosc kp Mc- 
Neili I lot .;...">. 5^81 150 

Laurel Street, i lot, 50X r4o. 
Price S1150 

IMion 3:'!G. 

h- «a« view strwt;. 


Near Cook — 60x120 

With well kci)t rj-rooni bungalow, stone foundation, stone 
wall fence, nice garden and lawn. Will vcn. easil}'- at $40 per 
month. Good buy — on verms. 


1214 Government Street 


643 View Street, Phoue 2307 

Alberni-Five Acre Farms 

On the i;-milc circle from the town of Albernl. Adjacent to huirl 
that in bplng subdlvlcled In 33-foot lots. Beautiful land, fertlli.' an. I 
practically cleared. This particular section has been subdivided Into 
five-acre fa^m^? and a limited number are being sold at most attr.Tc- 
tlve acre«Ke prlce.s. .Ml are level and especially adapted to the grow- 
ing of high grade fruit. Good roadr; on all aides of the property. 
Being In the cenfrr of m:irked real estate activity, values are due 
for a sharp ripe within the ne.Tt few rnonthf". 

We abaoiutply guaruntoe tlie,"ip farm.s in every particular. 

Call on us for prices and tprni.s and I'l us f<ho\v you the property. 


Transit Road, 50x162 to 20- 
foot lane. Price .^1,600 

Russell Street, Victoria 
W csr, new iS-roMiTi 
I'ricc on terms 

J. F. Belbin 

Office Phones :i«6. Res. H-26S4. 
617 Cormorant St., Victoria, 



Vhon* 1094 

Mertibt;r» Victoria Rpal I{:.stflte Kxch.uigp 

303 Pembarton Block. 

Small Ranch 

For Sale 


H acres, including* 8' acrat 
cleared. 8-room bungalow, bath- 
room, pantry, hot and cold water, 
bam, stable, coach house, chicken 
houwee for about HOO birds. 


r.ral iSstate 
VkOB* MM. 7M Fort ttrMt, 





Lots Below 

Ten I 10) l{ir;<n level lots on 
.Somerset .Street, nnc hiitlding lo- 
calities at present in orchard with 
fix-yenr-old growth at fruit 

rxox $800 TO 9900 rsn x.ot 

One-tiuarter ce.ih, l^alance easy 


M3 W%nAarm ■t^Mt^ 
Princa Oeorce Hotel Block. 


"— ■WWWWWP'WWHIWiw^— ■ 


Good sea frontage. Im- 
[iroved farms. Acreage. 

Robert F. Hickey 

Parksville. V. I. 

These Will 
Appeal to You .-;iicot, Oakland.s ..$800 
Od.-^woi 111 Hr>,ad, Oakland.-!, 2 lots 

111 JISOO and f. .SHOO 

I'M «e ware Ttoad »760 

Trior Street, a One new fi-room 
house, basement and all modern 
lonvenler/ces, n<?ar the reser- 
voir and overlooking nU of the 
'Ity 94600 

W" can arrange good terms on 
all of these. 

Hall & Hardie 

Real ICstatP Mnnry to Loan. 
T«l. MM. 318 OmttTAl mUig. 

f P.O. Box U48. 

-y-j^z^ : - -y^ ^>^».^M..te>., 

' " » l l l \ i | | l l | ii'ii»>iipiyi^|pMlP|| 





,. "< ,.... ." j-it i. 

Fcrr a few days only, 30 x 120, between Quadra aiid Vancouver. $317 per front foot.' 
Revenue producing. . . 

'''f^'U' ■■■''■■ 

" i . ii ' i n> ii )«nj? .i 

.'-.-j'i' , *• 

Rents Collected 
Estates Managed 
1205 Broad Street 


Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agent 
Manager Branch Of/ice Great West Life 

Mortgage.«i and 

Loans Arranged 

Phone 65 


1,800 acres for sale, situated, some on Winter Harbor and some 

on Koprino Harbor 


Members of the Victoria Ileal Kstate Ex< inge. 
lOOa Broad Stieat. Tletoria, B. O. 

LOT GO X 120 OX IIl^:ilALD STREIiF -Rev- 
enue-producing. A good buy at -1^25,000. 
Easv tcruLs. 


We have Moved from Trounce Avenue to 6i6 View Street, 

The Central Building 

2 Acres on Burnside Road $2000 

Waterfrontage, 3 acres, l)e;iutifiil. onlv di.^tant 3 miles from 
City .IJall. Price .' \ . . . $9000 

5-Room Cottage, fine view $4000 

5-Room Cottage, good lot. $3800 

Corner Hillside Avenue; cheap. 

Quarter Acre, clo.-e to car, city water, high and level, good 
land. Price ' -...$450 

McPherson & Fullerton Bros. 

CBITTBAXi BtTZXiBXHO ... ei6 View Street. 



Eire, Life and Accident 
Rooms 5-7-9-1 1 Mahon Bldg. Victoria. B. C. 

Phone 1462 
Members Victoria Real .Instate E.xchange 

Burleith Park 

W'c Have a Few I.vOts l.,cfi in Tlii.-; Hcamiful .*> 



Quadra 81., .Iimt off— 2 lot* 100x120. 
with building mid 22 full hearing 
fruit trcps. with new wire fence all 
round lots. I'rlcr? only 12,000; $450 
caiih will handle Ihcs.-, bal. :! years. 

Cor. Klngtt lload b Avrsbury — [,ot BO 
jiisa. Prli'B $no(i; 1-.1 L-a»h, ba.1. 1. 
12, 18. TlilB aplenrtid corner will 
b« worth J1800 In a very «hort 


Gordon Burdick 

620 Brniighton 8t., Pemb«rton Block. 
Phone 2S0R, 

All kinda ot Insurance written. 

Oak Bay 

Brlfrbton Plao* and Oliver, u'l fi 

xlJO. BpRutifu) site; oak trpos. 

Price, on eas t<jrms . . . . 34000 


6 aor*a at, per acre 94O 

Terms, orip-thirtl cash, balance 1 
*n<S 2 years. 


Boom 10, M»hon Blook 
P. O. Box 785. Phcn« 1119. 

All local ini])rovcmcnl.s arc now in cour.-.c oi construction. 

City Land Co., Ltd. 

120 Pcmberton liniUIing. Phone 1675 
W. T. Williams S. C. Thomson .Albion Johns. 


Hayne & Wilkinson 



P. O. Box 60 

Forbes Street, close to Edmonton road, 50x110 

St. Patrick Street, close to t'cntial nvcnue, 50x105 .... 

Cambrldg'e Avenue, to May street, 50x132 

May Street, close to Linden avenue, lOO.xlSO to a lane 



. ijiaaoo 


There l.«< money in any of these.- 

R. V. Winch & Co., Ltd. 

52 1 Fort Street Phone 145 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 



Great map, rnrnpr Empire and Haul tain St., KOxUO ft. Third caah, balance 

«>««V, For a r«w dnya only $S,ilW 

Good buy <'n Quadra and P<>mbroke Bt., S loll. «l(« IZOxISU. ((,000 caih, 

balance 4 ypara Price .$tT,990 

TlurneldM Road, on* lot. high and dry, alee <0xl20. Price $iJI09 

i:>oubl« corner, Emma and Hurnalde Ave. Tbird ca«b, «. 12 and 18. Only 9S,4M 






Wc h.nve fill ficres In the cetitre 
of this choice locality. Ten acren 
cleared with house and oulbulld- 
ing«. Balance heavily tiniber>ed 
with two million feet of Douglan 
fir. Thla property Ig on the main 
road and nev,' C. N. Railway runs 
acrosit the corner of tt. 

nutos PSB Aoma f leo 



Between Blanchard and Quadra, 
80x112, revenue bcarln;< 948,000 

Between Qviadra. and Vancouver, 
COxllZ, vacant 931,900 

Between Vanoouvw and Cook. 

80x112 •ao/wo 

Patrick Realty Co. 

VkoB* tiSft . 949 Von ■«. 

Eureka Reo)^ 



' I ' f' ^ W ' -" 


tfimf 9Mt> 

' ■•-■''*i'»««'» wiiiwii i» ■i i m «<i»>yt!> 

^i i . * . 


Kw 'aaHl iirii i i ' i ' iili f ii '. i rn i jL •. ii iii iii w ii n B 



Saturday. Juna 29. 1912 





Wonderful Results Obtained by Using Tablets 
Made From Fresh Fruit Juices. — Lady In 
Cornwall Centre Tried Them. 

Genuine Case of Severe Hay Fever Completely 

Eradicated From The System By 

"Fruit-a-tives/* The Famous Fruit Medicine. 

"I-^wUfer torturea every year with Hay Fever--plea«o tell me tntttkty If" 

'Frult-a-tlv«s* wni dp me any good." You are saying Hhla to yourself «*;;you . 

read this article: First of all. read th*^ facts about thi» distressing trouble. 1 
' ilay Fever is not a nervous affliction. There is probably no actual disease) of ' 

tiie nerves. But the nerves — and in fact the whole system — Is affected by the 
' ifmdltloTi of th^ blood. The nerves er*- Irttensely Irritated by Impure Wood, due v 
, to (defective action of the bowels, kidneys and sitin. In fully ninety per cent. , 
t of the cases of Hay Fever, there is chronic Constipation, WeaJi Stomach, 

Indigestion and hot, dry slj|n. The great truth of this Is shown by the fact 
j that sprays, gargles and other local treatment dq not cure. They cannot. The 
;;^uble does not lie in the nose and throat but In the stomaeh, bowels, kidneys ' 
I ^nd akin. This is why "Fruit-a-tlves" cured Mrs. Kemp of hay fever. 


Council Will Be Asked to Award 
Approximately 27,000 Yards 
of Paving to tlie Worswick 
Paving Company 

O S f i mwll Oowtf e t OHtn No^ fr mb ei* B 7M i ; — i » H. 

An uddiii^iiial L-iPinract for asphall 
IKuiiig H) tht; aniuiini of appro.viniale- 
ly J7,uOO sciuare yards will be awardi'd 
by Lhc cily to the- f orsWlck Paving 
company, Lo which was recently let a 
contract for about 23,000 square yards 
in the southeastern iiorlion of the city. 
The streets to .be Included In the new 
e.intract are; Bushby street, from 
Jjallas road easterly; Jubilee avenue, 
froui Leighton road to Oak Bay ave- 
nue; Davie street, from Leighton road 
lo Oak Bay avenue; Lee avenue, from 
Liptghron r«ad *o. Fort street; Mears 
street, from Gook street' to Quadra 
street (heavy asphalt). Leighton road, 
from Fort street to Richmond avenue; 
Olive street from May street to George 
street; Ontario street from St. Law- 
rence street to OatlM ro»d (heavy 

Th^ above streets were recommend- 
ed by City Engineer Bust and consid- 
ered at yesterday afternoon's meeting 
of the streets committee of the city 
council. In addition it was decided to 
Include In the list Gladstone avenue, 
from Fsrnwood road to Stanley ave- 



Coatliiued From r«ffp II. 

.Shorlcjck. Louie Tunley, Inez Vey, Kath- 
leen Whlttly. 

Rp<.'ominpndfd fur promotion — Harold 
Banm-r, Kdwln Uanncr, IteRlnuld Prp.t«. 
'riiomas Wood, Aruhle Kerr, Fred 

Division XT. 

RejTUlarlty — Thomas llrown I'rcdorio 
llughp.s, .luaii Margaret Moffm. Mil- 
dred I. Pol lock. 

Proficiency — Eupliemla Yachort. 

Dopoitment — J''lorcnce lOnilly Henly. 

Promoted during term to .Second 
Itt'iidcr — I'Morence Louisa ^iabljage, Hoy 
Rltclu-y Bell, Nellie Pauline Uitt»n- 
court. liouisa Grace Camplicll, Ciaude 
(""onnorton. Huxene Denney, Gordon 
Henry i'leld.s, Charles .Stanhope FraJier. 
Kulhiecn GreenwooiJ. Viola JJlllan Gra" 
luun. Amy Sarati Henly. Huvli Clar- 
ence .jf. Jackson, Cyril Cliffonl Kelly, 
.luck Lawrence Kelly, .John Duncan 
MeDonal-d, ,Mex. Putman Moore, Elsie 
May Newhurn, Hazel Partridge, Lottie 
Phillips, 'Reggie Alex. Press, Helen 
Itlchard.-?. Pearl Ritchie, Frank Russell,' 
Kdlth Steverson, Kenneth Waltcs, Fred- 
erick wmianis, Arthur John Wootton. 
Thomas H. Woollson, Herbert Oeorg 

Promoted June, ig^lS^rPerls Atfcins^ink 
Edith Lillian Babbage. Dorothy win- 
nlfrod Tlrookn, Thonrian Brown, Gladys 
Mima Bryenton, Donald -Bratt Cameron, 
Eugene Denney, Hasel Margaret Dixon, 
Leonard Curtis Flamank, Kathleen C. 
H. Fraser, Harold Gc-nn, Bva Isabel 
Hall, John Kdiward Hall. George Her- 
bert Jones, Mabel Johnston, Buphemla 
Maohon, Poloma Lillian Mathews. Jean 
Mftr»«r>» Mnffnt. .Tohn B. Patersen. 

PergusoH/ Doris Humber, >Ce25a Wal- 
lace, Mary J. Connor, Queenit! Smith, 
Grace Murray, aiarry Muriay, I-'mni* 
.Matthews. George Falconer, Wilfred 
'Calvert. Charli<.- Barr, lX)nald Irvine, 
Arthur I'avis. IJouKlas BonB, lOUwin 
Mulholland, Kdyur I'hilo. Ivan HiBham. 
.\lcx i''h!sholni, AUi.slic WorlhlnKlon, 
lluRli -Noye. 




SlTlslOU Z. 

-Kllzabeth Ferguson. 
— fviin Harrison Clarke, 
and regulaiity — Walter 

Magnificent Residence 

In the l-'airficld Uihtrict, only five blocks from postofficc, lo rooms, 
all modern and up-to-date; cement walks, steps, basement, etc. Lot 
i^ 73X ijo. l''or terms and further particulars apply without delay to 


Phone 3713 6:20 Yates Street. 

Sivialon IX. 

Promoted — LJor.jthy Charlotte 'Witty, 
Haseli Jubilee Bailey', .icwell MeMalion. 
Jlussell Cole, Marlon Hhort, Jolin W'll- 
lifim Alnsiey, Ponaid Joim Bayliss, 
Henry Behnsbn, James liiMuy Beynon, I 
Percy Llewellyn . Broolia, Chester | 
Cooper, Dan Ivor DavicH, Thomaa Uavls, 
I'rederick Kverstleld, Thomas Kxton, 
Herman Fl»lier. Reg-lnald France, Geor- 
glna Fry, Leonard George, Marjory Gib- 
son, Maurice Green, Norman Hepburn, 
Glad}'S Hobson, Doris Hodgckinson, 
Doris Louise King, May Lindsay, 
George Lund, Theodore Ernest Marsh, 
William Thomaa McGregor, Hugh Mc- 
Intyre, Harold Charles Parfltt, Gerald 
Falmatler, Hazel Pierce, James Prud'- 
homme, Willetta Roberts, Violet Bobtn- 
aon,...I.Uiatt Short, Bather Smith. . Ben 
(Sestur Slverta, WiUla'ro Christie Telfer, 
Rocena TsUyer, William Turner, Arthur 
Alfred Wbitc^ VlpJet J^thel Webber. 

Deportment*— Henry Behnson. 

Regalarity and |i'ii|ictu«Uty— Herman 
J. Fisher. ' ' 

Proficiency — Dorothy Charlotte Witty. 

iHwiap iir 

Promoted — Bessie Ferguson, Ethel 
Harris. Alexander Johnston, Robert 
Frsncts FuUerton, Alexander John Web- 
- gll7jihath^.3aurget,JSocah.>BrabiaT,- 
John D. Gross, Ruby Vina Dalgarno, 
Hcldane Grifflths; Florence May Grif- 
fiths, Dorothy Louisa Griffiths, Paul 
Adrien'Glrardan, Clifford Joseph Hilton, 
Iris Ethel Hickllng, Una Mabel Harris, 
Wllliamlna McGregor, Joseph McEach- 
ern. Julian Alfred Menkers, Fanny H. 
McKenzie, E^rl FrancflS M«^eNausliton. 
Clifford Floyd Olson, Gladys Mabel 
Phillips, Clifford Nell Ritchie, Violet 
Robblna, Lily May Roberts. Walter W. 
Smart, John Sydney Ts^ylor, Laura 
Aleeda Tebo, ClinrU's Benjamin Toity, 
CornelitiB Van 1 1 Voorden. Jllldred 
Edith Walker, Aibert Edward Wehrr. 
Jcmes Leonard Woodley. 
Division IT. 

Proficiency — Vera Alma JenninR.«;. 
Deportment—Ivy Renouf. 
Regularity and punctuality— Freder- 
ick E. Behnscn. 


50 X 120 each. One-third cash. Price, 
Each J?l,500 

EDMOXTOX ROAD— Two of the finest 
lots on the street, 43 x l.'K) each, near 
Fermvood. Each 

John A. Turner & Go. 

I I was a mart^'r to Hay Fever for a long time — probably fifteen years— and 
3 suffered terribly at times. I consulted mahy physicians and took their treat- 
ment — and I tried every remedy I heard of as good for Hay Fever. But nothing 
did me any eood.~TJien- X- tried '^F]ruitTa>tiVe» and-ihi«-r«medy^^u£ad-m» com- 
pletely. I am now well, and I wish to say to every sufferer from iHay Fever — 
•Try Frult-a-tlves." This fruit medicine cured me when every treatment failed 
and 1 believe it is a perfect cure for this dreadful disease." MRS- HIINRY KEMP. 
ilmpure blood causes the itching eyes, sore throat. Irritated nose tliat we 
know as Hay Fever. As this is true, the sensible thing to do is lo purify the 
blood by taking "Frult-a-tives." Mrs. Kemp took •"Fruit-a-tives" and Is cured. 

Why not let "Fruli-s,-tives regul^t.e yjjur^ bowels, iftdnisya aq<|| sjcln? Why 
not let "Frult-a-UVes*' «*ve ydti he»l(i), and. atoBngth ai»l itppsUte? Why not 
let "Fruit-e-tlves" so build up the system that you won't have Hay FeVer this 
Hummer? "Fruit-a-tlves" is the only medicine in thie world made of fruit 
Juices. €it to partlculariy jmltttd to the use of women hecaii|»e It Js pleasant to 
take and acts mildly and gently. 50c a box, t for 92.60; trial size 25c, Dealers 
in all parts of Canada sell "Friiit-a-tiyes." But if you are unable to obtain 
them In your neighborhood, they will bq sent y<«i powstp^WI on T«<j»lpt of pflce 
by Frult-a-tlves Limited, Ottawa. 

- . .. ' .. ' . ' - .' I' i .i . ' ' — — — .— — ^— — — — — 

You Have Only To- 
day and Tomorrow 
To Select Your New 
Suits for Dominion 

It's at a time like this that vou 
appreciate the Fit-lleforin ward- 

The cpnvenience of h a vi no- 
all the new styles for your -ill* 
spection — ^^the certainty of rind- 
ing just the fabric, pattern and 
effect that pleases you most — 
the knowledi>e that tailorinii", 
quality and fit \\\\\ i)e to your 
likin^.^ — these are the features of 
the Mt-Reform service that aj)- 
peal to the busy business man. 

Styles and patterns are at 
their l)esl, and the nmge of sizes 
is most complete. Come. 

ALLEN'S, Fit-Reform 

YatcH street, at Broad 

ut Advertising 
Waste ! 


I _^lKZ!r 'I fl Daily Newspaper Advertiiing m ihe best for general 
purposes. There are a score of other good media, all 
•Muring excellent returns. But. the orchard improperly cultivated, bears 
small fruit. Ditto with advertising improperly handled. Victonan adver- 
titen warte hundreds ol dollars worth of space daily. We can show 
you how you may %t\ better results at the same figure you now ex- 
pend —•ometimes less. Ask us. 

Tlw only AdvertUing Agency on Vancouver Uland racog' 
nbiad by the Canadian Prei» A«>ociation 

.f>Jiill>i«S MiJ tmUwlV «f ■■ Undi— PUciftC doM A» wmM onr- Fonw 
•ad rill * 'l Smmw Ami puB -Miilii«nphiiit-BooU«tf-Pr<M|KctiiM». 



IrMOUt 3t»» IIOOKlJfT Off MtOUIMt 





nue, and Stanley avenue, from Pem- 
broke avenue to Pandora avenue. 

The city engineer pointed out in his 
report that as the Worswick Paving 
c or n pa ny-wttl- practically complete all 
Its contracta within a short time, and 
as it would be good policy on the part 
of the city to keep both paving com- 
panies working- to their full capaci^ty 
until the close of the season, he had 
consulted with the Worswick Paving 
company, which is prepared to under- 
take the contract at the followingr 
prices, those submitted in their tender 
of last year: $1.63 per square yard for 
heavy, and $1.45 for ii&lit asphalt, with 
excavation, other than rock, at 60 cents 
per cubic yard; excavation of solid 
jock at ?2 per yard, and curb and sut- 
ler 55 cents per lineal foot. 

The engineer also reported that he 
intentl.s to Increase the thickne-^s of 
the concrete base one Inch, making the 
base for light asphalt live inches and 
for heavy asphalt six inches, while the 
concrete mixture will be In propor- 
tions of 1:3:6 instead o»trl': 3: 5 hither- 
to used, the company to be allowed 13 
cents per square yard for the addi- 
tional concrete, this beinR the price 
allowed the Canadian Mineral Rutjber 
company on the Douglas street pave- 
ment recently awarded to the latter 
concern. With what the t:anadian 
Mineral Rubber company now has on 
liand this additionabcontract will keep 
t^ijl voaspanies busy untli the close of 
the season. 

More Work for Ward Tbrae 

The committee % 11 recommend the 
letting of th^ above contract, the 
Stanley avenue and Gladstone avenUa 

portions being added on recomhienda- 
tion of Alderman Gleason. who pointed 
out that so far this year only two 
bh.'C}<3 of paving have been laid in 
Ward Three. 

Alderman Stewan stauO tliai t^ity 
Engineer Rust Is averse to laying 
asphalt pavement on a four-inch base, 
as that thickness is not siiftlcient for 
traffic conditions aiicl lasting quali- 

Alderman jpilworth urged calling for 
new tenders, instancing the ease of 
Douglas street which had been let to 
the Canadian Mineral Rubber company 
on the company's bid of last year, lie 
understood that the Worswick Paving 
compan\' had taken exception to the 
city's action in li call lor 
bids on that work. 

li the necessary bylaws have picii 
already passed the contract for the 
pa\'ing of Manchester road, from 
Gorge road to Burnside a^■cnuc, and 
of Garbally road, from Gorge road to 
the waterfront, will bc> Ift to the I'ana- 
dian .Mineral Rubber company. These 
■Streets have been iiwaiiiiiR improve- 
ment for many montlis. 

If owners to be benefitted .ire will- 
ing to havf the work dono on th«? local 
iiiiprnvcmo'iU plan und pa.v thsir share 
of the fCrlo .'<lreot will he con- 
tinued through to the nilll of the 
Brackman-Ker Milling comi'any. Last 
year the owners asked thi' city to 
make the exten.?lon out of general 
revpnuf, but thi.s roqucat was refused. 
Will Aacartfin Cost 

Thi' (|UP.s!ion of paving T'ombroki* 
r.venu{> from Chambers .street to 
l-'prnwiiod road wa.i laid over for a 
week until an estimatf, nf the cost of 
whlenlng the thcirnughfarr" can be se- 
cured. The bylaw to pave the street 
at lis present width was passed last 
year and then the bylaw to expropri- 
ate the necessary land for widening 
purpTises was pas.scd. To pave to the 
width now propo.sed ma.v require an- 
other paving li.\law to be passed. 

.Alderman Okell suggested ,;olng 
ahcrul on the old lines, but .Mderman 
Gleason urged that as the council bad 
decided to widen the street It should 
do so and expropriate the land re- 
((Ulred In the usual manner without 
waiting to ascertain what the owners 
will agree to take for their property. 

AI(l''rm.Tti Beard asserted that the 
only proper method wa.«i t<> ascertain 
llrst what the widening will cost. He 
did not to be "held up" in 
the matter of cost as was the case 
In the widening of Douglas street. If 
the owners would accept a reasonable 
price for the land taken by the city 
the work could be proceeded with. 

It the necessary bylkw for Improv- 
ing Hillside avenue, cast of Blackwood 
street, has be«>|i passed the city will 
proteed r/ith the work In order that 
the underground conduits for the tele- 
phone wires may be I^id. The street 
was improved between Blanchard and 
(Blackwood streets and then work was 
discontinued because of heavy rook ex- 
cavation. The telephone eompany ta 
waiting for the city to proceed before 
layirtf the underground ^piitfultji, l^alf 
the cost of which will '&e borne by the 

Oeorge Wm. Plercy, Mildred I. Pollock, 
George Edmund Poste, Marjorie Fran- 
04s Press, Mildred Alraa Russell, Al- 
bert Wm. Smith, Jack Douglas Stawwrt. 
Oswald Gordon- Taylo r , J o n M i wgar a t - 
WlUlams, Muriel Toung, Carlafort 
Frederic Lloyd-Young. 

Uiviiion V, 

Proficiency — Alleen Raymond. 

Deportment — Jeannie Torrance. 

Regularity — Minnie Cox. Sira Had- 
don, Robt. Paterson. 

Passed— Hilda Abbot. .Stanley Ban- 
ner. Arthur Bagsbaw, Audrew Bennett, 
Evelyn Carlow, Charlie Christie. Jack 
Christie, Noel CoUison, Eric Connor- 
ton, Minnie Cox, Kelene . Devereux, 
Roberta Dill, tToHephlne Duncan. Philip 
Flamank, Morton Graham. Sara Had- 
don. Dorothy Hicks. Otto Harold, Vera 
Hall, Elsie I.,ongmlre. Rennie MacMll- 
lan, Sybil .Manning. May Parker, Rob- 
ert Patterson, Aileen Ra.vmond. Flora 
Ross, Wllkle Smith, Adelbert Stewart, 
Douglas Smith, Herman Stelk, .Teanlc 
Torrance, Qlyde Trousse, Audrey 
Warburton, Caroline White, Clifford, 
Woolison, Reginald Wood. 
DlvlBloii TX. 

Deportment — Bruce Young. 

Proficiency — Richard Bellby. 

Regularity — ^Annle Davis. 

Passed — Madge Ijloyd-Young, Rich- 
ard Bellby, Harry Curry, Iris John- 
ston. .Margery Wilson, Ernest Seaton. 
Thomaa Moffat, Annie Davle.s, Enid 
Brown, Annie Smith. Robert Colllson, Smith. Phyllis Press, Dorothy 
Parker, Bruce Young, .Tessle Stott, 
Nellie Barne, Fred Smith, George 
Smith, Rupert Wilson. Kathleen Dav- 
les. Bluebell WiKson, George Dixon, 
Winnie Young. Edith VVll.son, Cecil 
Babbage, Edward Ijane. Robert Jal- 
land. David Sherlock, Stanley Creech, 
Robert Cox, Mary Brown. Edna Curry. 
William Clark, Herbert, Wiiini- 
rred Flltton. 

Division VII. 

Regularity and punotualit; i-i 
bella Brown. .Arthur Deidilh."' 

Proffiency— Kathleen Greenwood. 

Deportment — Alex. Moore. 

Passed — Isabella Brown, Clara Crog- 
ham, Arthur De Carteret, Erma Gra- 
ham. Kathleen Greenwood, Colvllle 
Graham. Dorl.s Hunt, Walter Matthews. 
Mazel Partridge, Joseph I'arker, Ella 
Simpson, Thelma Schroeder. 



Dlvlglon Z. 

Oeportmpnt — .M.m More .'■on. 

/iegularit.v and puiutuality — Florence 
,M. Holicrts. M.Tfgnret Tatliem, Am\' 

>'roiieiency — Norman Pater.'ion' I'"orlje.s. 

I'roiuoted to Xorlli Ward — Doroiliy 
.Vnder.ioii, .-Vndrew Audcrsoii, Vcr.i 
Beexen, -Norman Bonntr, Uattic Bur- 
ridge, Clarence Blain, .\niy lidrnl, Hf*>>- 
sie Carter, Elsie. Cobb. Lily Dook, Clie.s- 
ter G raw ford, .lo."<eph Crook.>i, Gordon 
Dickson, Dorothy l,)rahn, Violet Dunn, 
.lames Dewav, Wilbur ['"ttlloon, .N'ormHn 
Forbes, Kathleen Fisher, Marsaret Har- 
rl,"!. Mary Hill, ICva Ffatiihleton. \era 
Hunter, Ida Iron,=, Ethel Irvine, \\"l!- 
frcd JnHper, Haxc! Jone,>i, Bobcrt Kirk- 
luim, Alex Main, .lean .Martin, Donald 
.McLoud. Eva .Mitcliell, .Man .Vlarcroft. 
.lack Noble, Irene Pearson, .lames Rich- 
ards, ?Ienry Rounding, Florence Rob- 
erts. Ethel .Shaw, Mabel Stephens, PhlHi) 
Smith, Margaret Tathem, William 
Tliacker, Alfred Thnmpsotl, I'rozer Tol- 
niie, Clement Va'sheresse. Charles Wat- 
son, Gustava Wood, Leslie \\olfondcn. 
SlTislon ZI. 

Proficiency — Hoy Xicoll. 

Deportment — ^Howard Itoherts. 

KeKularily and punctualiiy — iMviil 

Promotion list — ^-I'^rcderlck Archei-, 
Oeorge .\Ilan, Charles Beek, Arthur 
Balcolin, .lean Bass, Ella Chafe, Ed- 
war<l Clayardu, George Cla.vards, Arthur 
Cooper, Martin Cojiner. Doreeji Daley. 
Elizabeth Dale, l^'rederlck l>iickworth, 
.Myce Eecied, Gei'irude Go»», .Inek Olll- 
inghnm, Ronald Livingston, Hector Mc- 
Mllan, Velna Matthews, Roy .N'icoll, 
Gladys Pengelly, Amy Pengelly, Grace 
I'hlpps, Clayton Pamphlett, David Rich- 
dale, Howard Roberts, Annie Rodg^rs, 
Joseph Sears, Thomas Watson. Alfre<l 
Wood, Elenor Wright, Alctba Williams, 
Paulln* Yule. 

atyiBiMi m. 

Deportment — AInalle Wortnlngton. 

ReguUrity and punctuality — Frank 

Protlolency — Moreen Keown, Margaret 

Promotion list — Margaret Torrance, 
Xoreen Keown, Margaret Murray, Bue- 
lah Stephen*. MarguiA'tte Stewart, Doris 
lawtiafl. yndreiiee Latham, Leon* ,«Ari^- 
iVfj^^ . im* Smith. . . 4p«|M. 

201 Times Bld^. 

iiiTrrr KiTii'iri'i'iiiii 'Si 


Division Z. 

From Second Primer to First Reader 
— George Silburn, Florence McDou^al. 
Daveda Blake, Flora Price, Arthur Bird, 
Dorothy Savage, Ethel Gunningham, 
Samuel Salmond. Edward Worth, Laura 
King, Juanita Dangerfleld. Miriam Mar- 
dell, James D?.ngerfleM :: i Florence 

From Junior to Senior Second Primer 
—Minerva Grant, Iris Mardell, Sadie 
Bird, Ella Robertson, Willie Nachtrieb, 
Georgina Logan, Eileen . McAdam, 
Eleanor Hulchlh-on, EIe,i nor York m and 
Mary Phnir. 

From 1 'rimer to Junior Second 
Primer — ^Robert Nunn, Katie Jones 
and Llewella l..eigh. 

Deportment — Laura Victoria King. 

B,^lity .nid regularity— Mary 
i;iizabeth Pharr, 

I'roflciency — George .'^ ill ■urn. 
Division II. 

Passed from lir.^t to second Primer — 
David Stanley Wilson, Doris Welsh Mc- 
intosh, Edgar Breckenbridge, Edward 
Logan, Herbert Wilke and William 
George Wlggs. 

Passed from .Junior to Senior First 
Primer — William lJan,^er(leld, Mary 
Holden, Norma Pearl Bayntiui, Bossui 
Headley, SUhurn, Chester Elton 
Price and Rowallan Vickery. 

Deportment — Mary Holden. 

Proficiency — David Stanley WlLson. 

K.-guarlty and punctuality — Herbert 




He round Ti)«m. 

Doi;.s in generul are axjoken ol' as the 
.'ervanis and friendai of man. Only of 
the sheep-dog, it has' been claimed, can 
this bo .said with absolute truth. in 
Mh "Mt inoricn and Portraits," U. Li. 
Stevenson relates an Incident in which 
the shepherd dog .showed greater busi- 
ness acumen than Its master: 

once. In the days of hi.s good doK, l.c 
had bought some sheep in Edinburgh, 
and on the way out, the road being 
crowded, he lost two. This was a re- 
proach to John and a slur upon the 
dou, and both were alive to their mis- 
fortune. Word came after some days 
that a farmer found two sheep, and 
thither went John and the dog to ask 
for restitution. But the farmer was n 
hard tnnn, and stood upon his rights. 
"How were they mai'ked?" he asked, 
and as had boiight from 4nany 
sellers, be had no notion of tl.e marks. 

"Very well," .s«ld vhf, farmer, "thrii 
it's only right that I should keep- them." 

Then said John: "It's a fact that I 
canna' tell the sheep, but it my dog 
can, will ye let mo have them?" 

The farmer was honest as well as 
hard, and 1 dare^iay he had little anxi- 
ety over the ordeal, as he had all the 
shrei;) upon his farm Into one large 
party and he turned John's dog Into 
their midst. But that hairy man at bust* 
ness Knew his errand well, tb«t Jftlin 
and he had bought two aheei) and (to 
their shame lost them. He knew beside* 
rwho knows not, except by listening) 
that they bad come for their recovery, 
and, without pause or blunder he 
Mingled out first, one and then another 
—the two walfa. 

The shepherd and hia dot-~-irh«t do 
I aayT The true ehepherd and hta ni»a 
then set off together in Joeund httttlW, 
and "smiled to 'ither" all tbe wsy IbOOM. 
with the two recovered on#)i bcftt* 
them.— Christian Sel*n«» ItoitltM', 


—Says the Husband 

My family finds "Adanac" water pure, healthful and 
delightfully refreshing. "Adanac" adds zest and enjoy- 
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As a blender "Adanac" has no equal— it brings out the 
ifuU, mellow flavor of wines and liquors. 203 

At Cafea— Hotels, Bara— Drug Stores or from Grocert by bottle 
or ckae. Send for our Novel Booklet— "How to Mix Drinks." 


Caladonia Springs, Ontario 

John Robertson & Son. (Pacific), Ltd., Victoria, B.C. 


In Iceland men uMr'^vU^:*^ Ut 
even' respect equftiu T>)«| tl»tM^ 
which number* 4b«>iii .7«««<W »<M^|i^ 
«Overned t^. 

Buy a Hat atHalf Price 
For Domlflion DiV 

You h*ve two month* «w «*•"» 
in which ttt tut* unythln* that rtw 
buy now. I»ot» M atylea call be 
worn lale l«lo Ihe Vtik I*rtee 
h%9 not imtM ciHlHiid«mi4U*<4r« «H» 
intent on fettiilf^ltptlt Y>^ 4i«TtB« 
you money mmI pleMlny you. 

Here are ])#»•• to o|i«h ifmt 
ey«a «nd y«ur punre. R ywt Are 
1^ *|) •eonoatitii you #ni »ot 


s.o» H»t# * <...«>.4^ 

lft.W «^iil fm^it^ 

Ohio Dentists. Seattle 

The Best 

At tho moat 

Moderate Prices 




AH ■ tl»* ^ ¥m ^ 

« '1'' I , <■?*-• St . '5 




^ -^ 

!B»*urcl«y, Juna 29, ^9^Z 


}|li.\li:D m 



Japanse Steamier Brings News 
That Osaka Shosen Kaisha 
Has Bought Another Vessel 
for Transpacific Trade 



Good Cargo of General Merch- 
andise on the Vessel — 
Freight From the Far East 

The steamej* ^«slco ' Maru of the 
psaw'tt S}>os^>n kjtlsha, which r^clkd 
:*^e outm wharf yesterday •- morning 
yith 170, paauengcTB anJ 1384 tona of 
general cariro, brought news that the 
Japanese 8toanu»hip line hat) purihaseU 
a new steamer of 7000 tons register In 
Uie United Kinsaom and r«mMiied her 
the Luzan Maru for ih« trantjpacino 
korvice or the company. TJie n^w 
Mcamor U to be used ua a relief vts- 
^el for the fleet In the transpaiciflc 
I'-aUe Id order ihat whtn such im:i- 
dentaJ ^s the <li»tt.n.ii,». .^r .iw, ;■• 

Steamer Mexico Maru which reached port yesterday from the Far East. 

J^ ■■ ' . I . ' .i"! 1 , 1 I I 'I " I i M ' ii» M iii ', i| I ; i ||| ., « 

the steiT^'^jeiel 'steatners plytng on the 
northern rir«t. Others who left for tKji 
nortljj on the Prihcess May were 
Messrs. C,',, phapman and W. Moyec,* 
bound to Ketchikan, Missed Menseles 
for Juneau, Mrs. Vcy for Bkagw^y, 
Mrs; attd the Mlases Agnew for I*rlnce 
Rupert, Mrs., Clarke and Mr. J. L. 
Davis for Dawson, and Mrs. Arthur 
■L^e, W-fao will make the refund trip to 
Bliaigyr&y. From Vancouver the steamr 
et^. will take a number of excursionists 
who Intend to make the round trip. 

The steamer Princess Royal mad<\ n 
special trip from Vancou\er to Cow- 
Ichan Bay yesterday, acting as a troop 
ship. The C.l'.n, vessel took the Sixth 
li. ft. C — JilflsK.aiid 'i8nd Ulghtaadens 


Mexico Maru Brings News That 
Prince Katsura* Will Seek 
Agreement Withf the Czar's 


ZimpresR Theatre — Lit-st. nlglit Her- 
bert Uiook.s, the inagi<;ian and 'W,oniier. 
wdrker who has beeb provinir a' grtot 
uttraction at the ISmpress lffae«tr<9 ail 
week performed a gi?eat fe^t, ifi\an> 
'»wet to a challenge made tha| be cou)d 
not escape from a specially qjinstructr 
«.'d iiacking case in tiyj manner that fc«" 
makes an escape front a trunk" on the 
stage of the theatre nightJj'* he cLgreed 
to make the attempt, »ndi while he. 
.occupied longer In p^rfbrmlng the ftat 
than' from the trunk, he suc^eded and 
won great applause,. The fes-t followed 
a Kood magical and sletght-of-hand 

i mrftir n ia i ieu. — ATmn Dlh^haft and 
Anna Heritage shared the applause 
with thefr presentation of the ske^h 
'The TWO Rubles." tk brt'gbt a, Mttlc 
play as any s eeq^ on the vaudevlHw 
slage: Tofin T. Murray, the comedlaa. 
«»ccentrlc and funny, gave an enjoy, 
able turn dlspe|i«tng » great N^^jray of 
VUtlelems and singing some good par- 
pdtes. Misses Irene 'and Bohbie Smith, 
'f, clever couple wlio have a soubrettc 
act .sang, danced and played the piano 
and did iill well, ahd the Krags til<» of 
oqullibri.sts an* gymnastp performed 
some tlirllling 'feat$,:from ?i high har 
pcrchcds. far above tHfe stage. The last 
perCormanoes wlir be glHmji this after- 
noon and evening and it Ip expected 
that ; oapacily aiiaien(»eR will -be the 
rule. • * 

"Beanrrootlon"— l.oo Tolstor» rprca t 
Russian drama of Siberia wps pro- 
fluc«Ml again (It the VIeforIa theatre 
'la.-l iiiKlit before a'iuil hoURp, and will 
be repeated for the last time tonight, 
with the matinee this afternoon. The 
acting, of Miss Vertm Fclton wa.«! a 
distinguished success again nfght, 
she In the part of Katuslta Alaslova 
holding her audience in rapt attention 
through eaoho-f the five acts. The, 
strnnq: drawntin effect of act four made 
*'~ ' ■ ilarly, the? audience 

'■'"'"■ " ■ '«lon and bringing the 

popjilar stock aotre.«»s hack to the foot- 
lights to :|ec!p4^e the applause. Th<' 

examination of all medical r^en seck- 
inj; to practice, and certificates Issued 
lt\r Uii» bum (I »iii eiiMuii- the holders 
lo practice in nny imrt of tBtr Iiuniinlon 
of Canada. An excursion to tlu- fa- 
nioiiK Yi'llowlioail I'hah Iihk litsj-n ar- 
lanRed «k a plensani termination to 
the convt;nlioii. A special trnlii Is to 
111' plaied, b.v tlie Grand 'rrunU f'uctfh' 
ifillwHy, at tllp dl^po8ill of thoKp who 
Willi to take the trip. 

Tlif aiTaiiBemi-nl.s with li.e railway 
coiupanles are thut nienilji-rs attcndlnir 
tlip convention, (ami thi.s wll'i huludi- 
thiir wives), will get slnRlrj fare for 
Itip reluin journey, providing there is 
nn attrniliimc of KIO from a.11 over < 'lin- 
ada. That number will be ea.slly ob- 
tained, so tbal no more 'favorable op- 
portimlt.x- for an online can be offered 
tile profession: one coinlilnlng business, 
a holiday and a pleasure trip. The sln- 
Ble fare r:ito is belnR nnule by the 
direct roule to WinnlpPK ami Kdmon- 
...ton; or the deb-sates can travel by the 
Lake Route. laniJinK at Fort William, 
Ibance by rail, at '.-i .rlisrl.tly additional 
llgnre, to cover the of tlio niealK 
and berMi furnished on the steanicrx; 
•or the memlier.s may ro or return via 

The meetlnK lbl>i year bids fair to 
bo' a most interesting one on the sci- 
entific side. Dr. A. Giles, a prominent 
surgeon of London. England, is to de- 
lMf!W;"the address In Surgery, and Dr. 
;^C'1>. BlacUadei of Montreal, the ad- 
dress in Medicine. A large number of 
interesting paptirs /have already been 
promised. There 'will also be a public 
lecture by pr. Adnml of Montreal. Mr. 
M. J. iltann, hospital architect, Chl- 
cag^l^^ia deliver an illustrated public 
lebture during .the cOnvenfon on: "The 
Econqfmlcs of Hosplt&l l*iaDQln« and 
Management" . . . 

AH qualified medical practitioners in 
Bood standlnK are eligible for mem- 
bership in the association and it Is 


Booster Excursion 

$2.25— SEATTLE AND RETURN— $2.25 

Per S. S. "I'rincc (>eor^'e" 

C. K. KARLI^;, , ' 

City and Ticket A:,-!. Tel. 

J AS. .McAUTliCR. 
I'ock (lur, KrclKhr .V.i,-i. Tel. 2-1.11. 

Canadian Pacific Railway Co. 

B. C Coast Service 

Dominion Day Special 

noped th^t a great many- who are hot 
at present members wUl take advantage 
of this meetln/t to' make the trip to 
Bdiponton. which will be . mof t pleas- 
H&M<L-%»-weii_^g..BiafItati(le. ^ ';:. 


$2.70 To VANCOUVER ^ "l^l^lip^jfcl^^ 




Maru and ^anaiiia Maru in quarantine 
occur lU« SL-hedule will still be niiin- 
tained. i^apt Vamamoio, foruivrli of 
ike. Tacoma . Maru. Is in, 12ngland to 

IJitcrw and crew have been sent from 
Japan via Siberia. 

The Mexico Maru left Yokohama on 
•June 12th and ttft .ttlt^ant s«5ven day.s. 

o^ her passage ohcountered strong^ head 
winds and liisli seas, not making 'more 
than seven or ei«ht knots an hour. 
.\iteE passing the nu-rldlan , good 
weather prevailed and the liner made' up 
lime. .Seven saloon pussenWtwa were 
■T.juKhi, .Mr. , VVm. ■ Hetheringtoh.:' a 
|in!\ ri,siiy teacher from China who em- 
I'aiKni at .stiansrhai; Mr. Muruyaraa, a 
Japanese merchant of Cbic«g6. who 
>vem to Japan to marry and who 
brjusbt liLs bride with him; Mr." Ando, 
u Japanese school teacher. w)io wlU 
take -charge Of the .iapanese school at 
Wutsonville. raiitornia, and ., a Chinese 
couple. M). <-:t> and wife. Theru were 
170 steerage pa.vsengers. mostly Chi- 
nese. The cargo for Victoria lotalhd 
170 tons. Including II la packages of 
te.i, 1090 math- of nee. 391 cases of pea- 
nuts, 235 cases of porcelain, 320 rolls 
of matting. For Seattle the stemaer has 
i-l,:!V6 cases of tea. SOO c«is-.-s. of silk. 
V3a gunnies. 913 sack.n of ' concentrates 
from the Unsan mines in Kore^i for the 
Taconia .snieUef a;:'l ' j'mrai mcr- 

Tile .Mjxico .Maru is heinK followed 
• the I'a.ihr li>- th- steamer Inaba 
"'''"•I' of tlv s .:.,.n Vii.«ien ■kaisha, 
which left Yokolmma June I9th and is 
c'ue on Wednesday next Tiic Inaba 
"darn. wlUch is replacing the Kama- 
kura Maru In this service, has 000 tons 
of freight to land liere. The Antiloc'hus 
^r the Hlue 1-unnel line left' yoUohama 
I'M .Saturday last and is due here next 
Saturday \vlth a full* carffo . of general from . the— , United King- 
dom and far ea-stern ports. The Orteric 
of the Weir line loft Vokohama June 
'^6. Tile lOinpress of India, the next steftmer expected, is scliaduled 
to leave Yokohama on Tuesday. 

'^ISsquianalt will be floated on Wednes- 
day, and will resume service In carry- 
ing general cargoes to Prince Rupert 
and Skagw^y. 

from the malnlat^ for ihe route marcn 

on Vancouver' Island and sham battle. 

The I'rincess Kna. which U being 

overhauled and repaired on the ways 

> in4«g-tjat-tj^re-mnr— vessel and TJtner of-*; ''"*^ '♦^o- ^^- Martwe TnrHway , Po m pany- at 

Seiners irot Snccessfnl 
PORT TOWNSKND, June 38.— Light 
•eatches and low prlce;« are proving dis- 
couraging i to. ihany ■of' tbo Neflih Bay 
fitrf.ermen and «o for the sffiBon haa 
not been as profitable a« anticipated^ , 
Silver salmon arc bringing tiiie fisher- 
men lfel-2 (jents each whlje isockeye,- 
spring and. t#^ range froni ,50 to 75 
Cents, with but few fish , bcih^ taket.. 
Tljc blRgest day's catch so far reported 
was made several days ago when 10,- 
000 salmon were brought In, Of these 
one purse s(^ne power boat drew 7,000. 
leaving the balance divided afnong 
purse seiners and trollers, TroUers ' 
report, i^of «Aic«ess 'aiid nuhoiljers put' 
in full days apd find but from one tn . 
three fish to reward their efforts. The' 
fleet is slowl.\- heii>p increased., by new ' ivspeTitea. in far 
arrival.'; and while a few of the small- 
ler boats have left for other fishing 
grounds, the fisbin? population is In- 

oreaslnji. It "Iv 1" the «e«i»n | viijdft i|iii^ hew fOrrh*^ 

J^nd the,, rini 1 n; cted ta sliow up 
m«*h better A MtOit later on. 


Mackinaw Arrives on the Sound to Zaoad 
Cargo for the Bering Sea Port 

1 lie .steanicr Mackinaw reached Ta- 
coina yesterday to load for Gapc Nome 
and is scheduled lo leave for the north 
'jn July :;. The Mackinaw was operat- 
ed in the .Vla.ska service over live years 
■y the Western .Vlaska Hteamship coin- 
'.any.' She is owned by Uic Jtobert Dol- 
'xr- titeaiiisiilp company arid was char- 
ijred about two years ago by Bates <t 
CJieaehrouKl: ..und- pOiicsd la -thtr-JJa-Haiiia 
trade out of fcJan Krandsco. The vessel 
u'as converted Into an oil burner about 
a year aRo. She received an overliaulin;; before saltlnH from San Kr.mci.sco, 
•iiml is in e.vccllenl. conditicm for lier 
\()ya.^:e to the faV north. 


Pan-AmaricRn Mail to Have Service 

Prom Wew Orleans to Worth 

Faciflc via the Canal 

NKW onLK.\N8, .luiie 28.— Conimer- 
(lal North and S^iuiti. .\iiicrica were 
Joined by another link today when 
.steamship service between New Orleans 
iind South Atnerlcan ports was Inaug- 
urated. Till! new line, known as the 
l'an-.-\meriean Mall, will operate the 
first American owned ves.sels tliat liiive 
.sailed from New (Orleans to .South .Am- 
erican ports .since the <.-;lvll \\-ar. Af- 
ter the I'aiinnia (^anal i.s openeil, it i.s 
idanned to extend the serviir. f s^n 
i'ranclsoj and Seattle. 

Pine Beinltted 
POUT- TOWNSldND. June 28.— 
Through Collector of Customs F. C. 
Harper, the department of commerce 
these boys appear .to "have done cmhm 
•recently imposed «»» . the Steamship 
IX) ve, operating out of Tacoma for 
violating the aOtOf June 7, 1897. *rhe 
Dove was shoiwt to h*ive been Tunder 
■way after wunset with no lights Show- 
ing. An Investigation showed that the 
vessel Is owned by tlie Merchants' 
TransijortfUion company and was In 
command of Capt. F. M. HUnt. It was 
the first trip of Iflunt ns master of the 
vessel and he was unaware that the 
electric lights were out of order. He 
was notified by the engineer of this 
fact and ordered oil lights to be sub- 
"tltuted. At the time this was dOne 
it was lifter sunset, though not dark. 
.\ fine of J200 was Imposed on the ves- 
sel and $50 on the captain. The lat- 
ter fine has beei\^ reduced to $20 and 
the Dne levied dn the Dove cancelled. 

Owners Olvo Bond 

In (Miler lli;u the stoanishlp l''ultOM, 
bolonsing- to the Montesano .Stcamahip 
company, which wa.s seized by the cus- 
toms officials for alleged violations of 
the customs reguIationK, may continue 
service, the owners put uj, a bond for 
her release. The Fulton is 6nsa«(»d In 
trade between British Columbia ports 
and Seattle, for.Oodwell & Company. 

News was' brought by the steamer. 
Mexico Maru. which arrived yesterday 
iuurnTng thai "Prln6e"Earsufa'*wnT leave" 
Jhpan ott July « bound to St. Peters- 
burg to discuss an agreemeut bibtween 
Kussia and Jayan relntiv^ to aotion of 
Ru.s8la .atid Japan In northern Cb^a. 
Mongolia and HI. The diplomatic mis- 
sion on %vhlch Prince Katsura has been 
sent is considered one of tho most Im- 
pcrtant undertaken by Japan, It is well 
known that - ivlilie the late Prince Ito 
was In St, Peteipburg Peeking to make 
an agreenaibiit with Buflsla the Anglo-- 
Japanese alliance which was fostered 
by Katsura was annoum-'ed, and, accord- 
ing to Japanese newspapers while they 
d<lmli that the alliance was of great 
use in the war with Russia and occu- 
pation isubsequetitly of Korea the slt- 
'Mation ihaa ' oHaiigedi" anS an agree m en t 
wt!th Russia, would, be preferable. The 
Nitibl itJlcbl i»y»: "Of «iOiirie the Anglo- 
Japanese alliance Is the first guarantee 
of the. maiintalnance of peace" in the Far 
nSaSt, but UussIr has special Interests in 
Chiha. and her will should- alwa,ys he 
eastern deallnsS' It Is, 
therefore, necessary for Japc^ ^ to have 
a good . understanding With Russia 
thoug^h It may not be n«'eessiirv to eon- 
c! ordiale." 

China's Horthern Border 
Meanwmle HiLsslan aclUltj- in Mon- 

^golia, where there Is great unrest. Is 
worrying China. The Japn" <":i/,ette 
epitomizes the • situation iintf 

Prealdejpt Ytmn Shitf Kal u^^ iuUo^vs: 
•'He t^knnot but have obeerved that these 
are Blgna of grcAvlng foreign, distrust 
on the frontiers. This Is .especially 
true of Mongolia and Hsinkiaug, and 
along sections where Uussla claims, 01* 
has, special Interests. He ge-ts reports 

*rhe celebrated 'jSngUahj t>sautjf 'whe cap- 
tured the heftl^t and swayed tti* .Uter life 
of Tjord Kelsoh, had ,a charming complexion 
which the poefv or her day compared to a 
deUcalely-jInted rose In full bloom. It Is 
now known that this lioaullfid woman 
exercised tho srcatesi care over her com- 
plexion, treating her skin with a prepar- 
ation of Almonds and Rosea. The formula 
was . ft well-guBrded Secret for long, but 
any one may obtain the lotion now at most 
drug stores. It Is sold under the name of 
.Seely's Almonrose and lis reRiilur un- 
asBuies a beautiful complexion us well as 
a soft and velvety skin. 

Other cha» 

::i|>f the cast are all 'In 

oP Chinese being driven out of the Rus- , seeing two of the best arL , 

Bnpert City Beports 

Bound frnni l.adytuiilth foi l.-palaska 
Willi a cargo of coal, the .steamship 
Jtupert City rin)orted by wireles.s Wed- 
nesday nffiriii while 1,212 miles from 
Cape Flattery. The vessel i,s expected 
I'l arrive at rimliiska some time today. 

Should Have Made a Will 



O. p. B. Steamer Xi«ft Port for Zaynn 

Oanal Ziaat Mlrht — Prlnceas Boyal 

as a Troopship 

The steamer Princess .Mu.v. ,rai)t. 
Mcl.eod. of the C.l'.K., left the Belle- 
ville street wharf last nlRht for Skaw- 
way and way ports with a fair comple- 
ment of pas.senkers and a Kond frcUbti 
including Idg Khlpmcnts of provl.sions 
for the northern Intirlor, Including the 
Hk.*enB river and Stiklne and Yukon 

AmoiiK the passeniirers on the C.I'. II. 
vessel was Mi. J. C. Kin»:hrirn, In- 
spector of hulls, who WH» hooked for 
-Sltagway en route to the Vukon rIver 
out his yearly Inspection of 

to ctfiry 

Children N^eglect Aged Mother. 

A .sad was liroiijrJ|it to the atti n- 
tlon of a charitabio so'cicty recently, 
when they received an aiipilcatlon for 
relief from an elderly woman. 

Her husband had been iiro.sperou.s 
loii died, without leaving any will''. 
The widow did not Insist on her riKlits 
to a third of the es-fate, but, turned 
everything over in ihe children, be- 
lieving; that thflv would look after lier 
for the balance of her life. She had 
lived with one afl'er another of her 
married Hon.s and dauxliters, and lier 
Htory of the way in which she was 
treated a very 'serious reflec- 
tion on the insrratltudc oT children. 

The miiln point is, bowp\-,;r. that it 
1.^ Ihe duty of ever,'.- per.son, to make a 
^^.ll. There is no, because It 
is no looKcr neces.sary to employ a 
lawyer or Incur larjfe expense — the 
H.V Will I'-orms can be ohtiiined for 
o,'i I ent.s. .Vci-ompanylnjr each form is 
H specimen will properly filled out 
"od full • lnstriiition.s for your Kuid- 

The BA.V WMII I-nrm filled out aiid 
witnessed by two friends is ab.solutely 
hIndInK and Indisputable. 

For sale by all dniKKlsts and sta- 
lloifrrs, or sent on reelpt of ,T.'i cent.s 
tiy the BAX Will l-^rm company, 2801 
College street, Toronto, 

sian zone and of Russian irpops being 
sent to Kashgar in forte. He has re- 
ceived peremptory dernands from Itus- 
sla r«?garding the navigation of the 
Amur river, the finarioInK and policing 
of Mongolia and llslnkian?:. etc., all to 
be complied with in two weeks, from 
date of their presentation. That time- 
limit must shortly expire, and there Is 
no word of any reply from Peking. In 
the meantime the Mahometans ar» gain- 
ing ground in Hslnklang. and the Chi- 
ept seem utterly unable lo oitler. 
so thai an excellenl pretext for IlUhslan 
llitervenlion Is at hand. .So anarchisti- 
cal. indeed, appear conditions ihrougb- 
oiit the western acctioiifi, from Outer 
^MonKolJa, throuBli Thibet and Szechuan 
to Yunnan, that, as reported, other na- 
tions besides Russia appear to be takLu<? 
timely precautions to protecr~t4i^-rr^k-, 
terests. But tin- pressure being exert- 
ed by Rujssia is the most formjilablo be- 
cause Pre.sident Yuan know.s that it 
Iciiiis with traditioniil Jliissian r-olicy In 
the l''ar lOast." ' 

Basslan Mongolia 

ltus.-.hi is tr.-ilniim .-i .\ioiiKnl|;,,i .■iiniy, 
iKCordinK to advices r^ceh ed at I'dilng. 
Tlif Monfjollau authorities have organ- 
lz( d thirty rcKinients tcomjiosed of. 500 
inen each), of which 20 arc cavalry and 
till rest artillery and inl'antry. " 'phe 
regiments are trained by Russian olll- 
cers, the rifles and other anna bciiiK- im- 
ported from .Slheria. The tV.<-.ult is so 
tar very satisfactory. On the comple- 
tion of the orKaiil/.ation, ihe MonKollan 
minister of war lias U\ mind raising an- 
other 80 re.cini.iit.s ,.1 conscripts in order 

capafle liaiSSit^''lfi€ tremendous force of 
th« drama being set forth with a real- 
Ism th.-it made the walls of the old 
yietori., ve, Ml far away. Mr. Irving 
Kennedy's Prince Idmitri was a master- 
piece of acting.- He appeared with more 
force and eonvletion than in any ohar- 
■actcr In which he fias nnp^ared here to 

Crystal Theatre— t', day Is the last 
time you will have an opportunity of 



Krnni ,\lct<'ria 8 a.m. ovcrv \\'«^d»j/>»day 
a S. QUKEX or CITY OK rCEBI.A, and 
10 a.m. every Friday, from Soatlle, S. H 
OOVKRNon or l'RE.«rDE.N'T. 

For Sfiutheastern Alaskn, .Tiih- 1 7 13 
8. a. STATK OI^ CAblFOH.VJA. or CItV 
OF SKATTI.E leaves Seattle at », p ni 
Alaska cruise. S. S. .srOKA.NK, from Vic- 
toria .Iiily 4. . 

Ocean and rah ttekets to Neiv v,,,l< an.l 
all other cities via San Francisco. 

Freight and Ticket Offices, 1117 U-harf 

K. P. RrrilKT * CO., firnerni Agent.. 
« I.Al PK A. SOI.H , PaMPnger Ag«-nf. lOO.S 
• •"vernnirnt htreel. 

that have 
appeared at the Crystal In somo time. 
Billy Duval, the "Tramp Com-i^iM,' i. 
a laugh from the time he coiucs on till 
he goes off. Mr/ Duvall lias the mis- 
fortune to have but onre leg. and con- 
.sonueniiv uses ;. "peg leg" for, the one 
that IS missing, and the way he dances 
with a "wooden leg" is a nine days 
wonder.. His songs and .sayings are 
all orlrln,iI, and as a tramp he Is a 
dandy, v^ d Freed have a nov- 

elty mush,: iiat Is the talk of the 

city. They mdi only have sevemi dif- 
ferent kinds of in.strumentH. amonst 
which arc marlmbipliones, — liells. kuI-» 
tar% mandolins' and musical gla.sse.s, 
iiut llwy know h.ow to play them, iisinsr 
the highest grade of music. These acts 
are a credit to any house, and we urge 
you to see thim. -The Mexican Revo- 
lutionist" is the feature for today, 'it 
lA true In overy d. tiil of tl'ie late Insur- 
recilon. having been taken while hos- 
tilities were on. ••J.ovc of an Isbunl 
-Maid" is a beautiful love .story by the 
Seiig company. "— p.^namn Canal, inw.- 
is the latest piciiu.' nf Uu :;re, en- 
gineering feat ever undM-taken. This 
picture is worth the price of admhsslon 
ftlono. ".lack Fat and Jim .Slim" 1^ a 
good comedy by. fhe Vltagniph rompahy 
It i.s taken a; Co.ioy Island, Take ad- 
^•/■|nta«■e of the inatlneo. and be as- 
surml of good seat.s. Vaudeville starts 
nt tliree.- Firtures from l.:!n lo :,,r,n. 
lOv.-nin;,' j.lrtures froni r,.;!0 lo 11. \-hii. 
ili'ville from 7 to 1 I, • 

Sealing Schooners 
For Sale 






.-^hip and Yacht Sale Brokers 
733 Port 8t. Phone SSSO. 


To Shipping 


Practice will he carried 
"ut as under, by Fifth 
Rcp:iment. C. A.. Thur.sday, 
7 I" *>\P- m- from Fort 
.Macaulay: Friday, 7 to t; 
p. 111. from Black R(.ick ; Fri'- 
day. 7:30 to 9 p, tn. from 
I'ort Macaulay; SaturdaY, 
2 :30 to 4 130 p. m. from Fort 
.Macaulay; Saturday, 4 to 6 
p. 111. from Black Rock; Sat- 
urday. 6:30 to t; p. m. from 
Fort Macaulav. 

Canadian Majlcal AsBOclation Meeting. 

Tiie aniumi c(m\eiitliiii nf ih,. Cmmh- 
to strengthen the basis of Mongolian <lian Medical Assni-l.-ition is to he held 
iudfependenee with a view, tn M.n.i.n.. .,,t Kdmonton this year, from ..\ueusI 

IC io August !■(. Or. 11. G. Mackid of 
Calgary Is president. . On/ the occasion 
of ihl.s giilhering it Is proposed lo in- 
■ J ii^^'.iar^ii^^ ti Hi-w fiyrtteiii tiT regisiia- 
linn for the Dominion. The neeossary 
legislation Id bring about the pro- 
mised change lias been passed by the 
l'>omliiloii parlld-nient and by all the 
provincial legisliilures. Tnde'r the pro- 
posed system, all cerMflcatep already 
issude to existing f>v!ictltloners hy th" 
ynrlous provincial medical boards win 
be Bceppted Im- a I'omlnlon medbal 
hoard, wlilcl, will then lake over tlu: 

With a view, lo liuilillng 
up a fJreat Mongolia, coinprlsing the 
whiile (If llslnkl.iiig. The Chinese gov- 
ernment has at prcs.nt i„. tini, „nd 
ninney to deal with rt..- ri, ,,,(!,... ,.,.,.., 
tion. and things arc loft i„ fuih.w Ih.-ir 
tiHturnl course. 

RussiH is pushing forwiMd lier 
.schemes In Mongolia encrgcticiil ly. Hav- 
ing secured navigation rights over the 
.\igun river, she is now preparing to 
•stabllsh H junction with Mnnjuila Sta- 
tion. Uussla Is also planning i., Inaug- 
uiate nil ii'iKomoblle service befween 
MiiiijiiiJa .-ind Kiilon, 


SlennKhlp .Movehienlw 

KIJA.M'I.SCO, .|„np ::8.— Arrived' 
ste„,„..r, .\nas, lowing barge 93, Seattle: 

('"OS Hnv; Queen, 

Hear. I-iii i l:»n,| ; lifduiul, 

. ..l',..^" ""•^"'"- .^""•" ^"1"". '^'o«' 13ny 

'■I'Uge W Bl.ler. Afltorl 



You have used various kinds of pen- 
cils. Xow try a "Koh-i-noor" and real- 
Ise what pencil" perfection does mean. 
Al; dealers supply. ■ ' • 





heaves Victoria S a.m.. 1:2 noon, ."i 
and p.m. from International 
.sieanisliip .('c.-s Dock, rear of 
I'ost Office. Returning, lenvea 
i'ort Angeles at 1(1 am., ?, 7 :ind 
1 1 ii. 111.. 

Para for the Bound Trip 

50c ONLY 50c 

Tickets oh ,sale by K. K. Rbick- 
uoorl, 12.^4 Government Sti-eet, 
ami International S..":). Co.. Doc.i 

S. P. c. A. («<«es of cruelty. Phona 
Inspector Husaetl. 1921 
phone L 1733. 


Best Buy on the Market 

•laoo OABX will buy, for a few days, lot 16 on Joan Crescent, the largest 
.<nd best lot in fho.t «ubdivlslon. Price |4.0«0. balance 6. 13 and' IS 
• This Is about Jl.C/Oo below market value. 


5 and 8 <Jrocn Block, 

Phone S248. Opposite Colonist Office. 

1318 Broad Street. 

Going rfatesf June 29, 30, July i. Retiltnip^ IJinriit, July 3. 
Ticki^ts op sale C. P. R, office, Goyernment str«et, and Wha,r{ 

-''■^-■'^'- ■- ■.'..; t: IX ^^H^TH AM. City Pass. A-t. 

The Union Steamship Co., Ltd. of B. C. 

«.«. CAMOSUN — Kor Prince Rupert and Stewart every Tuesday. 

•.a. CHELOHSIN — For Skecna River, Prince ICupert, Naas River. Fort 
Simpson and Goo.^e Bay «very Saturday. 

TXE noaccwiTZ steamship coMPAmr, t,to, 

•.«. VE.\-Tl.IRlv— l^"or Campbell River. Hardy Bay. Rlveru Inlst. N'ama. 
Ocean Fall. Bella Coola. Bella BeUa, every v-ednssday. 

s.B. VAJDSO — Few- Skeena River. Prince Rupert. Naas. every two weeka. 
Phone 1925 


E34 Yates Street 


Regular Ballings lietween British Columbia and Mo.lcan porta, takini? cargo 
to and from Canada and Europi- via Tcliuantcuec Railway. rasaengcr 
AKentB fer the Canadliui Northern Slcamship.s Ltd., Montreal, the Anchor Line, 
and ttip. HaniliurK-American .Line, for Urlsiol. Glasgow. Southampton, Hamburg 
and otVier Euroiieaii port*. 

S. S. Lonsdalfi wiU sal! ahoiit IBlh July. 

For freights and other Information apply to JOiiX BARNSLBT 

Phone IP«5. asi Yaten Street. 

The Largest Steamer in tlie World 




m viMn^ir* '"»'" JULY 6tli 

Ji-i,y 27; .'\i'o. n, gEPx 7, 

tSEI'T. 28. 


ftsraiMth-ChtrkMrfl— SMtkaniHM 

Atlantic Transport Line 




Bew Yor k ' B w v er—ku t n ti i f P«rt» 


Mew Ytcl i O t« n « <«w B — Uverp^ol 

■•Mtea— ••eeB*t*wa — Llvcryoal 

New York and Boslon — Mpdllorran 
Compi»ny'» Office, Room "B" BnlleyH 



Manlreal— 9«ebcc— Uver^Ml 

"ilEGANTIC * & "lADBBiTlC" 

LarcMt and mitMt •tMinara 
^ en S«. L « w iu « 4 i « ReMi* 

Only Four Days at Sea 


Twtai Screw S^ "CM«ria" ami "TMmIc" 

ONE CLASS (ID CABi?! 8»avicn; 


•■*»«t*t» ohwrked thronth io ai««itiiir In Bo^. 

Emhiu-k nl(bt beton •alUng. N» koM or tnuto 


iiilriinRT, SfK-ond and Cherry StreeU, .ScAttle 



This Handsome New Residence 




1 , 





D; n 

WITH onmva; 

Situated in a splendid tociitltyv )Mli.i&« taO^l 
rooms, white enara«Hcd &»th^OuWliSi|f * 
^cement basement and WAlkf | Mieii;C|i%; 
» short time only. 

■'si^ijycH' mm 







,> «■ ( » ( 

m' i ■■ *-t5j» .«, '-{?'-;* ,t?t^iirt; •.^•.■~l^-~ 


>T[cfrcmXir tutLY couoifimr 

9m%itf4m», Jwfi* tt, 1»ia 


Bombardier Wells Knocked Out 
After Having Best of Open- 
ing-Rounds of Fight in New 

NEW YORK. June 28. — Al Falser, the 
local heavywelfrht. wlUi "white hope 
aspirations." knocked out BomhardU-r 
Wells, the heavyvveiKht champion of 
Knjfland In the tlilrd round of a sched- 
uled ten-round bout ni Madison Square 
Ciurdcn toiilKlit. Wells' seconds threw 
up the divonse as Ihe-Britlsher dropped 
from t^e effect of a deadly right body 
blow and lay Inert in the ring. 

Falser, who had been knocked • down 
by the Britisher In. the opening raiijid, 
sent Wells to the floor towards the end 
of the second round, and knocked him 
down twice In. the third. ., WeUs was no 
aooner up the second time than Falser 
planted a hai\i rjghf below the heart. 
Wells sank to the floor, crumpled In a 
htap, and lay ttiere' helpless while his 
seconds threw up the -^sponge, a?LVi?:^^ 
the referee the troubie o' co»iQtiB|r tti4k 
-.:-:;■^;;J«lal<H^t-,_. .- 
,t|iv itwaa a rapid fl^ht from the »tart. 
' but Palser's welgjit b^Kan to tell oh the 
Kngllshman after tbfc openlngr round. 
Wells looking supremely confident, afid 
opened with a light left to the'face.'arid 
Falser sent left and rtgtu^ to the headl 
"Wells did some clever sidestepping then. 

the lot, bur C&tohei' 'Seelc*B two c6»tTy 
•iwors on easy pop (lies weT« enough 
to take the heart out of any twirler or 
baseba!! maci^inc. Of course the burly 
catcher atoned to an extent with hib 
heavy hUlliig. 

Kennedy left the «ame at an early 
•taire. Merritt went to centra field and 
Stadllle adbrned hia old place In the 
left Karden. He .slKnalled Ills return 
with an exceedlnKly 0"° catch. 

The Beavers clamijed down tlin Kunio 
in the fourth inning. From that on It 
was a Ilslless e.xhibllion. The Ueea, as 
usual, rallied In the ninth an-d scored 
three, but it was much loo late and 
too hopeless a task to Inspire much en- 
thusiasm. Kven the optimistic southern 
fan, who has taken a prominent part in 
the rootlnig during th<' past two days, 
became Just a little discouraged. 

Jack Warr.or, the old catcher of the 
New York Glanti?', who took a franchise 
In tl)e New York-Connecticut LeaKue, 
has paid off hLs players aiid quit. He 
started out at KinRston and then trans- 
ferred to Poughskeepsie. Paterson, N. J., 
has been added to the league and thii 
uam-e chang^id to the New York-New 
Jersey League. Danbury, the only Con- 
necticut town, dropped out some tiiiu' 

'•">■" " ■ ■<■-:' 'JJl-V' -<," 

and H i iad e TalB e r lula a . — T U b ii wmig lea 

l^ft an drlght to the head, cutting Pals- 

er*8 lip with a smash on the naouth, 

■■Wells- sent a left and right to the^Jaw, 

aod Falser went down for the cotint of 

.^^ — _ ^ .^...^ 

Falser when he iot up, began holding, 

but Wells shook him off, sending* lefts 
and rights to the face, and ducking 
safely from a wild right swing. Wells 
sent two straight lefts to the face, but 
Falser was playing wildly for the body 
at the boll. Thi.s wa.s WoHs* round. 
Second Koiuia 

Wells landed leftiS and rights to the 
head, and Falser landed both hands 
heavily on the iJidy. Wells sent his 
right to body' and head, but Falser cross- 
ed his right to .the head. Wells ducked 
from a right swing, and sent a left to 
tho face, and also two right upper-cuts 
on the body. He got away from Falser, 
and reached the head with right and 
left Falser then stepped In, and with 
a right upper-cut under the chin, and 
a Jcft to the jaw sent Wells down for 
the count of seven. Both men were 
sparring at the bell, which rang sev- 
eral seconds late. This wajs Wells' 

In the third. Falser led with a right 
to the face, and exchanged lefts on thfl 
head. Falser planted two right upper 
cuts on the chest and under the chin, 
and Wells put a straight left to the 
face. Falser then uppercut with a 
right and sent WelL-j clown a second 
later. Wells was very weak when ho 
regained his feet, and Falser rushed 
him, landing under the heart. Wells 
.sank to the floor without another blow, 
and his seconds threw up the i<ponge. 

Falser weighed at the ringside, turn- 
ing the scales at 22814 pounds, and 
Wells' weight was given at 1881^. 



rifth Beglnient Will March Out of 

Camp Tomorrow to Meet the 

Vancouver invaders 

_ ' ' • Ftrst Oame 

At iPhlladolphJ*— _, .. 0^ R. H. B. 

BrooKtyn ', ;....... « T 

Philadelphia 1 e 10 1 

Batterlea— Ragon and Mlllevj >-JU«||uidWt 
Schulu, Boxey and Itooln. , ': /^ . 

Seeond OaoM "^- "' ' 

. , "■, , ,.;3B. H. .B. 

Brooklyn .., .,..^... ,v. ..r>S 8. 3 

Pbiiadeiphia.i .... .t..-.v.''..^*..>' € 1. :» 

Batteriea — Barser and BTwUi; Meore. 
Seaton, Cjiytls and KOlfer. 

The field gunners of No. 3 conrvpany and 
the fortross gun-new ot No. 1 company both 
XIred their preliminary practices with ser- 
vice ammunltiqa last night. No. 1 com- 
pany, working: wltli tho ante-torpedo bat- 
torlos or Blaik .Hock o£ the Esriulmalt 
chain ot defences, fired first, making good 
practice wllh their batterj- of twelva 
pounder flx.jd sun« at a Honp KohR target 
towed by tho tug lieryl. Some fast and 
nccurato sTiootlng was doiie No. 3 com- 
pany fired shrapnel shell at a tarjret 
niuoreri to seaward of Fort Macaulny after 
tho EsqiilicaU enmpany hau (-omiileled Its 
j>ract1ce. making fcood practice, and today 
tho three companies will fire their com- 
potltlre pnactlco. Xo, li company will com- 
mence the aeries, firing wUh the six-inch 
Kuns of Fort Maeaulay, -which Shoot a 100- 
liouni] shell, at a range of over four miles 
;it Hong Kong target* in (ow of the tug 
Beryl. Following thia aeries. No. ; com- 
pany with Its quick fIreJ-H will start piae- 
lico, and In the evening No. 3 eompapy will 
open flro with itn battery of twelve-pouncler 
Held guns, firing siirapnel shell. 

Last night Ihe band of the Fifth Regi- 
ment, a. O. A., gave an enjoyal)!,; ■ b-ind 
concert at tho Mnraulay plains camp, tnanv 
visitors being present. 

The forces in camp were Issued with 
water bottles, mess tins, and einilpment to 
tako the field for the moblll/atlnn 
manoenvrn.-, wllh wliich the aniiu,-i; train- 
ing is being hrwiliyht to n cloae. 

Tho Invarlers, consisting of the 72nfl 
irighianrUrs aprt Hlxth V. O. C. Rllles from 
Vancouver banded yesterday at Cowichs,^ 
Bay rfroni the steamer I'rlncess Royal, ana 
marched to Cobble lllll, whore the night 
\vfi» spent In bivouac, anrl today tho in- 
vaders will march on to tho surrinilt. To- 
morrow morning the scouts of the defence 
will learn that the Invasion has taken place 
and tho alarm will bo «r,uml(ji] at the 
Macaulay plains camp, and tho Fifth Regi- 
ment C. C A., in4lh Regiment, Iflth Flelrl 
Ainbulnnco and pefman.-nt fon-e will take 
"he field to engag.. the mainland forces, 
'rho army service corps w.igons are being 
made ready and when the .brigade mo'es 
from camp tomorrow, following tho church 
parade and muster which t.ilte pincp In the 
morning, the ambulnnro corps will have Its 
rfmbulniices arvl all Ha goir In the column 

The brigade of the defence will bo |n 
command of IJetit.-fol A. W. Currii, camp 
rommandanr, and the enemy n-|ll bo In 
charge of Capt, Duff fitiiart. 

Pollowlmi the battle of Monday the main- 
land forces will march to the city to em- 
hark for home, and It Is likely that Ihe 
brigade encamped at Macanln.y r^iint win 
Join them In thjB march th.-ough the city, 
in whifh event fhere will b<> a larger it'.iii- 
tary parade than has beer, seen In Vletcirla 
since tho day* when Bsijulmalt was a 
naval station fn f»cf. 




Todya"« game starts at 3 o'clopk. The 
t)er8onnel of the opposfn«r bi»tt«irlea was 
not kpown last night. 

Umpire Moran tried to make thin an^ 
nouncisment yesterday *ft«rnoon but was 
^looted down, which did pot strike the 
majority as the best of taste on the 
crowd's part, although <'H1* utMpe" Wtas 
not irivlnt the beat of sattitfaotion. 

It Was true that Pitohet NArveaon 
was off color, belnc hammered art over 

At c ? ihrihni^ti-^ K nrw 

St. I<out8 ..«.,^....i 8 14 S 

Cincinnati ^, 6 • 1 

Batteries — 8aII«B, MUttaotk - .aMI BVfe- 
nahan; Taylor. Ttomai» and Oinrk. 

At CblcagD— M R. H. B. 

«tt«bnrg ; -.- .- .~ r—.:-zrr.~-n-rrrr7-r:'T~» r — 

Chicago .......'.,:..... S IX 

B%tterl«t— Robinson 'WdA Olbaofti* laven- 
der' aatt'"K*"cBer;- "*■>,,'"' ■■■^'v.-' 
■ ""■ Plrst-Oame 

At N«w Tork — R. H. E. 

Boston 3 10 4 

Now York 10 14 

Batteries — Donnelly arid Raridtm; Math- 
ewson and Meyers. 

Second Gome 

R. H. E. 

Boston 3 8 J 

New York ,. 12 21 1 

Batteries— 'White, Hess and Kling; -Wlliz 
and Meyers. 

. Ani«rlcan 

• First Game 
At Boston — ' ' R. H. E. 

New York '. 4 S 4 

Boston 5 H 2 

Batteries — Ford and Sweeney; I'all. 
Bedicnt and Carrlgan. ,■ 

. Second Gatna 

R. H. K. 

New York < S- 4 

Boston i 6 12 2 

Batteries — Warhop and Street: Bedleni. 
Collins and Carrlgan. 

First Game 

At Washington— R. H. E. 

Philadelphia ...■-" 4 7 1 

Washington ,L 3 7 2 

Bnttories — Coombs. Bender and Tliotnas; 
Engle, Vaughan and Henry. 
Seconrl Game 

K. H. E. 

Philadelphia 5 10 2 

Washington ■• 3 2 

Batteries — PenhotJk, Houck, Hogan and 
Lapp; Johnson. Pelly and Ainsmlth. 

At Detroit — (Ten innings! R. H. E. 

Chicago , .t 12 1 

Detroit 10 16 1 

Btitjerles — Benz, White and Kuhn; Lake, 
Dubuo and Stanage. 

At St. Louis — ■ R. H. E. 



' b'N eli ; 

6 15 

5 2 


II. F.. 

H. E. 


St. Louis 

Batteries — Kahler and 
Hamilton and Stephens. 

At San Francisco — B, 

San Francisco 4 

Oakland 2 

At Los Angeles — R. 

Los Angeles S 

Portland • S 

At Sacramento — R. H. E. 

Vernon 1 2 2 

Sacramento 2 2 

Batteries — Stewart and Agnow; Sohwenk 
and Kreltz. Clieek._ 


At Providence — R. II 

Buffalo 1 

Providence . 7 

Batteries — Fulton. ■VTellder. .Tnmieson and 
Mitchell ; Mitchell. Rcmneas and Schmidt. 

At Jerscry City-- R. H. B. 

Rochester 5 10 

Jersey trity 2 

I"iatterles — Wllhelm. Klepfer and 
Manser, .Mn.son and Rondeau. 

,^t Newark — R. 

Montreal 2 

Newark ... .V •-'■ ; . . . . 8 

Batteries — Taylor and Murphy; Bnzman 
and Higgin*. 

At Baltimore — R. H. E. 

Toronto , S R n 

BalfliTiore S 4 

Batteries — Maxwell and Curtis; Demott, 
.Shawkey and Bergen. 





R 1 

H. E. 
7 2 

9 1 


Aniatlean Baata Both 'WooA and lionf- 
boat la rive Mile Kace 

Billy Queal, the American champion, 
was tho winner of a recent five-mile 
rfiee hoW at Toronto. Ted Wood and 
Tom Longboat finishing second and 
• bird respectively. They were the only 
.starters. Alfred Shrubb's ankle, injured 
two weeks ago, making It • impossible 
for him to take part. Queal's time was 
21. S9 2-6, tho fastest ever run In Am- 
erica H« was carried off ftxhatisted. 

Ol'vSUaa Wioot 

The Civilian rifle club will ' hold a 
special prlno »hoot on Clover Point 
range on Dominion Day, .luly 1, com- 
mencing at 8.80 a. m. sharp. A good 
list of prizes has been arranged for 
this shoot. Merhbers are requested to 
bo at the range at 8 o'clock. Rifle shots 
wishing to become members of this as- 
sociation can do BO by aptvlylng to Capt. 
GoUop at t\%ti ranges On Saturday after- 

lllitwmsMp Mavements 

SKATTI.,E, Jun» 2S. — Arrived: Steamers 
t'lty of PtMblft, Watson, Ban Francisco; 
Jnanie, B«illngh«in: Tohohama Maru, 
Lakmc. Tsctinsa . Sailed: Steamers Presi- 
dent. Han Fr»ncI»*o; Jefferson, Skagway; 
Wstson, City of Puobls, Tacoma; Argyll, 
Winilow; U. 8. Ii(hthouie tender Msnzanlta., 

NEW TORK, June !«:— MauretanU, 
Liverpool; Hsfnla. Windsor, N. 8. 

LTVEnpOQU June 28. — Arrived: Cymric, 

QUBEWRTOWN, jtune Zt.—Ai-rfvadsCeitle. 
Nuw tork. 

I.,ONl>(m, .fune l«.->^Arrived: -Bkflllaii, 


ROTTERDAM, June 18.— Arrived'- Noor- 
d«m, Mew Tork. 

BOtTLOONR, Jane S»,~Antv«i ; Print 
Frlederlch Wllhelm, New Tork. 

LIVBBPOOL., June 81. — ^Arrived: Bmprewi 
of Irelend, Qa«beo. 


' .. t .. ' fv r- '' i. ' 


♦ - 

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piece of very clear glass, beautifully 
<jut. Regular price $16.50. Sale 
price. $9.50 


^. prloe $3.50. Sa-Je price.. $2.60 

Reg^ular price $3.25. -Si lie $2 4.5 

— a «y^i(jii|.y. fricii. x-i.-uo, J3u -te-$i ;oo 

CLOTTWES: BRUSHES— Regular price 
$4.00, Sale vrico...-....;. ....g3,()0 

^i.. HAT BRUSHES, curved shape. Regu- 
— lar price $1.00. Sale Pricc...75^ 

HAT' BRUSHES, curved shape, with 

■ handles. Regular price $1.50. Sale 

vrioe $1.15 

HAT BRUSHEtl, straight shape. Regu- 
lar price $2.00. Sale price. . ..«S1.5Q 
.Regular prica $1.50. Sa^te $l|l5 

BABY BRUSHES— Regular price 75c. 
Sale price . -• 60(^ 

Regular price 50c., Sale price., K)^ 

HAND MIRRORS — FJe.ECular price $4.00. 

Sale price $3.00 

Regular price $3..50. Sale $2 60 
Regular price $3.00. .Sale $2!25 

NAIL FILES — B.egular price 35c. Sale 
price 25^ 

SALVE JARS— Regular price 50c. Sale 
I'l-ifc .- 40^ 

French Rhinestone 
Back Combs 

Very Tas'^ly Designs. 
Regular price $5.00. Sale price $3.75 
Regulnr price $4.00. .Sale price $3.00 
Ilegular price $2..t0. Sale price $1.90 
R?gular price $3.25.' Sale- price $1.70 

Mantel Clocks 

CLOCK, of handsome design, black 
and gold, almost the same 
as Illustrated. The movement la 
one of the highest grade American 
makes. Regular price $11. Sale 
price 87.50 



These are silver plated, with 
white glass linings, exactly as 
illustrated. Regular price, 
$2.00— Sale ^ ^ 

price , (^ A tOi/ 

'I'!,'.' ,iBll'i' "HspaBfeJMM 

Opera Glasses 

Fine Opera Glasses, mother of peaxi, wJlli 
handle, gol4 .finish, exftcjtly 9a ilkiat 







-( • |ii [ ii i i l' iii!i|i ^! i4l i iM iiill! ; i|i|j | i»i i iii l *i>iiiii i i I iiii M i|» ii_ >| i i i ii !!> li W i l!i i »ii 

*-^ *'^.-, t-^tihi^j.^^ jjsi. 

' -s . 

'i4Ji^:-i, •.■f^til 

%mtur4ay, -'«•»« 29, :9!i 



Kodaki, Premoh, Conliiry, Hawk- 
eyes. Cln^-mHtogruph CuriiL-rus 
ind I>antern8. 

Am«t«ar«' d«v*l<^pinar and print- 
ing dona at ahort notloa. 

Anything appertaining to photo- 
graphy we have. 


71 S Pandora Straat 

Hurrah I Hurroo I I 

"\7'0U \\'II.L give "three hearty 
J- cheers for Semi-ready Tailoring 
when you find that you need a suit 
in a hurry for the Holiday trip. 

We want the I\rodern Way of 
Tailoring to appeal to you just as 
strongly when you buy at leisure. 

Even should you not;|l||ii^,j[j||,9ur 
stock just what will please you we 
make garments to your Special 
Order from any one of 300 cloth 
patterns we can show you. 

This will take but four days, plus 
the time it takes to get the clothes 
from the shops by fast express. 

"The same price evervwherc as Here" 


Cor. Douglas & View Streets . 

Specials Today 

In Millinery 

We have several line 

i^hapcs which we must dis- 

l)Ose of today ^it $3.00 aiul 

We will trim any of these 
in any style you wish. 

A large assortment of 
Trimmed Hats at $5.00. 

Hat Shop 

737 Fort Street 

Important and 
Attractive Sale 

Salrx Cow, Pedig-rea Bulla. Horaea, 
:!>alr7 TTtenalla and Farming- Effects 

List, McGregor & Co. 

Have l)een favororl wltli instructions 
from W. ■Walters, Ksq., to «cl! Uy pub- 
lic auction, at the Kanch, ]^amp.«on 
^trent, Esqulmalt, on 


July 3rd 

At 2 o'clock, the whole of his ViilUHbl<-- 
noldfftin and Jersey Herd. Full par- 
ticulars later. 

JOBZPH X. ZiIBT, Anotlonaar 

Maynard & Sons 



Australian Regulations Far Be- 
hind tlie Liberal' 'IVIeasures 
Adopted by Canada— To 
Develop Railways 

We will liohl our resrular eale at 
akilearoom. 726 View street. 

Tonight, 8 o'clock 

ConnIstlnR of 4 hic.vcle.<«, lot of Rood 
boddlnff and curtains, asBortineiit of 
plants, olothlnK, crockery, lot of Jams, 
etc. • 
MMniMMD U SOV AuotlonaAn 

.SYDNEY, X. S. W., June 28.— Tn the 
course of a vigorous protest ajcalnst 
what It describes as "the Ininiigratlon 
rnudtile," the "Au.stralasfan" takes a 
gloomy view of the i-ommonwcalth'd 
prospects In the matter of attractlnK 
settlers. •'Many stranso and my.«terl- 
ous things," It remarku, "are done in 
the name of a White Australia. The 
other week we wt're treated to the cur- 
ious spectacle of u customs official as- 
serting his right to conduct the edu- 
cational test In any JE^uropean language 
h* choife. 80 that he could examine a 
'Russian in Spanish, and exclude a Nor- 
wegian for his ignorance of Greek. 
Then we have the still naore extraor- 
dinary case of Mrs. Klllott. the widow 
of an Englishman and the daughter of 
a Scotch father and a Kurasian mother. 
She. It appeare, is In New Zealand, and 
.wiahes to return to her home In Cey- 
l«>a; but the Union company refiises to 
tSke her to Sydney because the Orient 
company has announced that it camiQtv. 
UOder the aliens law, take her to Cey- 
lon via Australian ports, pb^^ously 
this is a case that demands litnraediate 
inquiry; if such incidents are to be al- 
lowed to occur and to be noised abroad, 
Apstralla will soon c«ase to attract Im- 
niigrnnta A w A whil e ' th eee t hl n ga — ten- 
being done at this end, the emigration 
agencies at the other end ^;>pear to be 
blundering along In a hopelessly slip- 
shod way, which tends to make Aus- 
ti-alia an object of dertalon „ 16 'her' 
smarter competitor, Canada. The rep- 
reaentattve^ of the various states have 
spent great Rums of money on pamph* 
lets, lectures, and other forms of ad- 
vertisement, but have made no effec- 
tive provision for shipping the would- 
be emigrants to Australia. 

"Nearly 70,000 emigrants left Brit- 
ain for this country last year; this 
year, according to the calculations, the 
figures co-uld easily be doubled 'If Aus- 
tralia were in earnest ai>out If; but it 
appears that shipping accommodation 
is not available for more than 75,000 
at the outside. The shipping companies 
are not willing tq make arrangements 
for coping with a greatly-increased 
volume of passenger traffic, because 
they know the dttitude of the Austra- 
lian Labor party towards immigration, 
ajid tliey fear that any day a new gov- 
ernment may reverse the Immigration 
policy of Its state. And this is not 
fn unnatural misgiving. There is a 
persistent rumor In England and in 
Western Australia that the Scaddan 
government intends to cease assisting 
Immigration as soon as the current 
shipping contracts expire; and even if 
that rumor be unfounded, still it un- 
doubtedly reflects tfii known tpmper of 
the Labor party towards immlcration 
Wherever the Labor party remains in 
power there will probably continue to 
be official hostility, veiled. Indeed, but 
none the less deadly, to immi.?ration 
because that party lias never been 
cured of the ancient delusion that the 
wealth of a country is a fixed quantity 
and th«. groatftr the number of mouths 
to qostanie it the smaller the shnro 
of eack Indlyldual consumer." 
Ziarger Indemnity. 
Following the example of the Fed- 
oral house of representatives, who a 
year or two ago voted themselves) a 
substantial increase of salary, the New 
South Wales Labor government have 
brought forward a bill to raise the re- 
muneration of members of the state 
leglsiative assembly from $1,,'J00 to 
$2,500 per annum. The measure also 
provides a special allowance of |1,250 
for the leader of the opposition. On a 
motion to go into committee on the pro- 
posal to introduce the bill, Mr. Wadp, 
leader of the opposition, said he consid- 
i-red It unfair that the house 
should he asked to accept without any 
discussion such a hlshly-contontlous 
measure. If parliament dipped its hand 
into the treasury chest and took the 
Jimonnt proposed, without a word of 
apiirovul or authority from its constit- 
uent.M, it would be doing wrong, and 
would be misusing It.s powers. Assum- 
ing that memhcrs were entitled to a 
larger salary, parliament had no rl^ht 
tu make this proposed raid upon tlii 
treasury without con.sul tatlon with the 
people for whom memhprs were work- 
ing IM the house. The bill was Intro- 

'^ '' ''>■ thirty-five votes to fourteen 

nn,i r, ad :. first time. The .second read- 
ing-. whW-h ,va^ .-nrried, produced ,nn an- 
iiii;itf(] dclMt,'. 

Kow Ihat the trans-. -ontinentnl rall- 
wiiy to connect Perth with Welhourne 
and .'Sydney Is well under wiiy, atten- 
tion Is once niore lieing directed to the 
kindred seheme for the construction of 
a line across the continent from north 
to soutli. This Is no new proposal, hut 
the urgent necessity for the opening up 
"f the vast northern territory has now 
biought it well within the region of 
practical, polities. I'nfortunately Its 
realization is likely, to Involve a good 
flpMl of inter-state Jealousy. Queens- 
land and New Houth Wales want the 
extension of the existing Darwin to 
Pine creek line to run In a southeast- 
erly direction, through the pastornl 
nrens of Queensland, straight to .Syd- 
ney. But South Australia has already 
constructed a nnrrow-Kauge line from 
Adelaide, 700 miles north, to Oodna- 
'hiltrt, and by the agreement with the 
federal Rovernment, under wliich the 
northern territory wrs handed over to 
feder.-il admlnlstraf ion. South Austra- 
lia elalniB that the north-douth lln<>' 
iTni.>;i h.- built from Darwin to Oodna- 

The federal minister for external af- 
fairs, in whose depsrtment the north- 
ern territory Is controlled. now ad- 
vances yet a third posslb1» route to 
tf)uch the northeastern border of West- 
ern Australia, where much goo<l land 
Is waiting to he op<»ned up. 

Kallway Saralopmant. 
It appears to he generally recognized 
that through communication between 
north and south la an Indispensable 

preliminary to the white settlement of 
the northern territory. Tlie federal 
government Is pledged to spare no ef- 
fort to test the "wliite .\ustraliu" pol- 
icy, and theie is not mucn doutjt that 
an overland railway would .rcniuvo most 
of tlij ohjeetlnns wlilch while men to- 
day have to taking ihelr fainlilesj to 
the almost empty north. I'or this rea- 
son alone it Is contended the BCileme 
cannot bi- much longer tltlayed. The 
new land Ordinances for the t"rrltory 
provide what are ofrTciaily descrihed 
as the moat elaatio and lit)eral land 
laws ever devised. Tlie minister for ex- 
ternal affairs states, for instance, that 
the Kovernment do not propose charg- 
ing any rent for agricultural and 
mixed farming leases for the first t.ii 
years. Further, about 0,000 leases will 
be picked out in different parts of the 
territory, which will he deemed plo- 
neerltiR leases. There will lie granted 
on the understanding that no '-fnt is to 
be charged for the lifetime of the per- 
son to whom the lease Is granted, with 
a. minimum of twenty-one years. 

Lord Denman, the governor-gem.-ial 
Is Intereatlhg himself In a project of 
more than local value, and one which 
many Auslrnllans have long recSgnlv.ed 
as of vast Importance — the bree<ling of 
army horses. Over..-and over again U 
has been pointed out that the northern 
table-lands of the continent, ^specially 
near the Gulf pt Carpentaria, sire Ident 
regions for boirae breeding. a.h^^ ibjH 
Darwin to a natural outlet foir an over" 
sea trade with India for army re- 
mounts. Speaking at a big agricultu- 
ral show the other day. Lord Don man 
pointed out that not only had the In- 
dian remount market to bs provtdAa 
for, but under the new commonwealth 
defence scheme double the number of 
horses would be required for the light 
•horse regiments and for artillery and 
transport In the near future. He, 
therefore, thought that breeders, in 
their own interests as well as on pa- 

trlD tl e gi - uunae, mikht lum their at- 
tention to the Improvement of this 
particular class of stock. It is now 
stated that army horse breeding in the 
"^L**^*.^'!' probably soon be^In Im xSAl 
earnest, ^e Barclay tablelands coun- 
try Is a region upon which the energetic 
now administrator of the northern ter- 
ritory has promptly fixed ^hls attention, 
and under his encourageinent big pas- 
toral developments nre being started. 
One of the leaders of an expedition that 
S5t out fourteen months ago on a trav- 
eling inspection . of this copntry hrtrt 
Just returned' t4» the ■outh. ^0 4«^ 
scribes the cllniate as perfect with 
regiilar and bountiful rains. Rich 
grasses, abound. The expedition was 
dispatched to select sites for new 
wells on the stock routes, and to as- 
certain whether a port could be made 
readily in the GUlf of , Carpentaria for 
the Eastern -Tableland. Th© expedltton 
passed through (.OOa66o,Oo6 acre* qt 
green meadow lana, which Is reached 
sixty miles ^rom Borroloola, a littlo 
township forty miles up the navlsitfle 
M' Arthur rt ver. 

Ish Mannesman Tub« Company, Lon- 
don; fi.ZOO.OOO; 1,800 men. 

J. H. Stead, director. The Drewry 
Car Company, London. 

J. C. Hurl in it ham, chairman, John 
llrlnsmead and .Sonti, Limited, piaiu)- 
trrrte mauufacturerii, Loudon; |500,000; 
tiou men. 

Charles I'ocock Lldbettei', director 
Hurroughes and Watts, blHlard tables, 
eU-., I.(jndon; |760,00(i; ;<Oi)-mo men. 

Cicurge W. Uoodchlld, K. H. Dentall 
and (.'ompany, Ijinilled, fn^in^* and 
nun'liinery. I lay bridge, .Vlaldon, Essex, 
$(iOo.(jiii), Cia men; (J. \V. Goodchild and 
I'artner. I.cmdon. 

K. J i;iiirk. managing director. Hart 
.Acumulator Company, Limited, storage 
batteries, ete., l.onilon, |,'".,")0,ljon ; 318 

I'Mve !■;. Howell, director, Howell and 
''ompan>, Uinited, steel boiler tuhes, 
etc.. Sh.'fnehl; $500,0011; 600 men. 

T. .\. Itayllsft, rnana.glng director, 
Kloff's .N'orton Metal Company, Llmit- 
cfl, Ulrmingham; Jl,2.'50,n(.lO; 2,000 men. 

O. B. Stanton, representing O. B. 
Stanton, yarn merchant <ind hosiery 
ipanufacturers, Leicester; .loim i'aton. 
Son and Company, Limlie<l, Scotcti 
wheeling and yarns, .Mloa, Scotland, 
$3,500,000; Lel.i) ( 'hamber of Com" 

TUos. Gadsby, director. Peek, Frcan 
.iiiKl Company^ .Liinj ted, biscuits, cakes, 
etc., 4^||[|do|i:, IS^j^lidO; over S.00$ 

;toeiti;'''. •' '■ '''■;;; ;.//, '> P 

A-, F. AMltex^ ArnHtronar Stevens 
«nd Sons. . Limited, drop forglngs atid 
stampings, 1 Birmingham: $250,000; 300 
men. ' 

Thomas Brown, chatripan and man- 
aging director. Brown, Hopwood and 
Gilbert. Limited, provisloQB, Birming- 
liam^'f^j^jVOO: 120 men. ' 
" ■ J. ' &-'^iif f us, representing Qufu^ 
Brothers ami Klein, art printers, Lon- 
don. $250,000, 300 men; Riddle, Smith 
and Buffus. 

Kdvin K. Fardon. managing director 



People who eat Kellogg's 

People in all walks of life eat K'jllogg's daily. 

The doctor, because he has a scientific knowledge of its great food value. 

The millionaire, because money cannot buy a more delicious breakfast cereal. 

The athlete, because it is a 90 per cent energy food. 

Most people eat Kellogg's because of its delectable flavor— altogether 

unlike that of any other cereal food. 10 cents buys a big package. 




City Council and Board of Trade Will 

Xrnlta In Extending a Welcome 

to Pallow-Brltona 

•A banquft at lAftEnipr«» hotel Will 

he one of the features of the pro- 
gramme of entertainment which will 
be arranged in honor of the visit here 
of the large party of British manufac- 
turers who are now touring Canada 
under the auspices ;,(>f the Financial 
New.s, of London. Tire visitors are ^*» 
peeled to arrlv.s here on the a^ttetnoon 
of July 4t fthd spent} several days m 
the city. • ' ■ V '■•>.■: ..riv.vii ^:. 

Tentative arrangferiientB for their re- 
ception and entertainmcp.t were made 
at a meeting between members of the 
city council and the board of trade held 
nt the hoard of trade rooms yesterday 
morning, and further meeting's -will be 
held to arrange the details. The ban- 
quet feature was, however, finally de- 
cided jipon, and the sfv^retary was in- 
structed to wire the chief of the party 
to see if the date would be suitable. 

Among those in the party, the firms 
they represent, with the capital are: 

Jas. H. Vlckers, representing Vick- 
ers, Limit.d, Sheffield and Barrow-in- 
Furness, capital, $-10,000,000, employ- 
ing 25.000 people. Mr. Vlckers also 
represents W'olseley Tool and .Mmo' 
Company, Limited, .*sSton, iUrmin.;- 
hem; capital $850,000, employing a,f/0O 
I>oople: Electilc and Ordnance Acces- 
sories, Mmlted, .\Kton, Birmingham, 
capital $7.'n,iine. .-niidoyljig 1,200 |,.,,. 

W. Leonard Palmer, Financial Nc;w,«, 
London, organizer of the trip. 

George T. .\ell»on. steel works man- 
ager, Wm. Beardmoro and ('om|i;iny, 
Limited, Glasgow and ' Dalmuir, Dum- 
barton.«hlre: ..ipii,,! $20,000,000; 15,000 

Frederick Dowsojj, director, .Mather 
and Piatt, Limited, Manchester and 
Salford; $5,000,000; 2,500 men. 

.\. BIckcrton Balmford, B. A., engi- 
neer, .Vatlonal Cas Knglnc Company, 
Ashton-imder-l,yne: $5,000,000; l,20t) 

Rowland Hank, manager, Jos, Itank, 
Limited, nUllors, Hull: $5,r.(ia lioii; i,-,ori 

.\ir. .MourehuuKi.'. 1". I. .v.. !■ riend.s 
Provident Institution, inM.lfor.l, Vork.s; 

■lames 11. AniMiida I,-, ^liairtuan and 
manaRlng <iirector, Annandale <fe .^ons. 
paper makers, Polton, Midlolhi^Mi; 
$fi5O,(iO0; 2-10 men. 

1.1. McLagali, assistant niaiui^;rr, re- 
presenting General lOlectrIc Company, 
Limited, Wilton :,ni] MIrminglinm, $5,- 
000, ano; l.aoa ,„,.„; ,u,, ^^^oti Klectrlc 
.Meter, Limited, Kliburn, London, $2,- 
,^nn,nno, 1.750 men; Peel-Connor Tele- Works, LImltoil, .^alfoivi imd 
Manchester, $fi20,()00, 1,400 men; Koh- 
ertson Fleetrle Lamps, Limited, Ham- 
mersmith, $175,000, .-iOO men: ' Osram' 
Lamp Works, llanmiersmlth, $Rn0,0O0, 
l,SO(i men; the Steel ' Conduit < 'ompany'. 
Limited, Wilton, Birmingham. $75.i)iirt' 
200 men. 

Thomas Davidson, man.-iRer, Indl % 
Uubh..r. Gutta Percha ami Tele«tviph 
Works t^ompdny. Limited, London, 
$4,060,000. .«i,L'00 men; P.ilmer Tyre 
Company, Limited, Lomlon, $60n,00(J 
500 men. 

George Mansfield, eJhort manager, 
Blundc;-, Spenre and Company, Limit- 
ed, paints, Hull; $2,500,000; 600 m«n. 
G. ytethcy, managing director, Brll- 

r a r aan - fl vmfrgar cowp^hy. Lirtited. ' 

Birmingham; $715,000; 100 men. 

Kdward Andrcwes, manager, Festln- 
log District State Quarry Prop, Asso- 
cltttlon,_ Po£tjriadoc,_ North Wales; |4,- 
060.006; X660' men. 

Uohn Flson, director, James Fiaon 
and Sons. LImiied. chemical manure 
manufacturers, Thetlord. Norfolk: 
$300,000; 150 men. 

Maj. Gerjtrd F. T. Leather, director, 
representing Alnwick Bewick Motor 
Company, Limited, $50,000; Premkl " 
Reforming Qompany, Limited, $760,000; 
I>at>u HtiMjor Company, Limited, $500,- 
00ft: Btaldrjsjj Yerburgh and Hutchin- 
son, Limited, $600,000; Property In- 
surance (Company, g^^ord, Ntt'thum- 
berland, $250,000. ' - " ; .' : ' ' 

J. Starke Browne, director, Marvls 
Products, Limited, Kallng, $131,250; di- 
rector, British 0())vm1t»la Flaherle^i 

jyttut(8Ki,_,^.^_ , , , ,^ _ ^ ■ _, ^ , „. _ ^_^ I : ;;, ; • . ..^.;^.,^..,. ' ' 

, B. 'J. Redman, directiyr, Redman 
Brothers, Limited, manufacturing clo- 
thiers, Swlnegate, Leeds; $1,500,000; 
■MOO .men; , ,h-^..^ 

George lAason; edWattonal adviBer. 
ReeA'Cs and Sons, Limited, artists' col- 
ors, brushes, etc., Dalslon, London; 
N.; E.;- $750,000. /•;..,..>, :,'■■,,; ^.v.;,'-, 

Walter Bartholomew^ director. JTfthn 
Robson (Shipley I, Limited, gas and oil 
engines, Shipley, Yorks; $100,000; 2O0 
men. "' :■' ' 

Lancelot Lupton; Swire, Smith and 
Brother, wool combing and spinning. 
Keighley; 350 men., 

A. M. Thompson, director. B. and s. 
H. Thompson, Limited, general mer- 
chants; $100,000; 30 men. 

(!. W. Beeson, Streatham. 

E. T. Boardmah; Edw. Boardman. F. 
U. 1. B. A., Norwich. 

S. "WarWlclc. Septlmua Warwick. A. 
R. I. B.A., dray's 'Inn, London, W. c„ 
Capt. Jj. ■^ohber, representing Roy- 
al Cplphlat,.institiite, with about 5,000 

Frank Shackle; G. B. Kent and Sons, 
Llmitud, brush manufacturers; $300 »- 

James Deuchar; Jamea Deuchar, 
Limited, brewers, wholesale spirit 
merchants; $4,OOO.OQO; 560 men. 

<*. F. Barnacle; a. F.1Sart»ftCle^ Mar- 
diion, Cornwall. ' 

S. A. Hudston. 11, ,^ ng director, 
Wllklns Wire Rope Company, Limited, 
Fast wood, Notts; $125,000. 

Charles Robb, director, Ilobh and 
Company, Belfast representinK Inter- 
ests amounting to $2,500,ooii 

J. E. Locks; J. l-:. Locks, iiews[v,ipor 
proprietor, l.,eytonstone; $250,000. 

Major E. .1. K. .'lavage, Wan.«itea<l, 
) lesenting larne financial Interests. 

.iohn Stirling. London, reprcst'iit ing 
large llnanclal interests. 

J6hn Davios, Cwmfclln, Steel and Tin 
Plate Company. Swansea, $1,000,000; 
Oihbs and Cannintj: terra colta manu- 
facturers. Tam«-oitli, $150,000. 

K. C. Lawton. .Mlilon Clay Company, 
Limited, .'.:i.,neware, VS'nodvllle; $600,- 

A. Hellers, direetor. Darling ;ind Sel- 
lers, Limited, tools, 
$40,000; 30fl men. 

Edward .1. Cale.y. 
Norwich Chamber of (Commerce, .Nor- 
wich; A. U. Caley and i^n. Limited, 
mineral waters, cle., .Norwicli, $1,:;00,- 
000; i,;;oo men. 

I-'. .1. Hook, representing T'liUers nnd 
Sons, Limited, jams, et- Cambridge, 
*1, 250, 000, 1,500 men; .Tames ^<elller 
and .Sons. L-lmlted, marmalade. Dundee. 

XevllI II. Kveritt, director, Thomas 
T'lRKott and Company, J.,1mlted, Bir- 
mtngham. Iron founders and etipiiieers, 
$t,'iO.OaO; SOO men. 

Charles W. outram, mnnaelnK di- 
rector, George .lennlng.M. Limited, san- 
itary and bydr.iullc en'glneers, London: 

lU'orRe W. (.Joodclilld; Oeorge W. 
Cnodclilld anil Partner, machine tools, 
elf.. Clerkenwell 

l•^ .\. Ham: Ham, Baker I'ompany, 
Limited, waterworks euRlneors. ]>on- 

Three larlles, Mrs. Palmei-, 
(.Major) Leather, Mrs. Hefloy. 

■Iohn HoyrI, Montreal, special 




BuRKE's Original Brand 




Breweo by Guinness. Bottled in Dublin by E. & i. Burke 

For sale by ali Leading Wine Merchants. 

etc., Kelglilcyi- 

.1. P 


sort of dog and qothing can harm the 
cattle when she has them in ciiarge. 

Just at the same time every evening, 
Leslie Ross, the Scotch herdarnan. who 
Is Fannle's master, gives a peculiar 
whl.stle, not because it is necessary to 
call the dog, ius slie is always ready 
and waiting, but to give t!ie siynai 
that it is time to dri\e homo the cows. 
On the instant of that whistle she is 
up anil away. .She Koes until she 
reaches the toi) of a hill near the barn, 
at the sumniit of whicli «he never ftills 
to stop and turn around to see if she 
is pleasing her inaster. Boss, who is 
watchin.i;, waves his liaiid as a sisii 
that all Is well and Fannie procecOs to 
round up the catUc. 

It Is not long, before the cows are 
seen returnmsr in their usuiii leisurely 
way. Back of them all Is l'"annie, urg- 
Ing them on. 

Arriving at the barn Fannio's duHew 
are not yet over. Near the entrance is 
-ttrq big crib that holds its temptln.g 
dainty of corn for the cows. As soon 
as I'annic sees that the cows are in- 
side safely, she runs to the corn crih 
and guards it. oWe to the person or 
animal who tries to fff>t anything 
from that crib without Fannle's consent- 
There she waits until the cows are 
milked and the crlh locked up. Then 
her tasks for the day are over. 

Maybe Ross doesn't think a lot of 
his dog! .She Is of the purest .Scotch 
collie strain, with all the faithfulness 
and IntclliKenco of licr distinguished 
ancestry. Fannie Is true to her master 
and returns his love and kindness by 
rloln« her duty by him. — .Sadie L. 
Mossier In Our Dumb Aolmala. 


; fi/; 


dian representative of tlio h'tnancial 

L. T). Williams, ,Mr. Palmer's pfl- ^ 
\ate secretary, ami two stonograpncr.-?. 

A XsBsas CoIUe. 

.\ dog at the Kansas State Agricul- 
tural <'Ollege does the work of a rrian 
and there Is no employee at \hat In- 
stitution more trusty or better treated. 

Fonnle Is the dog's name, and ehe Is 
a Hcotoh collie. It Is her dally duty 
tn see that the cow» ar* driven to 
pasturw In the mornlnjf and brought 
back in the evening There Is no one 
who goes along to see If she nttendn to 
hu*lness, for the Is a moet re.*pon«lblc 

It would surprise you to know of the 
Kreat good that Is being done by Cham- 
berlain's Tablets, Darius I.>owney, of 
Newbnrg Junction, "T, B., writes, "My 
wife has been using (-hamborialn's 
Tablets and finds them \pry cTectiial 
and doing her lots of good." If you 
have any trouble with your stomach or 
bowels give them a trial. For sale 
by all dealers. • 


Adblleatlons, giving full particulars, 
! will "be received by the undersigned 
until July 1, 1912, for positions on the 
.Saanlch School Board teaching staff. 

Salaries: Ungnaded schools, $70; Jun- 
ior division of two-ronmed schools, $65 
per month. 


Secretary. Saanlch Rchon) Board, 

Royal Oak, B. C. 


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i>i i 


* h i m 11^ II i i> l| |) f iMii fi ^ 

w r\ Vcf 



TRE viafeftiA coixmsf 

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- '-3 

i" f. 

;:,&«v%»»'ii;.- r ,: 


Saturday, Ji<nn ^9: l91i: 





Tenders will be received by the un- 
dersigned up to i p. rn., Tuesday, the 
I'nd day of July. 1912, for 15O0 cubic 
yards (more or less) v,oJf clean, sharp 
sand suitable for filtering purposes. 
fipe«lflcations eati be seen at the Pur- 
chaslnK Agenfs office, to wl)om all 
tenders must bo addressed. The lowest 
or any tender not necessarily accepted, 

Turohasing Agent. 

City Hall, Victoria, B. C June 13, 


Tenders will be received, for 
general repairs to a frame build- 
ing at the Isolation Hospital, up 
to 4 p. m., Tuesday, Jiily 2nd, con- 
sisting of carpenter's work, plas- 
tering, painting, also whitewash- 
ing the fences in accordance with 
the specifications which can be 
seen at the office of the under- 
signed, to whom tenders must be 

The lowest, or any tender, hot 
necessarily accepted. 


Supt. Public Bldgs. 
City Hall, June 21. 1912. 



ants, conditions and restrictions as are 
contained in the dchenturfs issued in 
pursuance of this bylaw, and in each de- 
benture issued hereunder a clausf con- 
ditioned for such substitut; be 

8. Por the purpose of raising annual' 
Iv the required sum for the payment of 
tile Interest on the said dcheiitiuea dur- 
ing their currenc}-, there shall be rals- 
f-1 annually the sum of $20,000, and for 
thf- pnrpuHe of cr«atlnK the sinkinK fund 
aforesaid for the payment off of the 
debt at maturity there shall be raise<l 
arnually tlie sum of ?3i2T5, and both 
said aums shall be ralse<i annually by a 
iiitK,^aiimclent therefor on all rateable 
land an<1*lT»iprovement8 or real property 
111 tho City of Victoria during the con- 
tinuance of the said dcbontures or any 
of them. 

— t;- This Bylaw shall ■BePSte ■ " WtnWiO" 
passingr theroot receive, the aaaent of 
tjie electors of the eaJU Corr>oratlon In 
thf: manner provided for In the Muni- 
cipal Act, and shall take efT'ect on the 
day after the final passing- thereof. 

10. This Bylaw may for all purposes 
be cited a» the "New Olty Hall Loan 
Bylaw. 1912. •• ' 

lassetl the Municipal Council this 
2St». "day of June. A. D. 1912. 

Take notice that the above la a true 
copy of the proposed Bylaw ui>on wliich 
fh»« vote of the Municipality will be 
taken at the Publio Market Building, 
Cormorant Street, on Thursday, tliellth 
day of July, iai2. that the poll will be 
k«pt open between the hours of 9 a. m., 
and 7 p. m,. and that W. W. Northcott 
hafi been appointed Keturning Officer of 
the said vote. 
E . W . a BA O L gy , 


To Kalaa the amn of 917Q,000 for 

School Purpoaaa. 

Wlieroas the Btmrd tif School Trus- 
tees of Victoria lia.s caused to l)e pre- 
pared a detailed estimate of the sums 
reriuired to meet extraordinary ex- 
penses, amounting to tlie sum of 

And whereas the name has been con- 
sidered by the Munieipal Council of 
the Corporation of the City of Victoria 
and the sahl Council ha.s finally dis- 
approved. of ,ill of tho said aams. 

And whereas the said Council has 
notified the said Board of School 
Tri'Elees of their disapproval, as afore- 
said, line} a written reiiuest has been 
received hy the Mayor of the City of 
Vlct.orla from the Secretary of the said 
Board asking the City Council pursu- 
ant to .'^(-."tton fi of the Public Schools 
Ame!:>liii,i,i Art, i:ri:', m submit for the 
consent ol tile electors in tlie manner 
preacrlbed by Section 1*4 of the Muni- 
0pdl /ict, a ByifiMf authorizing the pro- 
posed expenditure and the raising of 
moneys required to comprise the sum 
upon the credit of the Municipality, 
amounting: in all to 1176,000. as hare- 
Inafter set out ' 

And whereas the whole rateable land 
and improvements or real property of 
the said Corporation of the City of Vic' 
toria, according to the last revlued «»•• 
pewsment roll for the year 1911. was 

And whereas the total amount re- 
quirec^ to be raised annually by rate 
for the paying of the debt which will 
bo created hereunder, and the Interest 
thereon, and for creating an annual 
sinking fund for tho payment off of 
the said debt within twenty-five years, 




Grading Draining and Paving with an Asphaltic Pavement Queens Avenue from Douglas Street to Quadra Street and Constructing 

ir'ermanent i>idcwalk8 of Concrete on Both Sides of Said Avenue with Curbs. Gutters and Boulevards from Blanchard 
Street to Qaudra Street, Also Cost of Sewer and Water Laterals 

a ecort^i ng to l aw, ; b 9- 

And whereas this Bylaw maj- not be 
altered or repealed except with the 
con.'ient of the Lieutenant-Oovernor-ln- 

Therefore, the !lMunl«Tpai Council of 
the Corporation of the City of Victoria 
enacts as follows: ' 

1. The estimate of extraordinary ex- 
penditure made by the Board of School 
Trustees of Victoria I's a« follows: 
Completion at Victoria West 

and Bank Street Schools | 10,760 

Extension of Bank Street 

School Grounds 14.260 

Frame BuUdlng, Central School 

Grounds, to relieve Boys' 

Central School 1,500 

School and Site. Quadra Street 

Extension £6,000 

Manual Training .«nd Domestic 

Science Building, South Park 6,000 
Additional funds reauired Oak- ' i 

l«ndn 'licbQol (available 

111,484) 18.000 

Furniture — James Bay New 

School ....... 1,000 

Furniture — Bunurfde New 

School ,..,.......:..: 900 

Faijhiture—Qiiadra Street Ex- ; 

tension New School 600 

Burnslde and Oaklands SohoAla 

addittoft«} amount re(}uired . 45,000 
Addltion/ll «um, required for 

Bank^StrefeVM^S 4Maro<>#* i . . / 
required 'foi^EitCMt'on King- 
ston Street School properly . 

Name of Owner-— 

^cott, Robert 

Hill, Annie 

l^evy, H. E ....', 

Munn, Chas. D. & Jessie 

Sylvester, Louise 

De Carteret, Kleanor.!.. 

Lunoy, Jeannette 

McCandless, George .... 

l-'lnlayson, R. o. 

Trus. Grace Luth Churo^s' 

Owen, I/ouise .; 

Hawkins, G. b 

Campbell, Peter 

Convea, Lucy 

Rhodes, Angelina .....!*, 

Pemberton, F. B. 

Menaugh, Alex 

Hi 1 met, Amanda. J 

Oeiger, Mrs. EUa. M 

Quinn, Miss Mary 

Kceler. R. & H. -. 

Keeler, R. et H 

Corfleld, Herbert 

Lee A Fraser 

MoCandleae, George .... 
Robertaon. Christina, ... 

Cavin, George W 

Pemberton, F. B. ...... 

Keith. Ann Jane , 

Keith, Anna Jane 

Keith, Ann Jane 

Shore, 8 

Shor e, S, — I I ■ i i i — 




W. pfcrt 
C. part 
E. port 

W. pert 
B. part 

W. part 
B. part 

W. part 
E. part 

W. paa-t 
E. part 

N. part 






' »' 


H , 
19 k 




w, p a rt — tr- 








5Df 1 

6of 1 

6of 1 

6of 1 

6of 1 

6of 1 

6of 1 

6of 1 





























. 47. 





















4) O 


3.. 11 




c c, 

u <u 


_ o 












—to: — 





































■IS. 15 


« -r 

t- E 

t- -^ 


$273. (in 

28 5. no 
285., Ill 
778. on 


397. yi) 


To raise the stun of 9500,000 for the 
purpose of araotl&g a new dty Kail 
• tipon the Pandora Streat Oora. 

Whereas, the council of the Corpor- 
Titlon of the City of Victoria has decid- 

ed that it Is necessary' to erect a new 
GIty Hall to be used for the' purpose of 
^thc: said Corporation and containing ofB- 
rMsC for the use of various officers of tho 
ecfporatlon, and suitable chamberj* for 
the holding of meetings of the Council 
of the said Corporation and the various 
committees of the said councU, and that 
the said now City Hal! shall be erected 
upon the site now known as the Pan- 
dora Street Gore,, being a portion of 
Pandora Street between Cook Street and 
Chambers Street In the City Of Victoria, 

And whereas, it is estimated that the 
BEld work will cost $500,000. 

.\nd whereas, tho whole rateable land 
ntid improvements or real property of 
tl'e said Corporation of the City of Vic- 
toria according to the la«t revised ass- 
essment roll for the year 1911, was $60.- 

And whereas, tho total amount re- 
quired to be raised annually by rate for 
tho paying of the debt, which will be 
created hereunder and the interest 
thereon, and for crealnlg an annual 
silking fund for the payment oft of the 
said debt within fifty years, according 
t> law is $23,276. 

And whereas, this bylaw may not be 
altered or repealed exceiit with the con- 
sent of the Lleutenaot-Govemox-in- 

Therefore, the Municipal Council of 
the Corporation of the City of^ Victoria 
enecta aa follows: 

J. It Shalt be lawful for the Mayor of 
the corporation of the City of Victoria 
tp borrow «pon the credit of the said 
corporatlii by way bf the debentures 
hereinafter liientloned, from any person 
o:- persons, or body Or bodies corporate, 
who may be willing to advance the satfte 
as a loan, a Rum of money ^ot exceed- 
ing in the whole the sum Of $500,000 
lurrency or sterling money, at the rate 
of 4.86 2-3rd» dollars to .tKs one pound 
sterling, and to cause all stich sums so 
raised or "received to fcie paid into tho 
liands of the treasurer of the'sald Cor- 
poration for the purposes and with the 
„. ,.^b.lect hereinbefore rccitedi , * 
P^^'-'a.'.It shall be lawful '^f or '^'l^^lWtMi 
Mayor to cause any number bf debon-< 
lures to bB made, executed and issued 
1' 1 such sums as may be reiiuiried, not 
(.Mtedlng, however, tho sum of $500,000 
(ither in currency or sterling' money 
(.'it the rate aforesalO) each of the said 
I'.fbentures beins of the amount of 
5.1,000. and all such flcbcutuiCK shall be 
.vralcd with the V;eal of the said corpor- 
i.iinii and signed by tho Mayor thereof. 

It Hhall be lawful for the said Mayor 
ill liis discretion to alternately cause 
fHci! of thf said deben-titr»w!tr> be mader"' 
■ ■xeeutfil iiiif] :■ ;iucd for an amount Of 
1100 sterling, and one if necessary, for 
.-1 less sum in sterling money to com- 
I'lPte tliB authorized issue. 

3. The said tlchenturea sl.ul! bear of the Hrst day '.tf February, A. D. 
i:U2. and shall be made payi''!'' in fifty 
Mtar.s from said date, at ^ i . u place 
iitlicr in the Dominion of C.inada. Great 
Bril:iin. or the I'nited States- of Am- 
iiica, a.s may be desiKnated thoVeon, and 
si;al! have attached to them coupons for 
the payment of Interest, and the signa- 
tures of tho coupons may be 
(iih.-r written, stamped, printed, lltho- 
graplifil iir engraved. 

1. 'I'll., .said debentures shall bear in- ;it the rate of four per cent, per 
ill nam Ciom the date tliercof, which in- 
II rest Hhall bo payable half-yearly on 
iiij first (lay of February ami lir«it day 
111' Auftust at sui.-h place, cither in the 
lii-inilnion of Canada, Great Britain, or 
till IJnited States of America, hs iniiy 
be pxpreaaerl in thn rli'hr-nt uri' nml cou- 

5. I.l kIihU be lawful for thi- said 
.M,';yor to the said debentures and coupons, i-ithcr or both, to be 
made payable at such place, either in 
the Dominion of Canadn. rirctU llrltain 
or the I'nitnil .^tn'rw of .\nn'i-iia m« nuiy 
I'p desired. 

8. It .shall 1)0 ln^vl■ul fur the Mayor 
of the said CorporalloM to dispose of the- 
."aid debentures at a ralo below par, .'in d 
10 authorize tiie Tr(>asurer to pay out 
th» sum so laLscd by the snle Of Ilu' 
said debenturcH all r'.vpcnHp ronnei t<^il 
wliii the preparation and engravlni; or 
lithographing of the debentures and 
coupons, or any dl.scouot or i'iimtiiii<!;lon. 
or other charges Incidental to the sale 
of the KHid debenture.^. 

7 If deeme<J advi.<«abie hy the Major, 
thf^re shall. In the said debenture-«i, be 
renerved to the Corpornllon the right 
upon any future consolidation of the do- 
hpnturos' indebtednean of tho city to 
Rubstl^tute debenture* of gucli ronsoll- 
dation secured upim the credit of the 
city generally. Such consolidation de- 
d«MnturM shall contain the like conycn* 

Victoria, B. V 

Acting C M. 
June 29th, 1!'12. 




The Municipal Council of the 
poratlon of tho City of Victoria 
determined that it is desirable: 

1. To grade, drain and pave with an 
asphaltic pavement Gorge Road from 
Carroll Street to Harriett Road, and to 
construct ourba and gutters on both 
sld.»s of said road; and Jay all la- 
teral connections to sewers, surface 
drains and water mains, and remove 
poles if necesary. - 

. 2. To grade, drain ,»nd pave with an 
asphaltic pavement,, « Douglas street 
from Pembroke stireet to Bay street 
and construct curbs and gutters on 
both sides of said atreet; and lay all 
lateral connections to sewers.i j' 
drains and water m^ns, and remove all 
polefl, if necessary. Also to lay all 
necessary nonduita With all lateral and 
other connections for the placing of 
Wires underground a.s and when the 
same may be possible, 

3. To grade, drain ai|d pave with an 
asphaltic pavenieflt, Douglas street 
Bay street to Hillside avenue, and con- 
struct ciurbs and gutters on both sides 
of said street, and lay all lateral con- 
nections to i>i-W(f> surface drain" and 
water mains, and remove poles If 
necessary. Also to lay all necessary 
conduits with all lateral connections 
for the placing ot wires underground, 
as and wh«n the same may ,}« possi- 
ble. ' 

4. To grade, drain and pave with an 
asphaltic pavement Douglas street 
frcm RlUslde avenue to Topaz avenue 
and construct jurba and, gutters on 
both sides of 'he street, aind lay lateral 
ctmncctlous to ajwersj surface dralha 
and water maUts. and remove poles. If 
necessary. Al«o to lay ail r ecessary 
conduits with .'.U latcml and other (J»- 
nections for the placing ol wires iia- 
derground. as and When the same ritay 
be possible. 

6. To grade, drain and pave with an 
aspl^altlc pavement, Douglas street 
from TdpaB aVenUe to the dividing lino 
between blocks 3 and 4, section 4. and 
construct curbs and gutterii .r on both 
sides of said street, and -lay lateral 
connections to sewers, surface drains 
and water mains, and remove poles, if 
necessary. A.\b6 to lay all necessary 
coiiaults Wttjinilja^lateral and other coa- 
nectlons tor' 'tno 'placing " of v.-lres un- 
dersround as a^d when the same may 
be possible. ^ 

: 6. To igracie, drain 1 i , ii an 

asphaltic pavement, Douglas bireet 
from the dividing line between Blocks 
3 and 4, Section i, and Tolmle Avenue, 
and construct curbs and gutters on 
both sides of said Street and lay lateral 
connections to sewers, surface drains 
and water mains and remove poles, if 
necessary. Also to lay all necessary 
conduits with ail 1':! jid oihcr con- 

nections for placlii: > underground 

as and when the samo may be pos- 

— --t, — Tfl-grade; drain and pave with an 
aBphaltlc pavement Amphlon street, 
from Lclghtiton road to the southerly 
boundary of the portion of piock 20, 
Kernwood ISstate (w.hlcb has not yet 
been subdivided), and construct per- 
ni.incnt sidewalks of (;oncrcte, with 
curbs and gutters on both sides of said 
strt?e,t, and lay lateral connections to , 
sewers, surfacd drains and water 
mains, and remove poles, if necessary. 

8. To construct permanent side- 
walks of concrete on the south side of 
Superior street from Govcrninem street 
to Menzies street, and on both sides of 
Superior street from Menzies street to 
St. Lawrence street. 

9. To continue Peiulergast street 
westerly from Vancouver street to 
Hoywood avenue, and to expropriate 
the whole of Subdivisions 7 and 33, Lot 
1GI»4, Block 56, for this purpose. 

And that all of said works .sliall bu 
carried out In accordance with the 
provisions pf tlie Local Improvemont 
Oeneral Bylaw, and amendments there- 
to, and tlic City lingineer and City As- 
sessor, having reported to tlie Council, 
in accordance with the provisions of 
Section i of this bylaw, upon each and 
every of said works of local Improve- 
ment, giving statements allowing the 
amounts estimated to be oliarKeable In 
each case against tho varioiiH portions 
of real property to be benefited by the 
.said work, and the rcpi'rt.s of the City 
I'luijlneer aiid City As.scBsor as afore- 
said having been adopted by tlie f'oun- 

the said rcport.s arc open for inspo<:tlon 
at the 3ffice of the City A.s.s;,.s8or. City 
Hall. Dou«laH street, and that unless a 
petition aijainst any propo-sed work df 
li)<;al lnipix)V(^-niiMit above mentioned, 
flKOi'd li.\- a nuijority of the owners of 
llic innil or real property to be a.s- 
Hi .s.scd for such improvement, and re- 
pre.seiillng at least one-half of the 
value of the salil land or real property. 
Is prpsenled to the C^ouncil within 
fifteen day.s from the date of tho first 
jiuhiicatton of thl.s notice, the Council 
will proceed with tho proposed im- 
provement upon such term.s and condi- 
tion.'.- as to the pa>-in.->nt of the ro.«| 
of Riuh improvement ns the Council 
may by' bylaw in tliai- beUalf icKulato 
and determine. 

k. W. BUADi.IOY. 

Acting C. M. C. 
CltrCnttlt'a Office, June 26, 1912. 

Island Investment Co. 

Smund Singh 

■N'agel. Michael & Ida... 
Island Investment Co.... 

Metro. K 

Oraig, Hobert w. part 

W. part 

Morris, F. R, g. p^rt 

Smith. Mrs. Ada L. B. pa«-t 

National Finance Co. ., N. part 
National Finance Co. . . N. part 






City's Share. 







326. S» 




BYLAW No. 200 

Grading, Draining and Paving with a Light Standard Asphalt Pavehient Kings road, from Douglas street to Quadra street, Curbs and 

Gutters, Lateral Connections to Sewers, Surface Drains and Water Mains 

Kanui of Oiwner-* 



Allowance for discount, cost 
of eleottch, printlnt:. deben- 
tures, ete 



Total amount of Bylaw .. $176,000 
•la .'tierriby appeovlrd. 
' 2. It shall .be lawful for the Mayor 
of the Cprporation of the City o.f Vie 
torla to horrow upon the credit of tftie 
s^tid Corporation by way of debentures 
hereinafter mentioned, from any person 
or persons, or body or bodies corpor- 
ate, wfto may toe willing to advance the 
fame as a loan, « atfm of money iiot 
exceeding In the whole the sum of 
$176,000, currency or sterling money, at 
the rate of 4.86 2-3 dollars to the one 
xvoiind -sterling, and to cause all such 
sums raised or received to be paid into 
the hand.s of the Treasurer of the said 
Corporation for the purpo.seft and with 
the object hereinbefore recited, 

3. rt shall be lawful for, th« ''■aid 
^tayor to cause any numbci* of de- 
bentures to he made, executed and 
Issutid for such sums as may bo re- 
quired, not exceeding, however, the 
sum of $175,000,* cither In cur- 
rency or sterling money (at 
the rate aforesaid), each of said 
debentures being of the amount 
of $1000, and all such debentures shall 
i«> sealed with- the-Beaa",«» f - thy— -irgtft? 
Corporation and 3lgn(Ml by tlie Mayor 

It siiaiT"be :;. <r the nail! .Mayor 

in his discretion 10 alternately cause 
each of the said debentures to be made, 
executed and Is.sucd for an amount of 
£100 sterling, aiM no", if necessary, for 
a U-'Ss sum li, ricj money to com- 
plete the autluii ./.cd i-,sue. 

1. The said debentures .shall boar 
date of the day after the final passing 
of this Bylaw, and shall bo made pay- 
able In twenty-five years from the 
.'Sald data, at such place either In the 
Dominion of Canada, Great Britain, or 
the United States of America, as may 
he designated thereon, and shall have 
attached to them coupons for the pay- 
ment of Interest -and the signatures of 
the coupons may be eith'r 
written, printed, litliographed or en- 

'•• ''' ' '!■ Iw-iii ir. -; .s:i:i!| i,f,;,,. at tho rate of four ii.r ,enl. 
per annum from tlic date Lhereo-r, 
which interest shall be^ payable half- 
yeiirly on the 21st day of January and 
the 21st day of July, at such plate, 
either In the Dominion of Canadii. 
Great Britain, or the fnltcil Stairs of 
-America, as may be expressed In Ihc 
debenture and coupon. 

fi. It Hhall he lawful for t!i.- sahl 
Mayor to cause the said ilchintui-cs and 
interest coupons, either or hoth. to h.- 
mj'.de payable at such place, cither In 
the Dominion of Canada. Orent Britain. 
or the United States of .\inirlia, ms 
may be deslrml. 

7 It shall he Iswfii! for the Mayor 
of tlir' suld Corporntloii 1,1 of 
the said debentures at a rate below 
par. and to authorize tlie Treasurer to 
pay out the sum.s so raised by the .sale 
of the said debentiin^s all expenses 
connpctPd with the preparation and en- 
jfiavinK i.r llth(»Krapliliig of the deben- 
tures anil coupon.s. or any dli+count or 
.-.-ommission or other rliHrges incidental 
to the nalp or the said debentures. 

S. If deemed adviwihle by the May- 
or, there shall In the Mid debentures 
),,. reserved to the Corporation thn 
I n«i'l, uJ>on any fulur* c«ni^iKI«iioa f»f 


Flnlayson, W. H.. (B^st) 168 

City of Victoria 136 

.Stapleton, B. E. pert 108 

Harris, Henry W. part 108 

Ollchirst, F. .,.,..-. E* part 84 

McDonald, Ale*andcr.. C. part 

McCailum. Daniel W. part 

Gllcbrtot, Isabella E. part 

Stewikrt. ;«Win. Albert.,.. W. part 
Payn,Wt»;'' ■-, CTharlrttte Mt.i.;f;*-''.ig ■ ■ ,. 
Peiftberton,-'P;'~'B. ■■■. . .'I .i,->.>v-' ' ' 
Hong POST & Yick Yoon. 
Shorp, A. E., ..^nderson, 
O. 'w, k .v. .'i '•><'•.•.. . ' 

Mooi'e, Sarah A 

Turpel, Wimam 

Turpel. William 

Turpel. Wllliaiii 

Harris, Elizabeth M. ... 
Dey, William JTames &. 

Pawcett. P. .W." 

MeldranJ; G. G. ' 

Oonnason, J 

Anderson, George 

Tlte, George 

Westwood, C. N. . . 

Pettlcrew, .Tohn * Hucti 
Pettlcrew. John & Hugh 

Johns, Albion . ; 

Erskine, Robt. .... 

Erskine, ftobt. 

Kipling, Emily J. 

Cox, Capt. J. O. ...Est.) 
Anderson, Emma & G. W. 

Blttancourt, Fred J 

Heritage. H. B. (Est.).. 
Campbell, Capi. Chas. . . 
Fullerton, H. M., ....... 

Ellsworthk Ellz. ......^. 

Buce^j Jow^^ P. . . . . . 


















part 134 

part 134 


W. part 

Bu part 

W. part 







' &. 
























50. • 


- 6ft. 




































60; • 

















£> «5 
(1, o 













.', •■-^- 

a ,- « 

: <ga 























■H .'!,.' 1 '- 






4 3.1..'.H 





323. :,o 



■■ »■ 







39;.. "ill 


















S3?. Oil 











or^ ') ~ 

■^ ! 1 ■ r, • 1 












4. S 4.00 



558.23 ' 









701. 0'l 
















• 692.10 














MSI). 00 











371. ,-.0 

















































677.4 2 











. . 


































City's Share 

1,924.37 . 

\ 1 

- 4 . 


AND FURTin'.R take notice that the Court of RevL-^ion for the trial of rMnipIaints and appeals against the assessment so proposed 
be made, will .be held July 15, 1912, at the hour of 10 o'clock in the forenoon at the Council Chamber in the City Hall, corner of Douglas 
and Pandora streets, in the City of Victoria.^. C, and a,ny notice of appeal from each intended assessment must be served upon the under- 
signed at least eight days prior to such sitting". 

June .26th, 1912. \vi-:lijn(;tox nOWlJ'.K, C. M. C. 

the debenture indebtedness of the City, 
to substitute debentures of such con- 
solidation secured upon the credit o' 
the City generally. .Such con.solida Hon 
dfbentiire.s shall contain the like t-oven- 
ants, conditions and restriction.^ as are 
contained in the debenture Issued In 
pursuance of this Bylaw, and in each 
debenture Issued hereunder a clause 
j conditioned, for such substitution may 
be inserted. 

9. For the purpo.-s--' of r.Tl.slng an- 
nually the reauired sum for tho pay- 
ment of thf^ interest on the said de- 
bentures ilnrinn their currency, there 
.shall be r.Tlseil annually the sum of 
$11,000, anil for the purpose of creat- 
inir the sinking fund afore.«(ai(i for tlio 
payment of the debt at maturity there 
.■^hiili 1)1- niNed annually the sum of 

|__ , ami both .said .•mms shall 

■ho ralHod anmiatli liy a rate sufficient 
therefor on nil rateable land and Im- 
provement.i. or real property In the 
City of \'ictoriii during the continuance 
of the said debentures or any of them. 

10. This Hylaw shall, before the 
final passing thereof, receive the as- 
.sent rif the electors of the said Corpora- 
tion In the manner provided for In the 
Municipal Act, and shall take effect on 
the day after the flntil passing thereof. 

1 I. This Bylaw may for all pur- 
im.m.f* be cited a"* the ".'<c>.onl l.,oan 
llylaiw No. 10." 

f'assed the Municipal Council the 
38th day of June. A. D. 1912. 

Take notl<;o that the above Is a true 
copy of the proposed Bylaw u))on 
which the vote of tlie Municipality will 
be taken nt the Public Market Build- 
ing, Cormorant street, on Thursday, th<T 
nth day of wluly, 1912; that the poll 
will be keiit open between the hours of 
9 a.m. and 7 p.m.. and that W. W. 
Northcott has been appointed Return- 
ing Officer of the isald vote. 


Actinc C. M. a 


A Bylaw to raise the gum of 933,500.00 
for School FUrpoaea. 

^^■hereas the Hoard of School Trii.s- 
tees of the IJistrlct .Municipality, School 
Di.strict of the Corporation of the Dis- 
trict of Saanlch on or before the lat 
day of February, 1912, cflu.-^cd to be 
prepared and laid before the MuniclpHl 
Council of the Corporation of the Dis- 
trict of Saanich, a detailed estimate of 
the sums required to meet special or 
extraordinary e.xpcn.sea which inU'ht lie 
U'ttally incurred by the said Bonrd 
amounting to $30,000.00, and which es- 
timate was the subject of considera- 
tion hj- the said Municipal Council and 
thr- same was. finally rejected. 

.•\nd whereas Ihe Secretary of the 
.■«ald Board has written to the Hceve of 
the said Municipality requesling tli--- 
said Council to pass In the manner pre- 
scribed by Section 134 of tlic •■.Munici- 
pal Aft" and Bubiiilt for tlie fls^cnl of 
the Klectors a Hylaw authorising the 
proposed expeiuillure and for the rais- 
ing of the monies reiiulred to defray 
the name upon the credit of the Muni- 

And whereas pursuant to said request 
contained ii» .said letter the .said Munici- 
pal Council actliisf in pursuance of the 
mandate contained in Section Bo of the 
"Public Schools Act" are suhmlttlnK 
this Bylaw for the assent of the Klec- 
lora of the Municipality of .Saanich. 

Be it thewforp enacted a» follows: — 

1. It ahall be lawful for Ihe t'orpora- 
tlon of the District of .Saanich to bor- 
row on the credit of the Municipality 
by way of Debentures from any person 
or persons or body or bodies corporate 
Willi may be wUling to. advance the .same 
a sum or ■uins of money, amounting to 
$33,500.00, and to otuae the same to be 
paid into the Trea«urer of the Corpora- 
tion of the DUtrict of Saanich for the 
purpeses of the Board of Hchool Trus- 
tees aforesaid. 

8. 1|iat tha aura to be raised 4nd the 
(t«t>t aiid obltirattona to h« issued there- 
for shall be mad* twrable on the 31at 
4 <efi3i9t '.'J|«f»)9i' 

ton years from the said nr;<t mentioned 
d a t f. 

:;.,Tiiat tho .<!Uin of $1650.00 sluUl lie 
raLsed annually for the iiayment of ior during the currency of tlie Dc- 
licnture.s to ho is.'«ued in pursuance of 
this Bylaw, ond the sum of $3,932.20, 
shall be raised annually as a sinking 
lund for the payment of the said sum 
of $33,500.00 when tlie same becomes 
pay.iblc fsuch mentioned sum so 
to be raised by way of sinking fund 
does not allow for Interest on the same 
at more than four p?r centum per an- 
num, to be capltaiKsed yearly,) the an- 
nual Slims aforesaid shall be raised and 
levied ill each year by a rate sufficient 
llierefor on all real )iroperty in the 

4. It sluill be lawful for the Reeve 
nf tlie Corporation of tlie District of 
Saanich to .tiiv number of the 
Debentures to he called ".'School l^oan 
Hvlaw 1912 rjrlicnlures," to he made 
and issued for such sum of money not 
rxcpwilni;, liowover. $33,500.00, and 
roch of the Delj.cntures beliiK of the 
amount of not Ipss than $500.00, es- 
rcptlng in the <-nue of on* such Deben- 
ture which may be for « lesser amount 
If deniu'il necessary by tlie said Reeve, 
and all such r>ebenturea shall be «ealed 
with the seal of the Corporation of 
Saanich by the Reeve thereof. 

5. All the said Debentures shall be 
made pay.ible in t-en years from the day 
hereinafter mentioned lut this Bylaw 
to fake effect at the Bank of British 
Norlli America In Victoria ot at the 
same Bank in London, BnglAnd, and 
."hall have attached to th«m coupons 
for the payment of th« lat«r««t and 
the signature of the Reev<^ to ths 
coupons may be afflzed by printed, 
stamped or lithographftd fAOMlmU*. 

<■ All the said DebeilttH-M shall iMNtT 
Interest at the rata of ikwt pw (t«at|mt 

psr annum from the 4«tl*4)l«itMr< •0$mt 

the .SHid I>ebentures liave to run, and 
in default thereof shall bear interest 
theieon after such dates respectively at 
the rate of six per centum per iiiinum 
until paid and may be recovered to- 
gether with all costs in that tiohalf 
forthwith after default by tho .sale of 
the whole or any part of the re<ii prop- 
erty so charged, but in the event of 
th<> sale of any re«,l property or any 
part thereof ten days notice tlvBreof 
published in one newspaper cirtuilating 
in the DLstrict shall be sriven. 

8. The Corporation of the District of 
Saanich do hereby gua,rantco tho 
monies and Interest Iherron to be rais- 
ed under tlie authority of this Bylaw, 
and the council will out of the current 
year's revenue pay to any person, per-, 
sons or corporation froni whom they 
may borrow the money upon the se- 
curity of tho Debentures hereby author- 
ised or to the several respective hold- 
ers of the said Debentures the several 
respective payments as they may from 
time to time fail due. 

9. This Bylaw shall take effect on the 

day of 1912. 

This Bylaw may be cited aa tho 
"School Loan Bylaw 1912." 

Passed tAe Municipal Council th«' 
32nd day of June, 1913. ' 

Re-constdered and llaallr VtMrtnA ill* ^ 
day of 1^13. 

'(L.8,) J. titomxutttmt 

X It C*l 

Clark «e 'Hm «il[il 

Take Vca*0l4 

copy^MT mki 

the 1Wt« 'Vf 

t«!lM« At: 


m sM 

the City of Viotoria it§t>i$mk§^^ 

7. The amount •<> 
aa profMfid tit 



Saturday, Juna 29, 1912 


One cent & word each Inierllon, 10 per 
trul dlsuouiu (or alx or more coniooullve 
iiiaariiuiia — ca»n »iih uider. No »ds«»rit»i;- 
meiit cccepted lur Km than :6 I'cui*. 

UuBlucKii and I'rofcasiouul i:aril» — or four 
Ithe» or under — J] 00 pur week. 

No B-dverilnenienL tliareed on account ror 
\f»t Uian iz. ao. I'hono No. 11. 


A II T Ulasa — A K. Hoy, over thirty years" 
•ii- c*iJi-i l.-iu.i! In art slaiis leaded IlKht* 
!ur chunhoa. «chool» and ,'rivute dwelling*. 
Works and mole, 'J 1 6 i'iiiidurtt alieel. next 
tn Melliodim Lliurcli. I'hime 6m. 


Co., Ltd. 

DellvvM-y — Victoria, 
Tel. -.29. 


BL'ILDI.N'G Movers — Sandha 
buildlugr movura and con 

IJuUKlilNUKHS— Tue ColonUt 1« the 
•a-* ueit bookblndery in the province; the 
lemlt U equal m proportion. 

OUTTLKS — All kinda ot bottle* wanted. 
*-» Good price* piild. Victoria Junk Asency. 
l");© Store street. I'Uouu laaii. 

nam & Leaier. 

untractors, Falr- 
> lew, Vancouver, B. C. Kesldence 469 6lh 
Ave. W. Eatln iatea furnlahed on app::.:Atloc. 

BLUK Printing; — Blectric Blue Print and 
Map Co., !!14 Central building. View 
>>trcet. Blue printing, maps, drauKbtins; 
(leaiera In surveyor's instruments and draw- 
ina office suppllfs. Phone J63«. 

• •.■.••'t: — itoney properly Invested loads to 
V^ fortune.' This result may b* a.ttklned 
by purchanlnK the boat- iio meat la the 
city 4t the Strand Cafe. 

CAFK and Restaurant— Occidental Cafe 
Kestaurant, corner Wliarf and Jobnsoa 
•treats. Meals l(o and up. Satisfaction 

CARRIAae ana Wagon Dealera— WiB. 
Mable, Importer of MacI.Acbao busKles 
traps; cannot be beaten lor durability. 
Warehouse 7l7 Johnson street. Phone \iit. 

CXARFENTRR and nuUder — T. Thirkel). 
■^ Bstliuates free un bulldlnira and repairs. 
Shop and office fittings a specialty. Kcsl- 
dence, 1013 Vancouver atreet. P iione L34l>0. 

CiARPE.\TKR— Capital Carpenter and Job- 
/' btOR factory. Alfred Jones, builder and 
contractur. Ektlmutes (iven on all classes 
of structures, shop flttiiigs, etc. 1003 Yates 
street. Office Phone L,l8ii. Hes. RIOOS. 

BIS1NES8 UIRKCTORV— (Caallaucd) 

WOOD — Cheap fuel. Try a heaping double 
load nf iihO!'t I'Ut inltl- wrw.rl, r1«llver*t<1 
tu any (lart of the city ut }3 f. O. U. by 
i.'Hnieion Uuuiijur Co., L,td.. I'hoiie »*4. 

U /HOICKS ALE Wines and Liquori — Tur- 
ner, Heeton Co., Ltd . Wharf atreet, 
Victoria — wholesale only. All the leading 
brands ur ll<iuor«; dlitct Imporiura. Write 
for Uata unfl prices. 




RCHITISCT — Plans prepared for apart- 
ment blocks and bungalows. P. O. Box 


U< i; 1 ll'X'T — Jeaae M. Warren, 414 Sa> - 
ward Uldg, Vlutorlu, B. c. ; Phone 30ii7. 


AHCHITBCT— C. Elwood Watklns. rooina 

1 and 2, Green Blk., corner Trounce 

a.enue and Broad. Phone •ilUb; residence 
I'lmno I,13i)S. 

lU^HirECT— H. S. Urlflllha. lOOH Uor- 
ernnient street, phone 14119. 

A KCHITECT— Thomas Hooper— In prao- 
-*- tice' In B. C. for ;6 y«»r». Plans and 
apeclllcatlons furnished on application. Of- 
nc e Ne w Royal Bank Cldg. Phone 927. 

t'(.\' r V end Mitchell. Civil Engineers. 
-^7-228 Pemberton Block. Tel. 
13:'; Box 3I>. Examinations and Re- 

ports, irrigation and Drainage, Hydro- 
Kleclrlo Uevelfipmeni Wulvi .. 
and Sewa ge Disposal. 

rxiVIL Bnglneer— H. M. T. " Hodgson. Ass. 
^^ Mem. Inat. of CJvli • Engineers and 
Provincial l.*nd Surveyors. Office, Port 
Aiberni. B. C. 

HBI.r WAJNTIED— MAJ.B — {C«atlBU««» 

SPLJflNDID Colonist route vacant, close In. 
Apply Olrc'jltttlsn I>ep«rtmrnt, Colon- 
ial office. 

ri^W U exp^rlwu-od farm handi: must be 
J- K"'>d milker* and understand horses, 
aiiady enipluyniunt to the right men. A. 
Kolaton. WelUiiKtun. II. I,'. 

I \ "A,\rEU--A man 
* ' man prelerrt'vl. 
l''t't 1 and Duuglaa. 

ua porter, ex-^rvU-e 
Hotel Kill!, corner of 


7.\NTEL) — Two eievttioi boya. Hotel 

HUx. corner Fort and Ikiuglaa. 

CARPENTER— J. S^ Hick ford, commls- 
Blon carpenter and contractor. Bsti- 
niates given on all kinds ot Jobbing: men 
sent out b y the day. Phone Y1636. 

GHIMNKT Sweep — Lloyd, Chimney Sweep. 
Phon» jcsisa, 

/"tlXJTHES Cleaning— Wah Chong. ladles' 
V^ and gents' dry cleaning, pressing and 
repairing on short notice. 17ZS Uovernment 
street, Victoria, B. C. 

/^rviL, Snglnaera— Qore & McOregor^BrU- 
vv ish Columbia land surveyors, land ag- 
ents, timber cr\it:ser8; P. A. Landry J H 
McGregor, J. F. Templeton: T. A." Kelly' 
timber department; Chanoery Chambers. 
Langley street, Victoria, B. C., P. O. Box 
162; phone 6»i; ItfoOregor building. Third 
street, South Fort George, B.- C. 

/"11VIL Bnglneer — Topp ft Co., Civil Sa- 
V,' glnoers and Uud surveyors, room 211 
Pemberton block; phone 2998; P. O. Box 

CIVIL Knglneei^— P. c. Coatea: Dominion 
and P.oi n... i;< . ,;... . 
Board of Trade. 

lA^.^NTED. active young or mirtrile-aged 
'» man who can ride a liii .vcle and la not 
arriiid of uork. lo do coiloitlng and make 
liliiiselr KPni-rall.v UBi f ul : poaitlon may only 
lie lempiiriir.v, ur may become crmllnufnia 
iStatc qualllications, age, etc., to P. U. Box 
>-'. City. ■ 

171 r.^.N'TED, iilnKle man as general farm 
' ' httml; uaed lo horscK and harveafing; 
Kood wUgea lo aullablc man. Addreaa .Shuw. 
Lowland Farm, Koksilah 1'. O. 

WANTED, men to stop at Uakiland Kooma 
1226 Langley at.; 2 men » each; i 
man. $2.00 per week. 

U7.V.NTED Immediately, two aolloUors. 
Live ones need only apply. Experi- 
ence unnecessary. No hard work. Best 
paying proposition In city. Apjily at }2<>0 
Fort St., between S:30 and 8;3ti p. m. Ask 
for Clare. ' 


p. m. 

AiNTSD, plasterers, t6.S0 per day; open 
shop. Atpply at Itsft Sea vtaw 'ave., 6 


nVlL Engineers — Green Bros,, Burden & 
Co.. civil engineers. Dominion and B. 
land surveyors. )1< Pemberton block. 

ii i ipi H F Wwaa I , ». w « ii i M]L.ii ' I ■ ' .V ji ' ' '? 

r anen o rn CBI m f;aU6h. tort Qeorga and 
Hazelion, B, C. 

WA^I'PED first-class mechanic and waaher 
on automobile work; none «ther need 
apply. Vancuuvee lataad Auto' Co., Litd., 
921 "Wha rf at. ^ 

ANTIsp — Young man with »ome office 
and some aalesmanablp experience to 
associate with parlner tn the best paying 
business In city; salary and share In profits 
references required; address Box 24 Colon- 

YVf A.VTiSD, good, smart real estate sales- 
^ ^ man ; good proposHlon to the right 
party. Apply Abbott- 4fc -Sutherland, rooms 
S and 6, Green block. 

IV^ANTEt), _ name and address of expert 
* • shoe oir boot manufacturer to under- 
take the making of a recently Invented 
mmlel tiiniwiiii- Pafant gnBilert fnr Uay. 


A UVEHTI8ER. (»V) efficient and expe- 
■'*- rle.ieed buaiiiesa man. cautious, clear- 
headed, and of abaolue integrity. wishes 
poalilon; la experienced bookkeeper, Al cor- 
reapondent, uaed to control of office and 
liandling nnanclal niaitera and caah on con- 
aiderahle scale, highest references. W., 
Box 123«, foaioffice 


/■"lARPE.VTEIfH helper, have knowledge 
^-^ of rough work, hand^ ivith tools; 
would work cheap In return for Instruc- 
tion. Box 887, Colonlsl. 

/>OMPi3TENT bookkeeper wants situation 
V^ as bookkeeper timekeeper, storekeeper 
or any pualtlon of iruai; .Scoisman, total ab- 
atalner, and well recommended, .\pply Box 
:M2 Colonist 

/ ^OMHETE.NT bookkeeper wants trades- 
V-^ men's buoka to poat, audit or balance. 
Address Uox AB, Colonist. 

l.i^XPEHlE.\CEU ihauffeur deslrea piiaillon 
■*-^ ^^ltll private tumll.v , .lober; sleadj. 

careful driver; do own re.palrB. married, C. 

Ramsay. General Delivery. Xanoouver 

I.j^Xl'EKIENCED chauffeur seeks position 
'-^ .io uivn repairing. ll!03 Cook at., city. 

J,("^NrjI,lSi:M AN, .luat out. wanta work, any 
*-^ e.apaclty; hiiailer; jjood tlmekeei'er. 
storekeeper, timber meiiauier,^ estimates or 
builder contractors usslalant. Box 11, 

l^-JXPERIENCBD clerk, could do bookkeep- 
-*-' Ing, etc., for few hours dally; has 
knowledge of typewriting. Box %h9. Colo- 
nist. ' 

"P]NG'La«MM*N, alwtainer. want* ■teadv 
JL-i employment; moderate wagea expeotad, 
Box 1«6 Colonist. . 

T^NGLISMPAX, age IS (public school and 
A-i university education) requires secretar- 
ial or other poat In good office. Previous 
experience. Ag>ply Box 010 Cotonlat. 

EDUOATSD genbleman seeks oltttatlon; 
private secretary, linguist, bookkeeper. 
Box 7116 Colonist. 

XpOREUtAN carpenter open for engage- 
^ ment; coaat experience; can furniah 
referencea B ox 209, Colonist. 

"CVTTBR requires work; general experl- 
-•- ence Including gasoline engines; or 
would drive launch. Box 971 Coloniat. 

BSafB ftAI. eaii|»sa t » n . ow j r s prt r wei ki 
furniture ' repaired. 


A I-OEH atreet. snap, fine large lot. £0x 
•*^*- 171); J. rice lor few da.vs only ««&0, on 
lery easy lerma. Grlmaaun & Bunnell, 320 
IVmliert on building. 

4 .SI'LM.VUII) subdivision proposition — 
-*»- 3 l-ii m-i.-n on iJougias al.. .lust oul- 
alile tlie 2 'u mile inrole, wheio lutH are sell- 
liig foi ITBu; this proiierly, will aulnllvlde in- 
to about twenty larife lota, tl with frontage 
on Douglas at., all luiul la .lea.ed, wllh 
fruit trees on wvujy lot; JL'OOO iiiali handiis 
ihia, baianee on easy lerma; price J7&00. 
McDonald Heally Co., 610 Pandora, si. 


UBil.NA St , close to Uurnsidc; fhie lol, 
JHFiO. third cash, balance easy. Box 

127 t'olonilat. 

rBOrSATY FOB SATB— (Caatlnuea) 


lie. ten ^crea near tram and aia- 

A FEW nicely treed waterfront lols loft 
-^^*- on Shoul Bay, if you want ono aee us 
ImmedlMtely; tjrlmuauii & Buiinolt. :)21l 
I'l'tiiberlon bullrtlnK. 

A FI.\i,Ai'i»o» St. snap; lot Is levti 
-'^x- and sriisay; price J860; .ash JX80, lermi- 
arranged; owner must sell; Liox 1)9 I'olon- 



A K.VOLD 6t.~ln Fairfield district, 2 nice 
-"■A.-tujddlng lols. on a paved street, 2 niln- 
utea from the car, the cheapest buy In ihls 
locality, only »18S6; J. V. Linden &. Co. 73S 
tort St. 

N OTHER — Nice level lot on Carlln St., 

u ^ ^*"'. ,"*'■'• 60tl2«; JIOOO; terms. W. 
P. P. Smith, 221 Saywnrd Block. 

\ LBERTA farm lOO acre farni[ 

71 600 acres u, ntivatlon. well 

f.enced, good bullainija, close to market; 

H^tfi. *'!'' *<"""• VoT particulars write 
»ox 86. c|o Coiunlatj 

A-VEBUHT at., ologe'to iSttinbaton rd.; no 

J. t,. Lang. 420 Sayward building. 

A *?^*-V- watorfont, 200x41, In the most 
*--^ beautiful part of ShoaJ Bay, for $1400; 
m.T^ul?' J**'- '• "• "• »» montha. Now be 
to laat. Wise ^ Co.. tO» Pemberton Sldg. 

A TTBNTnON!— ««ad our ada. In tbl* col- 
tn^ .„*"?." "*^'" *''*' Hardy 20 aore.uaota, 
2 K» 2?' "•„>'<»'»<■ address and wo will send 

f,-.?.".'"*',i"'.4"«."' •''""t »»>'»«: 20 ot these 
tracts -sold Monday when the sale opened. 

«"«*"=. *'^*°'"«*- ^^'"' »°n Alvensleben, Ltd.. 
oaa Fort St. 

-*- lion. 7 ucrea of full bearing fruit ireja, 
li roomed house and cement burn, miiea 
from city, SaanUb road, plicu tlO.OOO. 
I2U0U caah, balance 1, 2 ai:d 2 yeai a A;, 
ply Fiix Herbert Realty, tluom 14, GreBii 
block, 121« Broad at. 

I^OH sale — Shawnlgan Lake, li acre block 
«l $110 per acre; close In lake; good 
load ihroiigh properly and laland bigiiwuy 
eonnecllng, good land and building aliea, 
nearly ull logged off; half mile from 
Btatlon. Hagshuwe & Co.. 224 Pemberton 
Hldg . or enquire at •Koenlg's Htore." 
Khawnlgan Lake. 

J!j^OR sale, waterfront lot, centre of Shoal 
Hay. »3,0IH), one-third caah, balance 
0. 12 and U tnonlha. Owner, J. Bcek, P. 
O Box 4 3S. 

Ht'VV aiai i funu 

fui Hi e p g flUH wtiu 
buj'a one of our 20 acre tracu, 2 miles 
from the city of Port Hardy, and walu a 
few years for developments; It is not a bur- 

1.^1 KR.V WOOD Id.. 11 lots, en bloc, JUflO 
each, iniiudlng two corners. F. (i. 
Torteoua, 7'17^'i Vutea at. 

l.^'^OH aale. fine warehouae alte, cloae to 
-L DouKlas St. and near the water; within 
the one mlk> circle; a. snap for a lew dnya; 
price only J1700. Exclusive agenta, Holland 
& Horn, 622 Trounce ave. 

'I,^"»JHST 8t, — Beautiful level lot Just off 
-»• Htclimond road. 60x108, If sold this 
week will take |875; J25a cash, balance to 
suit; J. C. Llndun et Co.,, 738 Fort si. phone 

IpOR a /Short time, we have a piece of pro- 
pe -ty near corner Illllalde ave. and 
>."edar Hill rd. In the highest part of the 
city; a nagnlflcent .view Is afforded of sur- 
roundlnir country; also of Jii. Baker, the 
Olyrii a aplendid building site, 

very line now being laid; will 

•Pll 1 ' ■-,■■ lot )$0X144, at J3000; or 

two 40x144. at flSOO each; frontage on two 
xtreets; let us show you thorn. Ollphant ft 
Shaw, 208 Central Bldf., Broad and View 
sts. ; phone SSlS. 

■ I ._ ■ II 1 1 " ' • II II I ■ 

FINJS. hiKh . lot. between Burnslde and 
Gorge rda.; for quick aale. only iseO; 
ea«y terms. Rolland ft Horn, exclusive 
a<;ents, 4(28 T rounce. 

POULBAY— Waterfront lots. The moat 
beautiful residential waterfront lots in 
Victoria, eox about ISO. Absolutely pro- 
teotied from the north by Gonxales hill; 
facing Foul bay and the beautiful Olymple 
mountains; rloh soil and gravel sub-aoti; 
HfBll timhar a d tglth l arg e a t tr es s . f Ut tae 

PnOPKKTlf FOB SAI.e-^(CoDtlBtl0«) 

j RE ev-.. cicsc to FliU »l. car Hue. oOx 
■" no. JUDO; price will be raised next 

"eek; one-ihlrd cash, balance B, 12 IS 
monttui. i-harlea Dodd. 73i Fori et ; phone 
o i -1. 

I imjK — Monterey ave.. finest lot available 
••-' on this doairable street In Oak Bdv 
near the corner „r Haraioga ave., look lh« 
aize la 50x12"; only two l»>cka from ilic c«: 
line l^ook again rmnpare ihia price «iiii 
any other aijrroiindlng vnhje before deciding. 
Price tor immediate aale, tljOO. one-Ihl;d 
cash, balance In li, 12, IS monllia or ar- 
range, hiirrj- to get th,|». A. D Malii <L 
C o.. 408-404 Ce nlral Bldg. . phone 323.f 

T OT on Davlda ave.. (Jorgo \lew Par It. 
-»-> seven minutes from car, house started 
on aani*. with cement baeeinent, coinp,ete 
22x28, alao Hjoo feet lumber, with shack' 
uiunalla. el..; price »i:iiO. Apply owner o-.i 

J A.ST three lota (adjoining) In subdivlalon, 
-•-' In Cedar Hill dlatriit; one u corner 
lot, at bargHlii price; 50x120 earn Dire' t 
from owner, JiiOo eadi; eaay terms. 
4 IS. Sayward Bldg. 

r INKLBAS— Fine lot, 60x110; price 

■^-^ JIOOO; third caili. balance 6. 12 IK 
montha. Box 91. crolonist. 

T AURBL St., Shoal Bay, 60x100. J1600; 
-L-' third cash. V, I. Insurance Agency, 
i*20 Fort SI. 

T OT on Flnlayson st., »860: » bargain! on 
■^ easy tefms. See W. 8. D. Smith, 221 
■sgyward Bldg. 

T OT 36. block 9;' Oakland ave., a flno 
-'-' grassy lot. 40x120, only 160 yards from 
new Hillside car line; price J850; cash $220, 
balance assume agreement^' sso per quarter 
Owner, T. H.. 1616 Fell St. city. 

TlfOUNT Tolm4e Park— A good buy at 

■^'r-. *"00: can be handled for 1160 caali. 

'*J5?' "*?' i«rm» ,for balance; new carllno 

7?. J"*''" "''■ ^''O" '»• Holland & Horn, 
032 Troun ce ave. «.«.,, 

-M-EI«V^POrT ave.. cement sIdewaJka: cloeo 
■i-^ to car; 81800 Howell. Payne & Cfim- 
pany. 1016 Douglas st. ; phone 1780. 

"^ICB grassy lot on Woodland ave., »1060; 
e»ay, tarms. W. S, D. Smith, 22t Say- 
ward Block; phon e 3698. / 

'V^.^J'??!^®'*^ <='"'°«"' H««lt»to and Forbes. 
V< 100x122. tor 82600. You will have To 
art fiiilr l t I f y on w is n n t hi ai — Wis g a s eu. 

sell riglits. Address Box 44. Colonist. 

..'larence Board, member 

CtlVlL Engineer — 
'' Can. Soc. C. E.. member Ala. Ry Engr. 
Association. Steam, Electric, JUogging, Rail- 

*^»' ?.°K.'"??'-in«, *n4 ConstrucUoa. Qtflce. 
rpr Pemberton Bldg., Phone *8(; Rea 
Empress hotel; phone 1680. 

COAL, and Wood— Uall ft Walker, Wel- 
llngton Collieries coal, Comox anthra- 
cite coal, blacksmith's and nut coal special- 
ly prepared. Phone 88. 1232 Governme nt. 

CRUSHED Rock and Gravel— Producers- 
Rock and Gravel company. Bunkers 
Store street, foot of Chatham street. Phone 
806. Crushed rock, washed sand and gravel 
dellvertd by teams at bunker* or on scows 
nt quarry and ifravei pit a t Royal Bay. 

DRAYMAN — Joseph Heaney, office at 6S 
Wha rf atreet. Phone 171. 

K.VYMEN— Vlnorla Truck ft Dray Co. 
Phono IS. 


DTI3 Works— Paul's Steam Dye Works, 
318 Fort sireet. We clean press and re- 
pair ladles- and g-entlehnaft'e gftrmenta 
gqua! to new. Phon-) 62 4. 

"PLBCTRICIANS— Carter ft McKepzle. 
A-< practical electriclana and contractors. 
Phone 710; Res. Pliones L2270, R2667. Tale- 
phone and motor work a specialty. 1819 
Broad street. 

T71LECTRICIANS— Foot ahd Tuton. alec- 
Aii^trlcal contractors. Motor boats gasoline 
engines. Phono A1446. 736 Fort s t'eet. 

■EMPLOYMENT Bureau— Wing Onj im 
-x-^ Government street. Phone 23. 

/^ARDENBR— Landscape garffenor, James 
^,r^''"'.'""°• ^*^ Johnson atreet. Phone 
rfi,.^?- ^I^^^'^} "" *" garden and orchard 
details. Pruning and cleaning from Insects 
roses a specially, lawns graded and ttnished 

tS conVract""** '"" '**"■* «"*'""■ ««•'<»«« 

(^IVIL Engineer — M. Am. 8oc 0. B. ,age 
'' 38. married, with varied experience in 
all kinda of engineering worka for the last 
U years employed by one ot the largegt 
English contracting firms as superintendent 
for important undertakings, will be glad to 
hear ot any suitable position. Kindly addreae 
701 Colonist office, giving an Idea ot poai> 
Hon and salary o ffered. 

/^ONSULTING Engineer--rW. G. winter- 
v^ burn, M. I. N. A., receives puplla for 
examination for certificates. Stationary and 
Marine. 8i.,6 Bastion Squar e; phone 1631. 

■pkBNTtST— Dr. Lewis Hall, dental sur- 
-•-^ geon. Jewell Blk.. corner Y-ates and 
Douglas streets, Victoria. Phones, office 667:' 
Res. 1 22. 

DB.NTIST— W. F. Fraser. D. M. D, Office 
732 Yates street, Oaresche Blk. Office 
hours: 9;80 a. m. to 6 p. m. 

T>OBERTSOK and Meyer5te!.i. British Co- 
XV lumbla land aurveyods. Chancery Cham- 
bers. Victoria. 11. a, P . O. Box 798. Tel«. 
phone R2832. 

SWANNBL & Noakea. Dominion and B. C. 
land Butveyors. etc., removed to 
Promls Blk 1006 Governmeat street. P. 
O. Box 642. Telephone 877. 


IVrANTED. three or four laborers for aa- 
* ' sisting In the erection ot heavy ma- 
chinery. Only men with experience need 
apply. Wages 88 per ten-hour day. Ad- 
ttren Btix "ST.- troTijwt«:~ ' — 

VV'ANTED. youth With some experience of 
*'' house wiring. Address stating expe- 
rience and salary expected to Box 88, Colo- 

WANTED— B. tr. land surveyor to survey 
40-acre blocks. We have the crew. B. 
C. t,. 8. to take an interest In the company 
for work done. Box »6J Colonist. . 

doors hung and 
Phone 8183. 

WANTED, men and women to learn the 
barber ti-ade; wages paid while learn- 
ln«: Sl« to |8lr per week when qualified. 
Vro issue the only recognized diplomas in 
the world; learn a tiade and be Independ- 
ent; the moat complete college In the weal. 
Call or wrtt^ for freu catalogue. Moier 
Barber College, 846 Mwln st.. Vancijifver. 

Vlctorli* Weat, Apply at the Dally 


lor Colonist route la 
.jply at 
Colonist Circulation Department. 

GOOD carpenters and stair builders want 
^ oontnsot work. H. Jervis. R.H.D. No. 

HANDY man want* work; town or conn- 
try. Box 187 Oolonlst. ,., 

O ASK and doora — If you want a firat -ctaas 
^ young mechanic, lay-out, or machines, 

please adriresa 988 C oionist. 

IVfAN walrts evening employment of aijy 
-t-'A kind. A . Galger. 725 Courtney tt. 

jl/rARRlED man, age 86, ex-pollce con- 

^'x- stable, desires permanent position; 

first class references; strong, quick and 

adaptable. Box »S4. Coloniat. - 

"VfAN, with five years- experience tn gar- 
^-*- age iviabea position aa chaufreUr. 818 
Port St. V 

**o f?, «='""'■>•; »600 for 20 acres; «76 do%«» 
aijd 816 monthly. Open evenings. Aivo von 
Alvensleben. Ltd.. 83» Fort St. 

WANTED — Presste'sden 
't_w 1-\^ —._..... 

Apply Coloniit 

SF. VETBRINART College begins Sept. 
• 10: no profession offers equal oppor- 
tunity; catalog free. C. Keans. PrM;.„'l»« 
Market s treet. Sa n Franctscg j.'^ ' 


/^LASS and Qlasing— Every description of 
VX glass, plate, sheet, prismatic, ornamon- 
lal. leaded, etc. THa Melrose Co.. Ltd .618 
Fort street. 

tZ: If" ""'^ agricultural Implements, cor- 
ner Johnson and Government atree t^ 

"TTAUD WARE— The Hickfajan Tye Haiu^ 
-O. ware CO., Md.. Iron, steel, hardware. 
^uilery. 30 and »4- Vales street. VicK 

tTAIR Specialist— At Mile. Berge's Studio, 
.- , •<='on?l"c specialist of the hair and 
scalp. ,1 will forfeit $600 for a scaip dls- 

■^tSf '"'.J' "*'■* »>«*«» 1 cannot cure,* pro- 
*idlnjg the scalp shows fine hair to prove 
the roots or capUary glands are not dead. 

J'^^o?.^ ?/y J*''n'»°'» Cleaners and Janl- 
Phor!rR»62: ^''"^'-'^' ''* ^^""^^ ■''•««'• 

rEWBi^RS^A. Petch, 1418 Dougias"~st! 
O Specialty of English watch r^p tTlrlng 

"TUNK— Wanted, scrap brass, copper, stnc, 
Ifi^u • P""' '■■°"- *'^''^'- bottles, rubber, 
?«?„ f^ ^'■'"-'^* I"*'"' ^■I'^'orla Junk Agency. 
1020 Store street. Phone 3.336, 

IVERi"— Victoria Transfer Co.; Ltd. Tal 
''^' "**"' ggrvlco In the city. 

T ITHOGRAPHI.VG — Lithographing, en- 
llr^iff ,\ r^ ?,"* embossing. Nothing too 
large and nothing too small; your station- 
cry is your advance agent; our work is SS- 
euual ed weat ot Toronto. The Cofonlsl 
Priniiny and Publishing Co., L td *-°"'""" 

*T,',^"^ ru-^'^lture. niing cabinets, „ew 

ive-^ea' ru'r"''Vi' '"«" Srade; prompt 
uii.lcs., «.il.Ufactl«»i guarantee. i i 

"."*"' ^!i'- '*'^'"*""^°"«- holel bli 
Mern Olllce Supply Co. Lid 


I ''V'^'"''"^''^— «"wland Brlttaln, registered 

•CM • uTi^f''- ^^"''"' '" »" '^''untrlea Fair- 
MCld oulluing. upi msite^ P. o. Vanco uver 

f >UTTElty Ware— bewer pipe, neld illo 
-L gtound fire clay, flower poti, etc Be 

ANCIENT Order of Foresters, Court 
Northern Light, No. &93S, meets al For- 
esters' Hall, Broad street, 2nd aud Atb Wed- 
nesdays. W. F. Fullertoh. Sec. ". '•, ' , . 

LO. O. M., Victoria Lodge.' J?b. 788— 
• Meeting w(ll be. held every Tuesday for 
initiations until 80. days have expired from 
March 18th. C. Boyle, Secretary. , .. 

SONS of England, B. S. Pride of ttie Is- 
land I/Odge No. 181 meets 2nd and 4tb 
Tuesdays in A. O. F. hall. Broad straet; 
president, Ff West, 667 Hillside avenuei sec- 
retary W. H. Trowesdaia. 620 WUlUaw St.. 
c ity. 

CO'^'S of England, B. S. Alexandra Lodge 
to 116, meets 1st and Srd Wednesdays. 
K. of P. Hail. U. U. King. Staelbourna 
St.; president; Jaa. P. T«fiipie, 1063 Bur- 
dette St.. secretary. 

TUB Boys^ Brigade, "Sura and Stedfaat." 
28th year.— -All ex-members who are 
willing to help on the "object" are r«- 
questec^ to send their name, address and 
record of servlco to Capuln V, V. Long- 
staff, Hon. Secretary for B. C* suite 20 
Mount Ed wards, Vancouver St. , . ^ 

, ■ . ■ ■ 11' •' I i ' | W ii i ,iii n i,t . 



-Alhambia,- Mrs. S. Thompson & 
proprietors; R. D. Thompson, 
manager, Cor. Carroil and Water atroeis, 
\ancouver, B. , C. ^Vancouver's flrst hotel. 
bUuated in the heart ol tiit, city. Moderate- 
ly equipped throughout. Midday lunch a 
specialty. ■ European pUui. Famed for good 

HOTEI^- Blackburn, a. B. BlacKDurn, 
proprietor. This well known and popular 
Hotel, e;tiirely rebuilt and returnlahed, la 
now open to Us patrons. Steam heal, fine 
commodious rooms, lirst class dining r-^om, 
best ntlentiun to comlorl of guests. AmerN 
can plan, |1.60 to J2.00 per day. Kuropean 
plan, 'lit cents upward*. 2ls iv'esiuiiuster 

WANTED— Three tadfe M Ct^lonlst Vnrsiak 
ro om. .'•'■,■■' 

Pi(U\ ilEN wanted to eit at Good Eau Cale,\J\f 640 Cormorant at: 7 white cooks; 
good dinner for "two bits." 

— ^ — • — '—. — ! ■ — i ..; i , 1 ,' i iiii .i i ni , 


' « • "jJi 'i ' i j , — ' — -■ ■ " -■ II I , II 

'., jC iJAPABLE Woman as cook; .houseinatd 
■". Jtepi; -lio children:' good salary. Apply 
V. Q. Box 1536. ! 

■OOOKKEBPEB wanted, with real estate 
■■-' and building experience prefesred. Re- 
ply stating saljary required to Box «3 Colo- 
nist. ■ '.■•■■ ■ , , ■ 

DEVBRBUX" Employment Agency rn- 
yulros for Duncan, lady help and cook, 
general, at once, good terms; apply from 
10.80 to 12.80 and 4 to 6. Also three girls 
over l« years for Oak Bay; no cooking; 
easy work. Also two experienced cooks, 
four house parlor maids and women for 
dally work. An excellent dressmaker, high- 
ly recommended, can receive orders at 
her own home or ladies' residences. , Sever- 
al young canaries for sale, songsters. For' 
sale, a charming bungalow, fully fur- 
nished, close to sea and park; moderate 
terma Also other houses at seaside for 
rent, turnished. Apply The Dcvereux 
Agency. 1314 Fort st. ; biiatness ho urs 4 to b. 

EXI'EHIENCEU lady canvassers for house, 
to house work, wlUi a specialty; sal- 
ary. Addi-csa Bo x LIS, t/oionlst. 

■jLpORBI^ADY wanted to look after manu- 
JP. facturlng fur department. Good salary 
to capable person. Holt, Renfrew ft Co., 

WANTEO— Girl for confeetlonery store; 
14211 Qovernm etit sC 

GIRtj to assist wltn^ housework in small 
family; good home. Apply li)16 
Shakespeare St. 

/I liU.S and women wanted. Standard 
^-^ Steam I..aundry, View s*.. 

rTELl" wanted al the Queen Hair Dress- 
-*^ Ing Parlors, 710 Fort. 

Ari-.rHANICAL engineer with general ex- 
■^'-i pcrlencc. Including building, and elec- 
trkily. university training. seven years' 
HUbsequemt practice, .-harge of men Iri Eng- 
land and Canada, Is open to tackle any 
proposition. Box 1271 Post Office, Victoria. 

POULTRY farmers — Handy man, worker! 
WMV)I« !/>»,.... M....I*. — »- 3^ *:^- . . 

Write J. "h' 

AstrUV ' An ietatlter. 

inglis. Beaumont P. o,; £a. 

pAIN-TER #aiits #«rk Uy day ot con- 
*• tract. Box fit; Colonist. 


Contractors — t?ontractor' for sewers 
and concrete work wishes to Join ifS- 
tabllshed contractor In Victoria; small ca- 
pital; can take entire charso of work apr) 
make cxcimates: >nA)'i<|<>d; agpl 34 
Box 223. Colonist. 




rnWO carpenters want houses 
•*• on; good work at reaspnabl. 
8»». Colonist. 

TWO young men. good educatlon7T«Qulre 
business appointment. 
Box 723. Colonist. 

any capacity. 

AUHBAP buy la the Fairfield Estate, be- 
.,-.. ***«" Linden and Howe, 66x186; price 
»li8» on good terms Jno. R. Bowes ft Co. 
Ltd., 648 Fort St. ; phone 2724. 

OELVBDERE — We have some of the beat 
■■-'in this subdivision; buy now beforis tlie 
announcement ut the car line; prices aro 
BlSl! v*ry low; Orimason ft Bunnell, 829 
Pemberloii building. 

X>EST lot in subdivision; llnie vlewi all jm- 
■\ »«)vemonu to street; Robertson st. ; 
price 816 7S. F. O. Porteo us, 707 ^ Vates. 


roi )• 

Bi, , ,,. 
•. ave. 
lou sellirt« at 
has becT 
Lung. •. 

where prices are leaping; 
uUful lot on Scott St.; no 
;;fuO casii. P. O. Box 1367. 

iuarkfet value— 'Lot on , Gladstoni> 

near Belmont ave., surrounding 

$2100; for qu4ck sale ihls lot 

•cl to $1700, ou terms. J. L. 

■ rd Bldg. 



site, nifu. L_^„.^i ^.. 
Compaajf, JW4., 1«M 
1780. ■■■■ ■•. -/i 


• ,Hii per 


T>EAUT1FUL corner on iloss St., 107x120; 
A-'^prlce teooi); ««»y irrme J. R. Bowes 
ft Co., 648. Fort St. ; phone 2724. 

T>EACH Drive — Wanted, lot immediately 
-»-» for customer. Give full particulars, 
firom owners only, to P. O, Box 1214. 

88600 each. Terms oqe-quarter cash, bal- 
ance 6. 13 and 18 months. Apply Lewis ft 
Roberts. 112 Pemberton block. Phone 802 0. 

FrVB acre blocits of bottom land. 16 min- 
utes from Cowlchan station, and almost 
.— f «d.ioln1ng- Domt'nto«--*xp6nlmen.taT- orchard ; 
will sell on easy terms of $75 down, balance 
820 monthly; price per block, 81280. Man- 
nlng. Hammond Shoe Company. 

FOR sale — James Bay, modern furnished 
house, on car line, one block from 
Beacon Hill;, two from sea, six rooms, fur- 
nace, stoves and garage, large corner lot. 
Price 87000. terms easy. Apply Owner, P. 
O. Box 1512. 


T^OR sale, 80 acres, Improved waterfront. 
i. near Victoria; fine for subdividing. 
Owner, P. O. Box 14 54. 

IT^OR sale — Hollywood, fine I»l on Robert- 
son St., 80x123 ft., *1S7B; 1525 cash. 
balance arranged . by owner. This Is 
below market value. Box 160. C olonist. 

FOR sale, on Cowlchan Lake, waterfront 
lot, 118 feet on lake, about 9 acres, 
good soil, partly cleared: good residential 
site; no agents. Price attractive. Address 
H. L., Colonist. , 

1:j'^lRST district aijjacent to Victoria to 
have transportafion facilities. Within 
a few months trains will be running 
through the "Happy Valley Lands." Here Is 
an opportunity to buy land at from 8200 to 
8400 per aCre, — a prlcr c<=rtiln to Increase 
greatly with the Inauguration of the train 
service. Terms: One-ciuater cash, balance 
over two years. Our motor car is at your 
disposal. Leonard, Reld & Co., Pemberton 
Bldg, , 

/~\AK Bay, Victoria avenue^ between 'Sara- 
^ toga and Cowan avenues, veiy nice lot. 
t!^.' '^•''*«nc«s around, sise $4x120;'^ price 
«3«; 8600 cash. Apply Evans. Box 1124, 

QAK Bay. near 8.W. corner of Monterey 
'^ and. McNeil, fine grassy, level, lot 
good view. 60x120; price 81210; cash $140 
Apply Evans. B ox 1124 P. O. ' 

/^AK Bay, Victoria avenue, near Saratoga 
'-'nice large. Isvel lot, grassy, no rock 

50x148, $1370 - 

few days. 

r)AK BAT, an excellent bulldlns site; 60x 
^ 150. corner, fine black loam, no rock. 
Price $1500; one-third cash. No Sgent.i 
need apply. Owner. Note the size. Box 
1»«, Colonist. 

caah $4'0; price raised In 
Apply Box H.?4 P. O. 

BKAt TIFUL resldertlal 
ave.. backing , 
»1«00, $1650, $1760. i 
<;rawford. 317 Centm: 

lots on. Newport 

r unks; $1675, 

ms. A. O. G. 

■H DRIVE, close 
)t, oort. frontage. 

to Uplands — Flno 
$2,000. 20,S Pem- 

\\i''ANTBD— General, work around thf» 

..5 fc?*!*? *y »n honwit young man; Bo* 
iio ijoiotttat,. 

\;X7'ANTED— Houses to build, contract or 
^ ; superintend; city or country. Box 98, 

rX^ANT.BD, position as siiperii - r 
** general foreman; long ex; 
steel, reinforced concrete and •,-,,j 
etruotlon; bast of referemces. Box 



i con- 

2. Col- 

XXrA.N'TED. farm work by lad 18. with ex 
J » perle'nce of fruit and poultry. Bo) 

Kl!>LIABLE agencs can earn from 815 
$30 a week. 251 H Government. 


Ml LLl.N Ell V— Wanted 
for ihe millinery. 

a Junior 

749 Fort 

HI I eel, 

VV'*'^'^ In Vancouver, H. c, stop at Hotel 
TT Windsor, 748 to 752 Uramilie street. 
Strictly first class; ail rooms connected with 
baths and shower balha; first class cale in 
connection; located In Vancouver's oest bui- 
inesa centre, opposite Vancouver's Opera 
House. Uglc & Burton, P roprietors. 


h* ^'r;^ "^-^"-^'""if t i'iu/nbing~i:;mi;;r- 

«hip'?,f .-n^ab^o^^i fin"; "j:-;]r: c^rr-^-- 

i-.u.y crnoe. ;„6 ..rouguton auell"- pi'-JlJ; 


.. .. *■• ^- Atkinson, plumbmif 

«ove miing. ,iu Biancuard. PhoJt^e 

I>LL-.MBINO— K. amith, 1942 Oax B^TTyT" 
i- phone 33.i0; stovea and ranget conn ecj^ 

IJLBLIC Stenographer- Stenography and 
J- typewMUng promptly and accuratelv 

liarbrouun/"" J"""" «"-'>>"«rapir;"oru'J«'r. 
-J4 brougiiion si,, near corner oi Laniriev 
.Note: All work gunr anteed. J-a"Kl«>. 

""^"t 'treel, i'hone 23, 

17011 Uoveru- 

SJHOKTHAND— In ihi-ee~^onlh. by me 
'O Pitman a Simplliied (l<.ov:.i, v„ _, _ 

uuy a 

Pitman a Simplliied (ItoyaiV livat,„, 

nd evening ciuaaes. Typuwriiiiig, buok- 

"" ' 'I'lie 


^.j, -„ii ».u„>..g Liuaaes. Typuwriiiiig, boo 
Keeping and foreign lansuagus lauwilt r 
iioyal otenographic Co., <j|. aaywatu Bid 
rhohe 2C0i. 

fc^.lUKlHA.^■D— ShorihaTid 'SZliZZl'. 7To» 
3 Broad atresl, Vlcioria. .Shorthand Type- 
writing, bookkeeping, Uioroufclily taught 
L.ruduaiCH (111 goou positions, li. A .viiic- 
Mllian, principal. 

fc«lJ•..^Cll, an u isal Engraving— aeneral 
7 engraver and atoncll culler. Ueo. Crow- 
ther. kill Whart atreet. belund P. O. 

A •'^^' yuung man, with country acqualnl- 

tyji-e. can niuKc good money hundling; 

eaay stTlling prupusltlon. Call Wecurlly Cn- 

(icrwriters, ground floor, Central Bldg., 

Trounce ave. 

OOOKKI'JEPEU Wanted, with real estate 
-»-J and building experience preferred. Re- 
ply stating salary required to Box 62, Colo- 
nist. ' 

/^■MTV engineer wanted — The city of .Na 
^^ nalmo Invites appllcaliona up to lat 
July, for the position of city enginoer, np- 
plicrtiila to statu aalary desired. AUdieaa 
upplicHilon.^ lo the underalgiied. S. Uougli, 
City c'lerk. .Nanalmo, B. C. 


(»i.Vl.I-iHWO.\IA.\ wanted for the patent 
►o medicine department, David Spencer, 

tJTHAWBEHRY pickers wanted. Fi«th»r- 

rpWENTV electric newing machine oper- 
-L Htnrs; flxpertoncerl »hlrt and "verall 
hu/iids preferred; union wages, 8-hour day; 
beginners taught. Apply Factory, Turner, 
Beeton & Co. Ltd., comer of Bastion and 
Wharf St.. X'lctorla, B. C. 

skirl maker for high 

a!!o-!:;K; only experienced 

Ferd Wuinker, 664 Yaies 

Box SI I , ColonlBt 

VyANTBD. employment as bookkeeper or 
* » general office work, all or part of 
time. Box 892; Coloniat. 

W''^-^'^'^'-'' * situation as caretaker or nny 
' *■.. -position of trust; good references. 
Box 800, Colonist. 

\\7A-'^*TED, farm to manage, or position or 
» » trust by experienced farmer; long 
prnrllcal experience of dolry farmltis 
sheep. Apply AVest. 822 Pandora 
Phone R 3223. 




A CAPABLE housekeeper and good cook 
■t^ wants dally work. Box 972 Colonist; 

phone Rl)14. 

A DVERTIliER requires woik. can 
•^^- gew. cut out. miike garments; 
lerms. Box 91». Colonist. 



ri^.-VILOREKS and 
-L clasa liidlcfc ti 
help need apply, 

^^■^ANCO^\■l•:R laland Emplovment Bureau 
-— r)omeRtic help wanted and supplied. 

1,'I22 Dougla.>t at 




young gJrl 
Apply 1808 

to, attend 

can d y 

\ Y/.^.-^TlSD, gomeone lo 
' ' or aoliool girl. Bo 

' ^ for SIT 

room with lady, 
X 172, Colonial. 

T\lC.SIG.'*JEIt wanted for fiirnltur.> an 
^-^ icrlor decoration. .Xpiilj l'. u 

1271. Victoria. 

i^OOD carpenters, $4.60 per day. 

9Ii) Vancouver st. 


MK.V, ilo you want to make extra money 
find not Jnterferi? wlili your present 
po.ililon'.' We hiui- a. good iiropo.-dl Ion. easy 
liiindb-ii. and good remuneratirm. Aiiply 
llox l.'ll Colonist. 

MALE, first class stenographer. 
po.iltlon. .'all I'hone l>574. 


1>UACT1CAL farm hand, 
a.m. In Mercer, Koyul 

Apply at 8.30 
Dally, Douglas 

4JM1TH, Russell, ahlnnlers and alato roof- 
^J era. 2203 Spring rend. 


X massage, chiropody a specialty; lady 

Baths — Up-to-date methoda, 
a specia 
masseuse In attendan ce. S21 Fort et. 

UNDBRTAKING—B. C. Funeral FuTI^H^h"- 
Ing Co.. (Haywards;. lots Uovernment 
atreet. Prompt attention. Charges reason- 
able. Phones 2286, 2236, 2237. 2238, 22.'!» 
Chas. Hayward. president; K. Hayward. sec- 
retary; F. Casclton, manager. 

WHOLJi^SALB Dry Goods--Tui ncr. Bceion 
ft Co., Ltd.. who4«SBle dry goods Im- 
porters and manufacturers, men's furnlsh- 
lng<, tents. "Big Horn" brand shirts, over- 
alls. Mall orders attended to. 

WINDOW claaning — If you want your 
windows cleaned ring up the Island 
Window Cleaning company, phone L18I2; 

781 Prlntress Ave. ______^ 

\ i Tut » » — Cord w ood and mlUwood. Oenersi 
\V Teaming. Livery. J. C. KIngastt. ]«l«i 
Douglas strsct, oppoalia City iimii. Phonk 

^.M.\ltr young man f'o gents' luinlahing 
^- Btiirc; must be energetic, experienced 
In men'a wear. Apply Box 177, Colonist, 

S.-SLfc*SMEN. we offer you beat aelllfig pro- 
• |io!ijilon In \'lciorla, Cnll Sernrliy 
ground floor, central Bldg,, 

1 nderwrliers 
I'lounre av.». 

^ALKHMB.N. one or two wanted to sell 
•^ AMicrnl propertlea. I'referenco ghen 
to those actiualnled with AlbernI and Port 
Albernl. tlood paying propoaltlun tn right 
party, Guy * Co., 1009 (ioverninent *t. 

at once, good genera! acrvant 
smalt family. Aprdy lielwecn 11 
.inil 6, fpi' by letter. Dr. I'erklna, 1397 
,.4tlchnrdBon st. 

TjnESSMAKING— Sewing In all lia 

•*-^ branch.-,", by the da^. at ladles' houses. 
Smart gowns and waiats and childreu'n 
Karnveiila a specialty. Uox 164, Colonial. 

T ADl' wants to take care of good rooming 
-•-' house; Box 122 Colonial. 

berlon Block 

T>EST buys in North Vancouver and Hol- 
•■*-' lyburn acreage and lots; we have sev- 
eral exclusive listings from our Vancouver 
office at snap pri -i values are on I'ho 

upgrade there. . .Sutherland, 5 and 

B (Irecu ,b lki> 121 _ .st. 

BEST buy on ^.jpdmonton rd.. , corner of 

Avebiiry and !' n;' $2000 ou 

ttirms; early develoj a make this 

lot worth $.1000. A . Crawford, 317 
Vj'ontral bldg. 

T^OR sale, in Duncan, ,some choice corner 
-*- lots In heart of business sectlor.. For 
price and tel-ms apply to owner, M. E. 
Smith, Duncan, B. C. . 

QLIVER St.— Fine level lot 37x120 a few 
■-'feet^off Oak Bay Ave.; price $1800 
$r.2o caah; owner Bo x 120 Colonist. 

QAK Mount— JuBt off Cook street. 2 good 
^-^ lots with a numbnr of trees and a few 
rock; an opportunity for a small Inveeior 
that must make quick turnovers; onlv $6f,') 
each $200 cash, balance easy: J.. C. Linden 
A t^o., i3S Fort at.; p hone 3870. 

QLIVER .St.— The Ideal- locality m Oak 
Bay, near the sea and car, 2 hcautlf'il 
lots 53HX120, only $1750 each: J. c. I.ind'-u 
& Co. 738 Fort st. : phono 2870. 

QAK Bay ave.. ivHh two frnnlngeg and 
< '""o nn elde; 100x120x185; bcautJful 

vjew of the sea; bargain: $0500. Howell 
Payne * Company, Ltd., 1016 Douglas st.i 
phone 1780. 

QAK Bay — '.Splendid lot. .'i0xli!2: few 
}/.„."'*« frot^i car, sea and hotel; 

T,^"^01;l Ba; 
-*- looking 

half mile circle, 
Y. 1. Insurance 

BLOCK off Douglas St.. 
$3260; $660 cash. 
Agency. 820 Fort S t. 

C'4ADBORO Bay; liOxlSK; en ideal 
/ with fine view; »24«o. Howell, Payne 
ft Company. Ltd. .*•- -^ • 

1016 DoiigJaS St.; 




/lORNlE'RS where yoU are not cornered 

KJiel bourn 
iliid Avebur', 
$3000. Kdn; 
on all. ln\ . ,- 

and Haultaln. $1250. King's 
Ryan and Adelaide, 
I Forbes, $1«00. Terms 
urllles tympany, 1316 

Douarias St. ; plume 2i*2« 

/WLWOOD— 4i» acre blocks, close sta- 
^-^ Hon, $350 per acre. Overseas tnvest- 
menl Agency, 208 Pemberton Bldg. 

/"tOMOX acreBge, for Immediate sale at 
'^ $36 per acre, after this week the price 
will be $50. I'hone 2026. 

C'lOMOX. Vancouver island, cleared farms; 
■^ bush lands; sea frontage; Courtenay 
lots for sale. I,ocb1 agent for E. & N. 
railway lands, Conio» district. Apply H. 
H. M. neadtiell. 

Y wants 
atreet a. 

work by day. 327 Niagara 

piANOFORTB pupils desired In districts 
-*- of Gorge, Crnlgflower, Burnslde; etc 

Box 23, Colonist. 

I1K4C1HF-D hy 
-*-*' alao a good 

advertiser, dally work, 
waitress. Superior. Phone 

CJITl'ATaON wanted, by middle aged lady 
^J to rare for elilld. Box RTii I'nionlat, 

'11 edueated young Eng- 
RS hnlKLiy gnvernesR or 
companion for a few' inonlha. Aii|>ly lo 
.M laa l-eller, ItBdfnrds. .Stral hmore Alia. 
tl'A.VTBD. dally or half-dally ^^TITiT? 
' » truBlworfhv . conaclentUuis. Box 8S3 

AyAXTED, by wel 
' ' ll«h lady, poal 

CAOH.VBR, Victoria 
'' flower and Styl 
See A. D. Malet & 
Bldg.; phone 3235. 

West, $2500. Cralg- 

es. lot for quick turn. 

Co., 403-404 Central 

ay, dose to beach, 140x210, over 
g Straits. $3800; terms ono- 
quarter cosh, balance over two vears. 
Camosun Reaiity Co., 1009 Douglas sL 

t'^lNE lot, having frontage to Oscar and 
-L Fairfield sis., .lust at; Junction of Moss 
St.; $3000; $650 cash, balance over 2 yftars. 
Abbott & Sutherland. B and 6 Green blk 
1216 Broad st. (589.) 

"KAOR sale, ten large grassy lota, 60 and 
-*- 5S feet frontage. Shelbourne street. 

sold In block 1800 each. 
Box 488. 

J. Beck. P. O. 

ij^OUL Bay rd., close to car, 2 lots, 60x120 
each, $1360. or $2600 the two; terms. 
W. S. D. Smith, 221 Sayward Bldg, 

TjVD.R sale, large lot on Swan avenue, A'lc- 
-*- torla Park;. $800 only; $lflo ca.'!h; bal- 
ance $75 every three months; thl.'S Ih n .inap. 
Phone R-2a22. 

GRAHAAl St., south of Hillside. JlSCo. 
Fifth St. 'near Hillside. $1800. Black- 
See F. G. Por- 


the hill, $2000. 
Ms Yates St. 

GLADSTONE ave, a lot which will make 
you $250 In the. fall, for iiaSO Howell, 

Payne & Company, 
pbon<? 17S0. 

Ltd., 10 It! Douglas St. 

GRAH.\M 81., a snap. for quick sale. 50x105, 
for $850. Howell. Payne & ' '.ni p;i;ij-. 

Ltd., lOlB Douglas ,at. 
phone 1780. 

phone li 

f^ OOD buy, 
\Jf nut : (Tooi 

w. s. 


lot corner Belmont and WaN 
(rood locality: $1260; terma. See 
Smith, 221 Sayward Block; phone 

' w 111 1 n - 

$1400: adjacent lots' $2000;" you wlir'do weH 
to look this up now. Box 1124 P. o. 

.Snywnrd Blk, 

Oxendalo A, Ware, 

C4AANICTITON— 9 1-3 acres at Saantrhtnn; 
'■■J splendid soil and practlcallv cleared- 
R few minutes' walk from Victoria and -Sid- 
ney milway and B. r, Kleci'ric car line- 
close to sea; this Is n KpUTdlrl \nlue at $o.i() 
per^ Apply ow...;. l. n Box 575. 
Victoria, B. <*. 

*^ $250 cash. Linden ave., 

nOxUO; ■ J<i7n; 
good level lo;, 
lane ai side, $2«0«; $400 cash. Queen CItv 
Renlly, 1413 Douglas at.; phone 2774, 

CJHO.M. Bay waterfi ont, 80x280, a »iia.p ,u 
>0 J2000. Howell, Payne & Company, Ltd., 
IBIO Douglas St.; phone 1780. 

S^OUTHeiAST corner Haultaln nud Forbes, 
>J 100x110. -for $2600. Wise & Co. 

<^'ARATOG-A nve., cheapest lot on t«l.c a^'- 
>-J enue; |1800. Howell, Payne & Co., 
' • ■ lOlS Douglas St.; phone 1 V8«. 

I. 111., 

QOUTHWBST corner Haultaln and Scott, 
>0 100x110, 

to last. 

for $2400. 
Wise & Co. 

This lo, too cheap 

i^iElAVIEW ave.. lot 40x120. close to Hjll- 
>0 side ave.. city water, $000; cash $275, 
Apply Owner, P, 

balance $10 monthly, 


^HOAL BjVY waterfront, from $1400 a 
►O up. See Wise & Co., 109 Pembert 


GARDEN City Heights — A fine corner on 
Carey rd.; oheap for quick sale. Box 87 

1016 Douglas at. 

/ 1E01L St.. fine, larsB lot. 

v.; MilUeg am riding rapidly; $300. HowoU. 

Pay no & Coiii;-'!im' I 

phone 1780. 

(^HEAI* lols, ci.:3" 1.1, Grahame sireeu 
-^ near Bay. $1700. Fifth street, near 
Hlllisdn, nico corner for $1500. Cook and 
Bay, $2700, F.ilrfleld, near achoo;, good 
lot, $1176. Same locnllon, l.lg corner. $1700 
and 120x120 feet, $3100. Trent at. n dandy 
for $1000. Half acre, cloao In, $1000. Owner 
P. O. Box 651, or Phone morning, L-H47. 



("lEClL St.— -50x110. $1100; 1-3, 0, 12 
J Phrienlx Itealty Co., 1325 Douglas 

CIOWU'HAN Klatlon — 10 acres really good 
'' land, nearly all alnahed. In good pas- 
ture, ttbundnnt water; house, bnrn, rhlcken 
houaea, granary, good garden; one mile out; 
J40no. Forrest, ("Towichnn. B. C. 

C~t ORGK— 'n'atter 
T J. TOO caah. 

ave.. nice level lot. $760; 
Phone 2070. Box 976, 



ORGF, — A benutlfu! homealle of over 
half nn acre, ad.lacf^nl to -.vaterfront, 
and wllh flno. view ot the water; an un- 
usual opportunity for Investor or home- 
aeekrr; $3750, on tertiia. P. O. Box 1387. 

TTAPPY Valley, Melohosin— 100 acres, 
-*-*-.:loap to main road and c. -V. H. gtallon. 
Hplen<lld sol!, plenty of water, good fir and 
excellent cedar, Tlii.« la a splendid piece of 
■ properly. Price Ji:i5 per ucre. Apply 
owner, P. O. Box .'.75, \'lrlnrln. B. C. 

HTDLSTDE ave — The best busdneaa corner 
on this tmiiortant thoroughfare at 

CJHOAL Bay. double corner, $3000; third 
►O casii, V. I. Insurance Agency, 820 Fort 

rp'WiO waterfront lots. Ume. Bay; each SOx 
-L 120. For parliculars api)ly to (^liarles 
Dodd, 735 Fort St.; jihone 514. 

for platting; no 
and sightly, at a 

TEiN acre corner, good 
rock; level, high ; 
bargain; phono Owner, 

rpilB best buy in the clly, 120x136, 
-*- 60xl2o, eacn $211111; mird cash. vr. 
Smllh, 221 Say'wnrd 

J luis 

.s. n. 


$9000: half cash. I'nion Real 
T,aw Chnmbera; phone 2709. 

Eatat'e Co., 

\^TAXT>ED. experienced 
> ' ply WJndsor Cafe, 

arm waitress. Ap- 
905 Government st. 

i:t''ANTBD. at onco. a 
' V son OS housekeeper. 

domealiiBied per- 
.-Vjiply 881 Queen's 

VV Sepiemlier 1. .\pply belveen 

li (>. m. 


her 1. .\ppl 

Ki 302 F'ombprion Blk 

from .Inly 


1 to 

WfA.VTKD. experienced 
»' Blk RoatHuranl. 

waitresses at the 

\\;aithbss. e 
' ' warned, .la 

mea B«.v hotel,. 

» ' work 

Fori St. 

-A woman 
for a few 

i>r girl 

for house- 
dally. 1009 

\\ 'ANTED 
'> hotel. 

— Waltreaa. 

Apply Dominion 

\\rANTED— A, young lady with some ex- 
» ' perience at Die stamping. Apply The 

Colonist .Tob Department. 

IVTA.N'TED— I'nalilon aa Indy help on poul- 
'' try ranch; aniall aalnry accrpteil if 
allowed to gain some experience in poultry 
farming. Apply O. Byan, 810 Douglas st.. 

■lXr.\.NTE.D, by on unoncur 
' ' young woman, poalilon 

imbered, refined 
OS housekeeper 
or willing In lake --harge of gen- 
tleman's home; country no oble.ilon- n f,.r- 
enrea Box 138. Colonist. 

to widow; 

\\ 'ANTED — By experienced nurie core of 
children from 2.30 lo 5. 30; .lames Bay 
^11'" '•''•t preferred; Box 108 Coloniat. 

W^'OMAN wants work 8 or 4 days a week; 
y $1,50 Send P.C. to Box 27. Tnoburn 
P, O.. Victoria 

■' 60x1111; $17i.O; 

road, opposite Biirlelth, 
one-third cash, balance 
12 and IS months. 1209 Alderman road. 

don't r 

St., 3 good lots for $3 400 each; 
miss this; best buy In Oak 

Box 156 Colonial. 



-* -' ave,. 







fine Bpoi 



lid a 


: $!ioon. 

Howell, I'a.\ne & Co 




St.; phono 


"I'iUNI.,BVY St.. doac to fplani 
I-' 115. foi- a few days «t $1 
• >ne-thlrd cash, balance R. 
Chnrlea Dndd, 736 Fort St.; 

don't niiss 

da; lot 50x 
360: terms 
12. IS months, 
phone 514. 


$1800; very 
Rpslty Co., 646 

POLLY WOOD Park. Rose at.. fOno lot. fac- 
ing south; no roek; $1350, on lerms, 
J. L. iMitg. 420 Sayward Bldg. 

-Webury. 50x139; price 
easy Patrick 

Fort St.; phone 2558. 

W^'ANTF.D— Position as working house- 
»» keeper to baohe'lor or vmidower. .Vppiv 
1728 FIrS! fit. ' ' ' 

"Y^OUNG woman wishes situation In small 
■*- family, able to do plain cooking. Box 
tn. Colonist, 

\\7A.\TED. houaekeepcr. must bo good 
' * plain cook and able to manag« chll 

^OLIi ITORS wanted 

to sell con'iwrts for 
■|"he National Loan and r-ii^atmeni 
whereby Investors get the use flf money 
at 5 per cent. Apply 209 Pemberton Bldg. 
Phone 164 1. 

S^ aton. Cedar Hill rd 

pickerp wanted. Fether- 

CSPLB.NDID Colonist rouin 

vacant In 
the BurHMde rd. district. Apply Clr- 
colaUon I>««artm«nt. cokMlgt oa««b 


k and ablf 
\'lnlng St., after 7 p. 

\\ 7 A.VTED— Experienced house-parlormsld 
t with references. Apply Mrs. Alexis 
Martin. 92$ Foul Bay rd. I 

Y^ANTED— Young girl lo aaalst with light 
houaewnrk; apply by phone ril7B.i 



■•'r.«&.'JI!»i 'T^'^PV "•■•?— ^ 

,^ *• ig-*S5rX«"T?'«iiW*l»-. 

, ii y i(l>> l ii .n« lli k,' «i » i»lrl l']; «li 

l\7ANTED. teacher, second division. Al- 
' ' herni school; stale what certificate.. 
H. L. Rayaon, Secretary, AllHrrni, B. C. 

TEACHER wanted for Sidney labile 
School, Principal, lo commence Aucubt 
1st. Afi»iy U. A. McKiUiCM, a4«a«y, IMSi 


VroUNO Scotch 
•*■ hon«ek»-eper. 

lady requires position aa 
well qualified In all 
household dullea. Apply 1720 Cook. 

"Y^'Ol'XO Isdy would like rare of children 
^ during her college vacalloi,. .\pply 
Rox 842 Colon tsl. 

VTOUiVG girl requires position as nurse for 
■»- one child In good family. Phone M- 


ONE reliable man In every town to take 
orders for b«st custom-made clothes In 
Canada. Highaat commission. Rex Tailoring 
Co.. . Limited. Toronta. Oi»t. 

3 good Iota for $1400 each; 
las Ihls; beat buy In Oak Bay. 

Box 80. (^)loiilsl. 

DO you realiae thai In five ^ears our' 20 
acre traeia will be suburban acreBge of 
I be rliy of Port Hardy: $S(yper acre; 876 
down and $15 per month. Open evenings. 
Alvo von Alvensleiifn. Ltd , 68« Fort sf. 


UNLEVY ST.. Oak Bay, the probable 
street car route to Uplands. Price 

$1,500. 208 Pemberton Block. 

DERBY rd., fine 
the two-inlle circle, for 8809. Howel], 

Payne & Company, 
phone 1780. 

corner lot, iust outslda 
rcle, for 8809. Howel], 
Ltd., 1018 Douclas St.! 


YX'''ANTBU, course of commeiclal arlthma- 

ti« »y yviiac mw. Vos >1T, Colonltt. 

ROWl.A.VD avo.. beautlfisl lotg, S40xtt«, 
backing nn Sydney niilway; pelci only 
?2^oo. Wise * Co.. 108 Pcmbertoa Blu. 

Ij^SQtlMAL'r waterfront— Two lots srlfh 
U small boat-house. Prlc* |1,U* tmAh, 

208 ppmberton Block. ' 


D5*OX— Three fine ln«f«e Iota for aUp, 

tjtOtL Bay Rd— Lot 8«xY40 %IH^: tilifd 
caah; Queen City R«alty, 141> OottVlM 

St.; phone 2774. 

il^OR sale, double 
Montrose. l'.KI 

corner tot, GOak Mitt- 

(•«t Gotrtt, i»rar« «Mi|t 

shade tree on loti Ittiautlfttf r«gMt«<M> 0Mi, 
Price 82TB0: OBa^MUnt sMfl. OirMt 

INVESTORS Attention— What will 40 feet 
on Montreal street doac to SImcoe bo 
worlh when the new bridge la built nl 
Laurel Point, wllh r.iila • down Montreal 
atreet lo Ogden Point? For partlculsra of 
Ihia property see Orlmason A Bunnell, 329 
Pemberton building. 

OWN and win seii 10 acres of 
farm land, not far from VJctorla: small 

cash payment, balance- 4 yesrs. A. C. Mayor, 

649 Avalon rd. 

IN throe mon-fhs from now they w4tl be sell- 
ing city lots In Port Hardy for 8808. Tou 
can get 20 acraa for that price no^. Toung 
man. doh't overlook t1»l4 opportunity. O^en 
evenings. Alvo von A;v«nst*ben, Ltd., •>• 
Fort St. ^ 

IMMMDIATELT MUolnin* "UpUnda,*^ fliM 
butldlQK site, coMtalKtng niai-Iy oiM.|litir 
acre; |4.2«0 terms. This is an omortuoity 
to maka a large pr«A« withlft a snort tiitiW 
eC to ascure lut tcMpt« honM atta Iti .* tok 
wIMy etnain to MeoiiB* v*tr Mt4K!t. taMit' 
tri, RMd * Go., P»t«i«4w«Mi %mti4itm. < 

mi I ■ ■■■ J ii.bii .. I ,m lilt 111 ■ 1. j.» iti^i.^, t p.i^.j.... ■ I 'T ii -^ i ,. ■ ■■ ■ 1 ^^ 

MX and t«o4l Mis for Mi4 »»x M, C»t> 

fT'mO** road. Manr 'flkiuiMM, c«« tki 

•«i|irvr da «trM«, !»•• «|alt OvMMh ' 
Vmtnm •». 

"" I l l 1111 |i s »ii I'll 'I ' i i iia mn iii,..! ■« » ii « ii y iii>ii m II > ii u 

m ri-^im 4Mr .jNwt* ' 

" »iii " ) '■'iiii ) i in II ' J t |i j f i ni 

railways planning to build terminals hi 
Port Hurdy. ihtj neu eify nn Vancouver la- 
land. We aie selling 2M aire tracta In tho 
three mile circle for $30 an acre, $75 down 
amd $15 moiiihly; come In and ask about 
them. Open eveninga. Alvo von .\lvens- 
leben. Ltd , •139 For.l at. 

• — ^ 1, 

rpHIllTEE.N' and a half acres on good road 
-*- 1 Vj mlica from Duncan. 10 acres 
cleared, 5 acrea aijpio orchard, good slx- 
rooined house, barn, chicken bouses, etc., 
telephone. Price $7600; easy terms. Apply 
Box 292. Duncan. B. C. 

whern the nest move 
have some good buya lo offer; also properl.v 
in every part of this city. H. Norman, 
Room 9, Lee Building, cor. Broad and John- 
son Street. Phone 3414. 

iln real ealafo values will take place. 

V\ 1900. 

" '■ I'"" I F ' 

ri?OO.DLAND rd., FaJrfleld; fine building 
»v lot; $1680. Howell, Payne A Companj, 1016 Douglas St.; phone 1780. 

It., cheapest lot In the district; 
Buy this, quickly. Howell. 
Payne & Company, Ltd., 1016 Dougtar St.; 
phone 1780. 

WEiST BAY waterfront — ^Lot close to Bar- 
racks for sale. Pries 88.869: rerms 
over three yeajs. P. O. Box tit. City 

YOU could Have ttought acreage •urrovnd- 
Ina Vlctortlt ten years ago t^r M* **> ' 
acre whieh is now (or wUs at If W# tin. •or*. 
Think what Port Hardy »or«alr* *m bs 
w»rtli In fiva yamr* from lAow. Pi»rt ftitrdy 
Js to M a city. Open svsmnta. Al** ^n 
Aiv«B««MM. Xiid.. «{» n»rt at . 

»,.1.,|Wa...Si^»*..h. H ».,...>...«.*>^ o «.l|»>*.,>i.MS<'i» # f isiliWl j M »i« » »^«*i 1 1*1 

em imaiui/aiMHMy amd a do<^ iH»8r ' w&li« 

' i i mm aiii iii 1 ' 1 u Si wn i j ii M i _| ii i* ,« < i i i i iiiii ; '^ i gj |p )'" 'l j^ l ),t,j " i* n " ' 

Slf^Diitiitfi Iw i ij I III II I ii I i n j — i, i j; >i ' w i 


'j^V^^T^^ I ^W^ 

ertupday, Jun* 29, 191S 




V Ij(.)\'EL.Y new B-iuorn buiigaUw, every- 
-* ililiilf up-to-ilHtp, Liiit.' tiuBeiiiiiil, 
..i,.»,! ;,,!. furnace. ^;„a^ ;., Ouk Uay uvc. 
• 'I Iff for a fi« davn onl.v J-t:fui), on mmv 
><iiy term*. Ur!intt«ou & liuiiiu-ll. a:'!» ivm- 
^'••rion buildlriK. 

.\ •*" arilKtU hiiiiio on corin-r, ('. rinirim m- 
"*•*- tlilliiilly |.h|)cj-.mI thiouKluiut, Inifful 
Uilrhcti, laiKi I uiili.iuiilM. httainicl i-ellliis». 
panolifc,! walin, eluctrli- llxtuiei!. aoctl ijii».'- 
niPMt Hllli al.iiiiiMUiy wash tuh.i aiul fur- 
nu.-e; a R(.n,i In.m. and a eheai. liuy Ap- 

l'!y li-' MoBK SI. 



A H\ K roomeil hou»i' on Pembroke »t., 
^_»- with BDfici tiasi'iiieiit, iii> a lurffe I'H ; 
»3,.00, tasli „Mly j:,oii. IrulaiKO ,.any pay-- 
menm. TMorua* & Dfiinj, ll-.o;) Hlancliaifl 

A I'HKAfiB. i >^ aiiU 4-ro<iinf>ti initaRP oft 
. ., ',"»"f"i''1 Hvi».. "Ins.- I.) l-niiHiiiii I'ark 
iiulnllvl»lr.n; dill cheap. J:;ii2t>. tiM-nis Uwiicr 
Hnx 8-1, ColonLil. 

A GOOD buy— 7-r()o»i. modern huuar. 
-il- fireplace and well fixed up Inside: 
hiillt elKht nionihs; lioiiBe Is on Fei uwood 
rd. rioso to Kings; oA'iitfr Is leavlnK town 
and Is seHlng cheap; price of a fmv days. 
.^t-'<W; .-ash Ill'OO. balance »30 per month. 
. ' '"""as .t Ueiiny. 1303 lilahchard si. 

A FEW snaps — Empire b«.. n.xt to Ed- 
•^y. moiuon rd.; $l«oO, terms easy. AUtchotl 
■«I.. close to car. two lots; Jai50 for both. 
i>cl! St., one lot riven away for |1000. In- 
vestigate these. McDonald Kealty Co., 610 
Tandora St.; phone sail. <; 

A NEW house, 7 rooms. In Oak Bjliy. well 
-i^- fitted and flntshed. on tot 60x100; bar- 
gain.'O: .ijyod terms. Partlculara 
Owner, pho ne L.33T3. 

AOOOp Investment — 10-roomed wi»» fin- 
ished house, within t'h^ mile circle; 
«xbdll'ent location for boarding house; {price 
$4 750. easy terms; would rent for |50 per 
11 ■•nth, 'Apply Rotland & Horn, 82J Troance 

a ve» 

AUSAV — East Saanlch rd., V mile from 
Royal Oak: canla4i(s 3 acres, with an 
g-r^omed hotiae; treed' spring, bams, grewi- 
house, 175 frplt trees: cheap at t<160; one- 
third cash, balance amaiKed. McDonald 
Realty Co.. 610 Pand ora st. 

A GENUINE Snap — A. modern house, 8 
rooms. Just finished. In Hollywood; 
close to sea and car; f4&00; cash $600. Box 
US Coloalst. 

A GOOD « roomed house In Victoria WTsst 

■^' * e n nu B s e ll BUvet. tu i c iit fP f" »I » p a r 
month; will bo vacant on July Ist; apply 
Wise & Co.. 109 Pem bertjB block. 

A HOME of < rooms, Cloverdale ave., 
■**• for ^400 cash, balance $20 monthly. 
Price <2(IS0. Room a . 806 Tales st. _ 

T>E.\1;TIFI:L waterfront home: good house 
-*-* lii matchless position, with fine gar- 
di n : price. tSriOO. B ox 228. Colonist. 

TJEKOW market value: absolutely modern. 
-••-' new 7-room house on extra largo l«t, 
<«losc to Dougl*8 St.. house contains ■Veil 
fitted bathroom and pnntry. Kitchen, dining 
room, den, parlor, 3 bedrooms, 2 halls, nice- 
ly finished Inaldo and outsldie. You can 
buy this beautiful home direct from the 
C|wrpr, on very easy terms. Price only 
Jioiir). B,,,i )..,-,, Colonist. 

'0\\Sf rooniB, modern, best local- 

1 1 rflffd Estate, »3200; tlOOO cash, 

lialanro monthly. See W. S. D. Smith, 2iil 

:-'riyward BldK:. 

1 >KK('HWi)OU avc.. 23!>. one minute from 
Ff'a and car. a very pretty and well- 
biHll 5-roonied California bungalow; price 
J4.20O: n ro.)ma, bath. full basement, 
ihlckpn-htnise, <>tc. ; can be seen botween 
9 and i;: a. m. W0UI4 consider exchange, 
good car or lot a* vftart i^aymenf. Ornier, 
Box 9«. Colonist. 

I.^"^UIt sale, the cosiest new 6-room home In 
•*- Fairfield, with .leavie.v from three 
skies. e.v eptlon lily well finished and arlls- 
ilrally decorated, liall. dining, living 
•.•">ms burlappcd and panulit-d,, beam cali- 
lu)f .ind oii,>n lire. all bcdrnoins have full 
liduhl ctilllnKi* and lots ul close! room, 
kllcliiMi cahlnel style, well lined, piped fur 
furnace oenient sidewalks, 1 block Irom 
car. A snap from owner, ^4400. on terms. 
P. U. Hox 1111. Phone 1,-1931. 

01ONZAL.BS. half acre. 80 feet on KhtK 
* (li'orge Terruco, SO foet on lane; about 
Jul! feet deep; beautiful trees, very fino 
view iif MlrnltH; hiKli and dry. |20i> Improve- 
ments; small sumniet house; Immedlaio 
lios.Henjilon. Tills iii'iporiy « mild make un 
une(|nulid hnMnsHe: direct southern aspect. 
I'rlie I.10U0; JTfiU caah, balance to arrntiKe. 
Apply l.,cwla & Uolierls, 112 Pembortoii 

TJOL'.'^E for sale, GeorK'j street, new 6- 
^■*- roomed bungalow, ver.v atliactlvc, 
beuined celling, panelevl rooms and hall, 
niaiiielH. c.iol cuphi^nr.l.i, lot 40x120. This 
Is huiiily to cars and »oa. A very good 
buy. J4:'00 gash, gj- i$4100 ijme; one-quarter 
cash, balance oan arrange. 162 Moss »i 

HOUSES — Belmont avc., 2 C-riwxned 
houses, new, modern in every detail, 
J40no; $1260 cash, bi.l. to arrange. Cham- 
berlain si., 2. new 5-roomcd. bungalows, 
SHOO; JIOOO cash, bal. to arrange, llay St.. 
new «-roomed California bungalow, nicely 
designed and modern, $6600; ijuarter cash,' 
bal, arrange. Lee ave., nice 6-roomed 
IlOjiae: cement floor In basement, laundry 
;WW»; dining room pa-ielled; on lot 60x120, 
febc«d; for $4 250; t700 cash. bal. lio a 
month. McPhPraon ave. (Victoria West). 7 
«n°Vl"' *'"' furnace; electric light, on lot 
BOxlSo. $4800; cash $1000, bal. Hi and In- 
terest per month. Pembroke st. (near 
i^V-h I'J'W'neil house, modern, on lot 
BftxlJO, $6000; $1500 cash, bal. arranged. 
Vluadra st., between Hillside and Kings. 7- 
roomed house on lot 60x136. $7000; $2000. 
^^}: 'VT?"/^" - Asqulth St.. S rooms, mod- 
i-o.. J 1"°^. *^''" •='■''• »'«"ance arranged. 
i-oster & Thompson, IS Green blo ck. 

TXOUSE for sato — JRno cash wll! roako pay- 
iT™, 1'"."..' 2," ^^ "''■■*' "«'*' bungalow, whieh 

VloV^r.L l'^'' "1 ?"*. °' "^« '«•-• '"•'■•icfs in 
Victoria; large lot close to car; balance can 

f^'l'?!' o'"," '° Owner,, P. o. Box 1647, Vic- 
I on a, xs. L- 


A '-"^ '•''tl"l**'!^H wants VIcluila real eslate. 
■^^ about $1000. Ciwnern send pirtlculars 
to Uox 176. t'olunlsl. 

A fVRFITIHBH 1ms tSOO'J ca:h u> in-.cs: !,•• 
■^^ Vlcl.iila iHopeiiy; will ,,nly buy direct 
friiin owumb: and belinr «ell posted In val- 
ues, will only cdiisiiler snaps; 'If you havu 
any. mall full partlculuiti in p, o. Box 32. 

A FOUL llay waterfront lot Is what I 
■».i- want. 1 will pay any reasonable price 
Ulvc mo ihe sixe, etc. No, agents need ap- 
ply. 1 mean business." Apply Box 62 3, 

T H.WE the f(dlowlng amounts on bund 

-I- as llisi payinonts on lots; $160, $20(i, 

?.".i» and *4bu. I want only leal Kood 

bii>s. Wrlti' me at ome If you have any- 
"illlB h">od. to U ux 36, 

TF you want to make a uulck sale of your 
-•- properly, town or countrv, and the 
price 1« leasonable, call al (Jur,offlce and 
et us hu\i- ilic parllculars and we cmii 

■j'\V"'^. ^ "*''■ "*='^' ■"'■"»" & Copeniun, 
.^13 Pomberton block. 


A 'J'KN-ItOO.M rooming house for rent to 
-^a- j,>i'tl-s b'jyias furniture; houso full up 
now. any reisouablo iirms. gjod reason 
for •(•llliiii. Hnx S31 Colonist 



CJOUt) coruer suliu to i«t «nd ouo fur- 
nlbhuU liuak«^iag room. Ikiu Kdwarus. 
ancouver street. 

"I > rMJAL.(J\V' for rout, on July 1st, 6 
■* * rooms and hall, largM verandas, Just 
completod. $40 per monih. .\. von Uirse- 
wald,_corner Fort and Quadra. 
J^"<IVK roonie<l house to lei, furniture for 
^ sale. .^pply III morning; bOK ilon- 
lii-al .11. 

I.^"^!)!* i.iil. Ihe rtiisdaiv, c.irnei of Ooi ;;.• 
and IMIslrie. faciniLf <l.iveriiiiicnt si., .No. 
"7i>2; all Mnxleni convenlen. ea; nhoiie 3272 
or call room 201 C.-nlral Uldg. 

T r.STi.N(j.S wanted from owners of Van- 
couver acreage and lol«; our Vuiicou- 
w-r. onice has several genuine buyers wall- 
"B If your price is righl. Abbott & SuMier- 
land, j and ti Croen bik.. 1218 Broad st. 

HOME on Monterey ave., $4800 ; best part 
of Oak BaV Anvnna „-,... ,l~_ .... 

AjUW is the time to list your property 
-^^ with the Empire Realty Company. «4l 
l-ort St.. who have numorous enquiries for 
property at reasonab le market pricos. 

/\\VNERS — r want a f»w ci-aps In Falr- 
y^ field or Oak Bay; money waiting; give 
dtscrlntlou, net price and terms; Box 101 

pUOPERTY wanted— -Have olianta pre- 
TL.t^f*'* i° ^"y ''""•e»i lots- or acreage, 
A wf'L"."^ W*n»«d " prlcais out of reaaon. 
A. W.^Brldgman, 1007 tiovernment at. 

pARKpALB Lots— Two lota, each 60KJ12; 
■*• $660 ettch; $160 cash; 6, U. 18. Watf 

P O.Bo"n9* ^'''"""' "'»«»'•»»"<»>• '^'O: 

PK g renlly 

I'i^ ' .h.".'"". "" "yy ^^^^' would do "we 'l l" " to 
!n! r- . "'f''^-, ®** ^- ^- ^'^'ei & Co.. -103- 
<04 Central BIdg.: p hone 32S6. 

TCTILLSIDB avenue, S roamed house 7* 
f-*- lot 60x130, between Bridge street and 
5*E'*_r5*!' ^"* business altei 152aQ. CUao- 

virr-msny~Ci,^ . lOjjnPougias sn -*™*- 
T HAVE a new five-roomed buncalowl 
Che'stT st"* '"' ■*'* *""**^ Bnqulr« *1« 

Y VANTBO, a 6-roomed house a> mile <iir- 
ole for about $3500 or $4000; $400 
cash, balance ISE monthly. Fit* Herbert 
Healty. Room 14, Green block. 

YYT'ANT to purchase two lots, each $26^ 
»» caah and $10 monthly. Box 186, 
t olonlst. 

^'ANTBD. one or two lots in ralrfteldl 
must be good bu>-s. Box 1 79. Colo- 

/ "4 ODD 6 room house to rent on sea, splen- 
^' did vcjselalile garden. ',4 nillo from 
ctuiloii, 2 hipiirs. ride from VIctoii.i, j:;u 
nioiiihly; apply c;. R. Porier. Siiltalr. H.C, 

MITl"IfEi,l-. street — .1- room id house. f3i. 
Owner will give lease. Lou, Malln & 
t.'o., ll.S Pembertoir Block. 

MODIOKN cottago to let! enquire 680 John 
- SI." 

SjIX-nOOMKD c">tlage to let, 2679'^ Cook 
^ St. Apply 2678 Empire St. or 837 
Caledonia ava. 

riAO let. 4-roomed cottage, halt acre of land, 
-•- $15 per month. Morley, Quadra st. 

rr\0 I.ei — Modern 7 room house with fub- 
-*- mice, close In; furniture of same for sale. 

l.^^!JL'lk uiifui iiiaiioU iuuois mm small took 
■^ stove, electric llglu and water, Uiix 

i'J'-i, <:olonlst. 

j.^M UMSHKiJ luiusekeuplng Hut ur iluue 
■*- rooms and baili; vacant* July lOlli. 
i;)l Bouib Turner St. Tel. H-lliii'j. 

I.l'^UH.N'ISlIEl) housekeeping" rooxv*. 263i 
■*- tiovcrnment st. 

T.j^L'I<.N'lSHEIJ housekeeping rooms In Hur- 
■*- delte House, cor. Hurdetle and \ am ou ■ 
^er; close in; also rooms in house cob. 
-Mason and Vancouver; garage and coach 

TO ua— n R.vir<iiEn hoomn— Cimi'd 

rpo r«nl, (loublo, sullsble r"r 


two young men. .Apply 24 4 i.'oburg 

street. Janms Ciy 

TO let, furnished room, 1422 FVjrt bi ; 
Phone I.I7;'!) 

^^0 l«l. two furnished roomj, breakfast or 

-■- use of kitchen. 
.Iilmes Ray. 

33 Han Juan avf , 

1^">L'HNlsmciJ hqusekeeplng room. 1133 
.Norlh I'ark st. 

T.^'^On rent, housekeeping rooms. 827 Fort 
-•- street. 

{^'M'HNl.SHKU housekeeping rooms. Apply 
■*- 103(1 Hillside ave. ^ 

'0C'SEK.EBP1,\0 room for rent. S4'J Fort 


OCSEUvKEPING rooms, with gas stove 
and eledrlc llghl. .Si!) Pandora act 

231 ninnchnrd St. 

rpo rent, new 6-roomed house, stable and 

rpo » 
•*■ c 

lease, Cralgmyle. S16 Beta: at., off Alpha 

street. -^ ._, .:.:. .'.■:■:'"■'"' ■.:. :.• ■'■ 5^- 



.l l l,t ^ . 1 ll. , .l 


w i s t 

rpo. RENT — 8-rdomed bungalo.w*^f ail modj 
•M- ' em conveniences; one minute Kart St. 
car/ $86 per month (Including «ator>,-AB. 
ply Glider's RcstttU rant. 848 Y«t«s St. 

' WANTED TO RENT— l|Oi;»K8 ... 

COTTAGE. w;lth one or two acre»,of land, 
wanted to rent, view purohase; easy 
distance of car; partletilars, 848 Colonist. 

I^AOUft single gentlemen wish to rent fur- 
•a- nlshed houite for 8 years; P. O. Box 

Ij^lVE or six-roomed furnished' house by 
Hept. 1. by newly married couple; 
would take lease. P. O. Bog 1461. 

H eiuBB'^^i ' iiui ' u r f i v B lutiim 
shack wanted, unfurnished. 

TruCSEKEEPI.NU studio tu rent. I.lox 3J, 
-*-*- Colonist. I 

HOUSISKe1«:P1NG and furnished rooms/ 
806 Cook St. 

SUPEiHlOR housekeeping rooms, suit 
couple; evary, convenience, from July 
1 to 31; closeidMA. ..ttt$ Stilnley ave.; phone 

rpWO furnished housekeeping t"0<>ms; 
-*- adults only.. 180 lyiontreal st. - 

TWO l>rire unfurnished housekeeping 
rooins' to rent, every ' conventence, car 

rpo let, furnished room tjr geTiiemcn; 

-*- modern new house, 321 Michigan si. 

ri'V) rent, furnished i:o.)m for two frleiul'! 

-*- fmen ) ; 1118 FcyV St. 

rUK HAI.K— M18('JCt,r,A>^OL'A 

\MK;rHVsr eluoter IJi kt l>lou»» set; 
•* ' mounted with real pearls and diamonds, 

will sell Very niu'h below vaiue. 
) 'oionist 

IJOX 107 

\ llTK'LliS for sal<, trnc Uehard-llenii ■ 
-*■*•• Minn Player Piano, and yuarter cut 
oaU dining roun su^te. nwner leaving town 
K. Dulmas Coriu-r Mounl Toimle ave. ana 
I lay load. 


coora In private famllv. Apply 1703 

Oavle St. 

•tppa at door. 162$ Port. 

a ID rent — Unfurnished housekeeping roontsl 
- with sink, pantry, use of bath. 1851 
Fort St. ■ _, 

'^' ' i n i*' ■■ ■■■»'! i|«g« j — ii ^. »iawt|^(pw v i»i» I'ltsii m p^si a n — I nn s^ i a i— 

rpo rejjt, four suitM. Work »t., clow to 
X Queen's ave., In half mile ctrole; mod- 
ern, new. Also garage, rent* $86 an4 up. 
Apply ■Ml Hillside ave. , 

TWO furnished housekeeping rooms; no 
children. Apply (<6 San Juan "ave,; 
phone L84T8. , - • ' 

r" » ,. ' I I I III I , ' 

frto rent, upp^ir floor of hotua, three'<riM>ma 
ua a i m na t w — I Hw r wi'Mf i iaj t*t mps i '» a>»a 

u r' g oBB 1 * * — a t w path (UH T Uynwinal MW. UMW* 
Box 212, Oak St.. off Cloverdale ave. 

rpwO furnished housekeeping too^ to 
-1. rent; no children. A«ply «« Bin Juan 
ave. ; phone L8473. ■ 

— ■*- all conveniences; James Bay.. ^62 Saii 

ri'tVVO large furnished bedrooms with e\;- 
-*• ery convenience; breakfast If desired. 
Phone 2881. 1485 Fort st. 

\ Y^-'^-^"'"'^^' ^ ynun« w.i lo share nloe, aliv 
'» bedroom; breakfa.-tt If desired; lerma 
reasonable. Apply 430 Alpha st. 

p^rj CENTS per night. $2.00 a week and 
•J'-' up. 1211 I.angley at. 


V M, real, estate men and agents take 
,,.-"■-»- notice that on aoil after July 1st, 1912, 
'.ur subdivision of acres, lying just oft 
Ihe Carey road. In Snanlcli dlstrlcl. is ab- 
solutely off the market in uc'reuge . form, 
and not for sale as acreage; Vict irla 8ub- 
i livision Co., 2 07 Peinberton building. 

A ARONS?)N'S pawnshop: baa removed 
-i^ from Broad st, to 1410 Oovemownt •»-, 
opposite the Westholme hotej. ' > ■ 

'I ■ ' ■ ' ' I II I iI ' M iii . . t iii m i '" I 

ANTIQUE Jewelry, diamonds, engravings' 
and pictures bought and sold. Mrs. 
A-. A. A aronaon, 13i;» Government. :»%. 

<— — , . — ^ ...,..- ■ — 1 . ■ , ? ' C . 11 11 , 1 

BAOOAGE promptly handled at currant 
rates by the Vlotorla Transfer Co,. 
ph,one 129. Qfllce op en night, and daj*. 

BOYfl! Girls! — Sell 26 pkgs. "-Viev^s" post- 
cards at ISO each and receive, beautiful 
fountain pen or cumpl«t» camera outm 
free. Write to4ay. Acme Supply Co., )0«pt. 
22, Woodstock, Ont., Canada. »» 


1.\.\'AIJ1AN Home CuiiUacr; six months 
l«ilU up, what offers; Bo.-i ill Colon. 

BUeiNBJSS opport unify waaflfd In V.lo- 
torla by Interior business man of. high 
executive al>llity; would invest capital or 
purchase outright establlahed business. Re- 
ply Bdx 841 colonist 

"T\AILT Express, Londoni 'Papakuk," 

X-'Cooking Hags, impbrccd exclusively by 

GLsbftrt .V. Witt & Co., can bo had at Room 

t, McCailum Bik. Samplta 60c. Phone 

l8fl».- ^' ■" < ■ 

.It. fauntTey^-apaclal- Hgfint .for-tba. 

I^>*>H »ali>. the really good and subsianUal 
■»- furniture and ncivi carpets of a 7- 

riiorncd houne; 4 b.-droomf, dining room, 
yialiis rii.iiii and kitchen, with iicn cooking 
riiiiue; i;in be .ijci n b.v appointment only: 
opi-h In reusiin.ibJo offer; li-inis cash. -Vpply 
Ho\ 22 J. Colonist. 

I.^'^'tiU sale, go-cart to sgai 2 children; l:i 
good Condition;' ch^ap, .Vpply •'' Mas- 
I oc ave., uorner Pembiuke .ind Fern wood. 

J.^<jU salt', one water lii;ater stove, in good 
c'.nHlillon.. Y. Jl. C. A. 

I^iOH sale, boiler, locomotive type, 4(Un.N 
14 ft., 25 h.-p.. 12i')lbH. steam pressure, 
in good «hape. near i-alluay track and eas.\ 
lo move, $350; cost $lluii. Also one verticeil 
engine and boiler, 2 h.-p., $80. ■ Apply A, B. 
C, Colonist 

TpOH sale, motorcycle free engine, 7 horse 
-*- iiower. Twin, $160. Malcolai Bros., 
674 Johnson. 

IljlOiR sale, one counter, with 2 Wll drawers, 
2 sets of cumliiilBMon shelves, 1 kitchen 
stove with boiler; 1 gas stove. 1 gas plate, 1- 
Btoi/ln. (iildera' re-stauriuit, «I3 Vate.s st 

TTVOR sale, mandoliii harp; practically 
X' new; choap. Hox >»171, Colonist. ^ 
' .. ... I I 

FOR ' SALE~r-Ten c^ses stumping powder. 
l©tt;'bver from contract. Will sell 

cifefeW- ?tpply colonist Box 6S. 

. ''•''■ "^ ■ . . ■ '■ • 

TiWR SAf..H! — tA, <!onjm*>rclsH r«gl«ter SJ'v' 
X , tem, nearly' neW, Apply E. F, Gelgei , 
82 8 yisguard Street. 

FOR sale, Dresden clock, candelabra, red . 
Axmlnlster cafpet, 12x12, mirror lire 
screen (handpalnted;, walnu^ mirror with 
itaedicine t^abtset,' eUbotrtQ ^mp. etc. 849 
J'ofanson It. '• '-■ , . ' 

•glO B sa in , ' in aisg ^ 4 > >*ilt w * V" i- 

X for tra\'ellng. Eto^t' 91$. Co i,-i 

» ' ■:• ■ — — ^ — I ' -I ii ' 1. ' , 

FOR sale, launch, 20 feet, 4-4 h. p. engine. 
just Avert&uied:: a splendid sea boat: 
ezceptlonatly well built Jtirlce $350. , Phone 
^140 or Rl()a(>._ 


\IMnTED to buy a lot on Cralgflower 
road for $1000. Box 178, Colonist. 

VV-ILL buy one or two lots In Oak Bay or 

1 Willows from owners only: stafe »Hi« I «•-"'' i w"uio 

description. Box 216, Colonist. • 

Ity, Fal 

riTANTBp, to purchase, agreements of 
.1 .'* Thomaa t Denny, 1803 Blanch- 

TUST flnishetf. 7 room house, fhoroughly 

ae,4 .'?°"«™: Princess ave,. close to Blanch- 

»w,.o' V«i?.n * '''^'' "'*''• <"»'y ** this low 
price; $6800, on easy tenha. J. L. Lang, 
420 .Sayward Bldg. *' 

^TA.MES Bay, close to park, near sea and 
" on car line, new six-roomed house, fur- 
nace, full basdment and aU modern con- 

t??nft"''*i5' "" '?' ''2,*"°: »•■*" »" terms. 
$7 000. ^o ggcnta. Box 98.4, Colon ist 

lyrODERN S-room -bungalow, St Patrick 
■^'-*- St.. Onk Bay; terms, 3718w 

ard St. 

VrrE buy agreements foP "iwle on Victoria 

.tin ..^^''^'^J.^^'l "ny'hliK from $500o; to 
$108,000, Monk. Monteith & Co. Ltd.. cor- 
ner Government and Broughton sts. 

/^lAMFORNIA bungalow, Just completed. 
^'' o rooms, bath, laundry tubs, electric 
pendants, open fireplace, paneled dining- 
room, everything sirictly up-to-dato; lot 60 
.M20; price $4250 oh very easy terms. Ap- 
ply owner, oh premises. 1792 Lee aVe 1 
lot from Fort St. 


XHAMUERIMIN St.— New 6 room bunga- 
- low. halls and dining room, panelled 

]l/^O^TElRBY AVE., Oak Bay— .Vew, well- 
-^'X built house on two lots: garage: fully 
modern; 8 rooma Price $11,000. 208 Pein- 
berton Bloc k. j P 

"M'EW modern bimgalow, 4 ro««n«, rbktfti 
-»-»: , room and pantry, Saanleh jvad, next 
corner Seymour avenue, lot 60x120. nicely 
treed, high, lovely view; house is well built, 
full basement, electric light, fnil plumbing 
clt^ water; price $2860; $600 cA»h. Apply 
owner and bufltfer. Huiren, 281 Wlldwood 
SVC.. Foul Bav. > '■ 

t^.'^ANTKD. a good building lot In Oak 
' » Bay dUtrlcf. wltb troea If poutMe: wlU 

IF TOU sre leaving for the Old (Country I 
will rent your home and guarantee oVery 
care; would take lease from Sept. 1. Box 

KEKFONmBL.B party .iKanta to reni a 
dean, furnished 7'-l* ,r<jom bouse, or 
small rooming house close in^at«t« price 
and Address; Box ISI Colonist. 

■ ■>'. ' »*i'. ' • I '■ '■ —v -^^— ^ . ' . J, . , 

TJG'AKTKD ''to rent. .unfurnliSed htnise, 
' '' suitable for rooming house (In busl- 
aess centrel l&^^o 20 rooms r»!}',ilred. Box 
26. Pol^nlat. ".. ^ ■■ r~',.'-^ 

" ■ WAJCTBb '*6 ttBirr' ■" '• -:;.-' 

Y\?'ANTBp. listings of lots nnrt houses from 
ry. oivners; if prl-c |s right, I can sell. 

Box 14.t. Colo n iBi. 

VlT'ANTEaj, listings of Oak My properly; 
, . "j^,_-'">» prices right; we have bu.vei-s. 
Apply Shaw Heal Estate Co,,' 808 Peroberton 
Bik. City. 

Tl.'-E have 

rV client 

and with beamed ceilings, cabinet kitchen 

"■'"■ "'""■'! Stone fence and cement. walks, 
' . . foot terrace 


this place has 
,,.,. ,. I . "'» .Very home 

111 >ou. let UK show you; $4100;, $1000, csah 
balance as reist ; J. c. Linden . A- Co. 738 
I'urt St.; phone 2&70 " ° 

QOLWOOD, 4 acres all cleared with new 

. ^ roomed house and large stable, 

$..i;>0; only $600 cash. Room 3, 606 Yates 

Ht iPet. 

pUMO.VTOX rd., ntar Richmond; good 4- 
-^-' room hou.te: new 
i2%h(i: th!.-! iviii h, 

33ox- .S9, Colonist. 

modern fittings; 
a moneymaker very soon. 

2<^<>H sale, a modern oottngc. 4 rooms, 
bath and pantry,' tnillt last summer on 
ni'O lot set out in: mlxeri fruit trees and 

all fruit, cement n-uiir ii,i.« ,« , 


ISJEWLY finished, fully modern 4 -room 
^^ bungalow, wafer and sewer,, on an Im- 
proved street; only $2400; terms. Will take 
$2150 cash. This Is no fake but a real 
snap. 2011 Byr*^.^,4rt,. pm''K bS 


r\AK Bay waterfrontage— 3-room bunga- 
Y' lowv -Rockhaven." 5 bedrooms, furnace 

runs through to ^ea. convenient boat sllii 
on lot. The property Has half way between 
the ho cl and golf course on Beach Drive 
magnificent marine views. A charming sea- 
side residence. For price. t*rms. apply g 
H. S. Edwards sole agent. Phone Y-3S77 
corner Beach Drive and Orchard ave.. Oak 

e been iristructe*! "by English 
its to buy on their' bdiaTf close in 
uusmrss property; we request owners of 
business property to communicate wjth us 
Immediately, Beckett, Major ft Co., l>td., 
043 Fort «t. ' ' - ; 
■ ' I I ■ », : . , — ■" ■ 

WANTED, for sfardenJng purposes, (juarter 
acre. .or less; jiot too tar from car line. 
22n r. inberton Bik. 

YY'A.NTKD. Immediately, Ifl to 20 acres 
» * w-ilhln 23 miles of this city, for farm- 
ing land: genuine buyer waiting. Abhott & 
Sutherland. 5 and 6 Gre*n Bik., 1216 Broad 
St.: -P. O. Box 1412. 

TABY, requires unfurnished, room w^Uh use 
X,*' *f bath In vicinity of Jubilee hospital. 
Box 740. Colonist. 

^"ANTED-^a or 3 furnished or ilnfurn- 
'. : ished housekeeping rooms; Aiarried 

couple; no crhlldren; careful tenants. Sjtate 

parllculars, Hox 161, Colonist. 

'XT'OUNG mart, vvunis room. near public 
X Library; state rent and full particulars, 
n6 children. ' Box 5.i. Colonist. 

->»*<af^wiyM,,iii, ») i, ' ... l I . — , . ' ' - ■ 



T)HI.VCESS Ave., Inside tjie halt nilla 
* circle, 7 room house insl being Com- 
pleted: price $0200; $2000 cash, balance to' 
arrange; this is a bargain; Box 104 Col- 
onist. J 

small fruit, cement walk laid to back of 

,v,,, ''"*° '" '■"''• *3000; terms cash $800. 
Will .sell fmnlshpd If desired for $.3250 IJ.w 
"»U, Cblonisl. 

I^^OR sale, Victoria West, a modern fl 
-*- roomed . ' 
terms $ 101)0 • , 
(Jwner. Max. l:•,^ 


«nap at $3100; 

fame as roiit. 


C. L. 

"J^^iOR sale, 6'roomed bungalow. Moss st.i 3 

•vnn 1!,°°'"* u'*?'" "reet , car; price $3»S0r 
.1-00 down, balance $25 a month. 
' urry. pho ne 3272. 



e; the fumllure of a farge room- 
ing ^nd. boarding h..ii = \v;i ^1,.^ 
Box 68. Colonist. 

OUOM1.NG house, choice location", 8 rooms 
•'-*' -for sale cheap. Apply 522 Rupert at, 
I'hone 1036. • 

tJ.SIAI.L house hi Kernwood. on full sized 
^ lot. all In vegetables, for $17.10; terms 

W 'ANTED — On Vancouver Island, about 
100 acres of wild land that can be 
cleared and cultivated. Send full particu- 
lars and terms in first letter. Owners only. 
Write to S, B. Farmer, 640 KohSon #»:, 
N'ancouvcr, B. C. 

\ A "ANTED to sell, nicely turnlsbed apart- 
ment, 3 rooms a/id batli In new and 
modern building; good neighborhood, wji'.k- 
ing distance; call evenings,/ Suite 9. Lell 
Apartments, Cook and Rttc klnnd. ' 


IilURiN'lSilED house for rent, close in. Ap- 
ply Hall & Floyer. 11 M<;Callum Bik., 
next to .Merchants' Bank. 

to arriipgc. .See A. 
Fort and Quadra sts. 

von GIrsewald. corner 

CIAANICH, one of the best known fruit 
'^ farms In the wellknowh Saanlch dffc- 
trlct; 28 sfcreis; 20 cleared. 12 In bearing 
orchard: eight roomed house, barn and 
oirthpuses: -all first-class condition; an 
orchard tile drained; close to Victoria & 
.Sidney Railway. Apply owner; P. O. Box 
.175. Victoria, B. C. : ; 


house Oh Ucilcreai st , 
,, ,. , ■?" lo'. '^'--vISO; planted in pota- 

V ;, '^ . '"I'-gain for the right parly. 
Another, .1 noms, Colvllle st., $1SM) 7. 
room housQ on Menxles st 
t.rms. • geo W. S. D. Smith, 

$3800; easv 
221 .Sayward 

J^^OCL Hay— On Robertj-oii street, ovi^r: 
lookiiiK son, lot t;o.xl20, 6 room bunsn- 

u It 'ir"','","r'; . f°"""«'l"". feam cel|l"r„s, 
1" III In buffet. .every modern convenience 
'11 asphalt street. 2 mln,rt„. fmm .••,,■ rmiJ 
♦ .oon. $;7,-,o cash. bal. I , .,, '' '"r 

i^'' I ncr'™^ ''•';'" the mile circle, a~7o";;ri 

OVVISS cottage, .\iaywood rd.. 4 rooms, 
► -• modern, bath, hot and cold, open flre- 
pl.icea. panelled dining room; jmr.Or $400 
cash, balance $20 month. L. Jervis, Toi- 
ni4e ave. • 

I,j^ .SHE'D house to rent; house and 
furniture new and modern; 7 rooms; 
inside three quarter mile t-ircle; $85 per 
month; or wilT lease. Imperial Realty (."o,. 
Sif) Bastion. «l. 

JTlOCL Bay rd., near Oak Bay ave. ;^^8 
room fiirnished house for' 8 mdntlis 
from 8th July; $65 per month. Lott,~ Matin 
& Co., US Peinberton Bik. 

' ' ■ ' ' , . I 11 . I I ,1, iM 

Ij^URNlSHED — 6 room cottaga- i'h. .tonrn^llCll. 
■ phone LSIK. ■ 

TjNURNISH^D house tor two months, cbip- 
X mencing end of July, eight large 
rooms, bathroom, etc.. conservatory, piano, 
near sea, 3 minutes from car. Phone , F- 
3723. P. O. Box 1167. . 

7^'^Olt sale — First class restaurant doing a 
-f- liood business; best of r«&8ohs for sell- 
ing. .A.pply .Box 3S3, Coloifisl. . 

T.^'^CUt sale, an old established mercantile 
X business, present montnly sales aver- 
age eight thousand monthly. Owner wishes 
to roUro from active business. Will bear 
strict Investigation. For pBrtlcvOarij apply 
Box «1. Colonist. 

T("*On sale, first-class prosperous business 
X at Vernon. Okanagan Valley, B. C. 
Consist: • ■- i<'ulturnl Implemenls. rigs, 
etc.; Ic iea; ibulldlag can be bought 

or rem. , .iln money maker. Held & 

Spenctrr. Real Estate, 783 I'ort st. 

OR SALE— ^m Vancouver, w. '■ --- 
llshed business: suitable for 
lady, making $200 monthly. (Jfllc. .i 

month. Price $800. Owner retiring from 
business. Address Miss M .Harris, Vancou- 
ver, fi. C- 

,l.('^Ott sale, tee oream .and candy gtore. 
X tbome made bakery); snap. .Price 
$150. Apply 172 Cook St. 

I>.VRTNi!:K wanted; $1000: manufacturing 
. business;, process patented. Box 68, 

t'olonlsl. , I ,/ 

\"\TANTED, a young man wh^ has had 
T* some office and Belling experience, to 
Joit\ parly in big paying business; good 
salary and share In prorits. References re- 
quired and small amount, of •capital. Ad- 
dress Hox 24, Colonist. 


-XJ 'Rlnii 

.luaa ave. 


jt ^EW furnished rooms in the new mod- 
■**- ern Field Apartments, near corner 
Doutflas and Queen' s ave.; phone 1385. 

A FIRST class furnlshod room to refined 
.party, in private house. Uo.t 931, Col- 


Baautlful suite- of lofty rooms. 4 34 
Simcoe street, or would be le; sep- 
arately; sea view, one minute from Beacon 
HIU car, private grounds, piano; modcialo 
charges. Phone L-1716. 

Equitable Life Assurance Society ^pf 
8an Francls6o. I U at 1617 Fernirotfd .road 
on a visit of comhlned bus{(f«i«sfU)A .pleas- 
ure. Phone' 1387. . ,.- ',;\ '" - 

EMPKES.s launches for hire; $3.00 per 
hour. Launches and yachts of every de- 
scription for sale. Apply Empress Hoat- 
house. I'hone 3410, 

T.j^OK adoption, healthy baby boy. born 
-*- .June 14. Address Box 442. Colonist. 

I^'^OR sale. ofTlce desks, chairs and filing 
cabinets. 021 Douglas st. 

i"tOR sale or exchange — First class 7-pa8- 

Ij'IOR sale, binder and bundle carrier; also 
4 to 6 horse -.....■. power and a 2- 

horse tread power 
leas than cost. B. 
O. Box «8il, . 

:i.bove ^oyds at 
^ilrc Co.,'.Ijia. p. 

TCTULL sized English billiard table for sale. 
X Make, Samuol' May, .V snap, Dallas 


,4 T 421 Parry street. James Bay, n.atr 
-'■X Parliament, nice roorn $3; ohe suitable 
for two ladies $4. 

"OBDROOil, furnished, for rent. ,\pply 637 
-*-* Avaion rd., opp<?8lt6 Jomea Bay iioid. 

"DALMORAL hotel, cor. Douglas. View 
-»-* and Fort, under now management, new- 
ly renovated throughout, rooms single or 
en suite;, niiodcrate weekly and monihly 

TJEDltOOMS to let. at 112S Mason street. 
-*-* Moderate terms. 

r COMFORTABLE furnished room for one 
^^ or two friends; breakfast If desired; 
129 Queen's a>feiiue ; phone L3226. 

/ ^OMFC)UTABLY furnjsoed rooms, good 
y^ location. close In; gentleman only; 
breakfast if desired; 1 50 Covernmcn* st. 

QOMFOKTABLE room*. 76 linden ave. 

T.j'^URNISHED room, private family, 
-^ children; 66 Oswego si. 

Y\7ANTBD— Partner for first clas/> acreage 
> * on Snanlch Electric Rait way; make 
appointment. Box 767, Colon ist. 



J£^eii * Co. 73S Fort st 

F'bai'emcnt" '^""f-'"-. ^""y niodei^TT;;!^ 
J,^r5^-.le my beTrirnK;,- ,,.,oomcd hou.,e". 

•liy ssoo 

-.«h required; off Oa k '' 13a v ' a v c': 
foil I,".,'",'""'",'?"'*" '"•''■" ^■»" '" araifgVd: 

j^^TIVE room lunigaloiv, near Oak 'l}r,y car 
'""•■ "'-"■ -^ Chaney, .Say ward J.locic 

1 addl- 
"ij-i'ly )2! IVm- 

l^lan sai,^ .-i-roomed house „nd lot, .".SxH.s 
•^ on Harbinger ave,; .spa,e for tw 

t.'ieal r'lonig; fully modern. 
I'crion l^dfj : phoiir ,14;.. 

l.,ioH s.ilr, four room, pni,i7y and 
-^ new bungalow, half block from ca 
. linenLv sireet. \l.iorla West 
' ■<.«n. bnlaiice as rent. .T 
''ilheiine si 

T HUTCH St., modern home, $8000. 
Porteons. 707 U Yates st. 

\\TlL,KINHON Road. 5 acres, all cleared 
' ' 3',a miles from city hall. $8,000; $2500 
cash; balance 1 and 2 years. Camosun 
Re ally Co., 1009 Pou gla.i sl» 

10 .\cre8 of first-class land, mostly cleared 
'--' and fenced, including n acres splen- 
did swamp under cultlvatfon, with fi-roonied 
house, barn., chicken houses, etc., k"'"! 
Witter Buppiy; I i/j Tniles from cobble lllll 
.'tajllon. with % mile road frontage on 
nn d highway. Apply H, C lork, Cobble Hill. 

'>,rr Acres, lOOO feet watertron^, fine elght- 
0«J rOomed hoii-^te and good healthy fruit 
trees, only 5 miles from centre of city. 
Tills is the cheapest piece of waterfront on 
the market; terms ovor three years. Box 
28. Colonist. 

$^()0~' '^"^'*' '"'" houses for quick sale. 
KJ\J\J boili fully modern In every respect, 
one a .'i-roomcd residence In the Indinirlai 
Vort of the city; this Is an e.\ceileiii rooming proposition: price $50UO; *."iOO cash 
balance easy. The other is on I'andora at. 
« rooms, ,lurge lot; price $1750; $500 cash 
balanee eaay. Apiily lo ..uner. p. u. Box 117 
ci t y . 

T|.^">UriNI.SHED. modern, 6-roomed house for 
X rent, on car line, or would sell. Phono 

rs or P. O. Box 1029. 

NEW 1-room cottage to rent In Edmonton 
rd.. near -litount Tolmle cur line. Box 
8i). Colonist. 

TEWLY furnished two-roomed -cottage. 

JlN also 

OAK Hay. on waterfront, 4 room cottage, 
furnished, for 7 weeks, Ist July, $12.50 

US Poniber 

Jior week 

I. .11 ii; ■ i 

l.oit, Malln &. Co., 


AK p. 

I'aclng ivaiei ; fully furntmicd 
I new) S-roomcd residence on corner; 
'i-acre lot, well-kept garden, garage. I'rico 
}H.;,no. 20s I'embcrlon Block. 

tJlIvEN roorged. very nicely furnislird 
^ houac, everything first-clnss and ready 
to step Into, for rem at $7.'. jier niunlli; 
near Pearllamont buildings. Tlic 'irir.''llli 
Company. Kooms 5. 7, 9 and 11 .Mahon 
Hldg. II 12 Government si. 

AT 813. Cook St., nlctly furnished room 
•^-^ and board. Phone 1068. 

A VAC.\.\CY for two gentlemen or man 
-^nx and wife;; good table; garden; central 
-Mrs. Webb, rdu.iic R-1761. 

it. 11- Courtney st., single 

and doui. -.i^. three minutes from 

postoince, highest and healthiest position 
in town, opposite cathedral: English cook- 
ing; baths, etc.; terms mo<lerate. I,22B2. 

T>O.VRD, residence, single and double 
■*-' rooms with modern convenlcncia; Eng- 
lish cooking; 1256 I'andora avenue. Phono 

I.J1IVB good b«<dioom8 to rent, suitable for 
-*- married couples or party of geniu-men; 
good garden; dose lo park, sea and Beacon 
H ill car . 1-18 .South Turner st. 

Ij^URNn.SUKD suite. 2 or 3 "room sT gZi 
range: 1809 Fernwoad rd. ; phono 

"r;(AUHNISHED rooms for rent, 1128 Bur- 
X dette ave. Phone L3670. 

Jj'^l.^RNIISBED room. 312 Michigan; phone 

"nTRONT room, young man, with private 
X family; rent $3; real near to post- 
offlcf). Box 55, Colonist. 

AT st 

-ti. and 

I •40MF0HTA.UJ./E .roojn and board for two 
-■' gcriiientm. .Tames Bay. close to oar; 
moderate terms. Box lii7. Colonist. . 

/ ■i-'M-l.MjAN — Opposite Beacon Hill Park; 
^^ under entiruly new management; ex-^ 
celient culslnc; moderate prices. I'hone 
aiSll. 326 Douglas St. 

I^C'RNIiaHED or unfurnished rooms to let; 
reasonable . Apply 102!» JoSiiaon St. 

I.j^UR.\lKHliD rooms lo rent; bath, electric 
light. telephone. 140 Menz.iea st.'; 
phone 1(232 2. 

]lj"^UI<XISHED rooms to rent; reasonable. 
725 Courtney .« 


^\CKNl.SIiED rooms. 
Phone 1036. 

will sell cheap for cash or wocld take 
vacant lots In any localily. Brain, Healty 
Co., 1305 Government St.; phone 104. 

HO.VIK Heauilflcrs means repairs, altera- 
I'lons, additions to buildings, offices, 
shop <ir furniture: summer bungalows, boat 
alleratlona, etc.. in faof. anything whore' a 
comliliinllon of durabiiily. artistic display, 
and Irnlelllgence coupled with economy are 
e.-isentlai features. State your needs to 141 
iCberts St.. off May. 

TUEAl, Hnlrdressing Parlors. Look for 
X announcement' of opening dnte lat^r. 

T.N .re the estate of William Thistle, de- 
■*- ceased. Wll^ the next of kin kindJy 
comiTiunical>i at once in regard to somo 
property at Yale with B.c G, Wlckings 
.Smith, 3'Jl Camlile street. Vancouver, 11. C. 

JIIEANY, 460 Superior st. Good pas- 
• tuie for horses; 6 miles out; at $4.00 
per month. ' 

T aDY masseuse, electric treatments, 1318 
X-^ Douglas St., Room 6. 

I" E.'VRN ladies' tjxllorlng and dressmakliTg 
-^ In the largest and most complete ."chool 
west of New York. Positions guaranteed. 
Write for terms, etc. American Ladles' 
Tailor and Dressmaking School, Broadway 
and Pine nts.. .Seattle. Wash, 

"VfOTICE to ' real putaie agent."i that my 
-i-' house. 2653 Graha/n ot. Is off the mar- 
ket. K. Hurst. Jupe 28. 1912. 

GiOi^D strong derrick and 10 h. p. motor 
'^ , for sale. llOl May st. I'hone I,-17ui.. 

—J, . : . . 

T AUNCH— 18 ft. 6 In. for sale, nearly new 
■*-' apply after 6 p.m. 1036 .N'orth I'uik 

"VfOTUTR l>o contractors — For 'sale, cheap, 
-i-^ battery and drill steel, iilckw shovem, 

and ■wheelbarrows. 
Phono 3134. 


ONE and a 
snlc, Y. 

quarter aci-es 01 .grass ror 
P, Dawson, WUkeraon road. 

■piANO bargain,' Ubrdhclmor. ' new, prU 
-*■ . $350: easy terms. Phone R-1029. so.' 
Conk street. . , - „ 

SAFE— Large safe, standard.; In good coji 
dlllon; will sell reasonable. , Box I'Tn 


^TnAWUBRnIEi*. 5 cents pound, Blenl; 
••^ insop road; next picking day. .\ii,nil.o. 
July iBt. ' ■ • 

Q^JHIRTS made to orrVcr. Write-, call' or 
*^ phone Custom Shirt Mpkers, 1S50 
Chestnut ave.. Phone ,L3632. ''^: 

rpo conjiolsspurs of old, English furniture — 
X To be sold by private ireaty. quanUt.\- 
of fine old furniture, grandfather's clock. 
etc. Fullest partlcullii*s through. P. 'O. Bn.v 

'T-ROOMED house, full concrete basement. 
' all modern convenlenpos; lot 60x120*. T 
minutes from ' 


i.endy to walk Into: only $3450."f'i.B. Shaw. 
rot)m 21, 724 Fort. St. . 

car line; nicely,, fixea u'p. 

Ittwn. flowers and rose lirees. etc.; 


<j£9Q,^A SNAP— -For quick sale, 5-roomod 
'IfiwOt/V/ modern' bungalow^ on good lot, 
within 1 U mile circle; JSnO cash, balance 

"V'OTrCE— From and after this date I 

-^^ shall- not be responsible for any debts 1 easy. Apply Owner, .Box 952 Colonist 

contracted b.v n\y wife without my written ■ 

order. Dated June 26th. 1912. Paolo Monte. 

"VfOTICE to Real Estate Agents — Lots 2, 
-*-' and 24 Pleasaqt ave.. block 1, have 
been sold. O. A. Coldwell. 1 

-;U>OTUCE _ _ . 

«-^ atfy debts contracted by my wife. 

M. Walke. 

I shall not be responsible for 


"V'OTICE to 
-^^ Print and 

contractors — Electric Ulue 
id Map Co., moved to room 
214 Cciiiral building. View street; phone 

622 Rupert street. 

T.JAUHN1SHED rooms. ever 
•*■■ good locality, close to 

iTy convenle;ice. 
to car, tcleplVone. 
1139 Hilda St., next" Fairfield road. 

L'^CUNISHED rooms lo let. 500 St. John's 
X St.. corner Kingston. 

725 Courtnc 

y St.. 

10 rent; reasonable. 

FnR.NI.SH ED bcdro 
North Park st. 

car; 1219 

C"t or 

OOD rn'mi« from «2 to $3. ilio North 


TO let — .Six-roomed, modorn/» fully fur- 
nlshod house on Stanley ave., near h'orl 
St. car., wltli piano, for three (3) months; 
no small children; $il& per month. Apply 
.'!02 Pemberton Block, city. 

tg»)(''^/"l Is the price of K-ri 
'tl'-'^'*'^low, Cloverdale ave 

r 0,1 
$2fi50; $600 
T, Podding, 82." 
» hones L-1293 and 2.'iil!. • 

J^Olt rent, Oak Bay, 8 roonTtTiouse, ' uV 
ftirnishGa on Hampshlro road. KouUi 
M^_l.o ,,. Maim A- .,'o.. 11 ^ Pomb ert <^n_n 1 k ! 
I^-^OR sale. 5-room bungalow on bou'i^iTrTiT 
block from car line. $4,|(10; jionn cash bnl- 

encp on terms; m.irnlnKR nnly 
Powley, 4 15 Pomberton Hlock. 


P*"',?-,„'^'^''^'~ '■''"" "'•■'"'*" <^"''- '-arev and 
■^ Wilkinson roads, foui-roomod hou.^o 

new barn. One orchard or will sell hou<ie' 
barn and orchard with aero and 
••^Pl''-^" •' Inglls. (-olqultx, liwn..|' 

cash, balance 
Vates St. 

I 'JO 

roomed Bunga- 

only f4on 
moiillily. rioom 3, fiui! 

t£0 I'TTX — Now 5-roomod modern cottage, 
'(^''"t'V C.imbrldgo streel, near corner 
O.xford street, close to park, piped for 
furnace; easy terms. Apply owner, 640 
Nlngiira street. 

•K'^cir^n "«^^' 6 

lo Ian.' 

-roomed mi«lern cottage, 
man ifl.. between Cook and 
ave.. piped for furnaco, large lot 
easy terms. Apply 540 .Vlag.ira st. 

ryo rent, furnished 7-roora houso, for the 
Hummer, close in. Hoath & Cliancy, 

.Sayward block. 

MX) rent. a very comfortably furnlshrd 

i- biingaU»w of 8 rooms, near Beacon Jim 

|ii.rk; every convoflilenctf Apply 310 Vancou- 

v. r SI.; telephone 1,2740. 

rj1HllP.I<, bedrooms, drawing and double 
-»- living room, bathroom. kitchen eti 
jf'll^Oak^Ilay ave.; telephone 3418. ' 

Tr\0 REN-i'— Furnishedra "flve-roomed^"'^oi- 
X tage. No. 2318 HIanchard .St.; also a 
throe-roomed cottage on Clanford 
Apply E. F, G,.!^, 

rooms and board; 
762 Tnpnz ave 


l.l'M'KM.silKU rooms 
X Ollpiianl St. Phi 

with board. 
>no R-2S1S. 


T AKOE front room to let for 2 Keniremon 
-*-'' suitable for renl, 1149 Johnson st. 

^EWLY furnished apurlments; $1,50 per 
-^~ week ami up. 1122 Mears street, neni* 
Conk Bt. 


t \1,D sashes and green h( 
^-^ with 'every description 

houses rcglazed 
of glass. All 
orders sent lo R. Ijee-, Claren<'e Hotel, Vic- 
toria, will be promptely attended to. Write 
or phone No. 1800, Victoria. 


CINEMATOGRAPH lu good woiklng 
order, .St.ita fuil ' particulars. Leo, 
2620 Government St. 

nTF you have a business to s«n or exchange 
X list it with GrlniH.'ioii it Huiinctl 32'i 
Pemberton building. 

T 1ST your properties with A. von Olrso- 
•X* wald. corijcr Fort and Quadra. Uc 
will sell them. Phone 2926. 

c-ni-. at He 

of 25 per cent, to 40 per 
tedforns' .stock flortucing .Sale, 
12tl,And 13. Doiijtias St.; phone US. 

OAK Bny-t^Cheap lots wiuited from owners 
Crr,mpton & Barton. 'ISO Pemberton 
HIk.. ■ 

SCRAP Briss, copper, yinc, lead, cast Iron, 
sacks and all kinds ot bottles and rub- 
ber; highest cMh priies p.Tld.A'Iciorla Junk 
Agency, 1C20 .Store street. Phoqe iSC. 

RE.'Vl, cHlate m>-li Inkc notice — rHoUee oU 
Rose street, listed by Freil Jvey, Is 
off the market. 

IJEDI'I'TIO.N.s of 2;"i per cent, to 40 ' per 
V cent. Ill P.cdiCms' .Stock Uodue^ng .Sale. 
.S;^ywal'd Block, 1211 r)oqglflM «f. 

^OCTiH Hazelton — If you bought in the 
•O oilgiiial official C, T. V. townslte Lit 

S-ll, please 

ommuiili MtB al once for a 
Home Prriutlflcrs, lil Eberls st. 

JAMES Buy Hotel— South Government St.. 
family hotel, ^splendid location, facing 
Hracoii Jlill ijHi'k. four bioii)<s from boat- 
lai[ilni|{« and post office. 100 rooms, modern 
tlirout;houl, aliigiy or en suite. Special 
Weekly and monthly rates. Excellent 


Phone 23(14. 

/\U.\IM)ALK. Just opened, lots ot roo 
^' first-class board and room $7.60. i; 

Stanley avu., corner Fort. 




OO.M and board. 1222 Gladstone ave. 

Sif8 Fisguard hit. 



I(''OH snio. len acm 00 Ciren-nille circle. 
with house and bsms; a snap. $13,000 

.^ Bruce Powlev 

415 Pemberton block. 

"I^IOR sale. .1- roomed bungalow on" Ccoiko 
„.„., K I'M*''"^',"'' Eliato, or will trade for 
good bill. dins lot or runabout auto. Apply 

.^1 L.pwis St. 1 e 7 

T^'^OR sale, now fully modern fl-rofm real 

-a dence: c«i,h pavmont only J.IOO 

erl;- well situalf.1. larRo Int. 

grass: owner needs money and will make 

good prlie and easy terms If pruperly 1, 

S'v.d at ■inco; no agon Is. Hox I,. Colonist 

graded. In 

"l^"^OR S.\I,E- .-.-roomed new bungarnw nil 
Jl. modern cmvonlencos; one minute from 
Fort M, oar, $4,350; terms tS«« c««h bal- 

(J&X»>"tn Seven-room modern, new house, 
♦llV»— .'JU corner llicbmonil niul Pan.!'ir,i, 
rn.'liiK park, comolit basement, piped for 
fMriim o, Imll, dining and IInIok looni pan- 
eilml. coilliiKs beamed, built In burfet and 
book r-iiso, voiy nicely finished, u nice 
hfinie. $1250 cash. hBlance 10 be arrange, 1 
See the owner, 110 Pomberion blurl; Phone 
2S01. Evenings 200B Oak Mm- a\ Plinno 

rpo rent, nicely 

X over.v convei 

furnished 7-i-oomed house, 
'onlonco, srabie, ■> chicken 
houses, etc. $50 per month. Apply at 
liouse, lOIo FIsgunrd st 

rr\0 let. furnished 7-ro»m. modern house 
•- to approved tenants, from Ist of JuA-' 

""'"• >'«■'■■ Ap ply 16 23 Richmond ave. 

rpj let. furnlsiied, at oiiT-eTT'^ "bunRalow; 
-•- at .North Saanlch. Apply Mrs. Wise. 

K(M)M and board- -.\1 r.i. 1). (Jreen, fonin-riy 
of the Piipliii-s, has re-opene.I a room- 
Ini-- and boiinlliig houso at 172!> Duchess St., 
where .the best $1 a day bouse r\in be found. 

board; also day hoard. 1712 

KUOM and bo 
I'ook street. 

"V'lCKLY furnished rooms, roasonjJble. 
-i-^ KlngBlon St.. James Bay. 

newly furnished rooms; rea- 
lOliO Vale!. SI., near Vnn- 

"\T1C1C. large 
-*-' sonnble. 

~V''''Er.V furnished rooms, with breakfast 
-'-' It desired ii private home; near park. 
Ii52 .N'iagara st. 

7 'TpPORTrNI'TY for n*w arrivals to renl 
^^ (Irst-class room In English private 

644 -Sim- 

fa mil. v 
coe .«it 

reasonable renl ; 
Phono R'-1093. 

close in. 

TVyO real estate men — ^Lois 24 and 2 
X St., and corner lot Prcdeau rd., Burn- 
side, are olf the niurkel. K. .Si ver.s. 

* ' U-avelllng 

Immediately second hand 
ig trunk, g..o>i oiu-r. Aa.stial- 
lun, 2(14 1 Doiijtias. 

XT'A.NTPI). for lui English investor, an .-s- 
.» ' taMl.i'hed business or revenue produc- 
ing propirly In Ihe centre of the (.•.Itv; oui 
client will consider only .Vound proposltloi, 
U.p to $300,000, In valuat. Own«»i'« or agenm 
will -pica so giv,- minute iieluiu to 'Bet-ltoif 
M.ajor >*t Co. Ltd., 643 Fort si. 

I 1 



.,,.■ ., rpRAUE— Owner 

fi'f nne 

TIOOM to rent — We are offered a room tc 
-*• rent In a good privnic family; room 
wolf furnished; house thoroughly modern 
and novv,; business or professional man; ref- 
erences required. A. Bruce Powloy. Agent. 
41B Pomberton Block. 

JJOO.VI B,nA hoard for two young men. 121 
» tjouili Turner st. 

T>()OM« and board, beautifully situated on 
X»- (lorKc; close 'to t-nr line 1:';;: .--uniiy- 
slilO' avenue, off Cralgiiowor road. Phone 
U31 25. 

MIS Box. \'lcioria. 

I.MllKley St. 

-riinm hoiino on Pandora st. 
Walker Bros., n. inin 


YyANTBlJ — 'IV. purchase in or 12 roomed 
'' hi'UHO «lth grounds In \lclovIn for fi 

first mortgage bonds; 


mice on f-a^y 

. bal- 
lorms. Apply U13 Blanchard 

AOH )»alo. 

.^.-.-r. ,^o.r. r I loni house, modern: one 

. J"^"^^. :'"■.'!' ''"'■ •'•''t''l l>»'weerf 1 and 
■» 11(3 Chestnut ave. 

prr cent. 

1\ 'ANTED al ot/c*. a « i of 7-room hduso 
' ' > with stiiblo. on full lot, not loo far 
out, for ft clloni. Loi me know If voa ha\o 
It W. .S n. Hmllh, 221 -Sayw sid hldg. 

good water front home from 
siiile price and brst term». 
Address !»38 Colonist. 


J>t'll,l..INO and yard lo rent, suUable for 
-*-" garaKo or work shop, 113,; .\i„.«,j„. 

nlxive I'ook 

/ i.KMPlN'c giounds to rent. 
*-■ ply 51. n .Shvward Hldfe'. 

Foul- Bay. Ap- 

I.^'^OFt rem. largo r-^i 
-'•- (Ice. R«|u & 
•■33 Fort St. ;' 

>on( at back of our of- 
Spencei^, Real > Estate. 

ung man. 

T><KJM and board lor youi 
XV iilngarn si.; pliono LL'iilu; 

rpo let. comr.irlnblo room ond board; 
-*^ Weigh and English pmerred. 
"^■o^lng sti'oei. 


4 23 

"Y^F. Oldo Homestoart — .For worklngmen. $6 
-*- and $6.50 a w<>ok: also table boarders 
702 Princess ave., corner DoiiKias »i, 


T^OOMB to let. 10 minutes from centre of 
XV cl 

Pity. 1146 North Park -St. 

;jMAr,T. furnlshod rooms lo lot. 
orlne m.. \'lriorla We«t 

825 Coth- 


2T. CATHERINES, private rooming house. 

> Beacon lllll, close to sea, two minute* from 
car. twelve minutes from post office, steam 
besting; terms modorato 1148 Oscsr st. 


most contrnl 


* * .iwner 

♦ » casli. 

-A 3 or i-roomert cotlnco; $;(»'» 
balaiii e $28 a nionlli, iiidudlna 
Interest, Apply Box ti, Colonist. 

I^-^OR tent, two large unfurnishBd front 
*- rooms. 5 44 Toronto st. 

T AHCK office near cliy hail, to rent. Ap- 
■*-• ply 707 Pandora si. 

rno lot. large store with full basemenTron 

two year lease. 


72 1 Yates 

Apply W«lia<;e 


rpo rem — Cntu.-nlsl.ed room, suitable for 
X couple or bachelors. IS4 Michigan st. 

KOO.M and part board rv.iulred by busi- 
ness woman. Hox 111.'. Cr>|.,nlHi.. 

YY''^*^TKU — Room and board, gentium 
'' close In; slal'' terms. Box 10!i city. 



Y\^ANT'KU, llesldeoce with Engllnh prlv- 
' » ate family. Hox 939 Colonial. 

YX.'ANTED. board and room for lady and 
' » child, for a few weeks In the vicinity 


of Sidney. Apply Box 612, Colonist, stutlng 

"Y^OCNO man (ahstnlncrl would devote 
X several hours i-la.'ly In Return 
room and board. Box t£3. Colonist. 

.JYLVES'fKR rooms. 

cheapest In town; all neatly decor«\ed; 
uiider now management. Roiims fr<*n $8.00 
per week up. 715 Yates St. 

^I'PERIOR furnished rooms, five minutes 
1^ from pnstoltlre. every convenience. 924 
Cnllinson st : phone 1,T,3047. 

Furnished, large sunny front room 
able ft.-r two genllcmeD. App^y l«03 

rpo Contracior-s — Temlers will be rtceivetl 
-L up to noon on .Monday. July S. for iho 
eroctlon <i< n dwelling on lot X. Miga\^o.1ll 
I Stat.', for Mr. Jani.'.q Hunter. Iiriiwing 
and speclflcailonB can be seen at the office 
of the uiiderslgnod. to whom all tenders 
must be dell\oie<l. The lowosl or any ten- 
der not necessarily accepted, Crawford 
Coates, Archileci. 753 Fort si., Victoria. 

rpyPEWPITI.N(^ accurBtely and rapidly 
X exoiuted by rxpeileiired operator. 5i' 
per. 72 words. Export lady slenogiaphei* 
for lemperorary work. $4 per day. 24 15 
Fornwooil road. 




HE Magic Cleaner (gloves, s 
straw liais. carp tsi can now 
at Room 2, .McCailum Block, 
si. Phono n.loii. 






lot,; Foul Hrt,v or Sli 
Box 174, Coloni.-<i. 

ri"VJ exchangi' 
X .loll OS. .1 

let. Edmonton 
■ for resldoniial 
uwncrs only. 

ni(.- cuiioe for gent's bicycle. 
r Jlurnside rd. 

Y"Y71'''' •Nciiangii B-r«oinod bungalow ncui 
' ♦ Douglas car tor lo acres good land 
with house on Saanlsh Arm, n^sr car line 
balance cash. (.>iVners only. X, Mn\wood 

r^-ItUOMED house, Fairview nistri<~Van- 
'-' couver, for vacant or property in 
\lctorla. Ox -ndale & Wsri;/ S:^ywiii-d Ulk. 


\;riCTOniA Typpwrller ExchaTige — AU 
kinds of machines repaired, rebuilt, 
bought, sold and exchang'd. • H. Webster 
Mech. Expert. No. 8 Moody Block, Vales 
St.; phone 2320. ^ 

■pOUND, on 23rd May, 1912, one gasoline 
-•- power boat at sea about one mile oft 

C«.po l.azo; owner may receive parllculars 
by applying to A. L. Kadf.ird. Comox. 

T OST. lady's purse witff money enc'l'iscd, 
X^ '-on Hioa.l or Fort streets, yislcrdnj. 
Finder please apply .^o Hox 210. Colonist. 
Ho IV Hid. • 


1, Ihe parlj^ who got go-cart exchang- 
ed Saturday night on vviHows car call 
wrlie 1782 l,ee avr. 

rpo let 
-1 sulti 
Cook St. 


for rno 

rpo LET, nicely furnlshod front bedroom, 
X suitable for two gentlemen, close in. 
1 1106 Hay St.. corner Vancouver. 

r|"K) j-enl — Furnished bedrtfbm;' reasonable 
X t«rms. I'ilO Fort st. 

rpo rent, a large furni|ihed room; gas 
X range; no children 1029 Burdetle ave. 

rpo Rent — 8* large furnisheil be4room«. uxe 
X oi dining room; b--eaktsst If required, 
near park: cars strip nursido, l>4! Nlagtira. 

Rent — FurnUhed room 714 Caladonta 

YY/'*^'^'''^' •««peilonce^ cook, general, anjj 
tV housomald. Wanted, several mslds" Wr 
good positions; good wages; references. 
Wanted, women for laundry w-ork at Isdlei 
homes. Naedlowoman rcnuircB.' children's 
garments and . moml'.j.g. An experienced 
housekeeper, good cook and mantiger, seek* 
post In gentlei|n«n'» residence. Waftted 
working housekeep. rs for country homes! 
Furnished bungalow to let. Oak Hay, five 
minutes from sea and car; seven rooms. 
Agency of Allss Uevereux. 1314 Furl st. 
business 4 to 6; telephone 447. * ' 

T U.ST. Jersey-Durham Cow, 
X^ district, rimse^ono I 



Oak Bay 

1 <>ST. Scotch <;nllie bitch, from 1742 "Fifth 
-1-^ St.. Friday, aisi; return to abovu ad- 
dress 1 and , receive reward .Viivone found 
haiUovlng srimv after this notice will he 
proseeiiicd. ' 

1 OST— Camel 
■*-' .luno 25th: 


br.ioch Heacon Hill c«r, 
return to 618 Battery »t.; 

WINDOW cleaning— If yoa want your 
windows cleaned ring up the Island 
Window Cleaning Company. Phone L-1882. 

731 I'rincess sve. 

WARNING — All persons and isorpora tlons 
are hereby warned against Ues^Mlnk 

On or InterfertnK with or In any way <lo|iig _^ 

dauiag* tu the Southerly 20 |«M of «MttoK 7i 

IS. Range C Eaet. 86uth ttAnioh ,«dlafrint S .,^-^,_ 

which U private property. Uwttftra: Mar* m "*^\ w«»«l«fs, a 

Deoley, Catherine 8t«nbttrBJ^ AT 1$. 4val* IJ* JW**-- 'Jfr.Mil 

Henry J. McHu«h. tJMt^ JW? »tW; Tti»; ?*gftl2r^l '^*!* 

KAji John St.. 'alandaya mH Tftlirwlaw, 
«^*C 8 p. rt.. maeUnt* iW th« MMNitc 

ment nf your aplrltMll .porintiL .Uk^-.^^tuR 

T OST. yellow and griien canary. Rewkrd 
■*^ for same at 1045 Yates at., or piRttte 

:i-3.';2o. . - 

T 08T, BnKlish aetter/ answering te fMHia 

"■•^ of "Bl!l»-.'' Beward on r^urn t<*- *. 

J; ,E._ CraJdock, departnioiit <^f /tgrlcnrt-jjjjffc 

T 08T. b|«M nutdf ' lamtK «•*«* 4|^a 
■*^ r«in.4; ^on.. thr> l>fa<l»0i4 MMfP 

,1 i 1 ; »'ji ii.::! liwHiii 

Irltwil poril^ 
yatedonia nv*., WtdMidivk 

niond»> t«' lAiai 




Saturday, Juna 2t, 'Hfll 

;,in, p;--,- 


AUAKUAIN— VturllnB hin». »1.50 each. 
H«x W. U. 6., Colonl»l. 

lj>uiid lui' uale; u. luvv hlvea to flrnt-claca 
Ai ahiipc; Bironfe colonlea; •fully equipped 
1'. u. iiox ItfiS. 

LCKS tor naiu, fruin 1!6 cuiim up. Wln- 
jtaiB, H4S Kyan »l.. Belvedere. 


208 Central Bide., Broad and View 8ir««t». 

Phone A^iu. 


Jj'VOK Bale, ijuitft mure, phaeton 
tusHB. Applj 44 1 Gorue road. 

.ajad bar- 

lAull HAljt; — ^jy iMitlre »took of lh(jrouBh- 
J- bred I'lymouth HocVt, Huff Orpington 
and Wyaiidotte lieii«, first clans »lock; ap- 
ply E. U. Almas, turner Ml. Tolmle and 
liuy rood. 

Ir^OU «ale— Standard bred mare and young 
colt, by riai-kiiey hor»e; mure quiet to 
ride and arlv«. Uox i)78, Colonial. 

— - ^^^^ 

wttifon and uxpreik harni'»B, cheap. Apply 
A. K. Wade, li. C. Saddlery, Yates st. 

IJ^UU sale — Splendid driving; horse. 
Jj and reliable, also buKlTJ' »"* *>* 

- 1000 lbs.; 

-A loal Drown mare, weight 
also a light express, a rub- 
ber-tired bugg:y and harnass, single and 
double: also two double poles. Aiiply 8:!8 
Klsguard street, JS. F. Gelger. 

Sale — Two good milk eowa; apply 
•. White. John's Crossing, South 

-L Mr 

.XiVJit sole." S. C. Buff Lieghorn — The whole 
■*• of the stock recently purchased from 
Mr. I. J. Shoppard. composed of last and 
This season's birds. Three now Prairie State 
yilovers and one Hearson 240 e^K Incubator. 
Kor sale cheap to quick buyer. Apply li. 
Clark, Cobble HtU. 

I,"VOK sale, a good delivery mare or light 
- delivering, 4 years old; price t22£. Box 
4 53, Coloni st. 

FOR sal<5, young pigs, J. Street, Atkins 
Biding, E. & N. Railway. 

HKAVY team for sale, flrst-class condi- 
tion; price $6£0 If sold soon. Apply 
Chandler Eros.. Wilkinson road. ^ 

HAVa Just received a. car of ex^tra. heavy 
ihoreos. Including three matched paJr* 
Of black and three matched pairs of greys, 
welRhIng from 3500 "to 3800 lbs. per team. 
Can be seen at our lalfl ':bamB. Burlelth 
I'ark, on Cralgflower, rd- Bt'epheiMon & 
1 'orry. 'proprietors, P, O. Box 1180.. Phone* 
;'.J075 and .Ma 09. , 

\ t -uTb. road cart and harntM jtmui irilBft 
-' L imjjorted bobtail BngUltb fItMtP 4i)«; 
i.roken; ~W. Green, .Royal Oak. 


I>ri'l'Y for snilo: will maldj splendid oom- 
punlnn; B«^-S«isa<rd. «tr«tai f«. Sox 



I ', iS.ree wegW old clilckiB.'TaElwS'r 
I. Box ie«. Colonist. '; 

YTt''.\N"l''Kr>. about twelve chickens, year 
>> <ilil; white Leghorns preferred. Box 
•2H Oolon lst. 

T'lTANTED — White Holland or Mammoth 
' ' nronzo turkeys, lOQ, hens, 1% years 10 
unrplatod gobblers, 2 years; only reliable 
stock entortalned; quote price Agricultural 
Journal. Brown Bl k.. Broad et. 

VT'nEL.L bred young horse; make good poln 
l\ pony; Teaeonable. Bo x 977. Colonist. 

\7r7E are offfrlng 100 hen-hatchod s. o. 
VV White Leghorn hens, for breeders; none 
welKhlntf less than 5 lbs., all laying, and the 
picture of health and vigor; a snap. Apply 
I'oultry Dept.. Braetoot Farm, Mount Tol- 
mle V O. 


IK.- TV/rONEY txi loan on mortgage. Apply 
aS^-. iVt I.e oni»rd C. MtllE. Ill Peiabgrtcs blk. 

MONEY on loan. Agreements bouyht. He- 
far Box 267. Co lonist. "- 

VX'E Wn.,L lend JIOO.OOO In $20-00 lots to 
VV purthasers of Port Hardy lands. We 
want S per cent, interest. Inquire Port 
Hardy Development League, Box 1472, Van- 
couver. B. 0. 


Phono ISGD. 138 Pemberton Bldg. 

OAK Bay are. — Seven-roomed, furnished 
house to rent;, one room reserved; occu- 
pation July Sth for six weeks; good furni- 
ture and piano; easy walk to beach; oo 
I liUdreu. . Terms, etc., bn application. 


i;eal KsiaJle. Bents Collected. Uatates 

* Managed. 

1009 Douglas at.. Victoria, B. C 

ELK Lake 


te — Exclusive sale of ten acres of 
land In crop, and a modern 6- 
loomed new house; a bargain at $12,500; 
third cash, balance 6. 12 and IS months at 
V per. cent. 

LK LtUte-r-Teu acres good land, partly 
cleared, running stream through the 

land, two log Caibina; $500 an acre; UUrd 
cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months at 7 per 

A, D, MALET ^ CO, 

;,_,;-, 403-404 Central Bldg. 


/ tOOK St., double corner neitl- Pandora, 
y.J 78 feet on Cook, $300 per front foot. 

C "CHATHAM St., near Governmcut, GOxlJO, 
J $25,000. ■ 

■\riC'lUGAN »t.. next .,td the corner of 
jM- Alouzles, $5600; very" easy terms. 

JAMES Bay, Mlclllgau St.", next to corner 
o£ St. 'Lttwreuce, 60x120, $8500. 

LINDEN ave., near Dallas rd., 50x110, 
$2.S,S0. ^^ 

"VTKAK Rockland ave., corner, 60.xll0, 

i-^ $1150. 

-rxt:;]in-; mis adjoining, $1360. 

OAK BaJi North Hampshire rd., 60x105, 
lino bufldltl K iilte;' go od view, Ji375. 

"V7EAR Linden ave., 8-room, new, modern 
1^ home, best residential locality, on very 
easy terms; price $5200. 

OAK li.ty home, 6-roora. very modern, 
new coltago, on easy terms, $3600. 

C'l ORGE View Park, ho<i8c, »H50 cash. 
T balance as rent; new up-to-date cottage, 
high, gooii view of the water, $2800. 

VX^ATF-HFRONT, Crofton, 20 acres good 
'' Umd suitable for fruit growing, with 
larKO 7-room house, near railroad station, 

etc;. $12,000. 

OAK Bay, near the sea and Beach drive, 
8 lots, 00x120. 1800 cosh; price, each 

BREAKWATER njid harbor iiuprovements 
will onhaiKe this v.iluo very soon. 4- 
room, good house on lot S0xl20. close to 
the waterfront, $5500; revenue jlf.fiO pev 

HILr..ainE ave., lot six ins, next to rmr- 
ncr Hillside on Fifth si.. $2100. 

ICTORIA W#fet, corner Cralgflower and 

^J^'INGS rd. near Avebusy. for this week 
*^ only, two lots 42x100, $876 each or 
$1900 for bath. 

COOK St., naar Beacon Hill park, lot lOx 
122, $3160; third cash. 

■piENMAN St.. corner lot, 47x116, ;'i200. 

lot 60x125, $1060; $306 

win handle. 

O $1550; third cash. 

^EAVIKW ave., corm 
^3 fine view; third c 

er lot. t6xl20.<$l>«0: 

BEE St., Oak Uay.. lot 60x120, with 3- 
room Cottage;' near car; $1600; third 

BASIL St.. good lot, 60x112. $iei0; quar- 
ter cosh. 

QfEU.VS ave.. good lot. 60x120, $5150; 
third cash, 

yvAVIE St., lot 60x106, $1676; third cash, 

JOSEPH St.. fine lot, 49x120. with good 
3-room cottage, on paved street, $2100; 
good terms, 

YALE St,. Oak Bay, near car, fine house. 
8 rooms and bt 

$4 700; $700 cash. 

lalh, etc., on lot 60x132, 

KOBERTSON St., Hollywood, new house, 
6 rooms and bath, every conTenlence, 
iot 62x120, $4750; $1500 cash. ^ 


213 Sayward Bildg. Phon« $91ti 

*fiAnn — Have you got $600 cash? If so, 
qpl>l/U we will build you a nice bungalow 
.OR a iJtrge lot, 60x150, close to the car Ua^i. 
Call in and see our arcMtect and lot Tilm 
m«lce a set oi plana for you. 

dg^^AA CASH Beoure* a comfortable moA-^ 
'jPt^H/V em residence on Pandora ave., 
having six good sized rooms, full basement 
with cement floor, large bathroom and 
pantry, all piped for furnaoe; sise df«loW 
5(.ex}eo. This is a anap. ^ t 


S99!lM..«A9, Otter Point Real Jtot&ta, G|iais« 
. ' Booke, B.C. " 


J. T. TuBnIclItf* * Son 
IIZI DoufflM St Phon«"«3»l. 


ONS beat buy In Victoria West, II tu on 
Catherine St.. opposUo ftr« kail; the 
b«sl rooming bouae and business '>lte ot- 
tatnable; for a taw days only llu.u^u; Iiooo 
cash, MCI 1 and X yaars; lat us ia(W tl Is 
snap over witb rou at one*, as U caanoc 
last long. 


Book* Raal E;atattf' Ofllc*. Sooke. B. C. 

-| A AND ZO-aor« blocks, logged off lands, 
J-" cloao to main road; good for both frvill 
an.d chickens; bi-autirul viuw; $60 per acrw. 

^BA front lots — Choice ol' situation at $1J0 
^J per a»re. 

Q1\-ACRE farm with large orcliard, half 
OV/ under cuUlvatloii and pasiurr; bar:i 
and dwelling houso; cOMvenleiuly situated; 
would subdivide well; $17,000. 

OtJli choice of llvu and slx-acro lots, well 
situated at from $125 per acre. 

EAL'TIKIL riverfront homesltvs from 
two to live acres; close to station site. 



1214 Government Bt, 


Raat Kalata mat InsuraniM, Cowtohaa .aii# 
CobbU UW 


FFER the following propertlaa for sale: 

-acre: Inti Willi frdutage on Cowlchan 
Bay. Prlco from $1800. 

330 yards seafront, near 
opposite Deep Cove; splen- 
did spring water laid on to good new cot- 
tage; bungalow, lln« beach and good anchor- 
age. Price $16,000, on terms. 

'H\ ACRES with 
t>U Cobble Htll, u 

t*f\ ACRlSS. nearly all cleared, close to 
\f\J Cowlchaa Station, 10-roomed house, 
barns, stables, etc., unlimited water vupply 
to house and barns, the best dairy farm In 
ihu district. Prlco $18,000, terma • 

VERY attractive bungalow, three bed- 
rooms, sitting, dining room, kitchen and 
pantry; water laid on; good bathroom and 
linen closet; acetylene gas, 16 lights; pump- 
ing ingino. 800 gal. tank; all nfaw; and 
about two acres of &rst rats garden and 
orchard. Price $5,(00. 



Rooms 1 and 2, McGregor Block. 

Cor. View and Broad. OiiposUe D. .Spencer'a 

House Phone XX2123. Phono 938. 

Upuu Saturdays, 8 to IV p.m. 

COSY Cottage, Oak Bay, B^ rooms, good 
lot. oak trees, $3800; easy term^ 

NEW modern house, Fairfield, T MW». 
rooms, large bath, large hall, two; toi- 
lets, furaace, conservatory, lot nearly halt 


{•bov* JW*. ' ■ y »jli: Pouglag StvMt. 

'TJITP liiave the exclusive aale of these good 
IT- ' te^y■ »id Trohi our Jtt4gment they 
ari . worthy oX Inveatlgatlon . 

BXBtLT >«r day' labop^New iMV«n-ro9i9#4 
ttome, tnrnace, fwlJy jmodem. Interior 
"" — ' ui il> a vmij li e at; ' I n 

SOOKE Subdivision of 286 Ac. Cut «q» IM(^ 
6-aore lots (now being logged), allout 
a mile from Sonke Harbor, being Sections 
35 and 36, on the Otter Point road. The 
few remaining lots are now $150 per acre. 

43 ■' 

.\CRES sea front; would divide. 


ACRES harbor front. 

AND 10 acre chicken ranches. 

TTOUSE and 3 acres, harbor front. 

TT'JL'.SE and 5 acres, sea front. 

'>rt ACRE farm, house, barns, crops, etc. 



1242 Government at Tulephono 3259. 

OA ACREfi, on main road, good aea vlev. 
mm\J piu-tiy cleared, at $200 per aore. 

OJ^A ACRES. Mtttchosin, at $36 per acre, 

(JOOD lot on ■FlnlOi'son St., clpse to cor. 
J Cook, $900; cash $350; tor quick sale. 


tARUN St., off Cook, lot 60x120. $800. 

CIARIjIN St.. new 7-room«d houss, fully 
^ modern, $3300; cash $600, bal. $15 

OAK Bay, Monterey ave., 6- 
eplendld finish, fully n 

i-roomed house, 
ly modern, buffet 
built In. $4300; cash $1000. 

QrADRA St., close to Fort, store and 11 
rooms, etc., modern, $25,000; third cash. 


606-007 Sayward Blk. Phone 874. 


LINDEN ave., between May and Faithful; 
6 rooms, every modern convenience, 
$6000; easy ternia. 

OLIVE St., half block from car lino; splen- 
did view of the sea; 5 rooms, housu 

KlU Wll«lli 

Rockland Park, commanding a view of the 

city and etralu: price $S2S0, with |12C0 

ca(i& ai>d the balance .as rent. ' 

t^ ..« — — 

KIDW bungalov7, 6 rooms, all modern, 
ia good elevation, view ot city, for a- 
"'agsni at ts goo; rtsw cat hr baiauu r-wairr 

VICTORIA West— Florence rft.. •« the 
foot of Pine St., 8 large .■tots ' fronting 
on 3 streets; Just $5400; fl4i>0 each, bal- 
ance easy. 

SOOKE District— Half mile fWtelVsli;- -* >!. 
station, good land, 132 feet waterfront- 
age; 18 acres at $200 per acre; $1000 cash, 
balance made easy. 

AY St. — Close In, 65x120 next to a corner 
Is a snap at $1500; terms. 

TJL'RNaiDE — Close Washington Ave.: 2 

choice lots, 
cash and terms. 

on car line. )1575; 1-3 

.quarter cash and $15 a month. 


fAPPELLE ST. — House, 5 rooms, , fully 
modero; good drainage and water: $600 
oaah. Price (3150. 

CXT>ltAjM.<} Ave. — High homeslto, garden 
grouod, (0 feet; ten minutes frooi 
]:>ougUdl')fiac;4lttieai tMAi' aaarter coah and 

terni*.-^ ~^~; " ■ •. ■-■'^•'"'•C'" ■■ ■ 

■I I . i.|il| l i j ii n , j' ^ " 

CLOSE tttMon altd itore, Garden City. 
$600;' quorUr cajsh and t^rm»- ,9lI- 
ranged. •; ..;■ ^ " "-:' ■■ • 

SWAN ■ UAKE3' ■■■'M^» -^;U»!T-««t.' nifbt 
where ImproVeoientB ' being done: 4n* 
ho(aeett«i |1S0 caah. Prlee only .|>S4^ ' < 


OW9 Htfih Quadra fit. — Bona* feeantlful 
Iota 60x130. all level and graaay. >Oet 
in on the ground floor and secure one of 
these lots before they rise. Prices range 
from $676 to $860, according to location. 
$160 cash, bal. R, 12 and 18 months %t ^ 
par cent. Adjalnli>g lots are selling at a 
much higher price. We have only a lim- 
ited number left. Auto at your aervlca to 
see these lots. Call and see us about them. 

MOUNT STEPHEN Ave. — A good level lot, 
little aock at back, 40x156. Price $1060. 
1-3 cash, balance 6, 13 and 1$ moatbs at 7 
per cent. 


Real Eatate Agents 

CROFTON lownslle — An Ideal S(»ot tot 
summer homes or camping, with a ccr- 
taiaty of a large Increase In value la th« 
ue^l year; lota for sale at $100 and up- 
wards on easy terms; 3 to 10 minutes from 
store, poslofflce. telephone, school, sea;, good 
hotel; magnllicent view ot the Cascade 
range and Islands; splendid deep water har- 
bor; good nshlng, boating and fine sands; 
railway connection with the E. & N. rail- 
way now being eompletod. Houses, fur- 
nished or unturnlshcd to rent. 

SALT Spring Jsland— -17 8 acres. over 1 
jnllo sea frontage. 4 roomed bungalow 
with water laid on. small paildock and sta- 
ble. Price $28,000^ 

SEAFRONTAG7 — 8.16 acres, all cleared, 
meadow land with fringe of trees on 
the seafront. 

Si,i ACRES, portion meadow land, re- 
mainder very light clearing; fine site 
for house, with excellent sea view; both 
l>n, miles from Crofton P. O., phone and 
store; close to railway. 

4JEAPRONTAGE — 127 acres with good 10- 
lO roomed house, bath, etc.; water hy 
gravii y and light pia-ol; a-buul 30 Av<us 
gX&ared, 30 slashed; barn and. outbuildings; 
1%. miles from iif^ftoit^ 4f^|Bj|f,i^d -te«?g»- 
on application. .'•■., ..-.' ■S-.y- -■,<>:,■' > 



Real Estate 
848 Fort Street. Phono 3514 

Rnnming iiousrs, IlextiiiirantM. Cigar Stand* 

LOOK what a snap. 58 rooms, great money 
maker; only $1200. 

IF you list your property with us, ■*e car 
talnly sell It. 

'E have several small rooming hovises; 
very reasonable prices. 

T OTS near Haultaln St.; only $960, terms. 


rr-ACRE farm, all highly Improved, with 
<-' a nice house and all furniture, also soni<' 
clilc'iena and al! biiplcments; 160 fruit 
trees on the i:;aco. ^ 

1ACRE on Shawnlgan I..ake waterfront, 
right close to hotel; cheap. 

will handle a drst-class 11-room 



Real Estate, Timber, Mines and Coal Lands 

Phone 2»Si?. Box 5 60 

128 Pemberton Building Victoria. B. C. 

Vancouver OlUct — Winch Building 
Members Victoria Iteal E.">lato Exchange 

1JURT Hardy — Get In ahead ot the rail- 
way; lots from $111 

116 on easy torina. 

iiOKT Hardy—The terminus of the rail- 
way system of Vancouver Island. Call 
.mil see us about lots or acreage. 

iJORT Hardy — S«« tUenow map l!<sue,l by 
the provincial goverimHi.- . i^ the 

just finlslied; lot 50x120; $4200; 
ranged to suit purchaser. 

tormli ar- 

]V/f ACKENZIE ave.. 6 room house, splen- 
■^■^ did locality; all conveniences; $5000 
JIOOO cash and balance on very easy pay- 

CJHBLBOURNB St., near Lansdowne rd., 
rO high and dry, no rock, all cleared, $800 

McKKNZIE sr. nnd .Moss, splendid corne.- 
slte for apartment or store; ISO feet 
frontage on ilackenrlc, facing south, 
ft. on Moss; $7500 on good terms. 


McKENZIE avo.. between Linden and 
.Moas; several fine lots In this admir- 

able locality at $2000 each; 

terms arrang- 




A.'y.^Al — *^w*iri«jr 
acres all clearo 

learod with small house, oh 
Sooke rd.. 212 feet waterfront on Olon lake, 
only $2700. , ' 


Contractors and Real Estate 
1» Oreeu Block. Brohd St. Phooa L.7B}. 

CASH— Nice level lot, P^rkdale. 
size 60x112; price $576. 


ffllQKA CASH — Lot Oak Bay, size 43x120, 



Cleared and level; price $noo. v 

CASH — l>evel lot, Olympla ave., 
sixa 60x1 :7; price 11200. 

CASH — NJce lot. Robertson st., 
de^ivd. water, stse 60x123; priodl^ 

aA.0lI-~HBlf acre Garden City, all 
eleared: price $1100. 



dMJAA CABH— Itow , »-room bungalow, 
#Om/ Vietorta WmA*. imodern. all oon- 
venlencea, well flnwiiad htouse: lot 4«xiao; 
on the ear itn n J»uk HBOO. 

#eK/|A CAS8-*-New, IMMU*, 4 rooms and 
iPtnAf- ptMtrr. i»«l baaareent, lot «ix 
IAS, i blMk off nmiM/t' ftve. i rrlce f lOOC. 

#ifkAA CABH— -a-room kAoae. mvdara. 
flULVVV al! mnymi m **', plp»« f«r fur- 
IMMIH VmittMd . M%^»UnU prtf IMO*. 

I^tm Mil« at ix»m «itpo««l ^ 

WELLINGTON and FiUthful, 4 lots. In- 
cluding corner, finest sito In Fairfield, 

^ftCAR St.. between Linden and Moes, 45x 
141; $1850; good terms. 



Money to Loan. 

Life Insurance. Fire Insurance. 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange. 

12t2 Broad at.. Victoria B. C. 

I>RirOR St., 6"roomsd house and lot eix 
110; $4600. 

fi RA-NT St.. 7-roomed house 4nd lot 83x 
vJT 145; $5500. 

TT^BERTS St., 7-roora house, modern; $6000. 

HARBUNGEK ave.. i-room house and lot 
65x14.8 >«; $5500. 

CJOUTH Hampshire, 6-roomed house and 
SJ lot 60x112; $4760. 

"VTBWPORT avo.. 6-roora bouse and lot, 

-L>1 60x110; $6250. 


Oillcca: 111 Pemberton Block and fldoay, 

B. C. Phone IISI. 

Maaaicb i<aod a iipeciai^. 

COMOX district, 260 acre farm with 100 
acres under cultivation, good build- 
Ings, abundant water, and two farm houses, 
stock and Iniplements included iu sale, price 
$30,000; very easy terms, spread over sovea 
. yeare- 

*CJAANICH disfrKt, 10 acres mosUy In 
^ acrop., splendid water, close to two rail- 
ways; price $4 36 per aore. 

(^AANICH dUtrict, we bave land at prices 
^ ranging from tto per acre up to $61)0 
per ax;re in trnxnM *>f SDial^ p(«0«*; »'»■• jtHlf— 
choice waterfront. \ 

A LL BAY POINT— This new subdivision. 
**- oomprlslng the ntost beautiful water- 
front on tlte aaanich peninsula. Is shortly to 
be put on the market In small blocks! It Is 
situats bet««eB Shoal Harbor and Roberta 
Bay; pl^na and price list can b<e aeen at aur 
office 6nd deposits will be a«e«lrted; .Urma 
c;an be apread over two yaara 


•■ ■ ' 1 1 . i i » ■ ' 

f^pOO. »»w Iwntfc «ln»e to Httl«ld«, •aly 
VT $|oM; t»< » •»<x^ 

a OOP f-fMana« kouae •■ Kartfe ■•«»■- 
afadra. Mljr |70*0l. 

inilway syatem of V'ancou. 
the northern terminus at 1 ■- 



|>ORT Hardy — Don't wait for the railway 
-*- to get there, now is the time to. Invest, 

1.jAARMS and acreage — We have a large list 
ot piopertles in all parts ot Uie islahd. 

/^KOFTON — The terminus ot the new rall- 
Vv* way to Cowlchan lake; lota from SlOu, 
op easy terms. 

RL-PERT District— 12,000 acres good land 
suitable for subdividing; $S per acre. 

J30HT McNeil — 465 acres waterfront, $15t 
per acre; coal r^glus. 


tEDAil District — 114 acres, $65 an acn- 

LADYSMITH— 203 acres Adjoining cily 
limits, $125 an acre. 

ALBERNl — 80 acres close to clly, $235 an 

TSLANDS — We have several Islands on our 
list from JlflOO up, 

TJRINCKSS ave., near Blanthard, new C- 
-*- room house, strictly modern, $6500, 

IGHVIEW nnd Mars— Good corner lot, 
50x1 o'j, $<<60. 


^ORCrE ltd. — Large corner lot, 6i;x3tiO. 
room house, $8500, 

LURLINE Rd— l^t 60x167, onlv 
adjoining lot held at $1050. 


^Ol^VILLE .St.— 30X1'20, $950; small 
payment. . 


TJAl^KDALE — S lots, only $5000. 

-:: sl 

JBS.SIE and Catherine — 6-roon> li'>i|o» |<,t 
97x135. $10,000. 

CATHERINE St.— I^rg.i double corner 


PEMBROKE St., near Cook, new 5-room 
house, good lot, $5000. 

T^INfJS rO... close to Douglas. I 
-■-^ frontage; revenue producing. 


10 feet 

ENRY St. — Large Jot, only |2200, on 
easy terms. 


IFTir St. — Good corner lot, $1800. 

"PDMONTON Rd. — Largo corner lot, $1800. 


614 Sayward Bldg. J'hone 2.S99 

I'nl^, 50x120. 
^fVJK Scott St., 60x120. 
$1050 TrenT St.. 60x140. 
©1 ■f'K A Foul Bay road, 60x120. 
81250 S'"'"* »*•- Oiik Bay. B0xl2f<, 
©1 OK/V W^u'oir"stT~Faiirfl6ld 40x120. 

•1 (iPifi Woodlands road, «nxt20. 

-) , 

SIQfV) Mosm St., between Faithful and 
9X.i7V*f Dallaa, Bfl«116. * 

I^AHA Howe at., one-au^ter eaah. «. 12 
A t>t> on liberal terma ' 

i i / jw jj I H f iii ! ^.ii Sm »w 



Duncan. B. C. 

-t Q ACRES. Ught bush, about a mile and 
I 'J a halt from Duncan; $2100. 

»)AA ACRES, good land; small house and 
'•^yjyj barn; about' 15 acres ileared; two 
r-Vi.'eks run throt:Kh the jiroporty; J16000. 

) ' 
-| /> ACJttss; B cieart'rt tind in cultivation; 
i' / ample water; very suitable for vege- 
table garden; two aviles from Duncan; 

-j cyr' ACRES; 40 acres Improved; large 
!■-"<-' new house with acetylene gas and 
sc-.ptlc lank, water by gravity; barn; large 
gtrei'eh of sea frontage with clean ahlngie 
bearh; $25,000 on easy ternisi. 


Real l;.£lato unU Insuratiue, 

Telephone 1818 P. O. Box 9'J2 

1009 Uovcrninent m.. Victoria, IJ. C. 

Ave.— 6 room house, lot 50 
y modern, gas, etc., ul-... 

xl20 atrictl 
$5600; attractive terms. 

A VEBURY St. — 5 room house only $3i;00. 

C<'E(X>ND St. — 'Lot 30x105; owner .called 
k5 .away suddouly; price $426; $165 will 
handle; move quick, must bf S'lia i>v Sat- 

/ CORNER. Orchard and .St. Louis $1600; a 
^ great buy, 

KATHERI.NE St. — A good lot 60x112 for 

A^AIwB St. — 2 lots &Oxl«;: ft. each; good 
^ district; cheap at $3250'. 

ROBERTSON St. — Fine lot 60x123 feet; 
below market price $1'I25. 

TSEGINA Ave.— 60x120 ft. $630. 

TjriUTA';!-: ,\ve.— 50xl30 ft. $1000. 

\ stonni St. — Fine let, a snap at $l«B(). 

1 ^fi A<"nB.S at .'^noko, at $16.50; quarter 
.1 1 'vJ cash, 1. 2. and 3 years: ready to 

I i.ivvM Krnni 

4 A ACHES Comox district at 126; 
'~i-'^' miles from CP.R. right of way. 


TNSIDE Prop^rt.v — We have a few espccl- 
-*- ally good things. 

com pan 

ANCE — We represent strong board 


I'hono 3347. 

815 "Fort SC. 

ALDER street — Lot 50x153. cash $400. 
balance over 2 years. Price $1200. 

\ METHYST street— 50x120, level and 
2\. clear; cash $250, balance to suit. Price 

VRTHUR street — Lot 60x112; caah $500, 
price $1600. 

BAY street — Double corner; lot 100x110; 
cash J175C; p rice «6 ,2£0. 

BLACKWOOD street — Lot 60x160; cash 
$S50, vvrlce $2500. 

C'iEDAB HID road — Lot 100x180; caeh $|00 
J price $900. 

I7IFTH stre«». — Lot 60x133; cash '$^60, 
- prlco $1050. 

ILL.SIDB ave. — Lot 60x1 2S; cash $860, 
price $2600. 

INGS rqad — Double corner, lot 105x126; 
cash $2100. price $4200. 

— Lot 60X110; cajb $700, 


IjaiOK street 
• price $2100. 


Members of the Victoria ,Hen! Estate Da- 
change. 406 Cenl'ral Buiidl^ig 

WATBRFRONT — 63 acres near Mill Bar: 
$12,600; , terma. < 

IriDMONTON road— 43x1 88; betWaep SooU 
A and »h»M»ourn«; $16,000. 

'piAIRFIBLD Terrace — Beat reeidasitAal UHa 
\ i«ft In rairfleid; line wtaw and tre4Mi 
uoxiaa; |6,o«o. 

t.lORT street— :10 f«et betw^an T«acoar.«r 
and t^««>>li; T*yrt*v* proditclnx. JMse 
115,000. / I 

n, 81. J6, 17, 28, 29, 80, 31. 32. 33, 34. 35. 
86, 87, 39, 40, 41, 42. and 43, Map 319. 
Townsito of Qucenstown, said lots ilk men- 
tioned In Absolute Fees Book VoU 26 Fol. 
67, No. 1CS3C C. 

Notice Is hereby giveh of my Jnt-'ntlon at 
the expiration of one ca!;ndar moDth from 
ih« llrst publication hereof to Icsue fresh 

Cerlitlcate of Title in lieu of the C.(;i tirlcato 
of Tttlo Issued to Ernest A. Rail and William 
F. Best on the 15ih day of January, I'jUjt. 
and numbered 16886 C. wh4ch haa been 
lost or destroyed. 

Dated at Land Registry Office, Victoria, 
B.C., this 17th day of May. 1912. 

Registrar General of Tltlea 



land: 171 »«r aara. 

Being Chai>ter 115 of the Revised Statutes 
oi Ciuiada, llMttt. 

Take notice that Robert S^terson Rlthet 
of the city of Victoria, In tha province 
ot British Columbia, wholesale nieichaut. in 
pursuance of section seven of the above 
liained act, has deposited plans of work and 
'its'? riplioti of the i^r*>iy'*s*fKi sit.; thereof to 
bo constructed upon and In front of Lots 
Twenty-five t26) . Twenty-sJx (26) and 
Twenty-seven (27) In I^iock "I" according 
to a plan of Eubill,vlslon of HtmUn ^ix. it. 
and Eight (8) on fi'.e in the Land Registry 
Office at the clly of Victoria and there 
numbered 292, with the V.inlster ot Public 
Works at Ottawa and a duplicate each in 
the offlce of the Registrar General of Titles 
at \'lctorla. British Coiuiubla. being the 
ReglsUar uf Deeds for the District In which 
such work is proposed to bo constructed and 
has made application to the Gorernor-ln- 
Councll for approval thereof. 

And Further Take Notice that at tha 
expiration of one month- from the date ot 
this notice, applications will lie made to the 
Governor-ln-Coundl for approval thereof. 

Dated at Vlnorla, British Columbia, this 
iSth day of May. A. D.. 1912. 

By Jackson & Phclan. his Bollcltora 


Compel itloa (or New llBlverslty Buildings 
to Be Kreoted at Point (irey, near Van- 

t'uuver, Uritish Colujubbk 

The goverui.ent ot British' Columbia In- 
vite sompetitlva plana fur the general 
scheme and desl^ia for lti« proposed new 
ualver&.ty, together with more detailed 
plans for the buildings (o be erected Urst 
at &n estlmuied cost of $l.ii>«,000. 

Prlz»s of $10,000 will be given for ttas 
most successful designs submuted. 

Particulars of (ha compelltlun and plan 
of situ may tie uutalued uu ru<iaest from the 

'Xhu designs to be sent in by July list, 
lixit, addressed to 

Parliament Bulldiaga 
Victoria. British Columbia. 


All )iersons having claims agnlnst the 
estate ot William Allen, deceased. (also 
known by the name of William David Al- 
ien! are hereby required to send the same 
duly verified to the undersigned on or .be- 
fore the 2l8t day ot July. 1912, after which 
date the executrix will proceed to distribute 
the au-ld ekiatc, having regard to those 
claims onl.v of which she nas notice. 
Dated June 20, 1912, 

1118 Langley Street, Victoria, B. C. 
Solicitor for the Executrix. 


Notice *• hereby given that the first 
sitting- of the Annual Court of Revis- 
ion of the Municipality of the City 'of 
Victoria, will be held In the Council 
Chamber, City Hall. Victoria. B. C, on 
Tuesday, the 9th day pf July, 1912, at 
10 o'clock a. m., for the purpose of 
hearing complaint* against the *aa- 
essnient a* made* by the assessor, and 
for revising and oorrectiog the assess- 
ment roll. ' 

wMXiLxmwram j. bow&sb, 

C. M. C. 
City Clerk's OfHea. VJotorU, B. C. 
June 1st, 1912. 

... .11 ■ . — — i — T H *''*' " ■■' swi ii—»aa»*«p^r " s. n| iiwsai^- spiMs n iasiiii ■ 


Sealed tendar|i vlU Im rcoAlve^ bjr 
the underslvned up to S I>.ni. on M«n- 
day, (July ,8, 1911», (for IJ.OW |««t JO |Alr 
No. IC cable. MOO feet Bio. 10 Doptnc 
ca>>1e. 1ft mftes No. IS W. jP. D, * t. 
«rBu«« ctsel wire, *• fiMr «w p i o. 

The lowest or any -i*M*r ittOt ii^pe«> 
sarlly a^icepted. 

PnreHiuttiii^ .i,<w^t 
City «MI. viPtf^J*. * 43. I*** 111 


■i i i i ty I •llii ilm i—mmiMrM i ^tr * * *• 

Ar«IW "i^^WiBF^ i'^^^^/^(^ ^^■■^B^p ^^^•^^^^^W 





Do 70U know that our glas.s front carriages arc 
at ycxir disposal at the following- charges — 

* ^-^ >-' >^^ A JwivoWlN J, SlliglC tloUl .... •j>.«». W 

FOUR PERSONS, an hour and a half 

or over, at, per hour Jpl.&O 

In four hours a party of four can sec the principal 
points of interest in she City of Victoria for the 
modera.te charge of $6.00. 


If you wish, we can furnish a Victoria, alt 
PER HOUR f2.00 


These vehicles carry three and are most suitable 
for ladies doing afternoon calling. 


We have the only six-horse turnouts in Victoria. 
Driven by men who have hajd a life-long experience 
on the Cariboo Road and the White Pass & Ytrifon 
trails. These coaches leave the hotels at half 'pi*t 
nine for the morning driVe and two o'clock for the 
afternoon. AM points of interest are covered and 
those in charge give the passengers a full explana- 
tion of everything that is considered of value to the 
tourist. The drive is about fourteen miles and takes 
•from one and a half to two hours. 

The fare is one dollar. 

We have a small Tally-Ho built to carry a party 
of twelve, including the driver. For rates apply at 
the office. 


Furnittire moving is an important undertaking. 

We have men who do nothing else. Our charges 


BY THE HOUR ^1.50^ 

With an extra man to help, per hour ^2.00 


In this department prompt delivery is the import- 
ant factor. If you are catching a steamer or train 
you like to know that your luggage or packages will 
be at the wharf or station in good time to depart 
with you. What is more annoying than search- 
ing for your belongings a minute before your ste3*m- 
cr sails or vour train pulls out. 7'his is offset by 
our claim cnecks. Our drivers check your baggage 
at your residence. You present the claim check 
to the baggage-master — show your ticket — he then 
gives you the railway or steamer check and that 
is all. You then go on your way rejoicing. If we 
cannot attend to your order we will tell you and 
thus avoid suspense. 



We have 27 express and delivery wagons. For 
one of these we charge — 


Better aing'le or double traps cannot be found on 
theracific coast. 


Morning J^2.!SO 

Afternoon 9»^«^^^ 

HALF A DAY f 5.00 

DAYS, half a day 97.SO 

For long distances th? office wrill furnish paitie- 







W«J«ttr4 I^^Mir li^ir*^ Iwtle «Eter ffm Vmf ««« 


4^. v 






,.>««j.#»»(v • -sr 



i'i\r i<iii>iiiih'riii>ii liiii i'<.'i lii'i 

■ itf ji - iii t ii ^ ii r i '»Wiiiij » (i)^ i || i! k i 

•ikliirtlay, Jhii* », i»1f 

- v-:7.'fl.-rt>jri' 

^nrcroiirA: iSmt cowjnist 

Stock FEfflipkets audi 
^ FfiBaunidal Mews 


Advance \n" Price of .Finished 
Steel Products — Railroad 
Returns for May of Gratify- 
ing Character 

N.BW YOHK. Jun,- :,«. — K-vo-vi fur a 
formal statoaieiu by tlu- L'nlietl Slates jstpei 
corporation anniiuiiclns tliat 11 had followid 
the course or soniB ai Us rivals In udvanc- 
JiiK prices of various finished products and 
the publication of u. few ruUvoad rnturnii for 
-May of a very gratlfyhiK chi/-actor. loday'B 
st.)rk market was no less dull, narrow and 
uninteresting: than most uf Us predecessgrs 
or the past two weeks. / 

Prices, however, ht»viB»t| k fraction abovtt 
or beloH- yesterday's closlnur quotations ex- 
cept In a group of speplallties. whJeh in- 
cluded Qenerul Electric. WeBtlnghouso com- 
mon and first- preferred, Wooiworth, and 
Home moVe Issues. In the railway <Jiv)[iion. 
Jj-rle. L. « X., Wabash preferred, and K. C. 
s. preferred showed some semblance of aor- 
ivlty at Imiproved prices without exciting 
more Uian laneuld att«ntlnn 5»u*p»n9't>n oi 
the regular 2 per cent dividend on Ontarto/ 
and Western Common, which fell sharpiv- 
was without effeut on prloes, which rose to 
their best in the final houra. American To- 
bacco, Kepubllc Iron preferred, and L«co 
Traction were features of the late trading 
London's market was as idle as the Am- 
erican, with no evidence of strain nrtalnx 
from the settlements. Tan thousafad shares 
were sold here for foreign occount. Unite 

■ - e tat eB b B T ika gtaiifl w " lo w a. U t gti aiH6iirit u T 
cash tomorrow with a probable expansion 
of loans. Union Pacific for May decreased 
Its net earnings by $438,000; Southern Pa- 
cific lost J112.000; and Lackawanna jao.OOO 
Bonds were featureless, save for stTength 
l", -l«^-. TracUons. Total sales, p ar va lue. 
»:,8T0.000. United -StaltsFo^Tw^FTUi^ 
changed on call. * • 


u-[.\-.\lPEO, Man., June "as.— Trading ojv 
(he wheal market was dull and quiet. «!-■ 
thmi^h tvptlon prices for October were 5-8o, 
higher at the opening and .July l-8c. lowei-. 
The cash demand was poor, which had the 
• ffect of breaking July prices t.i some ex- 
leiit while the hot weather, giving no aJgn 
or 1-, lief In the near futuie. sent October still 
....'''.^■. '■''"""*"-■'' ''*''°e made fo rthai month 

.\merhan markets opened unchanged to 

.f-4e. iiigher and continued steady during 
tlift session. I'onilnental cables were unde- 
cideri, while the elnsc at Liverpool was 3-4c 
to 1-Jc. Winnipeg closed 5-!(c down 
after it range of 1 3-Sc. Minneapolis closed 
i-Jie. dtiwn for July. .September' aiichanged 
and Deeember 5 -8c. lower. Chicago, closed 
l-Sc. to l-lc. lower, .;_ „ , ..'■•.. 

Coni was uiitluiiiged to 1-Sc. lower.' Tho 
Winnipeg: cash di maud was very poor for 
all gi-ailos. while otierlngg were fairly lib- 
eral, during the late honrs of the session. 
iJats were were more in demand today 'at 
fra.ilnnally higher prices. Whllp flax bids 
were 3 l-2c. higher for October, this was uot 
suBtnined. flax closing only 2c. up. Re- 
I' iius were lighter today, 372' cars being in 
slBhi for Inspection.- -s ■■■••• ■ 

MOMTREAL MARKET June 2S.— WeakiresR- in 
Rio and Sao Paulo were features of the 
early market. From 147, Rio went to 145, 
and .Sao Paulo opened at 234 1-2. Both ral- 
lied a enuple of points. Considerable litera- 
ture antagonistic to the lasa<ts has no doubt 
weakened th. market shares. The balance 
ol' the IradlnR- was colorless. 

.Steel wna firm at Ii5 to 64 1-2; Detroit 
fiS 3-4; Ulchelleu UT l-!l, and Toronto rails 
H3. Rl(. rallied to 149 4n the afternoon, but 
Sao I'aiilo was neglected. Toronto rails 
went off a point to H2, and Tookes i-ased oft 
to 41. Ulchelleu was steady, at 117 , and 
Steel was firm at H5. Power held at 216, 
and Shawnl^an was strong at 142 1-4. 


Conditions Throttghout Canada — Big- 
ZncreaBO In Railroad SanLing-g 

.\mii. .SuKar 

Ainn. Tel. and T'-l, . . 
A Ml II, Tobaei-o pld. . . 

Aiiin Woolen 



do pf,l 

II. and II 

H.ffT. H 

I '. r. H 

Onlral Leather 

i-hes. and t)hlo 

r. and <J. W. . .' 

f '. M. and St V 

Ji" iifd. 

folo. Fu«l and Iron . . 
t '"In and Southern . . 

' 'I'M,, Gas 

i' and n. G. ■ .' 

rt" * pfd 

i'intlll«rs Sec 

l-":rle [ 

d" Ist pfd 

'h-< 2nd pfd:" " 

O'jidfleld Cons 

1'-' Xor. pfd 

'•■■- .V'ir. Ore. Ltfs. . . 
Illinois Cent. ....... 

Inser-Metro. \ 

<io pfd. ..;.'!.' 

Inter. Harvester ...,; 
KaUi Olty h'oulhern .. 

Ia and N. 

I..ehlKh Valley 

Mackay Co,'g , 

'I" pfd. . .' 

M. S, p. !«|nd a 8. M. 

do i>rd. 

M. K. and T. 

rto pfd. . . . 

Mo. J>actric 

Nat, aisouit 

Nat. t^ad 

Nat. By». M«x. 1st pfd 
.^ a» 2nd pfd 

sov. Cong 

N. Y. Central 

N. Y- O. and W. 

Norf<dk and West. . . 

Xor. Pbc 

Pacific Mall '.'..'.'. 


lP*o^Jle•8 Gas ... 
Pressed 8tee4 Car 

104 '* 


in.', 1,^ 




128 V4 





107 ii 

"108 Vi 

10 5 H 


1 t'.' 

34 K 

134 U 



144H 144k 

1 «» T irk^ Bt^el Spg. ' . ' 


Rep. Iron and Steel ., 
do pfd 

Hock Island 

do pfd 

■Shjgg- -ahrtrteltf 

Sou. Pacific ', 

Boui. Railway 

do pfd. . . . ! 

Tenn. Copner 

Texas Pacific 

Twin City 

Union Pacific ,' 

U. 8. Rubber 

do igt pfd. ... 

•• do 2nd pfd 

V. 8. Stesl 

do pfd 

Utah Copper 

Va. o«r Chemical ... 

'Wabash , . , 

do nfd. ....'.' 

Western Union ' 


Wisconsin Central . . . 
■ Money <in call. ^% 
Total gales, 287,100 







81 H 


80 44 



32 H 





2 7 'i 

4 3'« 






1 .I* >.4 

106 V 
14 1 
31 % 


.'16 \ 
33 '4 
6S % 

41 ij 

127 Va 




171 «4 



144 44 






81 H 
120 44 



— »«fr- 



. 61 Mi- 
ss ' 

28 H 




68 H 

79 H 





BrMi, VMr IM Ik* .«•», 

Bhurtg^ p«r i«tt log. 

Oats. p«r 100 Iba 

Crusbad Oatg. p«r 100 Iba. . 
Faad Wheat, p«r 100 lbg..l.Ti 

Barley, per 100 lbs 

Crushed Barley, par 100 ibg. . 
Chop F**d, i>«r 100 lbs 

Fratkli Island li^ggg, per do>. . 

Cb««g« — 

Canadian, per lb 

California Chees- . per lb". . 1 
Cream, local, each ',,1 

Butter — 

Alberts, per lb 

H«st Daii-y, per lb !!!.*!!!!! 
\'lciorla Creamery, per lb '.'. 
Cowlchgn Creamery, ptr lb.'.' 
Comox Creamery, per ib. 
bait Spring 1»1. Creamery, lb! 

B. C. Butter , 

.New Zealand Butler !".!!'.!' 

Beef, per lb 

Mutton, per Ib '." 

Mutton. Auairalian. per lb." 

Veal, dreasod, per lb i 

Chickens '.'.'.'.'. 

Broilers, jb 

b'o w I i !..!!..! ! 


Royal Household, bag 

Lake of Woods, has .....'.'.'. 

Hoyal atandaid, bag .' 

Wild Kone, per aauk .....,.'. 
llobin Hood, per sack ....]!! 

Calgary, per bag '.'.'.'. 

Muflafa bea;, per bag 

l.>rnte<J Snow, pei .suck ...II 
Three Star, per sack ..'.".'."." 

Bnowflakc. per bat 

Strawberries, local, i boxea. ^ 
Oranges, per duxsn .......,, 

Tangerluo do., per doa ,..,-'j,- 
Grape Fruit, each ......... 

I.,emona, per dozen 

Uananas, per doien ,, 

Apples, per box 

Pineapples, each 

Cherries, CalHornl*. Mt ib.. . 

Googgb«rrti% local, per ib, .. 

■T. Vettetabieg 
Or*«n Pew. hscfti. 8.h»«. ... 
New Pot4tt6«s, locaf. 4 Ibt. . , 
LK>cal Tomatoeg, lb. ....... 

Pargiey,. bunch 

Cauliflowers, each ,. . , 

Potatoos. per saulc ,, 

Cabbage, new, par lb. 

Uarllu. per lb 

Oregon Onloog, « ibg 

Lettuce, hot faougg. par bit .. 


Oe et s. p e r Ib 

Carrots, per lb ., 

Naw Carrota, 8 "huJch«'!"I 

C^iiUllfiowerg. each 

Libcal Rhubarb, 6 ibg. ....'. 

Celery, per stalk '.'.', 

jQreea Onions, s buoob«a v^ 

Curly Kale, per lb .^ 

Articbokes, 3 lor 

Spinach, per Ib. 

Australian Onions, 4 Ibg, ... 

Spring Onions, 3 buncheg 

Aadlshes, 3 bunches 

New White Turnips, 3 buncheg 

Rhubarb. « lbs. .... 

Asparagus. local, lb. ....... 



8.00 O M( 






07 ,IJ 

.OS 9 .20 

.OS CP .11 

■ 12^ it .?s 

.XU tf .3J 


2 00 

2 UO 

M M .6i 

,li .!» ;3o 



., .S6 





' .08 


Sealed tenderg marked "Tenders for Blde- 
walks" will bs received by the under- 
• igned up 10 Monday. July 8th. 1H2, at 
6 p. ni.. for the constructlou cf cement slde- 
waikf. In tb«. illy of Cumberland. 

I'lanH and speclfleailons may be seen at 
the oirt'-'o of iho city clerk. Cumberland 

IS. r. 

The work will contain four hundred and 
Ihlriy-six cubic yards of fill and seven 
hundred and ten cubic yards of cement. 

iiHti e cr less. 

Fmriis of tender may bo obtained from 
the city clerk, and all tenders muni be ai-. 
' ■inipurfled by a marked cheek for ihe sum 
I'f one hundred dollan, said check lo be 
returned tu unsutcf mrwl tenderers. 

The lowest or any lender n.(H-necess»rlly 


City Clerk. 
• 'Ily Hall, Cumberland, B. C. June Hth. 


Notice Is hereby given that application 

will ba made to tba Hoard uf Lievuee 
Commissioners of the City of Victoria, gt">^^L 
Its next alltlng for the transfer from us to P 
Alexander Uuff of Ihe license 10 sell spir- 
ituous and fermented liquors at the Strand 
Hotel. 6B0 Johnsou street, Victoria llrltlah 

Ualea the 27th day of May, 1913. 

L WnitJHT. 

Admlnlslrstrlx of the Estate of CJiarlea 
H. Wright, deceased. 




Notice Is hereby given that the Corpora- 
tion of the City 01 Vletorla. «u the Pro- 
vince 01 Uritlsh ColuiiiUla, la applying to 
III3 Kxcellency the Uuvonior-Guiieral of 
Canada In Council, far approval of th« 
irea. planfc. site and description of the 
woik proposed to be cunsiructod in ■Vic- 
toria Harbor. In the City of Victoria In 
iho Province of Columbia, ujion'tlie 
Minds situate lying and being In the aald 
City of Victoria, al the auuilieily extreuUtj 
of Turner blreol. and has depoalied thi 
• rea and situ plan and a description thera- 
of with the MinlBier of I'ublic Works at 
Ottawa and a dupllLaie ot Hu- »ald plan 

*r'*.n?,t""''f'""J "■','" "^^ l^eKUtrar-Cienera 
ot Titles In the Land Jieglatry Olfloa in 

'!?'.,!'"'^ Vi'^ of Victoria, and ihe matter 
of the said application win bo pioceoded 

the time of the first publication of this 
notice in the "Canada Gazette " 
I>aied tbU I8th day of April. i»ij. 
▲ggiatant Solicitor for tha , 
Corvuiration of the Citr IE 
ft Victoria. 

Notice Is hereby given that the Board 
of Valualors/to consider claims for work 
aciuglly perl<ornied and materials supplied 
In connection wlih the conatrucilon of 
the Midway & \ernon Hallway, will fur- 
ther coiialder all such claims aa have been 
duly nied and \erined. 

Any claims which have not already been 
so nied and verlfli-d by statutory deelaia- 
tlon or otherwise, should bo filed witii 
the undersigned without delay. 

The Board will consider all claims for 
• dual phynical work performed hiuI goixis 
and maierlala supplied In eonnecllnn wlln 
the surveying, locating .,r obtaining of 
right of way between I'.ljck Creek and 

R. F. UREE.N, 
Secretary for the liuara. 
AiUlres.'i, Unx 3 12. Victoria. 13. C. 

\\'ill secure for you one of the best acreage'' tracts on the 
,,Saanich PeniiLsula. Land enough, if properly culti\ated, to 
.support a good 44ized family. Thi.s land i.s within ten miri- 
ut<» of the new car lipc and 25 minutes of the City. The 
richest sort of soil. If in a few year.s you expect to retire to 
a little country home now is the time to buy. 
The cash [laymcnt is small and the terms easy. 


— m- 










srxorsis of co.\l minixg begula. 


c*** — toi a g — figh tg of tng D omiaioH, Hi 

Uauuuba. Saskatchewan and Alberta, 'the 
\ukon larrltory. the Northwest Territories 
and in a portion of the Froviaca of flritlso 
Cotuiubitt, may be leased for a term of twen. 
lyona years at an annual rental of »t an 
•ere. Not more tbun 2,5i>0 acryg will K>* 
'.eased lo'doo appUcanu 

Application tor a laaae miMt lM» nMd« b7 
the applicant m pursuu to the Agent or Sub 
Agent of liio duirict iu which luo rlgnu 
uvplted lur are sltuuleo. 

Ib surveyed terru-jry the land must b« 
descrluud by sections, or legai mb-divisloaj 
ol sections, ajid la unsurveyeu lemtory iho 
irtci upp.itu lor aa<t4l 00 »ia»ea ouc uy iji< 
applicant binuieli:. 

Each application must oe .ccjmpanied by 
a lue 01 »o Milieu rtiu be reiuiij^u if th« 
ntuu appUcu lor ai-« not avaai.toic. but uo. A royalty »aau uo pa.ia ou Lu* 
uiercnaiiiabio output 01 luv ui.uu ..i ii4„ ,.,., 
ol live cciils per ion. 

The person oj^eruiiug the mine ahall fu- 
msa IU» Auent wiin sworn r.iurua accoua't- 
lug lor luo luu uuautiiy of uioi,.iiamao.« 
coui milled anu pay luo toya.ty iin.-r«uu. ir 
UiB toai luiuing iiglua aro not ooijig oper- 
ated. i..icfa reiurnn noouid ou lUiaujioU »• 
least once a year. 

•rhe lease wui incluao tne coal mlr.In,, 
rights oniy, out tne lessee may bo perni.r„, 
10 purca.ii.0 vviiuievor avai.aole au. lac 
rights may be considered uece-sary for ial 
working of lUu niiu» at in„ raio of ,i«°u 
an acre. ».».uu 

^fd? {"" '°f°':"--=--'^n appllentton should b. 
made to the tiecreiarv of th. ii„, 
of the interior, OuawZ o to anyT-'enr"' 
bub-Agent of Domlnlou iand " " "' 

w. w. conr, 

« « Deputy Minister of ihe Inier.or. 
..„ f— Unauthorized publication of thI 
a'dverlisemeai will not b. p.a-d for 

Notice Is hereby grlven that applica- 
tion will be Jnada^at the next sitting 
of the Board <if\, Lloenslng Commis- 
sioners after th« expiration at ,20 daye 
from^ the date hereof for a transfer 
of the license to a«l splrltuoua and 
fermented liquors on the premises 
known as Levy's Restaurant and Chop 
House, 1316-X318 Government street, 
Victoria, B. C, frow me, the under- 
slsneii Henry Emmanuel Levy, to 
Thoma* L. UoManus and Albert Coop- 


— Dat e d a t Vlutui l a. B. C, T HU Hth 
day of June, 1912. 


Western Dominion Land and 
Investment Co., Ltd. 

With which is tqpot|>ot|ite4 

Corner Fort and Broad Streets '-' Pliones 2470-2471 

• ■ > • • • « 

»*% 84 H 

= 5 U% 

110 lOS^ 

74 H 74 
44H 44 

1 , 1 » i > i i » ' i i 




71 >4 















Straw, per bale 

IK^i^^r-ri---;'" "<"'«=^:oo 

Alfalfa Hay, per ton 
Corn, per 100 lbs. .. 
Cracked Corn, per 100 "iba."" 
i-eed Cornmeal, per 100 iba 




Provincial >"oi-maI School, Victoria 
Notice Is hereby given that the time for 
the submission of competitive designs for 
the Provincial .Vormal School which it is 
proposed f o erect In or near the City of 
^ Ictorla. has been extended to the 1st day 
of August. 1912. at noon. 


7.-,^,. .. T. Superintendent of Education. 
i:'ducatlon Department, 

Victoria, June 6th, 1912. 


At the rcquoKi of the Water Commis- 
sioner Of the City of Victoria, the Council 
of Oak Bay Alunh Ipallty hag lnstruc"ed 
I'JL, )^*"'J' Commissioner fo temporarily 
restrict the hours of watering In Oak Bay 

Nutice Is therefore hereby gKen ihit ,in 
til further no.lee the use of \-Uy » a?er ^n 
garden, 1, prohibited except bel ween the 


.y"':^'':zj\i^;:i uil^ed'^ff!- ^°"°-"^ 

n„^ Ti- , ,. Water Commissioner. 

Oak Bay. June 30th, 1912. 


.VKW vriHK. .lune 28. Dcapatchea to 

Dun ■» Rfv if vv ii.iin branch offices In the 
Ifiidins trade cmtris in the Dominion of 
Canada indicate that satisfactory conditions 
Htlll prevail and (llstributions ut Seasonable 
nierclianrtlse has been stimulated generally 
by waiiiier weather. 

.\ t -Montreal warm and settled weather 
li.iB helped the demand for summer dry 
Riiort.-i and travellini; salesmen are selllnjf a 
«i>od volume of fall orders. There Is a gooA 
movenu'iit In «tM|ili lima with |«rlcfS firm 
and inaiiufai I ur-M ; i: it rule uru v^til em- 

.At cjneliec whi)li',<;i ie trade Is In satisfac- 
toiy volume and retailers are ' d'dng: a blif 
buslniBR In so n.^oiiable goods, wanper wea- 
thfr hi^lrl>!: Imreaaed the demand in certain 
lines. Local iiiannfacturers arc receiving a 
Ki)od vohinif of orders. 

Wholes lie trade at Toronto continu^j 
fiilily active and all staple lines remain very 
firm. There Is a jfood b.trtlns up buslnen-f In 
dry (f ifnls and suiiuiht tabricg are In belter 
demand, while orders for fall dcHvey are 
cncoura Klngf. Leather Is firm. 

.■\t Hamilton condltlona have Inijn o\ (d 
wiih waiintr weather. 

,\l l,ondnn inanufaeturerg are reoelvlns 
a Kond volume of crdera' and sensonabld 
ifoodd UYf Roliii; freely Into consumption. 

Weather conditions In the Far WVst and 
Northwest are more favorable than for 
many years at ilils season of the year. Win- 
nipeg reports that the whole movement of 
merchandise ia well maintnined. but there 
is a hill In Bomn linos owhiK to the very 
warm weather. Tliio Is rewarded, hitwever, 
as favorable for the crops. 

VVho|fSalr» houees al Saskatoon rt poi i .a 
continued Rood demand for slaple?. 

Reglna reports that warm weather, fol- 
lowing rain, has been very bent fklal to 
crops and ihal advices from all districts 
note steady improvement In all commercial 

The gross earnliiKs of nil Canadian rail- 
road* to date from the three weeks In June 
show an lnert>asp of per cent, ns com- 
pared with tlip cnrnlnKs of th" same roads 
for the rorrespondlim period a. year ago. 

Commercial falliirf.s In the Dominion of 
Canada this week numbered 2(; (iRainst :; 1 
last week and 23 the same wiek 

Court of Revision. 

a«I!'n„'^''i'h' °i '^''^■""'" '" h«ar complaints 

M^iriiii'iUiir; :^.^r\TVj'' at "j^h, r;r 
sr ^tr^r^o s"r- --^ - -'-^ 

All parties having complaint SKalnst 
their assfssment are hereby noiinp,) tK!, 
notlflcatlon in writing muHf^e m he'hand 
of the Clerk no later than ten days nrevM 
ous to the first slrtlng of th" enur' 

J. R. CA R.MICH A Ef^ 
C. M. C. 

- '' ^' ' '" ' VjlHf. ' . ' -u'crvisemeoi will not b. v.xld for. J- R. CAR.MICHAE 



that the Corporraion of the City of Victoria intend to na=s a Inmi ;r„ 


Members Chicago Board of Trade. Victoria Stock Exchange. 
103-106 Pembcrton Building, cor. Fort and Broad Streets. 

Stocks, Bonds, Grain, Cotton, Real Estate, Timber, Insurance. 
Private Wires to Chicago, New York, Boston and Montreal. 

bylaw for each of tlic 
for the length of time 

• BY-LAW NO. 131 

Grading. Draining and Paving with an Asphaltic Pavement Yates Street 



f Furnished 

Wheat — 




Corn — 




Oats — 





Sept . 



Short Rlhs- 




F. %\' 

( ipen. 



lOti '2 



♦ 1% 


1 ;i . no 

in. DO 


.Stevenson & Co.) 

HIkIi. Ixiw. Cloce. 

llOVi lOS'.i lOni-!, 

H)H% lOota inr.*« 

I h "t! I '"1 ."1 ", 1 (i ■ 4 




4 (I ■% 

4 1 »; 




7 ."> % 



IS. 75 IX. (17 1S.R7 

111.05 is.r:' is.a:: 

10 . no 
I 1 . I 11 



1».^ ."1 
11 ."i. 


10. SS 

1 1 .(ir> 



fFurnlshed by F 
Stork — 
Allls-Chalmers pfd. 

Aniel. Cc.pp'T 

A«r. Chembal 
Reel HuKSr 


Car. and Fdy. 
Cotton on . . . 
Ice Serurltles 
Locoinr>tlve . . 

W. Stevenson & 
Hlsrh. Low. 



T4 'i 


Co, 1 





Stewart. A 

BuVdlck, A. C. .V......". 

Blckersdlko, Harry ..... 

Mason, William 

JoneK, Stephen 

McDerinott, A. J. C. 
Parsons, W. H. ........ 

Sarglson, A. G. ......... 

Rattray, Laurence C* ... 

Wilby, William 

Brown, P. R. [ 

Hftrtman, S. M ' 

Shotbolt, Thoma.s 

Leiser, JIa.x 

Kent. Cliarle.s 

Smith, Tlios. E. & Robt. "s. 
Smith, Thos. E. & Robt. S. 

Sliotbolt, Thomas 

Campljell, Mrs. Jemima M. 

Baine.s, Kate Ellon 

Wlntworth, Eila 

Clay, Janet L. & Edw. L. 

Bossi, Miss A. P 

Knott. H. T 

Beattie. WlHlam ... 

Turner, John A 

Christie, David 

Mearns & Savannah . . . 

GIfason, Vittorla .\. & 

Marsfl.Hon, Rudolph . . . 

Mu.«igrave. Amy L.., 

I.el8er, Sophio 

LeI.ser, Mo.v 

Lelser, Ma.x 

Btiin, Daniel 

Moses, D. D, (Est.) 

f 'ookson, C. M 

M'Kenzlo, Apncs 

\Villlams, Emma 

'irnhani, Anna 

Todd, A. E. 

Todd, A. ,E.- 

Todd, A. E '. 

Little, Perry U 

Todd, A. E 

Cooper, Rev'd C. E 

l^iser, Miix . . . : 

-McDermott, A. .1. i\ ... 

McDcrmolt, A. J. C 

McLennan, .lohn ....... 

Zarelll. Antonio 

n. V. Land & Inv. Co... 
.'<tofkliiini, Thoina.s & 

-\Iaynard, .lames . . . 
I!rown. V. R. & 

Chambers, W. fc! 

May, John E 

Gfilletley, A. J. C, et al.. 
Moore & ^\■|littlnKton .. 

City of Victoria 

-Morrlaon, J. & R. C 

Dwvles, >i»rbert W e. 

May, John I'] w. 

Mitchell, Wesley M. . . . 

lyf'onards. Emma 

.SommerK Rosa 

(Jraham, Mary 

Costley, Thoma.q & 

Heron, Peter 





w. part 
e. part 












































98 3 













.12 2 

• 27 






























































































10 ■ 













Between Blanchard Street and Cook Street 




We fur- Ltd, 

niah funds 

for Incorporation 

and Underwrite 

Shares In first clnss 

Companies. 312 Say ward 

Bldg. Phone 1030. Offices: 

Vancouver and London. Knit. 

c::h:i c 









8600 00 



6.87 % 




6.8 7 % 



c es, 
« a 

4 12.50 
412. 5C 

LI 7. 50 
4 12.50 


13 7.50 




m o 































4 67.50 
4 12.50 





























. 18760.8& 





1= d 










5 1 .63 






27.90 • 



























50.?. 50 






608. ,-,0 



















60. S5 

508. .=-,0 


689. 00 





60.8 5 


60,8 5 

























503. 50 
































1:8 LO.*N 

To Buy or Build Hnusee 
or Pay Off Mortgagea 




Comer lot, near Tillicum, 107x 

147. high, pood view, suitable 

for .slore ,4iul ihvplllnji:; cjir 

stops al lot. I'rice $3000. 
Easy terma. 

LA. Harris & Co 

Phono 3631. 

1329 Doufflaa 8t. 






In (he Supreme Court of Britlsli Oolnmbla 

In the MaMer of the Ktitate of Henry Prire, 
Deeen»ert, l.ale of Pariton'M BrIdKr, F.Nqni- 
nmll niwfrtrt. 

Take nollce (hat probate of the will of 
the said ilerenHcd ha« been grnntPd to 
Harry DBllas HeltnrltPn and Harry T. 
Welsh, the exoriitors therein named. 

And Irike nodi-p thru iiur.iiiaiit to the 
"Tni.itee» and Kxerutor.s Art." nil cred|torn 
and nthers havlns clalrri.T aiualnut the ««.iate 
are reqii'>»ted to post or deliver (o Iho 
iinderslRned on or before the Isl day of 
AiiRURt, 1012, full partlenlnrg of their 
rislma duly verified and the value of the 
serurllles, l.f any, h-I.I L>.v tln-iti. 

And further take noiire that after 
Slid lat day of Aubu.i1. 1912. the 
executors will propped to distribute 
aseeta of th" said.- decf-aaed nmonn .... 
partlea entitled thereto, havlnn regard onl.v 
to th" rlalm.s nf whleh they glnll have had 
notlie. and thnt *he n-ild execulora will 
not he liable for the said ajiBets or any part 
thereof to my person nr persons of whose 
ol.ilms they shall not have had notire at 
the lime of aurh distribution. All parties 
Indebted to tho said "state are required to 
pay surh Indebtedness to the executori 

Dated at VIrtorls, n. *., this 27th d»y 
nf .lune, 1912. 


Sollcltors'for the Exeeutrt)-, Harry T, Welah. 

Chancery Chambers. I<ailgley St., 

VIetorIa, B. C 


Ar,«ltiM>d Eata(i> i>f Ik* ■ ■ >»> « llfic MMto* 
iBMt C»., U«. -^-^ 

Tendert will b* reeelvcd by th* tni4t4ir> 
•l»ned up to 12 nooti, July ♦, IMA m hit 
nfflc«> in tho Mnleon* BkBK t»«ii4ll|l«^ fif 
HantinM St.. VaBcotiV«f. B. C„ W iht 
pureh«»«, in wtiol«, or in p»rt, M MttltU^ 
mateHai and fttmnara qf VHm-Vim* ^ ■'^■ 
Inapection caih 1m M*a« Aiur i' 
tween th« hotira o{ t sM 4. tin* 

or any t«tt4«r B0t mUf^-^ 

W. Mf 

James Bay 

Handsome Besldence on N"ia.5ara 
StiTpt, near tlie park, .seven- 
room, recently built, modern in 
all particulars. The Interior i.s 
well arranged and handsomely 
finLshed. i^ixo of lot 53-xlin. 
This I.s the cheapest and choic- 
e.«t residence offering in this 
neighborhood. It is $800 under 
tho market. Owner will also 
sell furniture If de.slred. Price 
and terms on application. Im- 
mediate pos.scs.slon if destrod. 

48-120 on Olympia .Vvenu*", 120 
feet from Dallas Road, com- 
manding en uninterrupted view 
of Straits and mountains. This 
i.s the only vacant lot to be had 
e'liial In .situation on this 
strt-et. On uasy terms. . .94000 

100x113, vacant.. .«iouth Turner 
Street, near Simcoo .Street. 
This is a splendid situation for 
one or two residences. The fin- 
est of soli, level ground, fine 
trees, a block from the cars, 
two blocks from the park, five 
mlnute.s walk to the beftch and 
ten minutes walk to the post 
office. l'rlc«, each 93300 

50x113. South Turner .street, 
va(>ant, 200 feet frnTti Dalkis 
road. This is a. specially fine 
lot for a residence, comnmnd- 
InK a lovely view of the .Straits 
and mountains. Price ....93300 
The above are the very iK^.-Jt 

value in residence lots in this 


L, H. Elli 


Cor, Tatea ana Broad 8tr««ta 

Phone 940 Room 6 

Flying Merkels 

t KJP. 

B n.r. 

7 X.P. 



Marconi Bros. 

•ueevaaors ior>». jj. Caitl:^ 

mewtHm ■pMtallita 

•74 nwanom aranw 


nw» wilt t4aitta* «k ■Hm 

'Of ,tiM BcKt^a ttl., tiiiiiiliiil-i 
•M. After pm-i 
fMm tb* |«U^| 
til* UMM* 

OMdtSd " ' ' 




Ty^ ^y - 



dirtHrriiiy. Jun* at> tllfl 


Today's Shopping News-Men's $5 

Serviceable Shoes for Boys and 





THE Boy Scout brand has stood the test uf time, and 
we are confident that they are a grade that will satisiy 
the most exacting person. CJne thing is certain, we 
consider them the most reliable brand that we have ever yet 


"The Good Sense Brand" of Girls" I'.outs is another re- 
liable line. We recommend them, and shall be pleased to 
show them to you. 

"Tit aood Sen** Boot" for Olrli 
Is to be had in box calf, patent 
leather And glazed kid. They a,re 
to bo had in button and lAOjl 
Biyleii'r ■ «a stySJa!; ;JlWlM» 'f*!' 
beautifully finished. The soles 
and heels are of »olld leather, 
and for duraWUty and comfort 
cannot be equaled at the price. 
Sizes 11 to 2 are marked at 93, 
Bises 8 to 10 V4 are $1.76 a pair, 
ana alaes S W V Mt at : . ifl.aO 


Boy Scout Low Shoes. n>atle of a 
fine velour calf in the Oxford 
Style. They have the new stub 
tow, are well finished, com- 
fortable kvA durable. Sizes l to 

■-'■ 5%'-'*t,"''P«r palri .. . ?2.T5-' 

Oalf Blttoher Boots. Every pair of 
this line Is Ruaranteed to pleasei 
They are made throughout from 
selected stock, and are as good 
KB the nam* linplie«- Sizes 1 to 
6H at Pe'" I>**r ti.^t. Slses 11 
iu tOH f »fe II y 8i8S 

Why Not Take a Camera 
We Recominend 



2'4 X 2'/4 ?1.50 2^4 X 4H ?3.00 

2 i/j X 3 '4 ?2.50 3 j4 X 4>4 $4.00 

\\c lia\c also the famous Ensign Folding 
Camerj^s fruni $8.oo up, Ensign or Wellington 


->^ X .: ,..^ 15^ 3'4 x5/^ 40<> 

20<- ^'Z. X3/2 30^^ 

.ay^x4>4 25^ 4 x5 45^ 

3^x4^-.. .-•••355* 4Mx6;^ ...65^ 

With You on Monday?— 
the ''Ensignette" 

The "Ensignette" Wai.'5tcoat Pocket Camera 
takes a pictnre i>2 x 2j4. which can be enlarged 
to postcard size by means of the Ensignette 
Printing Box — price $i.75- 

With the Ensignette there are no focusing dif- 
ficulties. Everything is sharp, bright and clear, 
from objects six feet away to the horizon. Even 
if one is a beginner at photography there need be 
no failure-. Good crisp pictures will be obtained, 
even from the first spool. 

The Ensignette formerly sold at $9,, is now 
reduced to $7.00. 

Let us do your printing and developing. \\ e 
guarantee you the l^est possible results. 


Boys Who Want Bathing 


The waot of a ba-thing. suit vb»y twir'you from 
much fun in the watjfefcV Perhaps you haven't had 
the use for one sp far:-t|ris season, but" there's 110 
telling when yoti will Want one, and tjie chances 
are that vou'll want it in a hufry when the oe- 

Fiags for Dominion Day 

A KTT^ cr AT?C 


■ — ■ * " ' — ■ — ^ - .— *< - ■ y^.— ■■■—.. ^-11 II ■■■■» 11 mm- I w - . w — 11 .. I' iPi ■ I ■ ■ > — '■ > — p. I ■ ■■ i m ^^ww • ■■ I ■>!' . - ..-—.. —II — ... ■i,,.. „ . 

"The Hdiivatg'* for Children 

This is a sweeping statement to make^ in fact it'is a state- 
ment that cannot be adequately supported without you inspect' 

^^ Thcv'are built on common-sense lines, ar? the natural shape 
of a child's foot, there's room i'or all five toes to rest in their 
natural p(Ksitions. and, as a natural result, prevent deformities. 

llavino- "Goodyear" welted soles, they are perfectly smooth 
on the inside, and can be worn with perfect ea.<e without wearing 
SOX. Nothing that can possibly injure the naked fo(,t is present 

in these shoes. . , , ^, , 

You don't have to be a doctor to notice the advantages that 
this line offers for the comfort and well being of your chdd, and 
although thev are a little more expensive than the average snoc, 
thevmore than make up in wearing (|ualitiL-s and solid comfort. 
' Ankle Strap Pumps are lo be had in tan or black calfskin and 
patcm leathers, in all sizes. , , • 

Boots in both the lace and button styles are to be had in tan 
or black calf, and patent leather with dull tops. 

Fancy Belts for Women 

Hero are aome .Hpecially^ Kood offnr. that .should be of 10 mOHt 
vvoTen The fact that the warmer weat!u>r Is fn«t approaching you-11 be 
thinking of \vearlnR lighter weight and lighter colored clothlns, an.l proha- 
■nly it's a belt tliat ^^u want to complPte your outfit. Here are some of 
, ;i! Hdvanced styles. No doubt they will please you. 
tVhltn Emhrolderecl Belt. In a choice Of aasortment of patterns. Finislied 

\v;:',i finvv bueklv. Price each -^^V 

Elastic BeltB m fanvy floral oesluns. In mvrtlo and black. Flnl.shecl wuli 

nai Kin luii/kl'^s. Price each .35<> 

Taney Elastic Beltii in many fancy desiKn«. These are In black only, and are 

finish^Ml with black buckles. ° Price each ■..- .30^ 

Elastic BaltB. finished with fancy nickel and gUt buckles. These comejn 

black. Price each ' '*v 

casion arises, ^ < -. 

Here ar« &ome bpattUes. Tiiey lire made in '• 
one piece, have at skitRt attacKed, an<t*>i»rUl c<5at 

yo u o nly, g ftC. , .;,; f' r , ^ ^; ^; — "- - r ■' 

liOMiJNiUiN, UlNiWiN J/-J.V.-XVO 

Sizes and prices as follows: 

36 X aa. Each . ... .^ii^. 25^ 

27 X a<!t E&ch r • • '""^ 

20 X 1 5, Each, 1 5c— g lor ...> t,.;. .*..>♦.*>, . 

, •. • ^ n.-t * ♦ 

» • -• ■#■■• M '>i 

14 X la -Each • _ -. 

Mso small sizes' ^t a fm Sc"n«<J 3^ for- i^. . ,; . --- 5^ 

On Sale in Stationery Department, Ground Floor, 

View Street Entrance 

Men's $5.00 Shoes Go at $3.45 


FOR solid comfort, durability and a neat last, you can 
^o where you will and not get a value that can 
come up to these lines at a less price than $6. 
Have you ever investigated the qualities of a "Goodyear 
Welted" .shoe? If not, there is some some interesting and 
useful information coming tu yon. W'c shall be pleased to 
c.x))!ain 'this pi.iint and demonstrate why a "Goodyear 
Welted" shoe is the most comfortable footwear that a man 
can wish for. 

The fact that a shoe is "Goodyear W^elted" is a guar- 
antee of quality. Manufacturers cannot aff^ord to introduce 
them into their lower grades, and once you buy a pair you 
will ne\er go back to the old style. 

Men's Box Calf Bluoher« with double soles and leather lined. They 
are ••Goodyear VVclU-d " boots and are a very fine value. 

Pine Velonr Calf BlnoherB with llRht welted soles. These are ajl 
shoes that you'll find U a treat to wear." 

Tan Ca.lf Blucher* In straight or swing lasts, an<J your choice from 
high or medium toes. This la a very; unusual value that is worthy of 
your attention. You'll find them sty'itsh and comfortable. 

A Chrome Tanned 'Work Boot. .These are to be had in both black 
and tan, and are maile for liard service. We consider that this i.s one 
of the to«pi lines flf. work boots that w« have eyeroffered at this price. 

;. iU^ ATJU SizBs nr Airg- of thesi; xiwss 

r" r •- "" > " 


The Men's Furnishing Depart- 
ment Offers Suggestions for 
the Hot Weather 

CRICKE'J' .\.\' 1 ) T I'.X X' I ^ Sli IRTS. These are to be 
had in sizes from 12 to 17^2, are made of a good 
flannel and splendidly finished.. Boys' sizes come 
at .Si. 50, yonths' sizes at $1.75. and men's sizes at . .$2.00^^ 
Fancy Elastic Belts for Boys. Just the thing for x:ricket 
and tennis. Many iliffcrciit colors and styles to choose 

from, ['rice each -<i>^ 

Open Mesh Cotton Outing Shirts, with a soft tnrndnuii re- 
versible collar and soft cuffs. These arc here in all >v/.c-. 
and vou'll find them remarkablv comfortable. Price 

Each ?1-^^ 

Aertex Cellular Cotton Mesh Shirts'«Bnd Drawers. 1 licse 

are in plain white and fancy styles. The shirts have 
short sleeves, wlijle the drawers a're loose and knee lengT'i. 
The plain white garments are $1 a garment, and tlie 
fancy striped garments, a superior quality, arc marked 

at .'. ^^''^^ 

Print Negligee Shirts for Boys. These arc made of a 
strong washing print, the colors are fast and the shirt? arc 
xevv "well made. They have soft bosoms, starched neck- 
bands, an'd cuffs. .\ variety of fancy stripes to choose 
from. Price each, $1. 75c and 50c^ 


Boys' Bathing Suits in one piece with skirt attached, 'riio-c 
are plain blue and slightly trimmed. Sizes 18, 20 and 22 
at 50c. Sizes 24, 26 and 28 at 60c. Sizes 30 and .32. .75<^ 

Athletic a,nd Gymnasium Jerseys. These are in white, 
woven cotton trimmed with blue. They are in the jmiH- 
over-the-hcad style, and have short sleeves. .Ml sizes and 
a very special value at 35«^ 

Serge Skirts lor Girls Two Years 


These arc made of a g^ood stronj^' serge, are lined through- 
out and finished with a bodice. Are just the garments to wear 
with jerseys. Cardinal and navy are the colors. A big value 
at $1.35. 

Today's Candy Specials 

Fruit Taffy Bars. 2 for. .15f* I Cocoanut Cream. Regular .pc. 

BottcrKOtch . .^. ....... ^Ot Try our'newlines: ^^^ 

Buttaracotch. Per pkg. . . . lOf Cherry Cocktails 

WalnHt Chawing Taffy. Regu- Brazil Nut Creams 

lar 40c 25^ Glace Braail Nuts 

Talking About Ranges Brings 

to Mind the Merits of 

the Arcadian 

rnr^IlK cost of its upkeep is nil. It never wants repairin-, 
I .iUil it will -;.\r : ■• :i! a lew years by the fuel it 

saves. 'I'hc " \rc;i(li:in" i^ a steel ranse vvith a malle- 
able steel top; its parts are riveted so that it never leaks, and 
consequently it utilizes every ounce of fuel. 

There's just enough nickel-plating to set it off. but not 
too much, and, further, the castings are well finished and 
moulded without, grooves and htdlows, that collect dust and 
keep the housewife forever cleaning the range. The top needs 
no blacklcad— wipe it off occasionally with a greasy cloth, and 
it is as good looking as the day you bought it. As a water 
heater it is unsurpassed. 

'X pinhead water front is employed, which is placcfl on the 
opposite side of the oven, so that the oven beats in the sluirt- 
est possible space of time. The ".Orcadian" has duplex grates 
;'.;:; burns wood or coal. 

/.■-,\, tlieii, if you are a prospective range buyer, do you 
tiiink vou would be wise, in the face of these statements, not 
to inspect the "Arcadian" before you decide on a range? M! ",e 'i" ask 
to luiv a range is a chance to show the excellences of the ".\rcadian." If the 
convince yoii' that it is the BEST AT ANY PRICE, we will use no art^: ,,f . 
vour iudgment in its favor. ]Madc in four sizes. 

of anyone 

range itsc 


If does not 
i]) to sway 

Table C utlery and Spoons for 

•--L & .- ,;: ., Every Day Use 

HERE are some specially low priced .lines that may inter- 
est you. They are just serviceable, everyday goods, 
that'are made to sell at a small price, but they are ex- 
cellent value for the money. 

Tea.poon.. We have about 100 dozen spoons on a wiulc metal 
ho.iv will wear .white all througlr. fin<? are jus-t as Kood as they look. See 
ih.-ni in ih.' f.iv.n,| Street wlnu.nvB, Spocia! for TnesaaV.^, seUinK. V'-r 
. , 25<^ 

DeMert Spoon* and DM»ert rork«. These arc the same (luality as^^the 
al.ove .siio.iii.i, tmd uiU !».• sold an Tuesday at. per dojicn >OC' 

NevadB, Tea.poon. are Kuarantee.1 U. he the same qiiHlitv molal all the way 
liir,,uf;h. , nnsr.,r.i.-n41v llieV ^ivp' a much betU'r sprvln^ t-lian any plated 
poixis. )■■ ' ,ii.. .11 nil Tues<lay '■ ■ • • , «»0<i 

DMsert Spoon., m niokel silVer. These are t.hi, regular size ai-.d havfi a 
■ lu.;.-.!-.. There Is no 'better value to be iad at the price than thi.s 
line ri-pres('tUs. Per dozen on Tue.sday >fl.50 

Combination Sot., consist iuK of six knives with Kood steel blades, and six 
heavily iilatcd forl^s. Well packed in a neat box. Per .set Tuesday i|(1.50 

Table and Dea.ert Knlve. with stepl hladps and finislicd with celluloid 
hnndlcs. Vtiiu- I hoici' ToMii round or s.|ii;ir,' liandlcs. Dessert size at per 
dozen %■■:■ Tabic r .■- >' i""." <lo!)uu f2.25 

Useful in the Kitchen 

THIS is just one group of bargains tliat the Hardware De> 
partment is offering today. 
Bread Boards and Huttcr Dishes, neatly turned and 
carved, made -f well ,sea:^oned hardwood, and Butter Dishes 
with a centre of wcillow china or clear glass. 

Bread Knives have a hardv.'ood handle to match the board, 
and come with itlaiii or serrated edges. 

The handy I'.read and Bacim Sheer is a boon to the woman 
whr, has lunches to put up. or who may be called upon to pro- 
vide for a picnic. They slice the meat ov bread in even slices, 
quicklv and without waste. 


Astor Library, 50c a Volume 


Zanoni. By Uulwer-Uytton. 
Wonder Book. By Hawtliornc. 
Our OW Home. By Hawthorne. 
MorninKs in Florence. By Kuskln. 
.^!;ll^c^s of Florence. By Ol'phan'.. 
Makers of Venice. By Oliphant. 
Whit tier' 8 Poetical Works. 
Klrke White's Poetical Works, 
.lohn Keats' Poetical Works. 
Hood's Poetical Works. 
lAvwell's Poetical Work.s. 
Clo\igh's Poelicul Works. 
.Self Help. By Smiles. 
VVf f.|< In (Tio Concord. Hn- Tiioreau. 

\: , 1 ■ .. W \s. l'..\ T^'O-i-au. 

.I'.xcin?^i"!!«. By Tli'Ot.'Hii. 
Capo Cod. By Thoreau. 

paus-hlcr nl an ISlrtpreSd. By Mu!l!- 


Man ill thclruu 1!) iJonKif., 
Three Musketeers. By Duma.s. 

MnrRiifrlto dc Valois. By Dumas. 
I'pter Simple. By Marryat. 
I.lfo of Christ. P.y Karrar. 
Seekerg After God. By l'\arrar. 
.\n Iceland. Fisherman. Py Uoli. 

borna Pooiie. By R. I). Blackmore- 
Owen Meredith's I^ucile. 

i'aul and Vlrsiniti. P,v St.. Pierre. 
I'^Htlicrs und Sons. By Turpenlpff. 
.\iiii(ils of a Sportsman. liy Tnr- 

Bachelor of i~nlnmj',nf'.;. l!y he S:»gc. 
Gii Bia«. H.^ !'<■ .Shki-. 
Ao;e of I'alilv. By Bulfinch. 
Historical Kssayi}. By .\1acaulay. 
Jjiterary Esstiyf- By Maca\ilny. 
Best American Poems. By Howard. 

'I'oni I'.rown's Sciiool T:)ay». By 

Tom Brown at Oxford. By HujchCK^ 
neverle.>j of ii Bachelor. By MltcheU> 
Beulah. By I-:vari,«. 
.Scottish Chiefs. By Porter. 
Children of the Ahhcy. By Roche. 
Wliafs Mine's Mine. Bv Mclionahl. 
The Chouan.s. By Balzac. 
Window In Thrums. By Barrle. 
Woman in White, By Collins. 
OrcRon Trnil. By Parknian. 
Xalurfil Law. By Drunimoud. 
•rh'- i^plc of Hades. By Morris. 
Daniel Dcrondn. Ry reiiot.^lp of .Miles tjtnndlsh. By 

Quo Vadls. .'By .Sienkiewicz. 
Pan Michael. By Sicnkiewicz. 

Dressing Baby— Dainty Garments at 

Moderate Prices 

HI-'.Hi': is a department that is full of interest to mothers of small children, faring the 
past three months this department has been growing rapidly, and now we have a» very 
large and cmplete stock to show you. As usual, you will find the prices as low as 
po,ssi])le con-distent with a dependable quality 

White Cotton &owns, iiandsomely trimmed with cm- 
hroklery and laces. Some have a hand and other.<? are 
In the Empire Btyle. a great variety of styles and 
nuallties to clioost- from. ^Prices start as low as 2Sc 
and ranRC up lo /;. J^l.KO 

Flannelette SUpe, made of a good fleecy material. The 
neck and fileeves are daintily trimmed with silk em- 

r.ii'liM'>-. I'pv uarment Tfi^ 

Ttio yokes of .these K'l''™*"'-'' a^"" 
n-ntly flnlKli<-d with tuok.i, and we consider tin-m to 
h.i n rare value at. per sarment 90^ 

riannei Eanrlcoatoe. Some of these- are quite plain, 
h. iny jnta hound in silk, others have scnlloped edges 
iind are .*mhroIderef] In silk. A tine assortment to 
chonso from. Prices, $l.r.O, $l.'2r>, *1.1.', $1.00, 8.''.c 
iiUil 65<J 

Fafle at S.'.c .-ind r- •• • -Oi^ 

Puff Boxee from ll.r.O caeh do^n M*-^ • •"*** 

from ll.r.O caeh doipn ta.*/ 

Flannel Blndere. Four different prices and various 
styles to choose from. Some are plain, some bound In 
silk and others o.ilUed. Prices 35c. 25c, 20c and 15^ I 
tonr Bklrte. made of n good flannelette. Per t&rmenT, 

I'lc and 654> 

naaselette FHohera at 2.')C and IS^J 

mubber Fllehere ut 50c, 40c and 8ti4 

"Bnatr nt Paate." These are the ^celebrated "TClel- 

nerts" brand, and are dependable »ood«. Price 65^ 

BolMa. Many different styles to ohooae (from In thla 

line, aYid all are trimmed with «mbrol*(rry and lace. 

Prices start as high as |lf.M and'^ rarife do1»n 


JM9g vntXU ■Wrta, at prices ratiKln« from $1.15 *■•''* 
ment down to r» *.-^»<f 

Vuaer "Wool Ooata. These come 1ft tiolora #hli». i»ll»K 
and cardinal. Frlcoa from 6«o to . ^,., ... . - .-^XJM 




mm ii j i 


David Spencer, Lii9lteii 


mfmmii^mm ii \ j \ mm M 

Men Accustomed to Wearing 
Smart Clothing 




IF it's a fine tweed or worsted suit that you want, there 
is one of the best opportunities tliat you have had this 
season waiting for vou at this store today. 
Migh-grade taili-red suits, the products of the leadin/; 
Canadian and American tailoring shops, are here to choose 
from and vou need not go to price extremes to get a sty.e 
that will please the most exacting young man in town 

Every suit is tailor made. The collars are nand-fellfed 
to fit snu'glv, the shoulders built by hand, the button holes 
hand-worked, and all other details that go to make up a 
perfect suit is carefully finished. Wc invite your inspec- 
tion. , • , J 1 

The closer you examine the materials and workman- 
ship the more Convinced you will 'be that better tailoring 
is not to be had. even if you are willing to pay a much higher 
price than we are asking. 

Many different shades and patterns are here to choose 
from, including striped effects and broken checks in greys, 
fawn's, browns and other popular shades. Prices start as 
low as $8.50. 

Men's Fancy Vests at Temptirig 


AU sizes are to be had here. They arc made of fancy . 
ducks and piques, some in plain white, and others 4re itt 
stripes and spots. We invite you to sce,|hem. Prices |x.iS ! 
an-d$..S«. ■ ^ 



i i 

I. i I 

Wltp's Ldokifig for a Hftiidliait 

tamm M$m mam mitia mt»m »m9 ^utm^^Mm, *!*''^ ■■"'""*"' 

$na *r* to ba had! li» ^iiHot^ ttlMt •»•« hrowi^. JWWk *M* j^w 
V^vm Hmmtpitf^ tn ^t«eK only. ««« finlahikl Mth kI1« «f ~" 

Vfjt.V '^^Jf'ii*